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MakerSpace Aficionado and Advocate. The world is a STEAM Maker lab, let's use that for our learning spaces ; NE Ohio teacher

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@jesslahey prettyFabLearn Oct. 9-11 Free/$25/$50 @noiseprofessor thank youUSA STEM Fest 9/26-10/3 free MakerEd Convening 10/2&3 $150 EdCamp… nab it i was just at Michaels yesterday to get some t-shirts for iron on and forgot that I wanted to get a $10… @blocht574 that is what i was thinking of kids in school..they need at least two a day @blocht574 @GiftedTawk #mschat i always say content is NOT king ...
@MrMacRaild You’re getting soft 😉 @IT_guy8706 Oh my .... 3 in a row @IT_guy8706 Can he go 3 for 3 @IT_guy8706 2 for 2 @MrMacRaild Does she get to sleep close to the bonfire pit? @IT_guy8706 Hill got hurt... @MrMacRaild 🤞 @IT_guy8706 Problem with late games is they run over the NBC highlight show @IT_guy8706 How did the refs miss taking his helmet off??? @IT_guy8706 The guy WAS open...rookie mistake giving chiefs hope @IT_guy8706 This game is a struggle for ChiefsWhat if you broke synchronous Zoom lessons into 10 minute moments with no more than 4 kids, so no one would need to…
Retweeted by paul shircliff @gravescolleen world tour??? @irasocol @NFL @Kaepernick7 I get your point. I am not a die hard, but i like to see a scattering of some games @j6panus i understand. what do teachers start with? "Thank You/ You're Welcome" ?this week Periodic Table of the Elements Area Rug: -AmazonAfflink
Retweeted by paul shircliffanyone have NFL Gamepass??? like it? @BereaCSD @VTurner8 new buildings are exciting. How is the Maker Mindset going in Berea? @j6panus i am sad to say that I never thought about adding it little by little to our day... something every teacher could do @MakerEdOrg @GholdyM @nettieb recorded and on demand or live? @JoyKirr @kdhuck i'm picturing a google slide show with video clips shared to kids with "Sign Language we might nee… all these zoom classes & might be a good time to teach/learn some ASL (American Sign Language) @AISD_Makerspace @AnnaISDCTE looks awesome. i wish that for every school @DoctorGemellaro @LFlemingEDU @LivSchools @RikerHillRams @Hillside_Elem @CollinsElemSch @NjMpe @MPMPrincipal_NJ, here we come. 🖤 this tweet to get reminders to watch #31NightsofHalloween, starting on October 1 on…
Retweeted by paul shircliff @lieberrian Sweet , though I would prefer candy apple red @MrMacRaild Have you thought about putting some metal on it?The 2020 #MakerEdConvening is in just 2 short weeks! Check out all the sessions and keynote details here:…
Retweeted by paul shircliff @dailystem @MikeRansford @flrimmer @codebreakeredu Ooohhhhhh , pictures
@DennisDill @pammoran #MakerCenteredLearningDiscover #FETC 2021 - a reimagined virtual event that is FREE to attend! Sign up today: #edtech
Retweeted by paul shircliff @Classroomscreen is so easy to use and has so many tools. Nice to project in a classroom or virtually.
Retweeted by paul shircliff @MrMacRaild Wood wall next to fire pit? @mcleod Thank you#NotoriousRBG we will miss you and your wisdom @mcleod what publication is that from?#noSCJnomineeTilJan#noSCJnomineeTilJan
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Unfortunately those silly bubble factory workers forgot to put the bubble wands in my bubble jar. 😉 But I t’s alrig…
Retweeted by paul shircliff @USAScienceFest thank you @USAScienceFest any "Live" stuff that wont be All Access?? or any "Livestream" in general?. @USAScienceFest what are the times for 9/26- 10/3Create your own Maker School at home with the DIY Maker School @humble Bundle. Set up home-based chemistry and biol…
Retweeted by paul shircliff @dailystem now you know where it comes from : "would you like to play a game" @dailystem @PopTartsUS i see maker materialsTwitter Tip: If you are an educator using Twitter for professional collaboration, be sure your Twitter profile refl…
Retweeted by paul shircliffjust ran into a "you have reached your limit" at ... need to create a free accountThe President argued yesterday that there is a "web of lies" being taught by teachers in public schools. Here ar…
Retweeted by paul shircliff @microbit_edu I appreciate that... your gang works very hard @HartingChris thank you
@BitsNBolts @KaleidoscopeSci @tinkercad chromebook friendly @BitsNBolts @KaleidoscopeSci @tinkercad thinking kids will want to bring in icons....they are just coming in with l… @tinkercad nope, they are closing up shop... looks like there is a gap in the 3D world that you could fill @BitsNBolts @KaleidoscopeSci @tinkercad "yes" just too scribble-y @makerprojectlab @tinkercad thank you for the idea to test out @microbit_edu nice idea...though the picture showing connections is misleading (you dont plug the right & left head… @b_santucci @dailystem @EWRSDK12 @RobCDNJL excellent come share @CaraStiles i dont know what they use... the exact reason i am asking @CaraStiles thank you @MrsBsLab123 thanks for the ideawhat math manipulatives would an elementary use that a HS Engineering design/manufacturing class could create/recre… @kmishmael thanks @kmishmael where is it?In video meetings it's a hassle to unmute just to say one word especially if someone else is speaking. I created a…
Retweeted by paul shircliffdo we have a teenager review of this book series ???what books are there that kids (7-12) might be reading...where building a Mars Colony would be an appropriate maker… Bell also has shared about digital magnetic poetry and has some templates Magnetic Poetry template via Nicole Timbrell #MakerSpace #MakerEd @KaleidoscopeSci @tinkercad i know/assume it can be done with free, downloaded software , say inkscape, but many sc… @KaleidoscopeSci @tinkercad the question is did i bring the book with me to Indiana... (it would be at the apartmen… a kid in grade 5-8? interested in coding or micro:bit ? #MakerEd #MakerSpace @KaleidoscopeSci @tinkercad The few I tried , I had a good rim, since the lines came in thick. Now trying to get the thinner cutter partplotting a "design your own personalized math tools) for #MakerEd #makerspace ... ruler protractor compass t-Square… @KaleidoscopeSci @tinkercad yeah. was trying to avoid "hand" tracing just saw peapod today...was trying pixlr and sumopaint
@MikeRansford 6! Oh myHey #STEM & #STEAM & #Maker teachers... @BrownDogGadgets is giving away a few rolls of 1/4” Conductive Maker Tape!…
Retweeted by paul shircliff @SarahRiveraSTEM @thingiverse several years ago we printed "the loudest whistle" on two different printers. One it… @TheWeirdTeacher also makes me think "the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire..."and knowledge than can never be taken away from you @MikeRansford tested yet???Hope you can join us for #sblchat tonight at 8CT/9ET! We will be talking about assessment design and purpose. See you then!
Retweeted by paul shircliff#MakerEd #MakerSpace in music ideas... saw someone 3D print a mouthpiece - how did it work? we tried a couple of fl… @SarahRiveraSTEM @tinkercad @inkscape trying it via chromebook only @tinkercad yes you have , thanks... can you help? trying to make a 3D cookie cutter via chromebook only... get ico… #edtech school just moved from @GoogleForEdu to @MicrosoftEduCA - shifting work flow for Ss. Struggling on is…
Retweeted by paul shircliffany broswer based, image editing tools that will trace an image ??? tried pixlr and sumopaint already trying cooki… websites to design cookie cutters? besides tinkercadCookie Caster is shutting its website end of September...'m sitting in my car outside a Starbucks using their WiFi to read a paper about... the digital divide and how many…
Retweeted by paul shircliff @dailystem @TigersHistory JULIO!!!!