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mani 🧸 @shirokumani crying at lotus pier

20++| FUB free | ID/ENG | I AM A MULTIFANDOM MESS | not spoiler free | I rt a lot and i also draw a lot 💜💜 anyway i would die for Jiang Cheng

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It's rly messy if u squint but I haven't made years... Crochet is fun @HirumaniSanpo kyah kembaran u///u @JAEHWANLUVR Gpp gemesMade a little...crochet nest for my hammy mouse MY BEBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Concept scribbles 2. Rough sketch 3. Better sketch (until clear enough) 4. Finally lineart 5. Base (lately i sto…!! I'm ariel/gravity and I'm a freelance concept artist that does a lot of fanart and illustration work as wel…
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @sashacall THIS IS VERYGOOD✨[rts and share are super appreciated]✨ Halo! Kalo kamu siswa kelas 11 SMA berumur 15-18 tahun, kenalin, aku Vani,…
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @gebsgebsT_T Hehehe sexcUncle grumpy in evelynn’s outfit hehehe
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Retweeted by mani 🧸“ur so polite” thanks i was raised in constant fear of upsetting people
Retweeted by mani 🧸gonna get peppermint mocha todayz @suit0pi i got it from shopee haha... @LordDetaur NOOO THAT'S TOO BAD, mine works just fine! @orenjimaru I don't use sai anymore but i bought the license anyway, thanking for all that years of pirated sai 😭THINKS ABOUT BENNETT AGAIN AND STARTS CRYING @nsnowfw IT FITS IN HAND NICELY...A GOOD LADI just want them to interact now...
Retweeted by mani 🧸bb....bbb....bbbbu...... bbbbabbbu.............bbbennie.........
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @xieliansibehot Thank u toona for frrding us with all this good bennie 😭😭❤️❤️🙏🎶the way you smile🎶
Retweeted by mani 🧸Hehe i finally have a proper pc table....also i have hammy mouse now
Retweeted by mani 🧸#原神 kaE y a
Retweeted by mani 🧸Clip Studio Pint: “Yeah you can just straight up steal PS brushes now and use them in our app” #CSP
Retweeted by mani 🧸Its canon that Ningguang sometimes needs a person to handle dirty deeds and guess who that is. #GenshinImpact #原神…
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @nsnowfw mood
when genshin thought they were doing something by clarifying Bennett was raised by a group of men instead of two of…
Retweeted by mani 🧸twt cropping giving us the jiang fengmian experience
Retweeted by mani 🧸Bullfrog...and the last one... @MarchenVonFried Hebat emang trimakasih csp @snowlattes GOODBYE PROCREATE....IM SORRYHear You Calling - Birdy
Retweeted by mani 🧸my thoughts when I first saw jealuc 😂
Retweeted by mani 🧸TIMELAPSE OMG @foxkunkun WAWAW looks yumz...
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Retweeted by mani 🧸 @gebsgebsT_T Gw ud nonton sendiri sich wkwkw sbenernya klo mau u pinjem acc gw juga boleh @gebsgebsT_T Gws u :(((((( nanti klo dah beres nonton tgcf bareng lg hahaSuddenly wants peppermint mocha....maybe tmrw"ROMEO & JULIET" ft. Dianna Agron. photo: damian foxe. stylist: elad bitton.
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @ciroku_umaizo jdskfhsjkfhs sighs @pemprika YEAH let phos rest......CR IE S but i'm rly curious about the vision phos saw...are we getting humanity flashbacks....omg....haha can't wait for.....houseki xmasphos
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Retweeted by mani 🧸#SoundHorizon Around 15th Anniversary Re:Master Productionシリーズ: 『#いずれ滅びゆく星の煌めき(ヴァニシング・スターライト)』&『#Nein』は、明日11/25(水)発…
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @pemprika pem i m so tire dd i just wan my baby to bne ahpyppyHOUSEKI NO KUNI UPDATE AND I AM NOT FUCKING OKAYlooking at itaru's i get why he's a red panda FDSFDSGDFheheheheheeh my dummies was so used to see everyone being buddy buddy i forgot that they all started with a mess omg........ babIESjksdfsf i FORGOT TAICHI;S FIRST LOVE IS YUKI AND HE SEES YUKI AND FALLS IN LOVE AGAIN...IDIOT没画完
Retweeted by mani 🧸希望へ向かう蒼天
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Retweeted by mani 🧸In this chapter of the A3! Web Manga, we have a typical morning for an eager Sakuya and sleepy Masumi! Too bad Saku…
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @xieliansibehot Lit me yesterday.. SHUT UP MIHOYO BENNIE IS MY BESTIE NOWBear Shaped Cloud ☁️🧸☁️✨
Retweeted by mani 🧸*continues to bait ppl into liking beefleaf with cute art* #tgcf #天官赐福 #beefleaf #shuangxuan
Retweeted by mani 🧸Good morning! 🍀 Please don't forget to get yourself a breakfast to start the day! 🍳✨ This is egg salad from my favo…
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Retweeted by mani 🧸 @strobunny JDOSJDOS what hentai game are u playing四人目来る前に皆飛んでそう
Retweeted by mani 🧸btw i find it fun whenever i fight with chaos shield....there's some chaos commentary on my fights............haha love u primordial godhow to not die when fighting hades, pls i just want to finish the mirror fate!!!!!!!today i made razor's puppy paw hash browns!!! 🐾 #GenshinImpact cw food ! (yes ik it is broccoli i dont have any…
Retweeted by mani 🧸HOW DOES ONE WIN WITHOUT DEATH DEFIANCE IM DYINGWell he’s not technically wrong.... 😶 #thanzag #hades #hadesgame
Retweeted by mani 🧸Thinking about my OCs like; pt. 2
Retweeted by mani 🧸dhmu #broken
Retweeted by mani 🧸I FORGOT I WROTE THIS UNTIL took her 7 years to deliver but she did it
Retweeted by mani 🧸graphic design is my passion #HadesGame
Retweeted by mani 🧸просто они по своему странные милые крипичуваки #hadesgame #nyx #chaos
Retweeted by mani 🧸oh....autumn is done yay...time to cry over taichiWAIT I HAVENT' WATCHED A3 ANIME YET DFKGJHDFLGJDF I FORGOTambrosia
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Retweeted by mani 🧸angry bride 😾 #2ha #二哈和他的白猫师尊
Retweeted by mani 🧸Seems you’ve got a fan, Zagreus 📜🖋 (plus an ‘incognito’ admirer) #HadesGame
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[rts 💜] #commissionsopen opening kofi/normal comms! please i want to whale i need to bring zhongli home. ✨for norm…
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @xieliansibehot BABYU...BABY BOYHappy belated birthday Jin Ling! 🎉🎉🎉 His uncles from Jiang side have surprises tho a bit late bc the dress need ad…
Retweeted by mani 🧸 @nsnowfw Yukkkkkk Makanya gw juga ud mulai males makan katerimg diet 😔😔😔 it's just rly not fulfilling @nsnowfw EPIN AYU RINGFIT , pas banget gw jg abis mager dapet ini akhirnya mau gerak 😭 i get u sih makan makanan di… is a cry for bennett
Retweeted by mani 🧸he calls... everyone in the guild.... "dad".......