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Checkmate, vegans story in two headlines. Internet has been down since 7PM, this hurts :’| comments section quickly became a meme and I’m here for it
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarHi, I’m looking for my next role. I’m interested in companies building iOS apps and frameworks, and I especially e…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarNetflix’s The Devil All The Time: what if all of tumblr’s favorite actors were in some weird spooky serious drama…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarLaw is a profession that has a sneaky way of making people who are very smart feel like they have no idea what they…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarLegit thougt this was batman twerking
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @ravishnkar_p I think you would love this, actuallyiroh when zuko started dying because he made a good decision:
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love to catch up on a show just in time to be disappointed by its most recent developments
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarThanks to Covid, there's a surge of people buying cars in cities that already have too many. Cities should be inves…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarStrike out!
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarThis just in: IITian(?) living in a country which had to protest for its independence declares protests insignifica…
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @teanmol @artwhoring @thisisenkore 🥱 @Noah_v_Z Yup, but iOS is chock full of artist-friendly features, W10/X really isn’t. :/ @teanmol @artwhoring Lmao Ranvir Shorey, the RW idol who harasses teenage girls on his social media. You must be so proud. :’)This looks quite fantastic for art people, especially. I’d love a bigger one. … running iOS. @teanmol @artwhoring Yeah, just saw your “call out”. There’s a difference between a call out and harassment. Can’… @teanmol @artwhoring Given you’re able to reply to her….Woman journalist beaten and sexually attacked, Kashmiri journalist nearly lynched, team of @thecaravanindia journal…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarBen Shapiro listening to Bill Withers: The idea that there is no sunshine when she’s gone, whoever “she” is, it’s j…
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This is it, right here. Progressivism has never been about cheerleading the center-left, but it's *definitely* not…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarTHE LAST JEDI is the best Star Wars film. Reply if you disagree.
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarKorba’s present could be Hasdeo’s future and that scares the residents. #PhotoEssay by @vaishnaviisure1 on coal min…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarMy photo essay for @MongabayIndia on Hasdeo forests turning into a mining hub like Korba. Special thanks to…
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @GoofySufi @shibolavirus @clayytonbiggsby You're welcome. 😎Gordon Ramsay making toast
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @vaishnaviisure1 Hey, even I do this ok. In my case, the flower I bring back is u
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarHad a dream where Nivin Pauly was a colleague, working under @peegeekay. Was very sad when I woke up to a differe… congratulations to Imminent
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Hey Bangalore Twitter, two of us are looking for a third flatmate (female) for a 3-BHK in Ulsoor. The semi-furnishe…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarThis has been a decolonial project in india for brahmins— to show caste as a colonial construct by sanskritisation…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarI feel like I'm overdue for like a massive cry
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar
in her first term, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern passed sweeping gun reforms after a mass shooting, oversaw an incr…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarWHAT A PAYOFF. outstanding work from Maru today
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarI'm sorry, is that Prince Charles in the background wearing a suit and tie?
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarMalls will soon become Amazon distribution centers as it continues on its path to world domination. Amazon and Mal…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarAt the protest - One ASHA worker to another : Ab sarkaar bolegi inlogo ne social distancing ki dhajjiya uda di. Th…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarThe library is charging me late fees for a book. I can't return the book because the library has closed early due t…
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar…. the overall experience was less than ideal because of continuously trying to put effort into shutting down the v… Twitter, any tips to bring back a long lost reading habit? I still love reading and tore through a fat book i…
Well mayyyyybe not Gone Girl since everyone in the film's a damn asshole, but the other, 100% (haven't seen Suspir… @KeychronMK @GuruJiiva116 I'd also like to be notified by mail when this is available in India. @GoofySufi @altlawforum @kruttikasusarla Done a couple hours ago :)Man, the score for Azula and Zuko’s Agni-Kai is one of the greatest composed for a given situation. The somber, s…, Eugenics International Residential School
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar*O+ve BLOOD REQUIRED* Tavishi Jain of age 13 years is getting treatment for blood cancer in Kokilaben Hospital and…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarBig Kanmani energy @tejasmenon The third one is Actually GoodTM, but 1 & 2 are absurdly entertaining. Do wish big budget producers w… All, We are looking for illustrators/artists to work with us on creating training material on the SC/ST PoA…
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @vaishnaviisure1 got me the best early birthday gift and she is the best, you can’t have her pleases me, though I’d also say that in my mind, Hemsworth has a bit more share. A closer second to Evans and… Chris Wars were ended decisively in 2016 with this quote.
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarHow... long was I off Twitter?
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @KeychronMK Fantastic! Looking forward to it. :)
Look what I just found
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @SaketGokhale @baby_kumaribjp This should be a lesson for everyone. We should be questioning our politicians. That'…
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @JPEGuin @AviaryTheApp Of course you managed to implement it within a day, haha. Works perfectly, just one tweak —… @KeychronMK Hey guys, any idea when this’ll be restocked in the India store? Really looking forward to getting my hands on this one. :D
@JPEGuin $7 is fine by me. Or you could go the Overcast way and price it at $5 a year?That crying Christmas tree reminded me that I do sometimes think about my "ancestors". Like my great grandmother wa…
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankarwhen i pspsps my cat and he walks away
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @JPEGuin @AviaryTheApp Ah, thought so, about the icons. Yeah, it’s just a peeve, not really a dealbreaker for me.… @JPEGuin @AviaryTheApp Lastly, any chance it’s possible to shrink the bottom tab slightly when we choose to have th… @JPEGuin @AviaryTheApp 2. Can we have the bars at the top and the bottom collapse when we’re scrolling upwards, and… @JPEGuin @AviaryTheApp This covers nearly all of my nags from before! Just three feature requests, for me. 1. I… does incalculable damage to the work we do as designers, engineers and other folks working in making great app…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarI am so sad that we just accept that Facebook's main strategy is wholesale ripping off competitors now. A Tiktok…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarTranslation: guy who knows nothing about Malayalam or Sanskrit tries to explain Malayalam and Sanskrit to a native… Mosby, in the year 2030, told the story of how he met his children's mother and HE NEVER MENTIONED THE CORONAVIRUS ONCE
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @TheMaanSaab @therealnaomib Have you ever brought up Hindu terrorists when your friends go on and on about Islamic terrorism? 🤔 @ADDcrafter @notChrisWachal This is probably the first time I've heard the term SJW *not* used out of spite, damn @vaishnaviisure1 Bro stop it please mad blushing :3
When you see they're asking for over $50 (CAD) to see Mulan in your living room on a little TV when you already wer…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarPeople screamed Jai Shri Ram while they were murdering Muslims in your city five months ago.
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarThat Mandir is not built for the love they have for Ram but the hate they have for Muslims. #BabriMasjidAwaitsJustice
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @ferroshious @snehasanks Ayyyy y'all are too sweet :') Also helps that @vaishnaviisure1 has a giant stash of faux… @ferroshious Wait what did she do this timeIt’s been almost a year since this meme, the best contribution to human civilization so far
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How tf did such a standup guy birth a son like… that? anxiety is a vicious cycle. I’ve been trapped in it more times than I can count. Anyone else feel th…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarI'm so sorry
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarWhat's the point of being super ambitious ??? In the end we all want to be either of these four things 1. A Farmer…
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Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarUnfazed by stigma, Bengaluru migrant labourers queue up to donate blood @prajwalmanipal reports.
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarSo all Hindus are bio-terrorists now right?
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarSignalling erasure in new media OK WHO MADE THIS
If Twitter removed Trending topics from their service, they'd improve their product more than a 100 times of what i…
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar @imKavinash @Malaitikkaroll [looks like a normal person] “Bc kya attention seeker hai yeh” What am I supposed to be looking at? 🤔Uncut Gems is a movie about a Sports Person achieving every Sports Person’s dream of making Non Sports People care…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarThe president tweeting "Make America Great Again," after nearly four years in office, is an incredible self-own.
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I realize that tweetbrain has poisoned us all but there has to be room in these discussions to criticize people's a…
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarIt’s SUPER irritating how Mad On The Internet clowns up and decide that criticism and “cancelling” are the same dam…, so many artists are getting hacked. Turn on that two-factor authentication, friends.
Retweeted by Sharath Ravishankar"HI I'm Nathan! And some day I'll be the sheriff of leaf village! Believe it!"
Retweeted by Sharath RavishankarFunny how Sanghis weep over Aurangzeb and the Mughals forcibly converted people to Islam, and then go ahead and for…
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