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shitart @shitart7 The void

im a 14 yr old boy and I will debate you on US politics I draw a lot also gay.

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@Mocha_Fox_Art @andrews_alt_acc @CosmonautMarcus He used to do that stuff but now he’s like an among us dude. @Ghost20979546 @_vuhleria_ @Fantasyguy23 @nytimes Plus most youtubers don’t invest thousands into their videos.What… @Ghost20979546 @_vuhleria_ @Fantasyguy23 @nytimes From what I understand of only fans all of that still applies. I… @CosmonautMarcus Guitar is guitar there is no difference between them. @Tyromic @sneakierlobster Looking off your bio I have a suggestion to end your depression. Delete Twitter and stop… @estherruse @CoralDeVille I would absolutely never sacrifice one of the few pleasures, showering, my barren life ha… @PinkEXP @ConnorEatsPants I got over watching leafy when I was 12. I remember one day I realized every single video… @daveysgraveys Cheemsburbger @RibbonDove @saltydkdan Small one and upside down one. @Superode1 @sneakierlobster @JustinWhang poggers
@RibbonDove @saltydkdan Because half of them suck ass @Ghost20979546 @_vuhleria_ @Fantasyguy23 @nytimes Most jobs don’t require talent. Onlyfans still requires you stay… @Aixayah @Fantasyguy23 @nytimes Dude I’m gonna be real with you rn. You sound like such a little bitch like you gen… @HBartender46 @grl_fieri @pattonoswalt Actually McDonalds did the calculations specifically to discourage people fr… @dog45911 @_SwagPapa_ @ramboybrady Ever considered he lied? @adhofer @Notintheface1 Lmao it’s like 7.50$ in my state. @alexbaltar8 @SinSucker1 @jschlatt @qtcinderella Then why is your entire feed you simping for him and your bio is l… @alexbaltar8 @SinSucker1 @jschlatt @qtcinderella Also how can you be 100% confident? Once again he plays a characte… @alexbaltar8 @SinSucker1 @jschlatt @qtcinderella You support Donald trump jr? I hate to break it to you but schlatt… @BlakeBailey13 @_SwagPapa_ @Legendary_LAG @dog45911 @ramboybrady It’s mostly on kate but it’s still partially on fi… @_SwagPapa_ @Legendary_LAG @dog45911 @ramboybrady Yeah but imagine you’re going after a girl and she is publicly re… @dog45911 @_SwagPapa_ @ramboybrady This isn’t true. If it was then why the fuck wouldn’t fitz mention it in his apo… @nixus237 @beanpilled Says the MF who desperately retweets giveaways hoping for some free shoes. @WestonWolfe33 @itslesliegloria @STOPFLEXIN I don’t think people should have to work up to 15 an hour in the first… @kwehzy I’m gay and I still know to put Android 18 in A tier at minimum. @_SwagPapa_ @ramboybrady No fitz isn’t based. He betrayed a depressed homie before he even knew about the drama.
@Warrior2241 @WSquirl @JeannaLStars You think we already weren’t? Dude we’ve been slowly becoming a boring Dystopia… @gogglepunk @Fireyone Well your beliefs are terrible and relatively evil. It’s like saying I shouldn’t discriminate against satanists lol. @Edi97com @BeefstewSA @CosmonautMarcus It will probably be middle of the road honestly. Theirs to much riding on it… @BeefstewSA @CosmonautMarcus I mean I didn’t like dune that much. Maybe my zoomer mind just couldn’t understand it… @K0rastus @WOTonPrime Damn you seem like a fun and really positive person that isn’t a total buzzkill. We got conce… @nyotaikawife Go outside @LunarLopmon @atabeihei They’re terribly designed. Genuinely trash Fire flags
@FFullbuster @rationalbigboy @C_skalt @ColdCriti If you don’t like it by York new don’t watch the rest. Yorknew is… @nothing34474502 @freakfranki @IB_Youknowit @C_skalt @TheGayChingy If they’re bored in York new the show just isn’t for them @invader_zuu I can’t tell if they’re satire because the art is just objectively terrible on a technical level. Plus… @JacobWe29574339 @JeannaLStars Lmfao you’re also a hardcore trump supporter and every single tweet of yours is about BLM. Get a fucking life @JacobWe29574339 @JeannaLStars Yeah you’re the type of person I’m talking about. @Calvinthatsme @CKnightWrites Damn you’re just a toxic motherfucker eh? @Calvinthatsme @AngieBeatDown This is a literal possibility lmfao. For people with seizure dogs or even blind peopl… @Calvinthatsme @AngieBeatDown You could end up injuring someone by distracting their working dog. Give a single rea… @MissKeroanne There have been a few but far to many movies treat it as a synonym for an insane evil person. There w… @JeannaLStars Yeah people saying we should just let people die is disconcerting when i have a compromised immune sy… @sour_yoshi @Saeyrs @dogberryxiv @BlondeHistorian You can buy those for 10$ on amazon. If it actually did that then… @LeaC_Official Disagree on hygiene. If you smell atrociously bad in a public space I’ll inform you politely or very…
@PillarMan_J @BlondeHistorian Inform me what the definition of Karen is then. A Karen is a middle aged white lady w… @lapbottom_lesbo @RyanModlin @EYEOFNIGHTVALE Terrible take lmfao. He sat at a table and nothing more while having n… @Gina_DiVito They’re neoliberals. They don’t actually care about any of these causes it’s just that mental disorder… @PillarMan_J @BlondeHistorian Yeah me not impeding a blind persons only method of navigation is being a Karen. But… @EYEOFNIGHTVALE Yeah I get the sentiment but when you’re calling me brave for being mildly weaker than I should and… @Synchronsa @BlondeHistorian Come back to me after you distract a guide dog and the blind person ends up injuring themselves lmao. @Calvinthatsme @QueerWillow @BlondeHistorian Damn I clicked on your pfp and the first thing I found was a 2006 styl… @Calvinthatsme @BlondeHistorian Dude petting someone’s guide dog can lead to a blind person injuring themselves. Ju… @rafwasdawasda @BlondeHistorian Distracting guide dogs is terrible. It can lead to blind people literally injuring… @sour_yoshi @dogberryxiv @BlondeHistorian Then it wasn’t a trained guide dog or the more likely option is that you’re lying @PillarMan_J @BlondeHistorian This is an embarrassingly bad take. I’d genuinely delete this if I were you. Not pett… finished the dragon @Blair_Langmuir @thefakeethan @biboofficial Old @spongebelt @Zipadelli06 Fascist rhetoric 101. Antifa is simultaneously the greatest threat to national security an… @CringyCronan @yomamadoer69 @ZyphonPride @CupToast Same thing @treyonawave @ceorashad_ You make a me feel so much better about being gay and never having to date women. @DraedenLover @notgideonwright @ceorashad_ I mean calling you a bitch was excessive but you are disgusting.
Here’s a sketch of a dragon I did. @RetroGeoff @KimMangone Obviously not. Why do people ask these types of questions when the answer is so obvious lmfao. @freedomlynn123 @NancysKnotsLace @KimMangone Yeah he didn’t take the salary, because it was a publicity stunt to ma… @TheWolfForPM @RollinggeekdomV @Mikel_Jollett I mean you can only run successively right? I’m pretty sure he can’t either way @yomamadoer69 @ZyphonPride @CupToast This is a post about a fictional hamster running towards you. If that gives yo… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead I’m not fired up i just didn’t read it very thoroughly, bye. @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead Also you genuinely don’t know why I would want to ban lobbyists lmao? They’re one… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead Yes so once again your argument is just stagnation. There are no other peaceful ro… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead Probably cheap because either the government stepped in or they have different cir… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead Because we vote in rats who’s 5th mansion was probably paid for by those companies… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead Yeah so as voters we have to elect someone who would change this. There’s literall… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead We’re already seeing that happen in many areas like internet providers who barely… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead You asked me what I would change, I told you. You didn’t ask me how probable or po… @sisyphusmyths @rosegardenboy @apathy_syndrome @OBO2002 @Chinchillazllla @lexgallagher Yeah he probably would have… @goofbone @LiamRonDobbie @IanRGillespie @lexgallagher @JohnBrownlow Nobody is immune to charisma @lackofsmiles @cam__roy @anonslilslut This is why I encouraged my parents to delete Twitter after trump was banned.… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead Get rid of lobbyists entirely, Medicare for all, and breaking up a lot of mega cor… @Ignacio_Caas @TheEpicDept Do people genuinely idolize the punisher lmfao. My man is barely even an anti hero with some of the shit he does. @LilGrapeJuice4 @Mrmcknight6 @SajmnKing @TheEpicDept Yeah but when he gets laid he ends up with an edgy 10 yr old s… @sciencefandom @shoe0nhead Yeah but my family would get pissed if I never visited and I’m already living in norther… @davesruns @TheOnion The jewish canadite also had his nose edited to be larger in his opponents slander campaign an… @Alkeryn @RhettLarsen6 @shoe0nhead Well actually all other countries do have it extremely cheap because the governm… @Veddjii @shoe0nhead No he’ll die. @sciencefandom @shoe0nhead Yeah that’s why I’m moving to Canada as quickly as possible once I’m 18 @monterolaw @harry_stoddard @CaptainCryptoHD @syndieuzcat @shoe0nhead I forgot there where only 2 options, Soviet U… @KristineAz @Joe_Wuh_Puh @shoe0nhead Medicaid’s an actual bitch to use. They’ve tried to deny me coverage atleast 1… @CourageBipolar @shoe0nhead I’d just kill myself probably. @John12350794 @steve_lastname @shoe0nhead You probably pay more on insurance than you would in additional taxes. Al… @LibertyRobbed @isaac_evilman @NyaVixa @isitoveryettt @shoe0nhead Lmao you genuinely can’t describe it can you? I a… @LibertyRobbed @isitoveryettt @shoe0nhead So lemme get this straight. You would rather children literally die from… @Tuxx99 @isitoveryettt @shoe0nhead Oh you’re one of those “stop using this word it sounds mean so I actually am now… @Thespec55054354 @shoe0nhead Oh yeah if I was an adult and got swamped with medical bills I’d kill myself pretty qu… @Bickern43 @neonaga99 @shoe0nhead This is actually false. Insulin is extremely cheap to make literally everywhere.… @HoldenAdkins @neonaga99 @shoe0nhead Plus that just straight up doesn’t work for some people aswell. @BulldogNewHaven @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead Didn’t stop my dad from offing himself when he got cancer to avoid the deb… @CF_Poet @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead So we should just continue with the current system that gets worse by the day inst… @lmilos50 @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead If the government didn’t get involved there would be even more of a monopoly than… @meep5659 @RizzySaint @shoe0nhead It would be great if it worked, but it doesn’t. For every viral video there are a…