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shivˊᵕˋ @shivisdumb uk ~ scotland

19 • graphic design student ~ she/her *・゚☆

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@xoxabstract gm salma :3 @xoxabstract sigh @fandomhuub i don't trust people who have one playlist, i need one for each mood and genre fr @KEEMSTAR ur disgusting @Mako NO IM NOT IRON IM JUST STUCK IN SILVER JISADJNKDFJKNDFKL @Mako u too mako! @visionofviii NO DELETING @Xouped NO WAY LMFAOOOO @JoeyTheSuperJew @OnTheFlyTwitch imagine banning me...ME of all people @JoeyTheSuperJew @OnTheFlyTwitch sigh @C9AIex please tell me u are joking @C9AIex u need to be in prison @TheSamsman yo banger 🔥 @TheSamsman that cow is SICK! @connorxven yes! @TheSamsman I never cap @lewnair it’s so lonely @soIitxa can i buy YOU the ps5 @lewnair frfrfrfr @TheSamsman no CAP @sttarena Holyshit heyyy @connorxven hi connor @Willb3250 Because I was made to tweet that @TheSamsman No cap @jen_swl that’s literally gonna be a song at my wedding (future wife or husband please take note) @Wis_Alt NUH UH @ltsCamo Lets fucking go @JoeyTheSuperJew u know damn well this is true @kay6e this is all I want. @jakkuxd omg I’d be so down @Willb3250 this is not happening @ltsCamo hi camo @xLambo_ sure @xLambo_ helloanyone wanna slowdance to the twilight soundtrack lol anyone (any person) hello? @22lexi_ @JoeyTheSuperJew I WAS MADE TO TWEET THIS DKDKDKNDSMSN @moonsuedo DEADASSSSSS @moonsuedo omg u said ⌛️ @jakkuxd I lost a bet @sophiesolit omg~ily :3 AND YESSS we should <3 @dagostlno @JoeyTheSuperJew bet @dagostlno @JoeyTheSuperJew among us berI WAS MADE TO TWEET THIS @JoeyTheSuperJew ?????????????????????????? @JoeyTheSuperJew ????? @sophiesolit hiiiiii @Daymeeein @JoeyTheSuperJew tf? @lexieyuh @JoeyTheSuperJew sigh @JoeyTheSuperJew omg. @SkreetMan i like my priv just to vent and stuff but I get how others have ruined it, like the ppl who jus use it to talk shit r cowards @YourEmbracee @JoeyTheSuperJew sigh @scarrfries PAWGERSi want to have hardcore sex with @JoeyTheSuperJew
@xanful YES @fucksherwin ? @drixburger @ShouldHaveCat I want one @daiptix I am better @BWAMatt JDJSJSNDJDDKKSJSNA @ImJustGt @silvasalavisa uhhh yeah I@wasn’t lol!’kdkn @BWAMatt Nooooooo @Blathanos @silvasalavisa Wtf is that song then @ImJustGt @silvasalavisa Yes? @100TJackiee @silvasalavisa Am I wrong? @Josh_Tries thanks for letting me borrow the Tesla for the weekend! @Josh_Tries Vouch @playitshady no u @silvasalavisa is that the song that goes I’m in love with da coco @roojuliee me @ShouldHaveCat @drixburger look @thegingerbatt @100TJackiee @ELPWSwastaken sorry mom I failed my math test PepeHands @ELPWSwastaken oh god @ELPWSwastaken say sike @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt @100TJackiee u prolly say twitch emotes irl at the dinner table too @thegingerbatt @ELPWSwastaken @100TJackiee HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH @thegingerbatt @ELPWSwastaken @100TJackiee Dude posing in the family photos like it’s a yt thumbnail @xanful oh god. @Froste @COSTCOBACKWOODS @shmeat dub @ELPWSwastaken @100TJackiee @thegingerbatt that pose @xanful this is maybe 10 minutes of ur life gone by writing that @100TJackiee @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt HAHAHAHA I THOUGJT THE SAME THING @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt okay good just checking @xanful How long it take u to write that @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt I’m the same but I wanna travel too and see da world @xanful Connor. @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt do u drink water @thegingerbatt @ELPWSwastaken What about me @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt it’s overrated, clubs and partying too. I’d much rather drink when it’s with close friends in a house chillin @thegingerbatt @ELPWSwastaken silly goose 🤣😂 @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt imagine the drinking age being 21 the uk could never ✨ @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt no shit @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt Because u are 15 @ELPWSwastaken @thegingerbatt probably like brown sugar bourbon if I had to guess @lewnair @dagostlno @JoeyTheSuperJew what does this mean @dagostlno @JoeyTheSuperJew I would win in a fight @leahdb98 me too @dagostlno @JoeyTheSuperJew @thegingerbatt I like the other name better @thegingerbatt real? @dagostlno @JoeyTheSuperJew hey gino