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@22lexi_ @exJackiee @JoeyTheSuperJew @Daymeeein @Chriiztopha @LazasBautista @ladies ONE TAPPED @reaIlysexy my cashapp is $Daymeeein @scobesx HAPPY BDAY JACK HAVE A LOVELY DAY ^_^ @visionofviii i missed u ^_^ @visionofviii ily @silvasalavisa talk!!!!! @ashlenite AMAZING @BasedGothlol @Daymeeein no shot... @haleyscalm ty cutie ^~^ @Daymeeein what did he mean by this
@Avalanche100T nah frrrrr @ashlenite SO BEAUTIFULLLLL @BamzTwitch i despise u... @sebastianjii sus... @oFabz FABIOOOOO @ashlenite I LOVE YOU. @BamzTwitch THIS THE FIRST THING I SEE WHEN I WAKE UP MAN @sophiesolit ILYYYUY @sophiesolit it’s so funny for no reason[jujutsu kaisen] a summary.
Retweeted by shivˊᵕˋ皆のストレスの根源(衝撃的だった) ⚠️ファンブック情報
Retweeted by shivˊᵕˋ @Boltsiola she told me maybe... @Boltsiola WHAAAAAAT @KittenElise HEEELLLOOOOOOOOOO HI HEY SUP @_miyamoto__ hi johnbob @Boltsiola she says thank u :DD @_miyamoto__ omgHi all! I don't really do this a lot or share my personal life here but my school is on the brink of closing down…
Retweeted by shivˊᵕˋ @Blankzy__ @akhber_jan ? @JoeyTheSuperJew @Daymeeein OKAY SO STFU!!!!!! @_miyamoto__ @JoeyTheSuperJew WHAT @Daymeeein HELLO???!!;!;!;! @akhber_jan @Blankzy__ omg @JoeyTheSuperJew I DID NOT @Daymeeein @JoeyTheSuperJew he paid me $500 to tweet this @JoeyTheSuperJew U WENT TO DIG THIS TWEET UP @JoeyTheSuperJew @Daymeeein well are u? @JoeyTheSuperJew aw hell nah @Daymeeein actually true (word to joey, if he’s talking in vc tell him to stfu!!!) @Daymeeein my bad @Blankzy__ @Daymeeein WHY IS HE SCROLLING MY MEDIA @MPBMWT top 10 anime moments @BasedGothlol @Daymeeein WHAT IS HE DOINGNDKDNDN @Daymeeein I can’t even hear what yall saying @Daymeeein WHAT ARE U DOING IM WATCHING STREAM FROM MY BED @Grahamalott what about doze nutz @BRITlSH good wbu!!! @scaruki I’m in love with u! @BRITlSH hi Danny! @NotAirid da key to eren’s basement :P
@ErnieZapcat hehehehe ty lysm:3 @NotAirid hi John!!!! @ltsCamo I just been vibing:) @NicholiFNST TY KING<33 @ltsCamo Sup camo!!!! @Leo__ffs I had a great day :D @exJackiee mmmm @tjrbtw hi! @exJackiee good wbu:DDD @vysowiewie tysm cutie ^_^ @Leo__ffs hruuuu @ezbak3lovin no u! :D @_miyamoto__ on val wbu:P @exJackiee hi Jackie!!! @Max_IoI WHAAAT @_miyamoto__ heyyy johnny!!!!! @Leo__ffs HI LEO @ezbak3lovin hai matt @C9AIex ? @BigFnDawg00 why aren’t u caught up!!!! @22lexi_ NO U ILYYYU @Reck___ TY DAVID @YourEmbracee no U @prakdip @ninjaboybilly holy shit @prakdip :P @ninjaboybilly why are u screaming D: @Daymeeein actually us when we play @BasedGothlol What did he mean by this @reaIlysexy get on val. @daveonater u will pay @prakdip I POSTED IT R U HAPPY @jjaylenne says u omg ily @reaIlysexy hruuuuu @silvasalavisa IM GLAD U HAD A GREAT DAY! @daveonater TY DAVE<3 kurapika my goat @ABA_Demonz hey demonz @WhosBreezyUK hai breezybob @Daymeeein YOU STILL GOING @sebastianjii ty seb <333 @xoxabstract ILYSM AHHH @silvasalavisa rlly rlly great hbu’ @TheBlaxkMan TYSM <33 @lcruuzl TY CRUZ AHHH @Wis_Alt who did this. @TheSamsman ??? @StopItPIz :D @sebastianjii SEBINGTON @BamzTwitch TY KING @Daymeeein DUDE