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@InscrutableJane @consequence Is there more of this? This is cool
@capgracesparrow Is it in my story highlights on IG? @chris_brumbaugh @consequence You sound angry. Maybe go take a bath and meditate. Take a break from Twitter :) @Zoolander39 @consequence You sound angry. Maybe go take a bath and meditate. At least a break from Twitter :) @Zoolander39 @consequence “iF yOu aRe ReFfEriNg tO yOuR iniTiAl cOmMenT...” That’s what you sound likeI think about this quote so often as an artist, so I’m posting it again. To any one who has hateful thoughts and/o… @casmar27 @dracudoll Wow this is my new ringtone lmao @Zoolander39 @consequence ^^ words that add nothing of value to humanity @chris_brumbaugh @consequence Is that what I said? I could’ve sworn I said I was gonna turn the treble up. Maybe i… @KIRISHIRWIN @consequence They’re my favorite band too. Kurt would never stand for this. Nobody listened to Nirvana… innocent people so he could take a photo in front of the church LOL. If you watch the entire interview… this man. Reporting what we already know but need to hear sure why nirvana is trending but all I know is that if kurt cobain were still alive, he wouldn't stand for this…
Retweeted by Andy DeLuca @consequence Ughhh. Gonna have to start listening to Nirvana with the treble all the way up now 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
@SamDona10217003 the same “American Dream” from back on the 50s. Back when segregation was a thing... So what are… @GB7_99 Nice attitude, I’m sure a lot of people take you seriously :) @GB7_99 “Fucking inbred you are” -GB7_99 Words that will ring out throughout the rest of time. This man alone exem… @MountainMankind @Casey_Jones333 Did you copy and paste this from a pissed off 13 year old’s Xbox inbox? @ChaserFlog Had to make a fake account for this one. Nice use of your time @SamDona10217003 What are you doing for good? Please share and set an example so I can learn @kaledis74 @markneefuzz “I don’t jump on internet bandwagons.” -Derrick, 2020 Watch out Abe Lincoln, we may have…"We are moving toward the day when we will judge a man by his character and ability instead of by the color of his…’t use the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag along with your #BlackOutTuesday post. Look what it’s doing @claudiardiass @Michael5SOSVital information to anyone participating today #BlackOutTuesday police right now are the exact equivalent to a pissed off 13 year old playing Call of Duty, screaming racial sl… @sydneynopez I’d swipe right tbhWhen a trump supporter meanders its way into your twitter, do not panic. Remain calm and simply shed light on how s… @timanderson233 “No he’s not libtard!” -Tim Anderson Strong, intelligent words that will surely ring throughout history.
All I hear from the President is: “I am using the army to take away your right to protest racism.” He is taking a… @wildflowercas What will you tell your future pets and plants?* 🐕🐈🌳🦨🐿🌵🦚🌾🐌What will you tell your future kids & grandkids? you like it or not, this year will be written in history, your children will be educated of these events. T…
Retweeted by Andy DeLuca @vaLnTyNeCalumH ❤️❤️❤️ @_owusu_23 Cuz shitty people @5sos_wales1 Suspicious af @sweeeetdee_ #showthisonthenews#showthisonthenews know there’s so much going on, but PLEASE sign this one. Especially if you love animals. Our sociopathic presiden… @ashton_irwin935 @jtaroses Don’t say another word until you read this Everyone else, just… read, sign, and share ❤️ perspective petition to hold police accountable for their actions. Please sign and share. watch. please listen closely. if anyone has any information on this man / a link to his go fund me please le…
Retweeted by Andy DeLuca is where the elderly center is in the area. The police should know this and assist him to a safer place. Inste…
@halsey This @ashton_irwin935 My best advice to you would be to do a little more research. Your outlook is positive but it’s so… @ashton_irwin935 What would you do differently @onlythebrxave Donated!!! #blacklivesmatter
@stargazingLiz Be safe ❤️Ways To Help Ways to HELP Ways to >>HELP<< If ya aren’t helping, then what the hell are ya doing? @Squishls @FATALAFI It takes a bitKeep signing petitions. Even if that’s all you’re able to do right now. Your voice is more powerful than you think.… @easierghosts Thank you!!Also with this petition you have to confirm your signature via email so make sure you take that second step! @killmytimeIftv Thank you for sending. I’ll know next time to do more research ❤️❤️❤️Petition to Arrest The Other Three that would go straight to the white house. Please sign and share
@basshoeforcal Wow. @morelftv Rethinking his entire existence (hopefully) @morelftv Fuck @irwin_thrusts I remember this night like it was yesterday damnMy friend @shackiam used the analogy that by helping, you are helping push a “rock” up a hill. Some people acknowle… @Just_wldflwrcal Yes. Just emailed @cth_valntyne The energy can’t stop here though. The level of growth and awareness and respect needs to continue. I…
Retweeted by Andy DeLucaKeep putting the pressure on. There’s a phone number at the bottom of this website that will walk you through every… @cth_valntyne The energy can’t stop here though. The level of growth and awareness and respect needs to continue. I… @jade_grom Yes this exactly 🙏 @_jhallzzz Same standing order, different haircuts
@brettmikoll 👏👏👏I personally believe this is powerful information. I’m learning more and more each day and trying to make sure I’m… @Broseph_the_4th @theelovelylaya @daggerandsnake Just now seeing that you only made this Twitter account to bully people. How depressing... @Broseph_the_4th @theelovelylaya @daggerandsnake If I personally were a police officer in this situation, I would d… @theelovelylaya @daggerandsnake They are standing on the wrong side of history. Period. @CorvynAppleby @krisstraub Thank you 🙏🙏 @TheRepSOS @5SOS 💙💙💙Start using your voice -today. Do not worry about sounding annoying Do not worry if you still have more to learn(w…
Retweeted by Andy DeLuca @saraheiseman2 @daggerandsnake 👏👏👏 @NadiaAgouy No but I recently just discovered Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki movies thanks to @saraheiseman2 I’m obsessedAnd if anyone is STILL confused, here’s another very simple visual to put things even further into perspective and important. @morelftv 💙💙💙 @calmvinyl So do I ✌️This is a fantastic and easy read for anyone that isn’t entirely sure what’s happening in the world right now. This…
@morelftv Wow. This is super informative and well put together. (The bee sting analogy really gave me a more clear… @sadgirlcy So am I. @sergioscvbesson Mr. Root was and is one of my favorite teachers. I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today if it weren’t for him @mgcishigh Thank you 🙏Please sign this petition to add more pressure to the FBI to take the proper action against the horrid police force…“Don’t just aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference.” -Denzel Washington Very simple yet powerful w…
@iHeartRadio also this entire @FIDLAR music video then use this tweet for any fan art non-related to tour lolAt 5SOS fam: please use this tweet as a thread for any fan art made in 2019 (more specifically, art based on any…
@fishfingerandy @AndyfakeSOS @dannyelfman How long was I gone from twitter 😳😳😳 @AndyfakeSOS @dannyelfman Wait wut
@MrJoeIconis @dannyelfman Agghhh I’m watching Danny’s masterclass right now!! It’s so wonderful and inspiring — it… a better duo than Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. I’ll wait. cc: @dannyelfman @timburtondoesnthavetwitter
@andy_dewiggle @saraheiseman2 @DanelectroUSA I don’t not not not not not not not not not not not not like them