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live producer. Formerly of WOTC, Twitch, Gamespot & MLG. He/Him.

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HIIII! US to wejoin Pawis cwimate agweement as Pwesident Biden sets to wowk dismantwing Twump powicies (;ω;)
Retweeted by Adam ContiniThe President gets sworn in then gotta walk around all day cuz White House check-in ain’t til 3p.
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Retweeted by Adam Contini @shindags Holy shit, Timothy.You know what? In the spirit of figuring out 2021 together, let’s just roll with it for now! Get ready for a new…
Retweeted by Adam ContiniLove how people are pretending Qanon motherfuckers were recruited or some shit, when we all know those dudes found…, serious question: when a former president gets arrested (which has not yet ever happened), is their secret serv… day for complete sentences.
Retweeted by Adam Contini @Cyborgmatt Are there chat logs? @JustinWong @Sampai Congratulations!
2021 are only 2 things keeping me from becoming a chess master: 1) I’m not very good at chess 2) I can’t look at t…
Retweeted by Adam ContiniAh yes, the Headline Comma strikes again. Ceres ✨ South Constellation #AsteriaRealm
Retweeted by Adam Contini @MANvsGAME It’s excellent sci fi. @MANvsGAME I mean the books are among my favorite space operas. I chewed through all of them. Highly recommend. The…’m still making my way through the show, but The Expanse might be the most faithful adaptation... ever? I mean holy shit.Hi, it's me, your friend who has spent over 40 years studying World War 2, and today I'd like to talk to you about…
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@britweisman ICE.
Retweeted by Adam ContiniSuddenly, we’re are all Stormy Daniels, just waiting for him to finish so we can get some sleep.
Retweeted by Adam ContiniBoy 2021 fuckin’ rules so far. Haha, shining city on a hill over here, just lettin’ the world know that we’re doin’… @TheBesteban @dannyodwyer @Kahjahkins To say nothing of In Bruges. @big_Poppa_Chop Or at least flagged for a mod team to review fir possible sitewide ban. Yeah.
@Defectivenaruto Oh, you'll get no argument from me there. I don't believe that youtube or facebook have gone far e… @evoli unpacking time takes away valuable WoW time.*as large as @Defectivenaruto I know that this logic makes sense on its face, but the actual work of platform moderation has sho… @Defectivenaruto They would not need to hire thousands upon thousands. That’s a central point to what I said.And it's time for Twitch to take responsibility for the safety of its platform. Stop trying to save money by making…'ve put the workload on streamers and overworked/underpaid mod teams to do a job they actually can't succeed at… best lesson Twitch could possibly take away from its long problem with site toxicity should be that the company… and facebook both hired more human moderators because AI doesn't work for content moderation. But let's rem… believe that, as the site grows, you'd only need more and more moderators to handle more and more users. But t… that would require hiring people to make judgement calls, and Twitch has resisted that out of a misguided belie…, thankfully, doesn't have to worry about the kind of harmful content facebook deals with on a daily basis th… literally nothing. Because handling platform-wide toxicity requires the use of human moderators making case…'s official stance has always been that they don't moderate sitewide, specifically because you can't automate… rotating pogchamp backlash is the perfect example of why Twitch should ban toxic viewers sitewide instead of ju… “Northern” character in a musical.
Retweeted by Adam Contini @ThatBronzeGirl Fuck yeah. Grats, Bronze.Love to remember that tomorrow is the other day that fascists are planning an insurrection for.The republican trend of threatening us with a good time continues. I manage a restaurant with dozens upon dozens of employees. $15/hr is good. We will be fine. The burgers won’t…
Retweeted by Adam ContiniWhen you see a worker shitting on other workers for wanting a higher wage, understand that it’s because the narrati…
I see @Artosis and @itmeJP are at it again. don’t have to waste your time arguing with anyone pretending they don’t know that the lowest-paid people work t…
Retweeted by Adam ContiniIf you call anyone who works in fast food “just a burger flipper” or they just “pour coffee” you can’t use those se…
Retweeted by Adam ContiniThe dinosaurs on Zoom before the comet hit
Retweeted by Adam Contini- And if you're wondering why the police system in Cyberpunk 2077 is so janky: well, it was all done at the last mi…
Retweeted by Adam Contini @Baron_Stoney When We Were Kings. Among the best sports documentaries of all time.This moment, as I officially go on vacation, feels so good I can’t describe it.
Retweeted by Adam ContiniIdk who did these but they are probably the best photos in the history of the internet
Retweeted by Adam ContiniKathryn hahn is always perfect in everything. @britweisman AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY @nimby @MissDirt Happy Birthday!Officer: Do you know how fast you were going? Me: where were you the evening of January 6th?
Retweeted by Adam Contini @Faucius only people who get to say “I was into Sea Shanties before they were cool” are Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Deedee Decemberist.So far I’m liking Lupin quite a bit. @ZacharyWhitten I’m gonna guess the same is true for me. I hate this fucking country sometimes.Sharing solely for the headline
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@shmegegge Yeah, they have had some bans, and have been targeting alt right/nazi shit since 2017 actually.…
Retweeted by Adam Contini @shmegegge iirc Discord has started looking, they've already banned several.
Retweeted by Adam ContiniSince so many social media platforms that cater to White Supremacists are either down or cutting ties with those gr… rare Serious Honzo Thread is a good take on the FGCoC. @ZacharyWhitten My personal theory, based on no evidence, is that when Expanse took off and he left... it directly… @ZacharyWhitten Heh. Plus one of ‘em was GRRM’s continuity assistant. @ZacharyWhitten Huh. Well who knows WHAT y’all are seein’. @ZacharyWhitten Jesus. So long as it’s good, then. @okaydrian Cad! Scoundrel! @ZacharyWhitten Wait are they covering multiple books per season or something? Or are they just not going to finish the whole story?⚡️ Ah ah ah ⚡️
Retweeted by Adam Contini @ZacharyWhitten Have they let Avasarala curse on the show yet? It’s why I stopped watching. She’s supposed to curse as much as I do. @ZacharyWhitten I’m a Day 1 read on the books, as soon as they’re published. Excellent excellent fun. Wild. Bonkers…
Retweeted by Adam Contini @ZacharyWhitten Have you read the books? @okaydrian And yet you ignore me, villain.Get in girls. We're going hunting.
Retweeted by Adam Continihow many times was Trump impeached?
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Retweeted by Adam ContiniThere have been 4 impeachments in US history. Donald Trump has half of them.
Retweeted by Adam ContiniI don’t even follow him. But the quote tweets dunking on him do nothing to mitigate the frustration of seeing his d… gotta say, this moment is so much better without Trump’s infantile all caps lunacy filling up my timeline. @Baron_Stoney @baetog_ No fanny pack? Net decker.The final paragraph of the House Judiciary Committee impeachment report is absolutely devastating. Stop what you'…
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Fascist getting arrested in a Twitch hoodie... @baetog_ No. It’s a requirement.2021 is the year of the sea shanty
Retweeted by Adam Contini @seanpaulsully You right tho @seanpaulsully DON’T BE A HIPSTERI did wish hard for this year to be better than last year, but did not expect @ManMadeMoon to spontaneously bang ou…
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Hey, how is Grefg pronounced? Serious question. All joke answers get a block, even my friends.Insert “Arrested Development Narrator” snark here.'m very curious if Grefg will get the kind of endorsements and appearance opportunities Ninja got. @evoli GOATDamn, Grefg just got the world record for CCU on Twitch
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