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Nicole Rodriguez @Shnikkles Los Angeles, CA

Formerly: @CartoonNetwork, @StudioYotta. Currently: Board Artist on The Owl House at @DisneyTVA ! Comic artist! All opinions are my own!

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Alright, geez. WHAAAAAT @TaiCheesy I’m so fuckin excited to play this. It’s my big favorite. @DanaTerrace Decidueye, the best boy.Dragon Quest movie was cute! And also really pretty. Makes me wanna finally play one of those games. @VivziePop WAIT is it closed down???
@x_Wolfsteak_x @LegitEricRobles @OffBrandLink this is so cool, dude! @MKatwood Damn @Gusbuckets I only trust websites that end in .gun @SweetBeanAmin @IvanA1mighty @JohnnyUtahNG I will judge itAll I’m gonna be thinking about for the next month is Animal Crossing.
@rsdream12 Love this one! @DouglasEinar Yeah! It’s radOne of these days I'll do one. I have so many animatic ideas for things that I just never have time to do, BUT EVENTUALLY.Hey, everyone, please send me all your favorite animatics and whatnot that people (or you) have done for the Beetle… @my2k UM EXCUSE ME, AMAZING. @insidematthieu MY HEART 💕 @insidematthieu He’s perfectThank you so much to @raulfigtree for helping me fix my terrible iPhone problems haha. Also, his art is great and h…
@fuckimsotired @Apple yes @ABrightMonster Kevin knows what’s up @IvanA1mighty That looks so good @x_Wolfsteak_x GOOD
@brentalfloss PFT, I tried several of these and there’s just about the same amount as in a regular bag 😤 @Hug_bees he's doin God's work @SatchellDrakes @JimmyWhetzel It’s true!! @ReservedTV I’ll never answer you again @JimmyWhetzel @SatchellDrakes Satchell is the aesthetic king @RicepirateMick It’s a curse @CauseImDanJones Hell yeahI love drawing and seeing other people’s drawings. @MrChambros I just haven’t ripped a good one yet @VivziePop That’s that good shit @thatonegummy @EMositeCC CURSEDThis is just a sorta late night, random thought. But if there’s any kind social media messenger, or mode of contact… @ElsieKFisher illegalHey @MattMcMuscles and @PatStaresAt you guys are officially in a cartoon with a cameo from Heavy Rain's Jason. All…
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @x_Wolfsteak_x @MattMcMuscles @PatStaresAt @OffBrandLink Yessss!! This rules hahah @Dinolich Lmao @Dinolich I’m so curious what you think about Sabrina @x_Wolfsteak_x Never. I can’t believe you know me so little. @x_Wolfsteak_x You consistently happen to make things that I wanna draw haha @MikeCatSU My answer is biased @x_Wolfsteak_x Crow! Boys!!!Friday Night! Hooty’s Moving Hassle! 8:45pm! #TheOwlHouse 🦉
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @eyecager Oh I love these
@Toonguy94 I love this scene hahah @getvent :3 @PaperBoxHouse no talk he, he angyI hope y'all are ready. @RubberNinja #freetheaxesI'm super excited for these! I haven't seen any of these next episodes fully animated yet, so I'm hype to see how it all turned out!Steven Universe Future, coming back March 6th! JUST. NEEDS. SPACE! 😤 Don't miss the return of #StevenUniverseFuture on Friday, March 6 at 7p!…
Retweeted by Nicole RodriguezThis new Animal Crossing looks AMAZING. ;_;Oh my GOD bird just waddled out of it’s bed, drank some water, and waddled back into its bed. I’m in love with this stupid thing.
I just need y'all to know that @ChunksTheMighty is the best. After I told her about my crush on Toshiro Mifune, she… @RubberNinja Fuckin looool @LyleRath Fucking lolNinja just made the newest freshest copypasta of 2020. Proud of him.
@ChunksTheMighty @insidematthieu Daww
@bucketcapacity listen @insidematthieu Yeah the new one! It' bad. The first episode was okay, but then it just got like progressively worse.Guys this Dracula show fucking sucks. They ended it with a monologue that in spirit is the same as “the real treasu… @JohnnyUtahNG I’m on the last episode and boy it sure is. Steven Moffat just needs to take any subject matter and m… my god poisonous cancer blood, I’m cackling. @FernanAyuso Yeah, but for some reason I’ve always associated him more with America than Britain lol @Dinolich I’m generally not a fan lolI’ve decided Steven Moffat is Britain’s Christopher Nolan. Except at least Nolan gave us two good Batman movies.I'm watching Dracula on Netflix, & every time I watch a thing that Moffat does I always wonder if he means for cert…👶🏻🦜 ordered a thing from Grubhub and another thing from Postmates simultaneously. Maybe the two delivery people will… love corrupting our youth. @DanaTerrace @CrossingSwamp 🔥🔥😘🔥🔥 @rnn_tweet I love me jobPlus, it's just been a very helpful distraction. @kaseywllms they super rough 😩I’m very excited for people the see the stuff I’ve been doing on the current episode I’m on at work. I actually lik… to post these year or two old doodles from back when people were doing Pokemon Gymsonas. The left one is i…, Sunday? I think you meant to say Saturday... ...2!
@PDestroyer8000 @SpookyLovesBoba lolThe kids are alright❤️😑❤️
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Hey everyone. When you're feeling sick, even when it's something that seems really minor, go to your doctor, please…
Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I’m hurting a lot. I miss my friend. But it always helps to have people… told today that a close friend of mine died. It’s hard for me to process right now. His name was Jay and I’ve k… THIS SHIT OUT. IT'S MY BOY!! Foolin around in Unreal Engine at work
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@hansvanharken Hahaha oh man that'd be fantastic actuallyI really hope that getting this professional live recording of Hamilton in theaters starts a trend in Broadway. That'd be really cool. @BLITZWUFF Congrats dude!!
Retweeted by Nicole RodriguezThat being said, I love everything Tim Robbins does and he knocked it out of the park, as per usual.So, I’m dumb and didn’t realize until after I finished season 2 of Castle Rock that the main character was the same… @SweetBeanAmin Just one big amoeba @scrotumnose THANK you. Shooby’s the worst. @SweetBeanAmin You look exactly the same