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Nicole Rodriguez @Shnikkles Los Angeles, CA

Formerly: @CartoonNetwork, @StudioYotta, @DisneyTVA. Now: Central Park @BentoBoxEnt! Comics and animation artist! All opinions are my own!

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@JohnnyUtahNG I trust this guy @Pencilwing A cocktail of both and a good hearty helping of depression lolFalling asleep before 3am these days is a pipe dream. @h3h3productions Crazy cute! @Bunnynaut Yeah, that’s about right @JimmyWhetzel Oh, to be a starfish on a coin operated seahorse. @SuperBrankman Your life is a cartoon lol @VivziePop Oh man that TIMING hahaI mean brace for aftershock, y’all.Jesus ChristWell this isn't good. Sad and worried about losing this woman, especially right now.
@MagnoliaPearl That might turn into a snuff film lol @LeaC_Official Good to know! @MikeCatSU Just a wee bit sus!! @fr0stmask Mm good to know. Yeah it was some kind of subscription thing, plus a weird email, etc. I’m willing to be… @its_helixD Gary seems trustworthy to meMmm smells to me like a scammy wammy, cause I checked my bank account and there were no large payments made. Dunno… @theSupremeRk9s hope you’ve enjoyed my late night angry ramblings about dating apps. 🎉🎉🎉If I have to endure the beginning stages of a conversation with a stranger under the guise of knowing what both of…’m crazy sick of them and I would die happy if I never looked at another one again 🤠Dating apps are dog shit 🏄‍♀️ @forosha @forosha Lmao, I just mean the meme of it being the default small talk item doesn’t work anymore.I don’t think the weather counts as small talk anymore when your entire state is on fire lol @SeanHicksART @_chuwawa @opestarfall OH MAN I WISH @BradBradleyArt I wanna see it with my eyeballs @JimmyWhetzel It's your shine @BradBradleyArt You and me both @kianamaiart so cute ;0; @jakestrick @getvent @ben_vancamp @hudkips Budding with his buttcheeksOF** FUCKIN WHATEVER IM TIRED LEAVE ME ALONEDAYYY 185!! Give it up for DAAAYYY 185 QUARANTINE!!'s been a lot and constant, so my room is a total and complete gross mess. But I have a small hiatus coming up,… @Izogii 👀 @hoardiculture Kenneth Branagh doing anything Shakespeare is always the best haha
@leileiart Dang dude!!! This is amazing!I got all my new bedding in finally. I’m real excited to set it up tomorrow. 😩👌🏻✨ @tayloreynolds13 That movie makes me cry and I love the soundtrack @tayloreynolds13 DAN IN REAL LIFE!!! I thought... I thought I was the only one @thenfallbrandon Surprisingly noLooking to add the word “bub” into my vernacular.
Come on make it canon already
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @EgoObsessive Yep!🐞🧃 @Jampolinski Ooo a fresh batch right out the oven @SweetBeanAmin HWAH? WHO? I want to know what this means lol @Bahamutgaming Oh no, not my favorite game!!!!!Oh wait am I missing a video games? What’s happening? @htoast_art I love these all so much! @forosha @SuperBrankman This image is cosmically sad lol @SuperBrankman 🏄‍♀️ 🌊 @Khaliarart Oh nice! I’m super flattered haha. Glad you dig it!In lieu of new Undertale art, here’s some old stuff. I guess there was an Undertale concert I missed. 🔥🔥🤷‍♀️ 🔥🔥I wanted to draw something for Undertale day but I have too much work to do. Happy 5, Undertale.bad time.
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez* Someone ought to teach you how things work around here! * I guess little old me will have to do.
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez
It is time. Fan art during this rewatch most likely inevitable. feeling tired all the time. @miilkei Happy to get you into it! Hahah @miilkei Ahh this is so cute!! I love it!☠️
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez☠️ @srothbell It makes me incredibly sad @Jeff_Delgado I approve of this @x_Wolfsteak_x It super is!! @x_Wolfsteak_x This brought a tear to my eye, thank you. And I wholeheartedly agree. 🏴‍☠️ @JimmyWhetzel Omg are you gonna play that game in VR JIMMYYY. I’ll pray for you.🌈 🌈 🌈 @raebits Yeah that's about right
@curry_swirl Congrats!! @htoast_art Omg that SQUID hahah @SuperBrankman Smart smart @SuperBrankman Solid Slav squat @x_Wolfsteak_x Hahah yeah for real. Why couldn’t they have picked Colorado or some shit. SOMEWHERE NICE. @Bunnynaut Welp, that’s a Halloween costume, set hahah @Bunnynaut Mad Max is my FAVOrite movie. Unrelated. @x_Wolfsteak_x Don’t it tho lol @AuntyDonnaBoys Very proud of you, boys @Stupidartpunk It was too good @Viruul It was so good. WE DIDNT KNOW HOW GOOD WE HAD IT.
@DKIRBYJ Yes!!!! This is great.Thinking about how absolutely buck wild it is that I got to see The Pillows perform live a year ago. @briamgilbert There’s never a bad reason to own a hurdy gurdy hahahaI'll probs finish these tomorrow but I dig the poses so far
Retweeted by Nicole RodriguezRedrew another character from the same idea. An old pirate captain thought to be long dead. He was blinded by his c…
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @SamNeukirch Thanks bud :3 @tigerjocks Man, it’s been hitting me harder now than it has in the past like 2-3 years. I feel you there.I'll probs finish these tomorrow but I dig the poses so far @Ellathoompson Aw thanks dude haha. I wanted to do that at one point, and I’d still wanna try it out at some point down the line! @forosha @CodyHanselLive Forosha is a very good podcast guest @ben_vancamp @CodyHanselLive @forosha done did this!! She’s the fuckin best, dawwwg. @LaserSinger Thanks dude :D these characters are near and dear to me haha.Both of them together. An unlikely duo. ☠️