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Nicole Rodriguez @Shnikkles Los Angeles, CA

Revisionist @CartoonNetwork on SU. Clean up artist @StudioYotta. Artist on PIZZA RUN a comic published by @OniPress All opinions are my own!

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Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @georgemager ahhh! Porco omigosh! I love it ;___;
@Jeff_Delgado Oh shit! I wanna say hi! I didn’t know you were here!😈😈😈 @ELookinAtThings It would probably sound a lot like if the adults from The Peanuts tried to rap. @ELookinAtThings I’m so glad you dug it ahehehMy pal @shnikkles created “Onion the Rapper” for my last day on #StevenUniverse. Working with the crewniverse has b…
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@SteveYurko MAAAAES! YES! @Scrumdrew ;-; <3 @RubberNinja Thanks bud! <3 @ReservedTV Love ya bro <3 @TanekaStotts ;0; <3Today was my last day on Steven Universe. I can’t describe how much it’s meant to me to be on this show. It helped…
@LyleRath @SweetBeanAmin Bustin bustin bustin bustin bustin b- @SweetBeanAmin So THAT’S what ectoplasm is. @turdisland HELL yeah @getvent It looks so cute!! @SuperBrankman Maybe stop being so fuckin LOUD then Branko. This bitch was trying to SLEEP.this photo and only this photo of David Harbour SEND TWEET
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @kazu_sencho Oh my god that’d be crazy. I couldn’t hear it that well but I’m gonna believe this is true and we hear… @getvent SHIT, I MISSED THE PERFECT JOKE. @batshaped Gotta respect the hustleIt’s 2AM Y’ALL, GIVE IT A REST.I’m pretty sure I’m hearing some muffled lady sex moans from one of the neighbors right now. @SweetBeanAmin I wanna know more about him @kaseywllms Yes!!!
I watched the first episode of Primal and duuuuuuude that shit is beautiful and compelling. I’m really looking forward to the rest of it! @Dinolich The series is also *chef kiss* fantastico.What does vibe check mean, please, I need to be in touch with The Youths. @PaperBoxHouse Oh boy buddy he sure does @ryanpequin In my head he’s responding to you like he hasn’t seen or heard from you in years. That or like he thought you were dead hahahDavid Harbour is starting to do instagram stories about prepping for SNL, and call me crazy, but I think he’s doing… #portfolioday I thought I’d share some of my professional work. Here’s some #stevenuniversethemovie bgs I paint…
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@SatchellDrakes Ah man this is adorable @GreaserDracula He's real entertaining hahaHe fall @wuzidan He makes some real good shit!I fell down to earth, from a hundred miles away and somehow, I still make it work.
Steven Universe Future! I participated in the intro as an animator. I can't wait for the broadcast day! スティーブンユニ…
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @georgemager Going through something similar myself. It’s definitely something that does tend to happen sometimes,… @kaseywllms But also, something important I learned about anxiety is that you can’t really fight it. You have to le… @kaseywllms My meds kinda saved my life honestly haha. There was a significant shift in my ability to cope with the… @cocoshonen @itsmeMIKIB @porigoshi So good!!!!Here is my storyboard for the new Steven Universe opening ! I was in charger of the second part. First part by…
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I think maybe my least favorite thing on the planet is seeing ads use a meme format.I scribbled this in my sketchbook the other day. Robo kid is just sorta my default mode when I dunno what to draw… when I was an artist and I drew personal things outside of work for fun? Ha ha. Me either.Mornings @Coelasquid This looks incredibly cool, but also I feel like if I did this I’d shit my entire pant hahaha @SuperBrankman This thought makes me both sad AND angry at fictional dudes hahah
@forosha Lmaooo, yeah it’s super a case of Superman puts glasses on and nobody knows it’s Superman. @forosha Soul eater is wild lol @tigerjocks @thenfallbrandon I promise! Thanks bud <3 @MrMattJay I wanna see it so bad! @GenOttr So cute!! @JimmyWhetzel :3 @katetsang @rebeccasugar <3! @VivziePop So excited for you dude! @DKIRBYJ I fear him @RicepirateMick @mummynyan @BangZoom @VIZMedia Oh man congrats Mick!! That’s rad!
@KingOfSafari :D! 💕Happy to FINALLY be able to say I worked as a storyboard artist on #StevenUniverseFuture! Hold on tight because y'a…
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @getvent Yes pls relay this information thnx thnxThe Steven Universe #NYCC panel so far has just been a concert and that is GRRREAT
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @forosha Oh shit did she sing at the panel?! I haven’t seen yet haha. @amonns @leileiart I hope you’re including YOURSELF 😎✨ @leileiart @porigoshi Haha same here! I hope you liked it! @porigoshi You did such an amazing amazing job on the intro, Hori-san!!Steven Universe Future! It’s out there, hooraaay. Hope y’all are excited!STEVEN UNIVERSE FUTURE
Retweeted by Nicole RodriguezNew epilogue limited series “Steven Universe Future” coming soon to #CartoonNetwork⁣ ⁣ The future is bright 🌟🖤⁣ ⁣…
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @Scrumdrew You’ll have to CATCH me FIRST.My bird is snort snoring right now and I just felt like people should know about it. @SteveYurko This! Seems pointless!! That ain’t gonna cut down on traffic, I’ll tell ya that for free.Phoebe likes to perch on my computer like a gargoyle for warmth. Who the hell does she think she is. @Thdark101 Do you have an art book because boyyy I’d get that in a heartbeat haha @tuyoki Gosh temmie this is just so fluid and nice ;0;Gym outfit for today.
@Bunnynaut @getvent @Grind3h me also @ReservedTV OH WAIT. Did creepshow have the one where the guy had a spotless apartment and had to keep killing cockroaches. @ReservedTV Hahah WUT. I didn’t even know dad liked or watched creepshow lol.Wish I could be attending NYCC this year! I really miss New York. But I hope everyone has fun ;0; I’ll live vicario… @najja_porter @MikeCatSU Wtffff Najja you’re so dang good!!My piece for the CN #halloween gallery show. The lime green parts also glow in the dark!
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @JimmyWhetzel Um *taps watch fervently* HeLLO?? I didn’t realize today was EVERY DAY. @ChrisRGun All I know is when I hear the spongebob song I suddenly taste metal @ChrisRGun I feel...somehow different now on the other end of this. @MattMcMuscles My entire watching experienceY’know what. I can say one thing at least. They definitely had fun. IS THIS 3D ANIMATED FURRY NIGHTMAREWhy.“Hello Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor. I’d like to have you in my musically themed video, but only i… is showing me the Nostalgia Critic review with Corey Taylor. We’re like 20 minutes in, and he hasn’t had th… @SandraDRivas My favorite pastime is showing you things I know will make you mad hahaha😑
Retweeted by Nicole RodriguezBeen feeling a bit like an alien lately.
@PeachSaliva @PeachSaliva When I grow up, I wanna be you.