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Nicole Rodriguez @Shnikkles Los Angeles, CA

Formerly: @CartoonNetwork, @StudioYotta, @DisneyTVA. Now: Central Park @BentoBoxEnt! Comics and animation artist! All opinions are my own!

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@Dinolich it big sucks @thebluebear27 👀💦💦 @henriiscrap Psychonauts for sure @KindKing01 Ah yes, my people @KindKing01 The secret fourth option tho: order Del TacoI’m hungry but also it’s 1 am. Twitter tell me what to do, I can’t think for myself. @KindKing01 Lmao, that might be on Andrew’s end @KindKing01 Was it?? @amonns I've ruined my brandwoops actually make that sunday, woops!!! @CodyHanselLive Don't even TALK to me or my homies if you don't spend time spreading love out into the world my DUDE. @kaseywllms ;o; <3 i'm gonna BLUSH @nickrvern No prob! Tbh I'm still learning when and when not to use smears/when they're most effective, but hopefully this helps!Yo, loving things is punk as hell. @KiruKrono i hope so!! and thanks man :D @wayneradiotv I used to completely destroy my tongue with these as a kid @BigGingerAleFan Honestly what is the point of the speakers if you can't actively disturb other people's graves. That's the whole POINT. @nickrvern I added smears for this cause it conveys what I need in the board! Plus his head is supposed to be spinn… @BigGingerAleFan I wont lie....I'd pay to see someone else do it lmfao. God that'd be so funny. And awful. @BigGingerAleFan haha oh is it not real? Definitely fooled me. I guess it shows how fucked things have gotten that… off, head. 🤡honk honk @KindKing01 haha thanks man! It was a part I was worried about initially, so I'm glad it turned out.SPIN @SteveYurko yooo the cel shaded paint job on that third picture tho @Octopimp heard if you look up dystopia in the dictionary, this post is right next to it.
@kianamaiart Perfect @gialigammari Lmfao Jesus Christ @AbeGoldfarb Omg Abe, I’ve played the absolute shit out of this game hahah. It’s my like, comfort game when my brai… @Coelasquid I laughed really hard at most of his lines lolThis is the best thing I've ever seen lmfao. THANK YOU AGAIN<3 @Dinolich 👀👀 @ArtistIzzy Freaky is really great and I HIGHLY recommend it lolSTREAM TIME! Boardin some Beetles. @Stupidartpunk @genegoldstein ITS OKAY I SWEAR, I TOOK A NAP HA HA, hear me out. What if instead of sleeping...I do a stream. @JaymamonJ And thank YOU for making killer stuff!! @rentgraham @JaymamonJ Ahh of course!! I love y’all’s work. It’s a no brainer 👻✨ @thenfallbrandon Me and Charon meeting up in Hades. @Hug_bees @Camperjon @montiray @caldy @kianamaiart @farynheit13 I’m sure they will!!! @Hug_bees @Camperjon @montiray @caldy @kianamaiart @farynheit13 Yo, this promo image FUCKS hahaha. It’s so good!I finished work. Finally, I can die.
All nighter number TWO, BABYYYY. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @38___sr This is just bonkers amazing dude!! Seriously. I’ve already said but the monster, holy moly.Hey everyone!! Support @JaymamonJ and @rentgraham ‘s Patreon because they’re great!!! Thank you for the very nice m…’ll probably be streaming some cheeky lil boards on Saturday! Keep an eye out for that 👻Welcome To The Less You Know Podcast with our surprise special guest, ya know him, ya love him, former Co-Host…
Retweeted by Nicole Rodriguez @thenfallbrandon Constantly lol @Zeurel One of those nights, huh? @Creaturologie OH WORD! Okay awesome! @Creaturologie Sick! Yeah I’m gonna see if I can find some kinda internet release haha. Thanks! @Creaturologie Where can...I see this hahah. As someone without cable. 😩 @violainebriat @MagicBunnyArt I can’t wait!! Im an avid supporter of this happening hahah. @violainebriat More Jason please, yes. Feed me, Vee. @LaserSinger
@genegoldstein I very much and entirely unironically want to be in that weird beetle mech so badly. @KingOfSafari @kianamaiart It was great!! @TaraBillinger Of course! Y'all did such an incredible job, for real. It's fantastic! @genegoldstein @RajBrueggemann do it @JimmyWhetzel But my love for you is positive 🙏🏻👑✨Sometimes Twitter is great and reminds me how much I miss interacting with people. @SuperBrankman @parkerrsimmons Put up your dukes, MM @cherrydadgreg It lives in my head 24/7 whether I like it or not lol @Nextwave_Gaming Oh I’m well aware of Alestorm hahah @parkerrsimmons Oh my god, are we re-stoking the flames of war from the 2000s??? Is this pirates vs ninjas TWO?????Me, having been in the pirate’s are great camp, watching everyone else join me. @yourlocalenth HAHA beautifulI’ve been loving seeing all the different iterations of this ever since it popped up on my for you page. Sometimes,… @thebluebear27 Feelin’ like straight up Jacob Marley in this bitch 😔 @SoulKarl L-A-D-Y, NAMI’S NOT SHY @SuperBrankman My brother...our struggles are very similar. @LaserSinger I’m gonna try 😩 @JonathanYMusic GO OFF!!! MAKE SOME SHANTIES! Hell yeah 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ @notmiilk It was great!! I need to rewatch it when I’m a bit more lucid tho haha @38___sr I believe in you 💪🏻Seriously tho, this man gives off some real Toshiro Mifune vibes. 👌🏻✨ @Ellathoompson YARG, WE BE CURSED! @Dinolich HOLY SHIT!! YES. @38___sr Lmfao, you can do it my dude! If My lazy ass can, literally anyone can hahah.Fall asleep at 6pm, wake up at...10?? Hm. I’ll take what I can get tho lol. @38___sr Your power level just continues to exponentially grow. @Dinolich OH???? @genegoldstein MAYA ;—-; I miss her so much. @ben_vancamp is the year of the pirate. @ChrisRGun It’s real good! And fun to just fuck around and be pirates with buddies haha @AuntyDonnaBoys I didn’t realize until this moment how much Zach’s eyes and brows look incredibly similar to Nichol… @wayneradiotv @genegoldstein Ayyy congrats dude! Some o my pals are on that :3 You got this!! @JaneGumball Thank you
Retweeted by Nicole RodriguezHey Twitter world, this is yours truly 🌝🌚🌝🌚🌝🌚🌝🌚🌜🌛🌜🌛🌜🌛✨✨I’m so tired I ve come out the other end 🌝
This pose makes me laff update from last weekend. @oinkyfalcon My favorite buggy fella @oinkyfalcon THE JUICE MAN!!Some freshly made Bug drink
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