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shoe @shoe0nhead New York

youtuber sometimes. “class justice warrior”. your ‘problematic fave’. avi by @animationwithgu

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about to go live for a chill chat about this god awful document + neera tanden + horny political twitter. here:… @RevJeffHoliday CREATOR OF KEKISTAN WHAT I ASK IS THEIR CRITERIA
@someblackg number 1 far right podcast on the net @AlexDRiddle buzzfeed and nowthis in “far left” reasearch paper listed me as not left, not center, not right, but *FAR RIGHT* even my 2nd channel that is *de… & simpettes you have one job this month. send me any and all stupid christmas culture war shit you see. it’s coming. @visquit this is what they took from youthe lesbians cant have ONE christmas movie Benjamin? @Burssty because i make good as hell tweets @us2germany oh hey satan @Ezbior fucking bleak that it had to go viral in order to be fixed @RippRamon just call me June Lewinsky nevermind this is a newsmax poll you guys ready for the GOP to just be the trump monarchy forever @AshBCoffin @OldShoeTweets @KyleKulinski the chad kyle vs the virgin neera
2020 @LibertyAnders @chaoticitgirl oh good i’m not alone @ClipsDave me and the boys in 2023 resurrecting joe biden @TheHorrnyPoPo oh no this again, help me find my followers/mutuals proof it’s actually me in comments
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Retweeted by shoewhat is your mood today tag yourselvesmy drafts during this election really tell a story is literally THE MEME, we live in PARODY WORLD
Retweeted by shoe @simongre a decapitated skull. interesting.I AM GOING TO MINECRAFT MYSELF guys used to send me things that made me laugh now you send me this shit @realDonaldTrump @nytimes how he managed in his mind to twist this into him looking like the one on top here is the…
@animationwithgu aaaaa this is awesome :DIt’s, um... it’s @shoe0nhead
Retweeted by shoe @cenkuygur @neeratanden is this a JOKEall the men on here are bottoms @VaushV of course you'd say that, you're such an aquarius @OhYeahSueMe they've been stressed due to being on lockdown for almost a year plus election and are taking their fr… @VaushV this is the same "argument" karlyn made in our debate!!! how the fuck do you measure "gratefulness"? are th… my MIND @united_comrade this is the slippery slope the right warned everyone aboutstonewall was a mistake @FowlCurtis someone get me on there i got a lot to say all very good things @verminhands @AshBCoffin haha yeah me too guys ✊ @realDonaldTrump is this the news coverage you’re now left withnice try but you’ll never catch me alive
@CopingMAGA @omalley4sean every day he wakes up and chooses to be a fox news hack @AshBCoffin 💕💕💕 @PoroyDied good.... good. @Aids_BC fr tho he doesnt care about class issues he literally cries about taxing the rich behind the scenes there is a video @Aids_BC oh my god @CamCam8527 @NoContextVaush TRUE!right wing cancel culture smh my head @VaushV or plastic @emocleo1 man @BasedDrWorm be not afraidi have another christmas special video planned this year 👀 @sfmilkshake @OwOwable both of you delete
Retweeted by shoe @verminhands god damn it @AOC :) @Shoe0nheadClips that karlyn debate ok i can handle being called a nazbol all day but what the fuck did i do to deserve THIS @eamoncares @SongbirdN7 i can fix him @SongbirdN7 not yet they haven’t @Anarch_King aight literally have no idea who you are “i disavow” lmaooooo @harrycampb3ll i am happy with my placement @VaushV @MouthyInfidel if i wasn’t blocked i could produce some “receipts” lmao i hate people like this aaaaaaaa @MouthyInfidel love to just completely ignore this part for the sake of outrage clout. they can stay mad. i know w…
@LilithLovett hey its me’s no stopping me now #ACAB @cringepolitik “keep the change” VIDEO 🔥 NEW 𝕳𝖊𝖑𝖑 𝖂𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖉 🔥 get in here before YouTube blacklists it again intro created by the always amazing…
Retweeted by shoe @jonmallette why must my followers torment me @SludgeFactoryTV IM NOT H*RNY ITS CALLED A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEARN TO APPRECIATE FINE, HIGH IQ HUMOR!!!!!!!!!1 @statusquarrior @Hasan_JF neolib moment @Hasan_JF neolib moment @LilithLovett that tweet probably costed her everything but it was worth it.PETA threatens us with a good time @CountDankulaTV no president will ever come close
look at this raggedy old man i CANT @ChrisRGun @JimHughes301 i should not be laughing whilst carving turkey rn @ChrisRGun man said thanksgiving 🍁🦃 i am thankful for my family, frens and all of you c: what are you thankful for? @ChrisRGun @JimHughes301 sounds good @ChrisRGun @JimHughes301 i too, also tune into the chris ray gun channel for the intellectual discussion and am qui… @ChrisRGun @JimHughes301 LMFAO MADE A POLITICAL VIDEO CHRIS MADE A POLITICAL VIDEO @almostbornbjorn @drmistercody @Hbomberguy @VaushV @shaun_vids @ChrisRGun @AshBCoffin this is cute as heck ahaahaONE POSITIVE ABOUT COVID NO THIS