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shoe @shoe0nhead HellWorld, New York

youtuber sometimes • “bimbo populist” • worst “leftist” you’ve ever heard of

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@StefanoForte42 100% what are his proposed policies to get there though? @sturdyclamps just watch the "dont tread on me" section in the timestamps if you dont wanna watch the whole thing @TimyTomyX youtube deadass told me it broke no TOS but they were like "we still gotta put a trigger warning on it sorry" ??? @sturdyclamps have you see the videos? i dont think you'd defend them either. it's whats inevitably going to happen… @piratemir420 @VaushV he makes an appearance in the new one kindathe reviews are in @disclosetv this is literally just a smart excuse for apple to spy on people because they know nobody wants to argue against this @APSingsJazz i simply want him to toss me across a football field @Danicervo wow everyone look this guy fucks woware you ready“shoe whats your type” @nypost hot girl summerhe literally bombed a hospital
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@JustinWhang cancel culture really comes for everyone huh @DrFlob blocking you for my health @TowerGangPod A+ manipulation here @HannyahZ massive paradigm shift for sure @MMoog38 @JohnSimon90210 im cacklingfor those who werent around, he’s a guy who landed some probe on a moving asteroid. he wore this shirt with pineup… was my “i dont have any politics i just hate liberals” awakening they made him cry @Hyrulegeek04 @ninaturner just dont be a journo who hates the poor and you wont get tied to a tree pretty easy to avoid @toplobsta_ @TowerGangPod this is so cute ahahaha MAYBE @NuanceBro shes so cute oh my god @ninaturner love you nina keep fighting the good fight 💕 @VaushV you did amazing great job whiney bitches rise up
@nogillfish we should make it harder for kids to access porn. period. not make porn for kids.jail speaking, i am now the new governor of new york 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #NinaTurnerForCongress made by @GreenBlackLogic @VaushV @ninaturner @Estries1 @kafkaswife
yall are sick PATRONS ONLY Hell World 4 Sneak Peek 👀 i eat crickets watch here: full episode wil… @emeriticus day of the tree can’t come soon enough for national review journos @ErikaCat1943 @Brianlister10 @Jensenp12283 not neocons what the fuck i have standardsnina turner take my energy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ @BernieSanders @ninaturner kings supporting queenshad to buy one of these as a prop
@alessandroBenC "fiscally conservative, socially liberal" moment he took campaign money from the kkk then used to… @pdabrosca seems like a dangerous guy we should probably write a smear piece about him 90 years after he died the journos talk their shit @AlexeiArora it was only a matter of time til the journos caught wind of this. didnt know it would be so soon @ellencarmichael @NRO’s afraid @t0ken_w0man ready for my deprogramming @kissmyass683 @ImperialLuis1 see this implies bush, a neocon, did not do 9/11 @ImperialLuis1 neocons by far the left has gotten you things like weekends and social security what have neocons g… @Noahpinion all my internet homies hate each otheroops i made yet another @shoe0nhead fanart
Retweeted by shoe @notthatbcagain no it wasnt, those characters are bad people, thats why it was funny @VaushV now they’re replying to this like “wait this is cool” im going to kill myself! :) @VaushV the future chat wants: your descent to feudalism millennials
Retweeted by shoe @TheHolyHominid no i am just very annoyingthis is gonna be my favorite hell world episode i can feel it in me bones
@DocLefty2 thank you lmfaoooo @annakhachiyan double down, triple down the sigma mindset @biggestjoel pretty good video FOR A DOG F*CKER HAHAH OWNED
Retweeted by shoe @votedemsblue @shaun_vids yeah he didnt try he succeeded @shaun_vids i mean he wasnt as bad as this guy and yet
Retweeted by shoe @RealYungCripp i hate that this tweet is how i found out what happened @TetrisChemist LMFAO
@emeriticus huey posting on mainfor every 5 Biden L’s there is 1 Biden W @shoe0nhead big fat W
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@ClassConscience @VaushV @Fishcak18433002 so why even run on that shit lmao why did i vote for the man @ClassConscience @VaushV @Fishcak18433002 literally nobody expects him to be bernie, we expect him to go through wi… @Fishcak18433002 what happened to this man lmao did they threaten his family or what @Hakobe20 LMFAOOOO @DSARACIST LMFAO people ask me why i'm mutuals with you all the time. "genocide denier" @ActualCorn no the pc culture stuff is a great hill to die on and its sad you and others just abandoned it. this sh… @ActualCorn i am kind, i just dont placate to literal tone policing and threats from strangers online and neither s… @N0Kuma handsome squidward energy @JustinWhang the extremely online 14 year old fears the power of not giving a shit
Retweeted by shoe @ActualCorn you know what im talking about & so many of you playing dumb is so frustrating. for the past 3 days my… @ActualCorn “everyone is just trying to vibe” no they’re really not. these people get people fired, expelled etc. i… you’re sorry about something- apologize. if you did nothing wrong- don’t apologize. i’ve fucked up before and ha… @_spongecore i dont give a fuckthey get so fucking heated when you dont “defend” yourself from their accusations and instead just lean into it. fu…
@GravelInstitute lets fucking gooooo ✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️ @DontWalkRUN i couldnt debate myself out of a paper bag so its okay @VaushV @DontWalkRUN Dont Walk Run Away From Debate Because Vaush Was Mean Productions @MKUltraMoney @jokesdepartment @jokesdepartment ratioare we shocked? no keep having to update this blackrock section of the video this company is deadass like an evil corporation from a comic bookyou can help them here: ‼️ @HornyOnAltMind @poldiscoursebot as it should @poldiscoursebot @ffucckkedd @N_u_l_l________ @BazLaFours @BippyTheGuy @SamtheNightOwl @SabrinaVagina i've never given people shit f… @N_u_l_l________ @BazLaFours @BippyTheGuy @SamtheNightOwl @SabrinaVagina your issue here is you think my response s… @VaushV shoe posting vaush’s W’s because he wont do it himself