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Twitch streamer & FGC Enthusiast (P+ ZSS/Ult Sheik/Tekken Anna main), the FGC is my home. Dogs and Mexican food are life.

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@Kamimuuto Lmaoooo @BeastZard @MaybsDoc @MVD731 @YaMayaLazarus @Stretch_SmashDon't forget, next Saturday @ 3pm CST $200 prize pool tournament that everyone is welcome to enter. I 'm down to ta…
Live with Plus on Whiff Sub Tournament!: sub tournament 'Plus on Whiff' is later today at 5pm CST, and now with a $75 prize pool (minimum). Join in!:
Retweeted by TLOC | ShokioMy sub tournament 'Plus on Whiff' is later today at 5pm CST, and now with a $75 prize pool (minimum). Join in!: @RollbackRumble @StudebacherH0ch 👀👀 Chatting, talking about some real shit, games later: of the most accurate lists I've seen.“How hard you’re judged for maining this character” Tier List Completely Ordered Feelings Might Get Hurt
Retweeted by TLOC | Shokio @BlackBurai @NeoGameSpark I'm a Grey, it's all good lol.Only the realist of real know about Hank. @JackmoveJohnny Why are you trying to get people shot at?If I don't do that to you, then that means I pretty much don't care enough about you.It's only ever out of love and because I care. It's extremely difficult for someone to be friends with me if they d… I the type of person who's willing to say something that might hurt or upset you if it's the truth? Absolutely.I'm actually surprised I only streamed for a little over 1,000.
@AFintastic Yeah like those flare blitz's this morning.Fancy tail cut I got in MH Rise.
I too love Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch Copyright sign
Retweeted by TLOC | Shokio @SuperSavajin Absolutely. He is super cool and very fun to play as. I am incredibly grateful to Masahiro Sakurai fo… love Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch©️
Retweeted by TLOC | Shokio @Kamimuuto Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch ©️ is a very cool game.I love Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch Copyright sign
Retweeted by TLOC | ShokioI love Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch©️Zard is dumb lmao
Retweeted by TLOC | Shokio @BrokenSSB Preach. @BrokenSSB Preach.Doing a random only wifi tourney right NOW lol:
Registration page should be published now, my b.The Box run: @xMoralSupport 5pmSub tournament this Saturday, sign tf up nerds: @ConfettiGG Putting Yoshi in mid tier is insane. Other than that, good list though. @TatetheRipper @TatetheRipper @SparkJair It's honestly a concept I've always wanted in MH: universal mobility and more free form expressive play.… into this Rathian glitch w/ Ockmar on #MHRise lol. She done smelt SOMETHIN
Why have I never seen this until now. Dead. n chill?: anyone has a grudge match/money match they'd like to do, I'd be more than willing to host it on my channel =) @NeoGameSpark This was deadass the most laziest, uncreative, and uninspiring 3D Mario title. Hell it was the ONLY one really.Caught up on the AoT anime. Gotta say the only major flaw is how they flashback CONSTANTLY. Or they hit you with t…
@sadistchann How can anyone form their lips (or fingers) to actually say this? Insane. @LilyFuchsia @VyYoRHa Agreed. @Phant0mAbat Yeah like, I think she's better than most people give her credit for, but a lot of Sheik bois REALLY b… @Phant0mAbat Oh, that makes sense. Some of us are incredibly optimistic about our character despite doing absolutely nothing with her lol. @Phant0mAbat Who the hell have you seen who says that??? @JMXico_ That's what makes it even worse, it only worked cause he DI'd in =/ But haha grab into Up-B is totally fine.Ult players having 0 self awareness as usual. @Dazaibabymama Tf, had no idea you could sing. Beautiful voice Jas!I'm taking tonight to catch up on AoT, so there probably won't be a stream tonight lol.
@tiradactyI Please. Can I have them???Also, who do I talk to to get my tournament on the wi-fi calendar?Sign up for my tournament if you haven't already! Note: We MAY need to drop the reflect idea, because apparently y… long as you keep it to the game and aren't using slurs or getting into people's personal lives or anything like… enough of it. "Toxic" is used way too broadly today and shit talk is deemed as mean and frowned upon when it sh… @kaebuns They thought this was Street Fighter 💀 @JackmoveJohnny Hope it comes to fruition.I’m tired of sleeping alone
Retweeted by TLOC | Shokio @NebtuneFGC I didn't get to catch the beginning, but holy shit lmaoo @Phant0mAbat @YaMayaLazarusThese 4 games have been ported to the Switch before Xenoblade Chronicles X. This is a grave injustice. #XBX @BrokenSSB @Kamimuuto Thank you. @BrokenSSB AS LONG AS YOU'RE AWARE.If you wanna see some cracked Apex play, check out my dude @SamaOdin stream:, forcing myself to do another tournament just because I already signed up and having a bunch of DQ's on my recor…
@Mr10acity_ @Phant0mAbat FOH. @Kamimuuto Oh hell nah, I'm not gonna sit here and tolerate this Maya slander 😤 Also for the life of me I just can… @BrokenSSB Shoryu him at 40% w/ rage and you take the stock bro. @TheSideheadlock Is there a way to teach me to be able to use rolls & cross-ups against them? Is there a way to tea… @PSY_KING101 You must've only played against doodoo shotos then. I play Sheik but the result is the same largely re… @SuaveVillain Nah that actually has nothing to do with Sheik. Shotos legit just rob anyway basically at any given t… are legit the most disheartening characters to play against. You can deadass outplay them the entire game an… @Kamimuuto @YaMayaLazarus Nah run it again 👀This night was wiiiild lmaoo. Y'all missed out on the last stream. @IndyGray23 The mashing even when you're in disadvantage or your opponent is + on you. The meme is great lol.Pls stop doing this. @Tru4_Smash Ain't Tweek the same dude that had dropped PT???Don't feed your dogs Ol' Roy. Please. Doodoo tier brand. I recommend Nutro. @BrokenSSB G&W is toxic but YOU. PLAY. KEN.Don't forget to sign up for ShokioZone, Jan 23rd! @ Galaxy Gambit, getting 49th/487.
Just died from 20% to ROB side B. Very cool. @HARAMBOY_SSB He is.Doing a Galaxy Gambit run tonight: Hunter Rise is probably my favorite MH since Tri Ultimate. This game is so clean and smooth, and has the di… be trying out the Monster Hunter Rise demo! Viewer crew battles later?:
@CinnamonLOLs "It's Cinn." @blackwhimsy Just remember that it won't always be this way. Head up Whimsy 💜
Took a nap for 2 hours and I wake up to the country going to shit. This is a fucking joke. @naitosharp Time to unfollow???Anyone register for the Juice Box and doesn't want their spot? I forgot the register lol.Live with idk yet. Just chatting for now I guess: @AlexDellasandro Huh? No, I never cited depression for that video because that video was never serious in the first… will support all of my friends in my life always, regardless of circumstance. But at the same time you don't get… don't get to attack or accuse someone of something they didn't do, only then to cite your depression as a reaso… your most critical friends closest to you. the ones who will keep it real with you are the ones you should che… your depression & etc as a go-to defense whenever someone calls out what you do is one of the worst and manip…