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Black Clover, Vol. 26 Swim! Into battle with Noelle. Hope! Her mermaid form is powerful enough. Cheer! Asta and Yam… JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure stands in a class of its own and Golden Wind furthers the legend. Don't miss this series!2/3 The anime simply can't capture the exquisite nature of the art. Araki Sensei blurs the lines between manga art… Highlights from the feature: The Golden Wind manga is getting the fancy VIZ treatment! Yes, the gorgeous, heft… JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind manga is here! A feature about this glorious release!… Kaisen digital manga sale! Don't miss this chance to collect one of the hottest manga around for a great pr…
Remember: bunch of new Shonen Jump manga came out today! Demon Slayer 23, Black Clover 26, Chainsaw Man 6, Haikyu!! 45, JoJ… Trigger, Ch. 211: Some teams are having a hard time with the sealed environment tests! Read it FREE from the… Star Exorcists, Ch. 96: Just when it seems like all is lost, reinforcements arrive! Can they change the tide o… of the End, Ch. 105: An ancient vampire gives a bloody history lesson! Read it FREE from the official source…
6/6 SJ: Do you have a message for your fans in the US and abroad? Posuka Demizu: Thank you for reading The Promise… SJ: If The Promised Neverland was to become a video game, what kind of game do you think it would be? Posuka D… SJ: If Emma, Ray and Norman had grown up in the human world, what jobs would they have? Posuka Demizu: Emma wo… SJ: Your manga has scared a lot of children (and some adults too). What are your thoughts on this? Posuka Dem… SJ: Do you communicate story ideas to Shirai Sensei? Posuka Demizu: I don’t. Instead amazing things have happe… Highlights from the interview: SJ: How do you two work on a single story? Please tell us what each of your rol… out this illuminating interview with The Promised Neverland artist, Posuka Demizu! want what's inside of you, Naruto! 👁️ The Akatsuki have their eyes on the prize. But for Sasuke, he has some…
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@redtutel That is the greatness that is, One Piece! @BlkDeathScythe Big facts @toriksta So proud of Noelle! @thugnastywilmer 😭😭 @BNaturalbiggie All coming together! 👊 @Blogs2Chris Let's 👏 keep 👏 that 👏 Mashle 👏 hype 👏 going! 👏 @teeejj_Yay 🚨🚨🚨Ayakashi Triangle, Ch. 54 (Web-Only): Late night stirring leads to some soul searching for Matsuri! Read it FREE fr… School Family: Kokosei Kazoku, Ch. 48: The fun festival turns frantic when everyone gets lost! Read it FREE fr… & Roboco, Ch. 51: The new kid at school’s a mind reader. But will he survive reading Roboco’s mind? Read it FREE… Flurry, Ch. 14: Things get sticky as the schoolyard battle intensifies! Read it FREE from the official source… WATCH, Ch. 24: Things take a turn for the serious as Moi hunts a dangerous wolf! Read it FREE from the offici… Yozakura Family, Ch. 92: Spy versus spy! Taiyo takes on Shinzo in an all out fight! Read it FREE from the… God of Destruction, Ch. 53: The gang gets the shock of a life when they visit a haunted house! Read it F… Way of the Martial Artist, Ch. 4: The next stage of the Amato high school’s entrance exam begins! And it invo… Elusive Samurai, Ch. 26: A cruel despot gets Tokiyuki sent on a new mission to test his abilities! Read it FREE… Hunter's Guild: Red Hood, Ch. 5: A witch and a werewolf of terrifying power threaten the hamlet! Read it FREE f… Box, Ch. 15: With his head still swimming from his recent date, Taiki’s more confused than ever! Read it FREE… Days, Ch. 33: Sakamoto goes on an anniversary date with his wife. Will love be in the air, or deadly weapo… Unluck, Ch. 73: Fuuko desperately tries to get a message through to Andy! Will he receive it?! Read it FREE… Magic and Muscles, Ch. 72: A big ol’ monster threatens the school! Are Mash’s big ol’ muscles big enough fo… Kaisen, Ch. 153: Itadori gets mixed up in an underground fight club! Read it FREE from the official source!… Clover, Ch. 301: A heated battlefield sparks a shocking confession! Read it FREE from the official source!… Piece, Ch. 1,020: In the midst of a raging battle, Robin gets a strange visit from people from her past. Read i… Hero Academia, Ch. 321: Since Deku won’t listen to words, his friends let their fists do the talking. Can they b… Hero Academia Special Spin-off: Endeavor's Mission, Ch. 1: Read a special manga prelude to the upcoming My Hero…, Ch. 1: A special one-shot from the creative team of The Promised Neverland! Read it FREE from the official sou… new Shonen Jump manga chapters are up and waiting for you. Happy reading!
✨🧠 SUGURU GETO 🧠 ✨ ⚠️ - TW // Blood & Gore I’ve spent the last maybe month making everything for this cosplay & I…
Retweeted by Shonen JumpWow! This is cool! You can enjoy Japan's secret manga entertainment of "2.5 dimension stage" (A live-stage straight…
Retweeted by Shonen JumpThe Dragon Ball Super manga popularity poll results are in! Find out how your favorite characters fared!… X, Ch. 5: Tokio’s trip to the zoo gets wild when he faces a dangerous animal of a different kind! Read it F…’t lose yourself!
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Wanna find out why people are so hyped about Yuta in the upcoming JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 movie? Read the Jujutsu Kaisen 0…
Platinum End, Vol. 13 Watch! The final battle to become God. Pray! The right candidate wins. Ponder! The fate of ma… chance to vote in the Dragon Ball Super manga character popularity poll! Polls close soon, so vote now!… @xXSuperJudeXx Amazing characters too!One-Punch Man, Ch. 147: The monsters continue rampaging as the top heroes fall one by one! Is there any hope? Read…’s Paradise, Vol. 9 Recoil! From vile monsters. Steel! Yourself for gritty combat. Respect! Warriors who fight…
Brighten up your day with D.Gray-man, Vol. 27, available now!
Retweeted by Shonen JumpThe @rightstufanime Birthday Sale continues! Massive savings on multiple manga including Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kais… @Namionicle The Food Wars! creative team have been drawing chapters about Sanji's culinary adventures. They're fun!
Reminder: Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Sanji, Ch. 3 can still be read for FREE! From the creators of Food Wars!, comes… D.Gray-man digital manga sale right now! Get Vols. 1–26 for a low price! REAPER GIRL, Ch. 24: Chloé’s recent victory has unexpected results! At the creator's request, this series rea…
Spy x Family, Ch. 50: Twilight may be Westalis’s greatest spy, but his training didn’t include how to have fun on a…
Shonen Jump is off this week, so the usual chapters that come out Sunday will come out next week. But there will be… Birthday, Sasuke Uchiha! Few have walked a path as dark yet found their way to the light. His fierce rivalry… Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Ch. 106: Koichi’s managed to pull off miracle after miracle and avoid defeat, but can…
@Splyke Thanks for supporting it! 💛 @Nick780N 😭❤️ we appreciate you!WAAHOOO! We passed 700,000 followers! Thank you so much for following us and reading Shonen Jump manga! You're the… the popularity power level of your favorite Dragon Ball Super character in the manga popularity poll! Vote… No. 8, Ch. 40: Kafka finally finds out his fate. Will he get a chance to prove his worth, or stay locked up f… X, Ch. 4: Alone and afraid, Tokio tries to make sense of his strange new life as a Choujin. Read it FREE fr…
Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Vol. 1 Mash! Your expectations of a manga hero. Mash! Your gut with laughter. Mash! Crea… Do you have a message for your fans? Shirai Sensei: Thank you so much to the fans of The Promised Neverland wh… If you were to play an escape room, which character would you want on your team? Shirai Sensei: Emma. I think… This manga has scared a lot of children (and sometimes adults too). What are your thoughts on this? Shirai Sen… What horror movies and manga do you like? Shirai Sensei: I like suspense-thrillers more than horror movies. I’m… tidbits from the interview: SJ: Can you tell us how you became a mangaka? Shirai Sensei: I brought th… rare interview with Kaiu Shirai, The Promised Neverland manga writer, sheds some light on this unique hit series.… @eclecticprawn We all did 😟 @deremzo227 A more tender side with less chainsaws. @shonenjump86 yes, serious tears from this one T_TThis Week's Chapters: Did you read Look Back, the special one-shot by the mangaka of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto…
People everywhere are falling under the spell of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. Find out why! Ball Super, Ch. 74: Vegeta joins the fight, and his instincts for battle are kicking in! Read it FREE from t… Naruto Next Generations, Ch. 60: As the search for Code continues, Kawaki adjusts to life in Konoha. Read i…
@MochiMan17 Are you sure? Sasaki made a good show of what they can do @shonenjump86 GENERAL...SUPLEX!! @MrOrigin 4th wall break!Ayakashi Triangle, Ch. 53 (Web-Only): Matsuri’s been invited to spend the night over at Suzu’s! Will he accept this…
Mission: Yozakura Family, Ch. 91: Taiyo aims to become a silver rank spy and his examiner is Shinzo! But even thoug… School Family: Kokosei Kazoku, Ch. 47: When Gomez is feeling a bit down in the dumps, the family does their be… WATCH, Ch. 23: Kanshi might be overmatched, but he isn’t going down without a fight! Read it FREE from the of… Unluck, Ch. 72: Fuuko is determined to escape, and her plan might blow everyone out of the water! Read it FR… Days, Ch. 32: Taking breaks is essential in order to maintain peak performance, even for a legendary assas… Elusive Samurai, Ch. 25: Ashikaga Takauji has quite an intelligent partner! Will Tokiyuki be able to overcome t… & Roboco, Ch. 50: School might be a horror for some, but going to school at night can be a terrifying experience… Flurry, Ch. 13: Misaki is dealing with a foe that has Gummy powers! Can he protect his fellow students, or wi…