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Shon @shonwashed Las Vegas, NV

Gay husband and veteran helping other vets land careers (@shift). Permanently shirtless. I already canceled myself so don’t even worry about it.

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@ThunderPxxy This scene here you realize half of the original Avengers have mental health conditions @quinn__robinson Man that uncomfortable silence while Cap and Nick stare at him feels like it stretches for hours.… @quinn__robinson An unnecessarily deep way. I was real uncomfortable during that sceneA scene we don’t talk about often enough @ender988 LMAO!!! @villainmorris Oh man. I remember being in a state where I was so depressed for such a long period, I thought it was how everyone felt lmao @shonwashed People need to be vigilant and open and receptive to their loved ones with mental health issues, but we…
Retweeted by ShonThe National Suicide Prevention Line is 800-273-8255.If you’re having those thoughts, I’m telling you as somebody who has been there- talk to somebody. It will feel lik…’m in a much better place because as it turns out, talking about shit actually helps. Who could’ve known.I personally felt like a burden on folks already, so naturally I hid my depression. (Although if you know the signs… really should normalize conversations about thoughts of self harm. Whenever people lose a loved one to suicide,… out for each other this holiday season, y’all @itsTimHell lmaoMy therapist trying to get me to open up more @shonwashed They give you exactly half of one paragraph then go AHT AHT
Retweeted by ShonComing out of the closet before Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed a connection request on LinkedIn to anyone who interviews you. It gives you multiple opportunities to leave a… you click a link to an article and hit a paywall
@quinn__robinson 😂 @AdamantxYves Like I remember talking about how Obama blew up a hospital and nobody cared lmaoWe’ve been in Afghanistan long enough for Tobey Maguire to play Peter Parker in three movies, take a 14 year long b…’ kids when they find out how fucking stupid their parents are to be pretty embarrassing to read about this chapter of American history 10 years from now worst part is we didn’t even have to do anything insane, like mount a global assault against extraterrestrials… should’ve been the universal threat to unite us all like in a Roland Emmerich disaster movie but instead it h… truly are the weakest link lmao @furioursus Jesus Christ @MegaTakesATwit @GrisserBernard @shonwashed Finally, a progressive bottom in office
Retweeted by Shon is currently remote until Sept 2021, but has offices in Oakland, LA, NYC, and Charlotte. Th… @shonwashed
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Retweeted by ShonDinner tonight
Retweeted by Shon @DaedalusUnbnd @RealMattyMcBoy 😂😂😂It’s Mental Health Monday. @RealMattyMcBoy I think I’ve watched too much tv where this happens lmaoSharing with your therapist just enough information to progress treatment but not enough to make them believe you n… @SGGuyzMikey @USEmCee I refuse to have morning sessions during the workweek because I will be in my feelings for a few hours easyTherapy sessions first thing in the morning be like “enjoy spending the rest of the day thinking about the trauma we just unpacked lmao” @fenster303 I’m looking forward to getting things back on trackBiden team makes it official: Antony Blinken, Secretary of State; Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Securit… will never be a good time to leave Afghanistan, and the sooner everyone accepts that the sooner we can just g… hear me can just not lmao“I’m only going to ask you one more time: Who's the leader of the club That's made for you and me?”… @jpooch21 Fuck yes. But also- why couldn’t Class of ‘99 stay together for just one album 😩 @BigbearcutieXXX Had to check your inbox for a sec lmao @TeeBeKnowing @flexosaur lmaoYes, I enjoy your fleets. No I will not flood your inbox with my LMAOs @flexosaur give me your phone @grumpycubau But also if you’re seriously considering, @GrisserBernard and @gorilladrama are @grumpycubau lmao ok but I’ve lowkey been playing with that idea for a minute 😂 @chadgarland @JpLawrence3 Yeesh, not envious of being placed in that position at all. Also interesting: soldiers li… @PatrickMConnor alcoholic Thor with survivor’s guilt and depression is honestly on brandthe fact my husband nominated this scene about that weird period where people blamed Beyonce for 9/11 @WyrdSpooky Love that line and it’s reversalWhat I will do is delete a tweet with typos and try again immediately after lmao“Die Hard is the best Christmas movie.” Me, an intellectual: @Pupbootie LMAO!!!! @JsJordanks 😂😂😂😂 @rone9_9 @witticus10 Really called out lmaoJoe Chenelly and the team discussed the need for more support at the local level to help bring rising suicide rates…
Retweeted by Shon @shonwashed Why are you insinuating he doesn’t?
Retweeted by Shon @witticus10 is the official spongebob account insinuating Patrick has a big dick lmao @stphnfwlr lmao presidential election is a Scorpio and suddenly it all makes senseThe fact “US Elections” is still a section under trending @DigiDyson me to working remotely:
He’s always been my fem top king
Retweeted by Shon @quinn__robinson lmao me tooLMAO free
Retweeted by ShonI have worn a shirt maybe 56 hours total over the last 8 months has been 2020 for ten yearsThe variations and sheer longevity of this meme lmao just saw this on someone’s header lmao
Retweeted by Shon @witticus10 @DfwSter 😂😂😂😂 @GRITknox @mirror_miranda lmaoNobody: Bill Clinton every time he gets away with cheating: @GRITknox 😂😂😂Back to Muscle Mario. It was a good run.
Retweeted by Shon @realcooldadxvx Absolutely. I also remember it being scary too lmaoNobody Storm in X3
Retweeted by Shon @wondermann5 LMAO!!!Being Black in America means memorializing Tamir Rice while Conservatives praise Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero who des… on
Retweeted by ShonNobody: Dudes named Kyle: Rifle Coffee Company has released this statement regarding Kyle Rittenhouse after Rittenhouse appeared in one…
Retweeted by ShonMe after every argument with my husband