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@THICJ00N I don’t have ur number bc u never texted me kneegrow @THICJ00N and yet you don’t b texting me. I’m noticing that. @THICJ00N Don’t u have my number @hotboyseok no tfthat being said I do not care enough abt people on this app to dive into discourse so imma log off go back to the r… of y’all need to admit you “stan” bts but still don’t take them as seriously as u do western artists. u don’t… straight into the camera!western multis we talking to u @monohoped 😭 sana. @monohoped what musique excellente, set magnifique jsuis in love
Retweeted by @monospromises JE L’AI MISE PLEIN DE FOIS DANS DISCORD. ?
Retweeted by @maidandelion Polaroid experience > NGRTD > noir d**** > sur les chemins du retour > à chaque frère puis le reste c’est du bonus @maidandelion IL FAUT GRANDIRi only stan lyricists. LYRICISTS. il a dit « selon l’humeur j’écris des vers à moitié vides ou à moitié pleins » et vous le stannez pas.. grandissez en ftReporting live from armys business, I am bangwool and I will be reporting on what you missed this week. 💜
Retweeted by EXACTLY will kwaye drop an album @diinech GOOD! JOIN THE PROTECTION SQUADMen are just very strange 😕
Retweeted by AND THEY RLY ARE, is it gay to have good hygiene
Retweeted by WHY ARE STRAIGHT MEN SO ODD???y’all... olu posted a picture of SOAP on his face n men r in his comments saying he’s sus as in he’s gay.... FOR WA… it’s gonna have to b an introduction thread to earthgang soonthe way this song always makes me feel like i’m transported to another planet
Retweeted by @vanteclaude They said happy birthday soul woulda left my body @ungodlyvmk that too 😌 the set is gorgeous @vanteclaude did u watch spillage village’s tiny deskstart your weekend right and watch olu from earthgang & tiana major9 performing ‘collide’ on Colbert SO MESSY OMG 6lack was in the tiny desk tho but he’s probs preparing his own activities :(Olu. @/johnnyvenus on IG Catch him singing here in one of the most beautiful tracks ever just don’t miss @peelafaye Trulythis tiny desk... @SpillageVillage me to spend one minute in Olu’s closet please I have tiny arms I will only grab a couple clothes @EarthGangthis spillage village tiny desk taking me to church on a Friday man I didn’t know spilligion could get any betterolu vs keeping a shirt on for more than 10 minutesit’s the “his piano was off key” part for me @kimwintaerbear no 😭why gr8 possessed every time he performs 😭 @agustchim2 Olu from earthgangBAPTIZEEEEEELITERALLF HES SO CUTE @taetfaerie It’s not bts relatedHE’S DIFFERENT’S OUTFIT WHY IS HE ABOVE MEN??? @OT7netti NoGod I hate this sht GOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAA @itskeyon period. peace of mind only MINUTES SPILLVILL X TINY DESK see this @EarthGang ? now why aren’t u in my DMs @maidandelion NOOOOOOON MAÏA @winterbearsmoon A duo, yes @sugamvs The lowest of keys cuz I don’t see itto be on my acc and not know spillage village or earthgang ...that’s on me. i will be getting back to my position a… @senochu ☹️ @senochu Insta minutes till Olu JID and mereba’s vocals bless my morning hallelujer @taffy_twt I DONT MIND ONE OR TWO PPL BUT WHEN IVE ALR ANSWERED !? 1&:@/“spillage village is an artist collective. they just released an album. get into it (spilligion):… LESS THAN 30 MN. GET INTO THE PREMIERE haven’t framed my ice bear wallet that earthgang signed bc I’m scared to touch it a bts tiny desk and now a spillage village one... im spoiled .. im spoiledOmg? @0613HoneyFM ... why do you know that🤔 Instagram @DaemonSage COMING FROM U? @officialexxicon I swear it was Tuesday a minute agopretty @vanteclaude HAPPY BDAY😭😭
Retweeted by I said ABT to come out. I seen the ones that r alr here,,, take ur time ami yeorobun ☺️💜the tannies edits that r abt to come out w positions ... YUHsaweetie .... the MV animation was not it 😭ari
@mist_pillar Allergic to it ? @RetroJK97 Neutrogena ultra sheer OXYBENZONE FREEFor those of you tweeting me w a clean and moisturized face protected from the sun rn? 😌 for those of you who are… see y’all have decided to let me down @acejoonie come get ur kithesbefore i go, y’all cleaned and moisturized your face right? @bngtnwithlove it’s not stupid at allIt probably seems really stupid but it’s nice to see people say and reiterate this bc some people on stan twt have…
Retweeted by @elliotsang I think you’ve said plentyI can't properly express what Mono makes me feel. It's not something I can put into words. I just feel it, deep in…
Retweeted by .... and that’s enough of twt on main for now’s rly easy to tell when some of y’all feel pressured to Say something to show you also care but I assure you you… really. Really mean that. and that goes for birthdays too as well as song/mixtape anniversaries. You don’t need t…