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@jmwind but... @laliddell88 Say less. @erinjz @franklynd You can't handle the truth!
@HanaAbaza @incredulousHLK Never heard of her...stay tuned 😉Should we let one of our lawyers take over our Twitter account tomorrow? 👀⬇️We’re launching a new digital event series called Lunch Break. Every Wednesday at 12:30PST, we’ll be hosting rela…📚Education for Entrepreneurs 🌪Climate Change ⚖️Equitable Entrepreneurship ➕ more Read the full report below👇 wait, there’s more👀 🤝In 2019, revenue generated by our partner ecosystem totalled $6.9B ✅The value creation o… highlights ✨from our updated Economic Impact Report: 🌍From 2016-2019, the global economic impact of our merch…
We're working towards a future that is digital by default to help Shopify’s merchants and partners. Click the vid… online tipping—a feature that lets you add a tipping option to your online checkout! This makes it ea… @mrolaolu Glad to have you join us💚I’ve got some news! 🔊 I’m happy to announce that today, I’ll be joining the super talented folks over at @Shopify
Retweeted by ShopifyHere's our very own @ademolajola1 and @meganglassman with a recap of this week @Shopify
I love to hear that “Cha Ching” sound from Shopify 💰 - I hear that more than text tones 💗
Retweeted by Shopify @mattscottnelson Shopify is for the children. And everyone else of course.
@jimmurphy @Jason talking about us or @Spotify? - guess it works either way😂 @thehmmr @harleyf @WuTangClan @36Chambers @molivee_ @sylhughess @JaceActually @zipek @PinkRobotTO How about some fr… year old daughter: “I’m going to start an Shopify store and sell fashion” Just found her working on her first pi…
Retweeted by Shopify @YG @justinbieber 🙏 @YG! @justinbieber - you stayin' dangerous?Aye @justinbieber 😎😎😎😎
Retweeted by Shopify @YG @Bieber Hey @justinbieber let's make #abettertomorrow happen. @CodyOfoSHO @elonmusk Yeah, we doing that first POS transaction in space or should we hit up @richardbranson ? @solmaz_sh @Shubham @shop @ddebow @skanwar @Clark_al @MarcieCMurray @konval 💚 @harleyf @Shubham @thehmmr @LorenPadelford @CarlCasis @WuTangClan @36Chambers @molivee_ @caitlinteed @Drake Yo @Drake, where you at?"Community over everything" - @harleyf For us that starts right at home in Ottawa where we worked with…
@Shubham @Facebook @shop @JeffreeStar Wow. @mwexler Maybe Chuck should also take over the Shopify Twitter account for a day hmmmm 🤔 @gilly 😅 @aLostIrishman tbd @CanadaKaz all of itThat one of our lawyers, Hannah King will be taking over Twitter next Wednesday. we're announcing 🥁... @FuckYourPackage Why not both? @FuckYourPackage @JeffreeStar Bit of both. @FuckYourPackage @JeffreeStar Maybe it was the prayers. Maybe it was our team 🙂 @JeffreeStar pandemic has changed how deliveries for online orders are made. For the ‘A Better Tomorrow’ project, we used…
Retweeted by Shopify @JeffreeStar Like this reply if you're waiting. RT if you've checked out. @imtherielest @curtistriesmkup Nah we're here 💚 @curtistriesmkup @Shopify, anything exciting happen this week?
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@jmwind pahahahaICYMI - from our homes to yours, this was #ShopifyReunite. Catch up here on all the latest and greatest we shared… @markmacleod_ Yes @ProductHunt 💚 @ProductHunt I'm biased @kvlly @Facebook Maybe we'll announce we're auctioning off the slide and ball pit in our Elgin office in Ottawa. TBD 😂As of today, Shopify is a digital by default company. We will keep our offices closed until 2021 so that we can rew…
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@aneeshs90 Thanks, you’re too kind. We think the future belongs to entrepreneurs. Our life’s work is help them do theirsDear entrepreneurs... It's time for us to step up, reach out, and work and push. This is our moment. Share this…
Retweeted by Shopify @tek_fin @CanadaKaz was your favourite announcement at #ShopifyReunite ? @Shopify just help every merchant turn every employee into a delivery person with optimized routing and custome…
Retweeted by Shopify @vaporsnails Are we doing this again?We announced the @shop channel today #ShopifyReunite. Sign up to the waiting list and join the Shop merchant commun…
Retweeted by Shopify"Community over everything." - @harleyf #ShopifyReunite 💚
Retweeted by Shopify#ShopifyReunite was wild! 🖤 Now it's time to hear about the state of commerce for big business from…
Retweeted by ShopifyGrab your digital #ShopifyReunite swag: MO-0S1W-3C9M-6VK4 MO-1TSL-CRSJ-3MXQ MO-6HYX-BGQC-NCRH MO-VRRR-5CTX-DTYL us on our virtual #ShopifyReunite stage 💚, Shopify Balance Chuck! @6riversystems guesses? @lynseythornton how hard was it to restrain yourself? 😂brb got a deliveryConnect + network with fellow #ShopifyReunite viewers. Follow our attendees list here 👇 @kimmiefleming @skanwar 👏🚀 US LIVE now with SHOPIFY REUNITE! 🚀 And get in on the conversation: #ShopifyReunite. 💬💪 @primitivesense_ @WalkerLucas 💚 @affan_imran @WalkerLucas Where's my invite? @amosmos @ShopifyPartners @ShopifyPlus @jmwind @MaxineRosalie @harleyf Happy Birthday Amos! @jmwind didn't take you for a shoes in the house kinda guy tbh @ShopifyPartners @ShopifyDevs @ShopifySupport @ShopifyEng @ShopifyUX @ShopifyData @kotnbasics This hoody from… forward to meeting you all today at #ShopifyReunite at 11am EDT. Can you find @tobi and @harleyf in the v…, what a feeling!! #FirstSale for company, thanks @Shopify + @Tobi!!
Retweeted by ShopifyWe want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up and participated in the #ShopifyAppChallenge. After 4…
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I'm all dressed up and ready to go! I cannot wait for our first-ever virtual event, #ShopifyReunite tomorrow. See y…
Retweeted by Shopify @jmwind Can’t wait to be wowed by this 🙃 @ProductHunt @Facebook @shop Hmmm... @affan_imran 😂 @kimmiefleming WowWe’ve partnered with @Facebook to bring Facebook Shops to Shopify merchants, a new shopping experience that lets yo… into #ShopifyReunite tomorrow? Let your network know by saving + tweeting the badge below. 👇 Be sure to use… Playing Animal Crossing Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur
Retweeted by ShopifyOur first sale with @Shopify came today 🤪
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@sibienpuedasiga Hola. Acabo de escalar tu solicitud con mis compañeros en el equipo de seguridad. Debes recibir un… @kvlly @ShopifyEng @jmwind What are thooooseee? 😂Do you think @harleyf will wear a black shirt at #ShopifyReunite?
Retweeted by ShopifyWhat sneakers do you think @jmwind will wear at #ShopifyReunite? Pics only
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