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@ChoicePlays @malikshelp @benitanov @flowerful_ @KP_fps @lorrian_ @sonderx_x @Fullmetal_Val @robw1z We need MOAR LA… @CarbynVAL @malikshelp @benitanov @flowerful_ @KP_fps @lorrian_ @sonderx_x @Fullmetal_Val @robw1z 🤩 couple of snaps of our time at #AstralClash over the weekend! (📷: @malikshelp)
@aa0015f @SimuLiu ^______________^ @SimuLiu come hang and game with us all Mondays get to be International Cat Day 😽🤍🖤
@mooseloff yesLet's go @SC2ByuN! He qualified for the GSL: Code S Season 3 main event. Qualifiers are still underway. Groups for…
That's all for us this weekend. Catch @SC2ByuN this week for #GSL!! 🐶👋 you spy @SC2ByuN's pupper with him on The Hot Seat for #ShopifyTSL9. Watch as @SteadfastSC2 and @Wardixo melt i… Rebel @SC2ByuN was looking in fine form today against his fellow Terran opponent in #ShopifyTSL9. Here's a peek… to Big Gabe! @SC2ByuN takes the series 2-0 and secures himself a slot in the offline portion of #ShopifyTSL9 at…'s go @SC2ByuN! He faces off against @mouzHeroMarine and it's a series that determines ByuN's staying, as well a… second map got us 🥵🥵🥵 but in the end, TIME takes the series 2-0 over Lambo. GGs to TIME! on @LamboSC2 fellow Lambros! He faces off against TIME's Terran as #ShopifyTSL9 continues this weekend…'s the end of our #VALORANTLCQ run, here's a snapshot of where we were today against @Sentinels... We'll come bac… @MisterBolticus_ @Sentinels Appreciate you and the kind words 🙏 @donuts4tw @Sentinels @dineromaker28 @Sentinels 🥹💚🙏 @coaxfps @Sentinels thanks for the support, we're out today but not done with our growth 💚 @lamvalix @Sentinels heckin appreciate you <3 @OfficalLithe0 @Sentinels thank you my dude 💚 appreciate you @ikykykadrian @Sentinels thanks for the kind words friendo 💚Defeated @Immortals 13-6 which takes us to meeting @EvilGeniuses for a spot in the grandfinals! Let's do this!… @RizqsHimself @Sentinels cheers matey 💚GGs to @Sentinels, GL on the rest of the lowers run! 🥂 That wraps it for our #VALORANTLCQ, thanks to everyone for a…
@RaidiantGG @N8Vgg @GenG @Immortals @EvilGeniuses @TSM @Galorants fragCatch our other Rebellion VALORANT team live #AstralClash LAN! We just beat @N8Vgg 16-14 in OT and about to play… @dionginge @mac1_val @Sentinels 🫦 @crazyffp @qtpanini we stanFacing off against @shroud and friends as we start our Lower Bracket Run in #VALORANTLCQ. Come out and show some lo… Lower Run is ALIIIIIVE! GGs to Creator, @SC2ByuN takes the series 2-0 and moves on to greet @mouzHeroMarine tom…'s that time again... @SC2ByuN is making his way through the Lower Bracket, and now he faces off against Creator.…'ll be shooting episodes of the Rundown with the team, but in the meantime, here's a bite-sized look at our match… @Cloud9 We luv to keep things interesting 🔥🤠 @Patixnce_ @Sentinels @mooseloff the viewership is all from you bbNot exactly the statement we were hoping to make, but tomorrow we meet @Sentinels We heckin luv Team Clout 👀🫦👀 @Patixnce_
@valesports_na @Cloud9 You could say we're acquaintances 🤠And we're up. Hi, we're Shopify Rebellion and this is our debut with these guys #ArmTheRebels 💚 🚀 @bdog2916 🚀… @leaf_cs See you soon bestieHow @LamboSC2 closed his series in #TSL9 today 🔥 🎙️ @feardragon64 @RotterdaM08 nice clean series from @LamboSC2 over HeRoMaRinE! The series determined whether or not he secures his spot at the…'s favorite German El Clásico matchup is happening in a hot minute: The King @LamboSC2 faces off against Bi…
Follow the Rebellion this weekend: ❤️ Valorant Friday August 5-6: #ValorantLCQ Saturday August 6: Astral Clash LAN…
@aa0015f @Cloud9 🫶✨We play against @Cloud9 this Friday! Will you be there? 👀
The Lower Run is alive! @SC2ByuN wins 2-0 in the last series of not just the day, but for the weekend for #TSL9!…'s the Lower Bracket Run for @SC2ByuN! Let's go! He's facing off against MaNa now in #TSL9. Watch now: 📺…
Let's go @LamboSC2! He defeats Ryung 2-1 and moves on into the RO16 where he'll meet HeRoMaRinE! The series contin… @LamboSC2 @BeoMulf_SC2 @RotterdaM08 Correction: @feardragon64 is casting this series alongside Rotterdam! 💚Step right up, we're continuing the RO32 today over at #TSL9!! @LamboSC2 faces Ryung coming up next! Tune in now:…
Happy birthday @Jordan_RL1!! 👑 off RO32 of #TSL9, we've got @SC2ByuN facing off against the likes of Classic... We're live now! Tune in:…
Happy birthday captain @HarstemSc2!! 🤠💚
@thedaddyshark 🤩
Has it been 8 months already since TSL8? TSL returns on July 29th! Get into it. Info: 🔗 @robw1z 🥺Fresh outta the Frag Shop with @robw1z 💚
@Zizaran @manscaped @Displate 💚Inspired by the #HSCXXI matches over the weekend? Be sure to check out our Sessions video on Blink Stalker Micro wi… @PatientZro Acceptable. You get a good morning too 💚Good morning to everyone except those who bring a shopping cart full of stuff through self-checkouts
Incredible performance by @LamboSC2 taking a 3-2 victory against Zoun! No time to lose, tune in now as he faces… more chance for @LamboSC2 to stay alive on the Lost Island of #HSCXXI! Lambo vs Zoun for a spot in the top 4 c… start of the day but it doesn't mean the end of Lambo's journey at #HSCXXI. The Lower Bracket begins now, let… a nice evening off 😎... @LamboSC2 faces off against Clem in the Upper Semis of #HSCXXI in one of the opening… @TaKeTV @Shopify @mouzHeroMarine @WhiteRaSC @SCAstrea @DeMusliM @RotterdaM08 @TaKeSeN What can't he do? ✨ @TaKeTV @Shopify @mouzHeroMarine @WhiteRaSC @SCAstrea @DeMusliM @RotterdaM08 @TaKeSeN Big Gabe's pose 😎We come in second for the @SunlessKhan Sunshine Charity Tournament! Thanks for the invite and putting this event to… to be a part of the @SunlessKhan Sunshine Charity Tourney! We just hit the goal of getting $2000 in donations… DAY, ANOTHER W ✅ 4-1 🆚 @TorrentHQ Grand Finals later 🤩
Hey @TorrentHQ 😏 Semi-final time in the @SunlessKhan Sunshine Charity Tourney 👊 LIVE NOW 👇 📺… @TheBopPops @RapidRL @MemoryRL Sheeeeesh @TaKeTV @LamboSC2 @RotterdaM08 @Wardixo it’s going to have to become a discord emote now ☺️Oh @LamboSC2? He's the ✨one punch man✨ 🎙️ @RotterdaM08 @Wardixo Look out for @LamboSC2 as he moves on to face @Clem_sc2 progressing into the upper semifinals of #HSCXXI! WP @LamboSC2 of @ShopifyRebels reaches upperbracket semi-final! @sc2_Spirit has to take his chance in lowerbrack…
Retweeted by Shopify Rebellion @TaKeTV @Shopify @HarstemSc2 @LamboSC2 Cup XXI Playoffs begin today! @LamboSC2 faces off against @sc2_Spirit, who will find their way around the… of Rebels in the wild 😎🦁💚 love stories of paying it forward, and #HSCXXI includes another moment of just that. Day 3 continues today: Don'… place second in @SSLeagueHQ against @GhostGaming, GGs to them. Until next time 💚
@Ebic1Za @GhostGaming @MemoryRL @Paarth_RL @Jordan_RL1 @nexuhtyy It's on the Seasonal Shootout Twitch stream! you gonna call? 📞👻 4-1 vs @GhostGaming 🤩 GRAND FINALS SECURED ✅ 🔗 work really makin' the dream work today ft @Jordan_RL1 @MemoryRL @Paarth_RL 💚 🎙️ @SquiddTV @TheDangerTaco @TaKeSeN @tobi @TaKeTV @Shopify @TeamBasiliskGG 😎💚😎you heard him 💚 smile ☺️ @TaKeTV @Shopify @tobi @TeamBasiliskGG @TaKeSeN 💚 @TeamBasiliskGG love to see it!The final day of playoffs is here! 📅 Rebellion face @GhostGaming in the Upper Finals to decide who goes to the Gra… signed Banana "Duckana" Duck to the Rebellion @fkamolz @TaKeTV @Shopify to win some Rebellion goodies? Enter the HomeStory Cup XXI giveaway, brought to you by the stellar team at… @TaKeTV @Shopify S tier media and production team, let's go 💚 @TaKeTV @Shopify @TaKesBar @RotterdaM08 @TaKeSeN @PanasonicDE @xmg_gg @LeetDesk @AGONbyAOC @NEEDforSEAT @ESLSC2 BOUND ✈️ Victories over Nefarious & 6LIT are enough to take us to the Final 4 on Saturday 😄 See you ther…