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Not your average curry and rice girl. RC Alum. Developer of the interwebz. Devil's Advocate @netlify.

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Thanks for having me @vuejsamsterdam, it was an absolute joy getting to MC and share the stage with so many incredi…
Much psych, so excite! See you in ~T-1 week!
@Una Oh noe, it me 🙈 @TejasKumar_ You're missing the e at the end @TejasKumar_ I'm basically a web component @cloudspider_io Haha probably March-ish when I'm done with all the conferences that have used my old surname, but I… time! I've decided to deprecate my surname in place of a different, equally long and hard to pronounce…
@vbhvsgr Ahhhhh I get this one a lot, especially worse when someone walks up to you, tries to guess where you're fr… @evenstar6q I think Michael McIntyre has a bit on this exact thing
I left my snacks in the speaker green room and idk I guess this conference will have to close itself #VuejsAmsterdamStatic isn't really static even though it has the connotation of being so. @debs_obrien closes us off with a talk a… JAMstack goodies here, with @JakeDohm giving us a walk through of all the ways we can create blazing fast site… router is a tool I use so so much in my applications. I'm learning a lot from @posva about pain points when it… CLI UI was a huge improvement to the existing CLI and enabled rich interactions with Vue projects and their dep… @AdamJahr Thanks Adam! 🙏🏾Component libraries need to be customizable and performant to ease development workflows. @MayaShavin walks us thro… @JoshWComeau You're awesome! I learn so much from your work 🙌🏾Vue 3 is super exciting and I'm super psyched for it's release. @hootlex leads the Vue 3 hype squad by bringing to… @threepointone I support this decision, I watched Parasite on a flight recently and I feel like it's made me even l… never fully understood microfrontends and why you'd want them. Then @YanovskiYoav walks on stage and he's so enga… really enjoy seeing how projects progress and particularly personal journeys of how folks become core contributor… on the heels of a talk about not needing Vuex, @KiaKing85 asserts the relevance of Vuex and how Vuex ORM can be… might not need Vuex. @N_Tepluhina doesn't hold back on the punches and shows how you can do a lot without using… are super cool, and allow you to customize a lot of how your tools work internally. @znck0 aka compiler w… makes it easy to integrate material design into Vue components. @zeroskillz takes us on an in depth view on… @DamianDulisz Thanks! It's an easy job when the talks are of such high caliber 🙌🏾Testing is often overlooked despite how crucial it is to the robustness of our code. @frontstuff_io eloquently stre… @DamianDulisz Hahaha all good! I was just giving you a hard time 🙈The @VueMastery folks are seriously masters of the slidedeck. This talk by @AdamJahr is such a thorough explainer o… your form fields before submit is key to a great user experience. @DamianDulisz, the creator of Vuelidat… mind is always blown when I see one of @sarah_edo's talks. You think you know something and she always manages t…
A framework is the work of many developers who care deeply about providing a stellar developer experience to users.… is an incredibly sturdy framework for creating Vue applications. In his talk, @Atinux explains what Nuxt is fr… talk by @timbenniks on building and fostering a cohesive, robust team culture is just 💯. It's full of so many… @toddmorey @timbenniks @vuejsamsterdam 😂😂😂One of the best way to set goals and stay accountable to them is to share progress publicly. @timbenniks goes many… @Codebryo Haha, thanks! And of course, I'm here to entertain, I mean cover for technical hiccups. 😬😬😬A11y is an important consideration when building sites. @MariaLamardo is a wealth of information and dives into a11… @ongmin Ughhhhhh ☹️Did you know you could use events in renderless components to create application shortcuts? Well neither did I.… @jimcalliu @vuejsamsterdam Thanks, I'll do my best!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 @jimcalliu @vuejsamsterdam Thanks!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Climate change is real, and it's imperative that we do something about it. @callumacrae highlights the sobering rea… @darrenjennings @vuejsamsterdam Thanks, you're definitely missed! @Han_Cholo @Codebryo Yes! The talks are all recorded, they'll be up on the @vuejsamsterdam YouTube channel @lauragift_ @Codebryo Thanks Gift!!! 😊🙏🏾So cool to see so much love about the JAMstack and serverless at @Codebryo's talk. He breaks down what serverless i… crazy and amazing to see how much @VueStorefront has grown over the years to become a standard for frontend e-co…'s call a (ref)erendum! #VuejsAmsterdam Composition API is so new that standards and best practices aren't fully formalized. @Linus_Borg walks us throu… think @greggpollack wins when it comes to slide transitions and animations. This introduction to the Vue Composit… really thorough walk through of Vue Test Utils by the delightful @_JessicaSachs. I'm learning so much about updat… @dimshik100's talk about SVGs for the web was full of so many gems! Also all the animationsssss #VuejsAmsterdam @dabit3 @vuejsamsterdam Thanks so much Nader! 🙏🏾😊Thrilled to be in Amsterdam to emcee @vuejsamsterdam this week! There's an entire lineup of fantastic talks and dow… @therealdanvega @EnjoyTheVueCast 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
@agiledrop @allie_nimmons @ElaineCBennet @johnelincoln @brianleejackson @FrancescaMarano @wordcandy_co
@dabit3 @domitriusclark @tylermcginnis @jlengstorf @eveporcello @chrisbiscardi @mjackson @chantastic @trevorblades @rswebdesigner Never! I love cardamom and am guilty of adding too much for other people's tastes 😅 @RebeccaPoulson Oooooh I haven't! But that sounds amazing, and is one more reason to love Lost Larson! @DavidKPiano *whispers* What happened with Ember? @MichaelThiessen Good question, imho chai is more to your taste; I personally prefer cardamom over cinnamon. But… to tell south asian ppl chai from white ppl chai: south asian ppl chai: WAAY too much cardamom white ppl chai:…
Let's be real, devrel is mostly about mastery in calendar wrangling
@DavidDarnes I'm a few episodes in and so so confusedTIL @HelloHipmunk shut down. I've relied on their service for years and am honestly a little crushed that I only fo… late, I'm exhausted from conferencing and I'm boarding a flight with small crying people, and idk I feel like crying too?
@evenstar6q 💕 I still have a note you gave me all those years ago on opening night of The Pied Piper! @nellarro You're too kind, thank you! @nellarro Hahaha 🙈Follow this one simple trick to remove all default styles from input elements and say goodbye to all the hacks to h… slide from @estellevw's talk at #FlashbackConf has me shook 😂 A pertinent reminder that there's no such thing… @colehafner It really is!Yesterday me left leftover pad kee mao in the fridge, and current slightly intoxicated, tired yet peckish me couldn't be happier
@has_many_books Haha thanks 😊 @PKodmad Indeed it is! @opinionatedpie Thanks! 😊Thanks #FlashbackConf for having me!!! Here's a link to my slides and demos:'ve given so many talks at this point, but somehow having index cards notes in hand manage to keep talk nerves at… @stubbornella Branding is hard. The JAMstack tries to address a lot of the misconceptions around "static", and advo… @getify just read this tweet out loud at Flashback Conf i.e. a frontend conference. I suspect the after-party will… to an emergency stash of meat sticks I found in a secret compartment in my bag, I survived! Past me is the b…
This flight is delayed and I already blew threw all my snacks. Pray for my seatmateMe: *takes Benadryl* haha take that cat allergies, I can pet all the cats! Also me: yay I'm soooooo happy to be he.…
@JAMstackTORONTO @jamstackdenver @ameseee I've heard that Twitch is better for livestreaming than YouTube but don't… @JAMstackTORONTO @jamstackdenver @ameseee Yeah! Twitch ftw! @EmmaBostian Omg! Jane is such a wonderful restaurant, the coconut cake there is to die for!Currently watching the @jamstackdenver meetup from my comfy couch in Chicago and I am at. the. edge. of. my. seat.…
Still thinking about how amazing and inspiring and wonderfully exhausting last week at the Netlify All Hands was. S…
After writing every day for the last 31 days, I couldn't not write today so I wrote a retro of my #JAMuary experime… @brob Thanks Bryan! 👐🏾 @zachleat Awww shucks 🤗💕
@atelierschork @jlengstorf Thanks!!! I think it's safe to say this little experiment was a success! 👐🏾 @halftes6 @mhartington 😂😂😂 @halftes6 Thanks!!!! 👐🏾👐🏾👐🏾 @BrettMN Haha oh man! Def a missed opportunity there, next year I'll make sure to celebrate with some JAMmy toast @remotesynth @laurieontech Thanks Brian!!! ☺️ I found that daily writing is good for quickly synthesizing thoughts… @vaibhavsingh97 That's a great start and I'd argue a much easier goal to reach @laurieontech Thanks Laurie!!! I'm pretty damn impressed with myself that I managed to pull it off, esp with a hect… of chai to celebrate a full month of consistent writing! 🎉