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Just said “pog” out loud when the drive through guy told me he confirmed my order
@ClawdiaFox Germany>Portugal @bplValorant UnfollowedY’all be doing to much in the gym 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣
Retweeted by Rahmin @SullyCasts .Fell asleep at 8 woke up now GG sleep schedule @maaarleeea LOL
@WedidOfficial WIrritated is an understatement @emmuhlol This is perfect wdymVery healthy change towards the necessary gunplay that Valorant was so desperately needing. Wp @PlayVALORANT @hoajuu This just makes it more interesting 😎God I love this new patch like these are changes we needed @AJLoco825 @lildurk @lilbaby4PF This been known @texerino All good.... @s0mcs Put me in your suitcase @khanartist9 Yo nice ShoukR impression man almost had it exactly like him!!!
@Ghost_IWNGU @RecordsCOD @wildfirecsg @millyFPS @builtbygamers bRo cLiP tHaT mAn LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEMP nade, flashes, and a sick ulti 😳 @TwitchRivals @PlayVALORANT @kyedae @bnans @plooful @QuarterJade Hi me like playing this game :3 @texerino Yo nice setup
@AsianBabyDaddyy We would 🥰😘😩 @sYnCeR_gc No lol can’t tell me what to do @nosyy_tv @NZXT Oh no.. @OfficialXETA SHEEEEEEE @OkeanosQT So you’re inviting me in to eat all this ye? @JPARKJMC I see why you are how you are now @Xevzi_ Bet otw @CarbynVAL Bulking I see @KDS_val Bet otw @CarbynVAL Any day now PatrickGetting chick fil a y’all want some? @ricesooo You play with my heart more @jvliechong SEE YOU SOONYou know you’re stressing when you study in the shower
@ripsofiia SOFIA YOU BAD ASS BITCH YOU GOT THIS TODAY IM SO PROUD OF HOW FAR YOUVE COME WE ALL GONNA MAKE IT @fireballops @OkeanosQT @BlackHeartGMG @khanartist9 @saevalorant Nice score shitty @BlackHeartGMGHappy 4 day G love and miss you @Kahreem_Horsley @FNS Nah don’t have @hazedCS Yo Sam has heaven don’t forget @regan_travis 💦 💦 💦 @c4tgirI_ @FrostyValorant Ashton?
Duos with @thi9f @emmuhlol Ns“Gimme my snake” ????? @nikki_zandi Proud 👏 @sYnCeR_gc @rev0hh Yo!!! That’s me!!!!Wake up, school, gym, prac, homework, sleep, repeat. @Justlntime14 @verified About time @BlackHeartGMG Yo nice I’m setting you up for stats you’re welcomeGod @ScrewFaceVAL @in0X_fps ADA and MANA VCS out of top 8 im upsetti spaghetti
Free to play.. holy shit yes halo this is what we need @Weser2k @khanartist9 @BlackHeartGMG @ItsMonSiii This seems about right for these 3 mhmm @seshiriaa_ 1 hello that other is shit poop @Skald_TV Love you please don’t hesitate to message me when you get out 💙 @OkeanosQT @hyjinxVAL I make you laugh? 🥺 @Unholykid3 @krnnguyen_ @rikugoat This is super ignorant. Everyone has their own night of celebration dont down bri… @OkeanosQT @hyjinxVAL Oke trolling my ranked games as per usual @Piksyl @kniightly Pls send me @ctrrlz @lyekuu @LiaSamurai MYYYY DAWG LMFAO @BlackHeartGMG @LiaSamurai It’s the brown genes ya digim pissing myself hol y fuck
Retweeted by Rahmin @FrostyValorant @lyekuu @LiaSamurai Cause it’s a lot @xolizho Might need more than one 🤣🤣🤣 @seshiriaa_ Kabob 😍😍 @xolizho It’s Saturday.. @figmentOT @WedidOfficial @LiaSamurai God Oliver I wanna feel your legs rn @BubbleboyJrr @UhhWatur @liljarviss . @WedidOfficial @LiaSamurai K @Jonaaa6_VAL @LiaSamurai DMs open.. @OkeanosQT @LiaSamurai Gg @ItsMonSiii @LiaSamurai I’ll eat you
The date: The food: @Fadeycsgo Okay what the fuck is that 5 head smoke @Fadeycsgo When you say your wrists hurt, I imagine this clip @jasonC_CS I was too shy to go to prom or homecoming for both high school and university. Live it up Jason you lookin mad sharpSpecifically @PwndaBaeTo all Warzone controller players @maaarleeea How the fuck did you manage this hello?? @khanartist9 @chiwymiwy Yo khan has 8 homes with lots of power and an exact copy of your Minecraft world you should go check it out! @mac1_val Is you bulking or cuttingPOG stream it’s 3:33 in the am and I gotta be up at 9 am so imma crash love you all thank you for showing up 💙 @AYRINval @heysnav @jcStani Freak human being like actually[EN/PERSIAN] Short Valorant Ranked | @Shoukrrrr on socials I can go back in time and change the things I did @thi9f @maazy4PF clear comms he couldnt hear the nade @PerSources You sure you don’t need an MRI scan cause your brain acting real funny rn @fgbVAL Outplayed honestly @zerg @1ASSERT Dylan always bothering us man @E_RIC29 This.
@Governor_Val @fragadelphia @Gucc107 @zekkenVAL @FrostyValorant @hyjinxVAL @regan_travis Pls tell me y’all coming I… @JerkTBE Very proud of you Justin show them the KoobidehSWING for me pls @Lear_VAL yo nice to hear thank you for sharing this to the world @Renegades So proud of you Justin 💙 @JerkTBE @KodakB1ackVAL Ye movement gives me crippling depression JUMP BRO JUST JUMP ITS A WINDOW MAN CMON @bearkun This is your sign to get swole so the dream bullies get scared and run away