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Rahmin @shoukrrrr Atlanta, GA

🇮🇷 | @Twitch Partner | Valorant F/A | Previously @TheRiseNation and @ElevateGG | Fitness Enthusiast | Powered by @GfuelEnergy

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NOODLE ARMY WYA?? @Asunaa LOL YES YOU DIDBro Asuna is something else he’s so good @Asunaa Android 18Asuna is actually not human..Asuna greatest duelist alive
@thi9f @FaZeClan 💙 @WedidOfficial @bunnykyxo It’s okay Matt you have me babes @WedidOfficial @jembhoe Wanna do it for me? My ankle is killing meGonna hit a leg day, move my setup, watch the matches, then go live for you beautiful people see y’all very soon 🥰 @Elk_CS @XzenCSGO 💀 @_xomoonie @rencognito_ @NartOutHere 🥲 @rencognito_ You think I have fun playing ranked?? 💀 @rencognito_ MePog stream we down bad as usual but thank you guys for watching me suck 🥰Forgot to tweet.. lol.. @HUYNH_CS @NRGgg 👏 GJ DANNY @LiaSamurai 🤷‍♂️
@hazedCS Nt bbHiko.... @thi9f @TSM Pre match shit never fails @in0X_fps LMAO @Sylvia_Shek Best switches you will ever touch @oAmity_ Hopes and dreams of a full radiant triangle 🥲Broclie @Asunaa StonksI don’t look like a caveman anymore 💇‍♂️ stream thank you all for coming through 🥰 I’m so gassed zzzz @in0X_fps 🥵 @Zellsis @texerino ?OH MY GOD @Asunaa YOU ARE A GODH I K O
!00Thieves match then some games :3 MATCH WTF.@s0mcs god.OT OT OT THIS NRG 100THIEVES GAME IS NUTS.@s1mpleO has almost 70 kills in this FPL game rn..... @rencognito_ Theyre the worst but the best142 IQ # POOPY actively throws matches and tells enemy team where we are ranked is amazingCurrently have a raze who is inting because “he didn’t get a kill on an eco round”I've entered the cave of the ranked demons wish me luck
@AsianBabyDaddyy Lighting a candle for you bro 🕯 @LiaSamurai You nuts that’s why @WedidOfficial Stop cheating please @Mitsuki_BOW Tier content. @bobaconan @lyekuu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Mitsuki_BOW Holy fuck you think you’re good??? @lyekuu @bobaconan Anna???Sit-ups of death 💀 @zerg Holy shit people are not real @hazedCS Donate it to me so I can actually have a beard 🥲 @Tahrick United is shit LOL @OfficialAproto Spare some deagle aim pls 🥺I’m in need of it @OfficialAproto Holy shit. @st9llar 😳😳😳😳😳New Act rank, new me...
Retweeted by Rahmin @KP_fps LOL @oAmity_ Back on the gamer scheduleFrom top 100 to 5,000 🥲New Act rank, new me...
@texerino It’s not april first yet... @OfficialAproto It’s 4 pm.. @reagannl96 @figmentOT Adding this to my iced coffee while being late to prac @maaarleeea Remember when you said no one says slaps @RealStrongLegs What about coffee 0.o @Remy_OW I’ve converted..Just had oat milk for the first time ever.. this shit slaps...Brisket and pork belly at 3:30 am who want some @Zellsis Happy bday Jordan 🥰People who play ranked are NOT normalGAMING GAMING @ExaltVAL God I love your reactions
Who’s gonna be my duo for next act?
Retweeted by Rahmin @ChurmZz @helloxkaykay Say less @khanslashblitzz @NartOutHere For fucks sake 🤣🤣🤣 @FaNgJC You aightMy airwalk has gotten so much cleaner I’m happy with my progression 😃😃 @_xomoonie @rencognito_ Hit me with it all @ElevateGG Been known this @tyleragler Ffs Tyler LMAO @rencognito_ @_xomoonie Aight Gina show me what you gotIn need of some new kdramas please give me your best recommendationManifest dreams into reality. @WARDELL416 @c4Lypso_ 💀Valorant LAN 😍😍😍😍Short Stream @Blakerscs Ty for sharing the secret @vanitycsgo Facts @stephanieserFPS Shoot back lolFull video soon 😉Heatin' Up🔥 @maaarleeea @Gale_Adelade you wouldnt understand Lea @maaarleeea @Gale_Adelade it does hit hard no cap @Ange_AMIL @beastcoast Adahm bero guuuud shiet @thatmankevin Vagabond and K2 @cheykonakong ^BRING IT HOME @Ange_AMIL @ScrewFaceVAL @OfficialAproto Cloud orbit S 😍 @WedidOfficial Wanna?