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@fireballops @Tv_Philip Can confirm his dicksiz- I mean height is very girthy I mean veiny I mean tall. @SPAMMERALI 🚀
@khanartistval You didn’t stop plant??? @Subroza @Sarhmarie V O U C H @BxbyJ_ 9.5
@seshiriaa_ @OfficiaIDevour GOOD LUCK CECE @CurryFPS It’s a bit messy but everything works on it heh @sfX_x1 I have four other pokemon in that drop down 🤓 @khanartistval @BlackHeartVAL @GeorgeCGed You gonna let nabil say that to you??It's not much, and it is messy, but god damn I am so proud of myself @Zemie @Trainwreckstv @_Maral @EsfandTV Imagine ghorme sabzi and fessen joon together… that toilet is gone. @cozyjozie I can cook what @babo_will @babagirl That would be the hottest video on pornhub @Nurfed @dayV1Dlive @JPARKJMC @Apex177 This is just what I wanted so jokes on you. @Nurfed @dayV1Dlive @JPARKJMC @Apex177 Old.
@karraof Eat a small snack. Something protein filled and less carb filled and you will have the perfect amount of energy @JPARKJMC @zillxst Pls. I. Am. Only. A. Man. @zecK_VAL @ReboVAL Shoulda seen him when he had his long hair 😍😍😍Never wanted to slam my head against a wall multiple times in my life until I started doing DOM manipulation with J… @ReboVAL FINALLY @kimmarzo I went and got them and came back xD @OfficialAproto Holy fucking shit. @NotReduxx Wtf @4PFmusic @lilbaby4PF @texerino
@Huston_TV @KnightsGG @N8Vgg @witmer @reltuC @AdrenalineCS_ @carlos4PF @gg_frantic @Fr0m_fps @varvFPS Carlos 🐐 @ariessqc @zincval Yo?Arriving at the gym 🤝 forgetting AirPods at home Name a better duo @Zellsis Yes @ahad @Jani__Gee @mochiopia Aight bet next tiktok incoming @JonjiJlc 💙 @SaraChoii Ur so late bruh @BlackHeartVAL LOL @AYRINval @OpTic nice cock fr
@mochiopia So it’s okay when you fall but not us 🥹 @tokibbi @ethoz @flexinja @Keeoh @Zellsis Ez for zellsis and ethos @mochiopia You trip 80% of the time…
@khanartistval Holy fuck you’re so hotOT OT OT OT @Nurfed Outplayedwhat a series so farWatch party and then pew pew @khanartistval It’s cause you’re outsideHaircut, clean up my room, vacuum, watch party, then games. See y’all soon I miss y’all 🫡💙 @FlippyBitsGG Ok.@hyjinxVAL: “if ShoukR was a sova main, would that mean he has ShoukrDarts instead of shock darts?”Stream tomorrow?? @Okespokies Happy for you baby bro
@Zellsis @builtbygamers Would be 0-2 against me youre lucky…. @zeronaVAL All g bro I feel that pain’t no way I get this nervous and say stupid shit when I talk to her 🤦‍♂️ @zeronaVAL Ain’t no way you failed 275 when you’re this much of a tank don’t lie to us @verakrutsina @mochiopiaI just woke up what did I miss @Tv_Philip @Glorinsz I would kill to have fragshack servers man 🥹 @Glorinsz Coming from 6 years of comp cs to val, val is way harder to stay consistent in @Rano_ezpz That’s what we like to hearI live in a sick and disgusting country. @zincval OI CUNT @HarmonyyVAL you know what i mean? @Tv_Philip anything for you..
@Cloud9 @JamezIRL What map. @AntiFromVal @moo_fps Maybe you just suck. @sfX_x1 Wake up @moo_fps Deagle give it 6 bullets and it’s perfect @ExaltVAL @JSUNGv1 @YaBoiDre He misses our killing floor runsThis just completely destroys the agent. Goes from insanely OP to e to useless @andersin_val That face makes me har- I mean wow Andy looking goodAnd with that, Kenobi finally broke me
Retweeted by Rahmin Shoukoohi @hyjinxVAL Yah I’d be like “why tf y’all kissing it’s a school dance stop” @traeyongVAL @JARSOYT Aight my fault @mochiopia @Murdoc_18 Me @ u @marmarpits @seshiriaa_ It is Your upper back and core does all of the work literally @mochiopia I didn’t have a car whatever man. @AntiFromVal Sheesh. @seshiriaa_ It’s really easy once you build up back and core strength. You need back strength to lift yourself up a… @Moechillasama I’m a demon for you babyCall me Jett the way I walk in air 😩 @creaminut Good morning @KING_BABYBAY Happy bday 🐐 @seoulops_ @fireballops yo nice setup
@Subroza Oh wow OH WOWWWWWWWW @creaminut Proof? @exitfrags You have night shift at work 🤷‍♂️ @exitfrags @creaminut I’m waiting to hit her with my sneak attack @creaminut @exitfrags He do got a big dick @exitfrags @creaminut Wdym dating we’re “best frands” 🙂 @creaminut @exitfrags ????????? WHAT I DO @creaminut @exitfrags I am getting destroyed in texts rn… @exitfrags @creaminut YOU AINT GOTTA DO HER LIKE THAT @Tv_Philip Ah yes my bad I forgot he is skilled at this game! Way higher skill than me in fact!! I did not mean to disrespect blanket biter! @creaminut @exitfrags Really? @creaminut @exitfrags @exitfrags @creaminut She’s 5’4 bro don’t let her fool you @Nurfed I coulda said so much more but I’m being nice 🙂BRUH SHUT THE FUCK UP HOLY FUCK @exitfrags @creaminut You got no idea how many times she made fun of me for it @zillxst I’ll climb on your back and tell you to yipyip @Liightcat LOL @zincval You’re brain dead tho bro!!!