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Owner/editor for @staticpenpub. Lover of crappy action, cult, noir, classics&horror films. Will Riker lover (@justwillriker)

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@amylopan I miss hot dogs 😢One hour into overtime. speaking Breonna Taylor’s name.
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Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @danirat Same. @docbelle7 Inquisition. Not even a decision here. @emmobeef 🤣🙌 @danirat I bet my brother could beat your brother up 😋😋 @danirat Brothers are truly the best. @RamblingRiter 🤘🤘 @furkyourwurk I enjoy my job too much ... Plus time and a halfOvertime tonight, tomorrow, and this weekend. I expect every one of you to spam me with gifs these next four days. @furkyourwurk, I need you to bring this energy.
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷if breonna taylor’s killers walking free doesn’t radicalize you, i don’t know what will. if $1billion being funnele…
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷Black women deserve so much fucking more.
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@AlyssaHarelik Same. @RamblingRiter For sure. Comfort films ftw.There's a lot wrong in this world but I will always stop what I'm doing and watch the Johnny B Goode sequence in B…'s positivity rate at last clip was 3.9%. Keep in mind that New York has held under 1% for more than a mont…
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷So, like, our governor is TRYING to kill us?
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @ckvanderkaay That's why I could never be a teacher. Screw math and spelling, we'd just watch movies all the time!Wanton endangerment my ass.
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @ckvanderkaay He should've. He actually was try to teach us about chemical reactions using the Nos scenes. I though… @ETbeeegood 🤣 @furkyourwurk college I hope?Chemistry teacher put on Fast and the Furious. Storm destruction of Alderaan affects virtually nobody -- it's an amazing thing.
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @damn_gurrrl Thank you! ♥️♥️ Appreciate your words. @Castlesvania Thank you! Hope so too. My supervisor told me "no worries" about it, which means of course I'm gonna worry.
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @Okayishwriter 💯. appreciate your words. 🤗🥰an tiny, autumn-loving ghost
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷it simultaneously pisses you off and gives you peace when you realize that money is literally not real
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @dlando71 🤗 hope so. Planning on taking full responsibility for it. @emmobeef As anxious people, you'd think we'd know betterWatching The Rock while trying not to think about work. By "watching" I mean doom scrolling on this site and listening to the dialogue.Hammer actress Caroline Munro gets her boots done by two scouts in 1972
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Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 getting in?
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @jessiekaiser Hugs ♥️♥️Jesus Christ, he's just Mac from It's Always Sunny
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @PeterPutzel Appreciate that. @PeterPutzel Fuck, I'm so sorry! you guys ever think about how little water you drank as a kid
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @Darbmilne Thank you! Trying not to worry about it. @Rhoda_Night Seriously, yes. 😢😢
@tommyjoker73 Trying not to. Easier said that done my friend. Could use some gifs from ya to help! @amylopan Appreciate that. 🤗♥️ @Horrorellablog Lol 💯💯💯💯💯💯 @Skullgrin140 Thank you! Agreed and I hope so. 🤗 @amylopan Hope so. It's a strike against our contract (dumb to begin with). Sucks since I will be worrying about it… @Horrorellablog I hope so, my mind is of course making it like the world is ending. My boss said "no worries" when… up at work. Hopefully I still have a job tomorrow.LA cops took cell phone pictures of the dead bodies of Kobe & his 8 year old daughter & showed them to women at bar…
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷It’s totally acceptable to list John Carpenter among your favorite musicians.
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @furkyourwurk Yarp! @randomscreename Been holding onto that tweet for forever, knew you'd appreciate it 🤣🙌🤘 @randomscreename We really need to bring back assassinations.Lots of movement today. Little ReAnimator apparently likes bananas.What about JAWS?
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @DonnaMc1021 Yes and no. Bill murray is 💯 great but knowing so much more about mental health now than I did as a ki… @DonnaMc1021 Grew up on both of these! My mom is a huge Dreyfuss fan. Just watched Bob last weekend lol @DonnaMc1021 Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss 🤣🤣🤣 @NoContextTrek Came to the comments for the Star Wars memes, glad to see you Trekkers coming out in full force.
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @NoContextTrek It's like poetry. #sand
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @danirat Ooohhh! Yes! IRA would be super interesting (I only know bits and pieces). I bet that was a great class! @danirat Finished my rewatch last night, legit almost cried because I wanted more.Mindhunter Season 3 (BTK season essentially) @RamblingRiter Ugh! I hate the ones where you know you're in a nightmare but can't wake yourself up and have to end… @Mockingjay105 😢 oh man that had to have been rough! Any reason why Ritter showed up? Watch Three's company recently? @Mockingjay105 🤣 @alex_marmo 😢😢😢 ugh!! @docbelle7 🤣🤣 Yes, do Bull and play as a Qunari! If you have the expansions, it gets really sweet. 🥰Nightmares suck. 😢⬇️⬇️⬇️💯💯💯 @dlando71 It's so much fun. I have a lot of find memories tied to Forever so I am right there with you. @Wombat849 🙌🙌💯💯💯 6 month anniversary to the “14 days and we’ll flatten the curve”
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @Christoph_Waltz Agreed. Been waiting YEARS for someone to acknowledge this (and the movie in general). @Christoph_Waltz Right?!? Wtf. @erikabromley 2020 is gonna 2020.It’s not premarital sex if y’all never get married Follow me for more biblical loopholes
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @docbelle7 Cullen. Always. Did Iron Bull last time around earlier this year. That was hot. @RyalsAc I really enjoyed Molly Harper's werewolf series (How to Flirt with a Naked Warewolf). The Kate Daniel's se… @docbelle7 I need to know who you romance the most (assuming you're like me and play through it multiple times). @docbelle7 🤣🤣🤣 @RyalsAc What genre are you in the mood for?Finished Mindhunter. Now I'm sad.
god i love the sopranos
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @JoshFlynn So I should probably read the comics of this? Where should I start? It always looked interesting and this trailer has me excited.Books
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷Seems like we shouldn’t have a political system where if one person dies a few hundred million women lose their reproductive rights.
Retweeted by 😷💉Bride of ReAnimator💉😷 @jrwells82 @tommyjoker73 I can't listen to any Batman soundtracks while driven, my lead foot suddenly acts up. @amylopan I'm taking fish oil and looking at my nails that have barely grown (same with my hair!). Then I remember…