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The 2 Suns ☀️🔥☀️ So this is what Instagram didn’t want us talking about...... #Sun
Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @SantaSurfing17 @Brick_Suit Who was there 😊❤
Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @Someone17916829 That’s fucked
Yep, and in about 7 years Uranus will exit the sign of Taurus (sign of nature and climate) and this tragic mark cou…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞I get the best ideas when I’m either driving or in the showerA thread every man and woman should read you also have this... so the CDC updates the covid death count to 10,000 with 90% of them being of extreme old age And in 2019 we h… that made you an outsider to this dying culture has prepared you to be a leader in the new age.
Retweeted by MattyB ∞Moon in the 8th in Pisces.. gimme dat
That film should get the writers & producers arrested. In no way shape or form are eggs bad for you, let alone bein… @natthesorceress Wooden 🐶 hereWhat didn’t happen is opening up space for what is destined to happen
@ValiantThor12 @KatFishTales And when is the solar flash? Dec 21 2020?How To NOT Invest In Yourself: Drugs, alcohol, porn, video games How TO Invest In Yourself: Learn your astrology,… out your Human Design will bring so much clarity to your lifeI think about this a lot 😂 @Niyarytas This is me .. I’d say the mystery & power behind it
Wow @LEricastilla You’re wasting your time arguing about a woman who was not all that honorable, especially when wantin… also wanted to convert America into a gender-free society. This is just one of the many satanic movements that… I see are blind people adoring RBG 🤦🏽‍♂️ People out here mourning over the death of her but did you know that… @natthesorceress @Barefootking1 That’s how I calculate it and it comes out to 22, but then GG33 says I’m a 4 and I’… freedom happens when you take full responsibility of the self Very few know and understand this @solelunastro ExplainTruth
@FixedAirMoon @askraphaella @Jaxxology Finesse the system with SN Sag by getting a RV to travel America, super liberatingWe’re entering into a new age An age that is no longer hidden or illusory (Pisces), but shown and utilized effecti…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞We’re entering into a new age An age that is no longer hidden or illusory (Pisces), but shown and utilized effecti… there’s anything that’s illusory, it’s Pisces.. Coming into the Aquarian age, it’s no longer going to be an il… only question is when does the Aquarian age really start? I hear opposing views on this Some say 2027, 2024..… it would make sense In the Piscean age, Jesus was that symbolism In the Aries age, the ram was Mose… always refers to, “watch the water” It didn’t hit me till now, but I’m willing to bet that this is referring to… @JyotishSadhana Wow. That’s incredibly accurate.. the timing of me discovering this is surreal because just the oth… @JyotishSadhana Gotta learn more abt this @JyotishSadhana This is common w/ ashlesha rising? Cuz that’s me & now I’m curiousPurvabhadrapada Moon conj. Saturn 😅 @dianthiamjj Purvabhadrapada Moon conjunct Saturn 😅 @PetahJane 😌🙏🏼 @FixedAirMoon This may be a very odd question lmao but can you recall seeing the moon the past couple of daysThe way we relate to celebrities are changing, and she’s ahead of the curve AUTHENTICITY >> MATERIALISM @PetahJane I’m grateful for rising this morning. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve today
LIVE JUST NOW••• Connecticut Governor HECKLED at length about abusing his power, this man won’t let up 💪🏼:
Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @LEricastilla I can see all the stars & planes in the sky.. but I can’t see the moon?Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t we all be seeing the moon tonight? Why can’t I see it in the sky? I’ve seen…
Fellow astrologers: take your work seriously, honor God in your client, and be detached from the fruits of your work.
Retweeted by MattyB ∞ don’t study astrology BILLIONAIRES DO Lesson in thatHigh school shouldn’t start before 9am. Early start times are a relic from agricultural days.
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Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @solelunastro Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Leo Risingastro enthusiasts! my patreon is officially up & running! through my patreon, i publish exclusive insightful astrol…
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Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @sfreynolds How do you find out your profection year?We used to diss Michael Jackson the media made us call him crazy ... then they killed him
Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @Niyarytas Wow I never thought of it like that
You can win an argument with a smart person, but you’ll never win an argument with an idiotNot wearing your mask is the Rosa Parks of the 21st century wearing your mask is the Rosa Parks of the 21st centuryYou can run from the truth but you can’t hide from the truthThey poisoned our food They poisoned our water They lied about 9/11 They lied about The Holocaust They lied abo… poisoned our food They poisoned our water They lied about 9/11 They lied about The Holocaust They lied abo… you believe in climate change, you have indeed been indoctrinated & brainwashed of yet another hoax
@staytrill4eva @DCnumerology 😂😂😂😂 are you a cancer?Watch come end of sept all the way through Oct the crazies will come out, they will try to seize more control over…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @DCnumerology How is cancer last when you got kevin hart, will ferrel, Chris Murphy, etcI do!
Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @erinmalikhain @risinginscorpio Taurus Mars Leo VenusPlot twist: The Bible is the anti-christ Venus in the 1H & Leo Asc, thank god for that fire bec rest of my chart is in water zodiacs & water houses leo placements is such a flex like wow you didn't have to gift us with your radiance and beauty but here you…
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@Niyarytas @idr_labs Ah, in Vedic for me it switches from water to like 80% air 🤨The "dark" wants you to think that you "fall" in love. The truth is you "fall" in "hate". You RISE in love.
Retweeted by MattyB ∞Why else does this happen? Because when pea-brained athletes put the name of an alleged RAPIST on their helmets and…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞I attribute this to my birth chart being like 85% water lol I am 61.67% masculine, 88.75% feminine, which places…
Heaven is not a place, it’s a state of mind🎯
We were lied to
Retweeted by MattyB ∞Zoom school is really showing how much of American Education is just about controlling and punishing children and n…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞You’re a fraud 🤡👹
What should be a required class for high school girls: Spend a week with a divorced woman in her 50s who tries to…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞Barack Obama could make one phone call to his employer Netflix and have the pedophile film 'Cuties' pulled from the…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞We have to protect the innocent vs now (26) ab how I will never realize my full genetic potential, because I was force fed state-mandated, radioactive…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞Men need to find their purpose. Here's how. Thread
Retweeted by MattyB ∞On the day Mars turns Retrograde. Mars, ruling over the color red. If you don’t see planets literal affects over t…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞This is amazing. They want you divided.
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Uhh someone wanna interpret what this means? @solelunastro This dude needs to focus on himself rather than othersLet me get this straight.... The media is intimidating people to wear masks that don't work for a virus that has k… @Adrian_inez_ Taurus in the 10th HYet we hear NOTHING from the media NOTHING from hollywood celebrities NOTHING from your favorite athletes Becau…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞Trump is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping broker peace between Jews and Arabs in contravention of ge…
Retweeted by MattyB ∞💀MSNBC is the very last thing I would watch in this lifetime. Whole network full of narcissistic reptilians
Retweeted by MattyB ∞ @IronLindaJ @RDValerie @BryanSwarberg Cortisol is one hell of a chemical, that’s whyIt's Happening, Do you feel the shift....
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