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A controversial conviction tested a family's faith. 📺 Watch a new episode of Outcry tonight on SHOWTIME 📱 Or catch… this. emotions after watching @SHO_Penny.
Finally getting to video chat with everyone we've been avoiding since March., what?! 👀
Renowned civil rights activist @DoloresHuerta joins #PennyDreadful: City of Angels actors, @barrazaadriana and…
Retweeted by Showtime @teganandsara Twenties Is AWESOME!!! @clayaiken It's such a moving story. @ColaonthaRocks Always a great plan! @Jasmine91418250 @SHOTheChi She tells it like it is. 👏👏 @GeoffreyKyd @SHOTheChi We're at the edge of our seats! @SHOBlackMonday Let's see what's up Mo's sleeve. @withonewing This subject will definitely make you feel that way! @7MoonSkin You can re-watch it again!Two series created by the amazing 👑 @LenaWaithe📺 Follow them up with Outcry and The Chi.TFW you finish a new series.
@brainpicker @SHO_TheLWord @TeamEveMyles We're looking forward to everyone watching it! @MioneCorfield Save the date! @LenaWaithe Camille is a force!The movie villains. The actual villain.'s a meeting of late-night kings. Jon Stewart is joining @SHODesusAndMero tonight! through 2020 like... ensues. We Hunt Together draws you in beginning August 9 on SHOWTIME.'s been 14 years since Tommy Caffee's life was first turned upside down in Brotherhood.
@newsbeastnick It sucks you right in! @SHOBlackMonday Or else... @SHOTheChi It counts!Asking for a friend... 👀 solid group of jokers. If you're in need of a good laugh, stream I'm Dying Up Here on SHOWTIME.
@olihala @_unBREleaveable ALL OF THIS! @SHOBlackMonday @caseyrosewilson 🤩 @EARLybird410 It's quite the story! @GQ2_BSMOOTH We're hooked!When you find someone who loves Billions as much as you do.'re bringing some rock-n-roll energy to your living room. Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi will co-direct an i…
@ManveerLochab @Leisha_Hailey We envy her wardrobe!We've got your Monday night plans right here. ⬇️ @LazE90057574 If you enjoyed The Chi, check out Lena Waithe's show, Twenties. @Soul_is_ME @LenaWaithe @BET Season 1 will be re-airing on SHOWTIME! @trebla1377 There's so much to uncover with this story.Meeting attire at the start of 2020 vs now: drinking a juicebox is all the entertainment we need today. #Shameless @YolondaRoss 🙏❤️ @jacoblatimore @lala We have a few coming their way!It’s date night! #BlackMonday starts now on #Showtime.
Retweeted by ShowtimeEpisode 3 of @SHOTheChi on @Showtime airs Tonight 9/8c #buckleup #callmeDre
Retweeted by ShowtimeA controversial conviction of a high school football star in Texas will leave you searching for answers. Outcry,…
Can't wait to be reunited with the Bodega Boys tonight!
The Chi's got the internet buzzing. 📱 = Not safe before bed 👀
A little motivation never hurt anyone. Friday feeling courtesy of Black Monday. 🕺
@JamaalBowmanNY 🙌🙌 @SHOBlackMonday @caseyrosewilson 😎😎 @mua_sah @SHOBlackMonday @DuleHill @DonCheadle Those were some power moves. 🕺🕺Terri Taylor (‘The Loudest Voice’ casting director) on how finding the right actors to play real life people ‘adds…
Retweeted by ShowtimeHattie. Marie. Nia. Can't wait to chill on the couch with our girls tonight. Twenties is available for streaming…'re still vibing to the sounds from The Chi With Love music festival. 🎶 Watch the concert from beginning to end…
Andrew Rannells and pleated pants were meant to be. informed. Check out for more information and ways to help.
Retweeted by Showtime @officialgogos We're excited for everyone to be Head Over Heels. 😉There’s more work to be done. But we’re all in this together. captures the rippling effect a controversial case has on a once united community. Watch the 5-part docuserie…'s so many thoughts going through our heads. 😱
@SportyEsquire @moworldwide It's a good time for sure! @Sh0n4_ We're here for you! @YoShowtime @DonCheadle The plot thickens. 👀 @SHOTheChi @Jasmine65113326 👏👏 @SHO_Shameless We got you. 😉Closing out this month with Queer As Folk’s @RobertGant's beautiful thoughts about what Pride means. #SHOYourPride 🌈 your timeline with some joy. #SHOYourPride dance numbers in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels this season were nothing short of phenomenal. 💃🏻🕺 this photo. ⬇️
@jtthill An excellent watch list. 👌 @MsJuneDiane @DonCheadle @SHOBlackMonday You crushed it as Corkie Harris!*Turns up the volume* 🔊 all Nick kids and their families—Kids, Race and Unity: A #NickNews Special starts now
Retweeted by ShowtimeIt's been 6 years and Hank Moody is still one of the best at stirring up trouble. Girl's got nothing on Abby. is important. @SHO_Penny has an absolutely imperative, poignant finale episode tonight on @Showtime This sho…
Retweeted by Showtime @MoreReginaHall 😂😂😂#TheChi after the show it’s the after party... TONIGHT
Retweeted by Showtime @jessgarza @barrazaadriana @thatzovatt @_Adam_Rodriguez @nievesjohnathan @SHO_Penny ❤️❤️I can sign it too. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s @Showtime tonight!!!!!!
Retweeted by Showtime @paulscheer @MoreReginaHall @SHOBlackMonday The more you know. 😂
If anyone asks you if you'll be watching the season finale of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels tonight, respond accor… @TheBrianMichael Don’t want to age ourselves but we are here for the jams. 💃🕺 @PiperPerabo Tonight will be one to remember. ❤️ @MoreReginaHall @SHOBlackMonday We’re ready to see Dawn back in action!Another great episode of @SHOTheChi airs tonight! Catch this amazing series only on @Showtime - created by…
Retweeted by ShowtimeTonight! I’m watching with y’all! @SHOBlackMonday @Showtime
Retweeted by Showtime @lala See you soon!Nearing the end of this month with some memories we made at last year's Pride in NYC. #SHOYourPride 🌈're ALL IN on the return of Black Monday. Catch up with a Season 2 marathon now on SHOWTIME, followed by a new e…
Chilling. Magnetic. And it's not just us saying it. Catch the Penny Dreadful: City of Angels marathon happening ri… cut 💇🏻‍♀️ Brows: on point 💁🏻‍♀️ Tiff Georgina: Making her mark on @SHOBlackMonday