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@neworder And there's something you should know about @DuranDuran 👀're having an end of decade celebration unlike any other, hosted by 2 legendary groups. First, it's a new direc… this ring, we'd be dead. 💍
Can we all agree that @kirstendunst. @Kaulie4 @SHO_TheLWord Our new faves! @SHO_Shameless Liam's got the hook up! @hapfieverafter This is Abby's world and we're just living in it. @ShellyM37438921 @SHO_RayDonovan It's kind of Mickey's thing. @kimbotpossible @SHO_TheLWord @nzcdn @SHO_TheLWord We're OBSESSED! @t_stockk @SHO_TheLWord We can feel the love!Can we be one of the bridesmaids? @SHO_Shameless Good to have him home! @Sighthoundgrace @SHO_TheLWord A total BOSS!| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | SAY IT | | LOUDER FOR | | THE PEOPLE | | IN THE BACK | | _________| (\__/)… of applause for these class acts. Congratulations again, @RussellCrowe and the entire #TheLoudestVoice team!… @SHOLtdSeries @goldenglobes @russellcrowe So well deserved, @KirstenDunst! #OnBecomingAGod @AdvaitDeogade @SHO_Homeland @SHO_Shameless What's the opposite of baby fever?Working hard this year not to be a last minute shopper. Last year got a little crazy... we feel about Generation Q. @SHOLtdSeries @goldenglobes @russellcrowe Congrats to the powerful @SHOLtdSeries #TheLoudestVoice on their… @SHOLtdSeries @goldenglobes @russellcrowe The @GoldenGlobes love @KirstenDunst as much as we do. Congrats on the… @SHOLtdSeries @goldenglobes .@RussellCrowe's performance is making the news. Congrats on the #GoldenGlobes nominati…"I won't be shamed into silence." 👏👏👏 #TheLWord
Retweeted by Showtime @LogoTV Tbh we are crying. 😭Our prayers have been answered. 🥰 @ilenechaiken @SHO_TheLWord We 👏 can't 👏 wait. @jessecasemusic @TimMasonChicago @WorkInPTV @WiP_SHO Another spoiler: also incredibly hilarious. @ilenechaiken @SHO_TheLWord Namaste. Only a little while longer. ⏳Tonight is one for the books! Thrilled to be making history with my bros @iLeoSheng and @TheoGermaine on @Showtime
Retweeted by ShowtimeI cannot wait for you to meet the newest characters of #thelword as played by these beautiful, brave actors! They l…
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@ParisRoseNewton @SHO_Shameless Gallaghers can be sweet when they want to be. 😏Smiling so hard our cheeks hurt. 😁 again, @SHO_TheLWord. L Word: Generation Q premieres TONIGHT 💥 10pm on @showtime 💥 📷: @leishahailey 🌈 @sho_thelword
Retweeted by ShowtimeHow Abby gets rid of the Sunday Scaries. makes his way to the ring. #CharloHogan
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Mustache Don or Clean Shaven Don? #BlackMonday #HouseOfLies Homeland episode aired 5 years ago today. Any guess which one it was?
Middleweight Championship up for grabs. Who ya got? @YouTubeTV @LievSchreiber How can we not appreciate this? @SHO_Shameless Our new mantra. @THEKIDMERO The GIF that keeps on giving! @JennaxLynne @SHO_TheLWord All good reasons! @FreeandWoke @EddieGriffinCom Spoiler alert: It is! @robynlnorris @WiP_SHO We can't wait for the world to get to know Abby! @SHO_Shameless He's reached peak Gallagher. @sckberry @SHO_TheLWord Nothing wrong with that! @lm15_laura @SHO_TheLWord @Leisha_Hailey @katemoennig @cpechous @WiP_SHO @DarrenCriss The L Word…'s final season is almost upon us and we're questioning EVERYTHING. at Eddie Griffin: E-Niggma, available on SHOWTIME: corner jokes to the main stage... keep going @EddieGriffinCom! 👏
Us already making weekend plans: gripping dramas and docs to LOL comedies, we have so many stories to tell and now an even bigger family to tel…
@JoseIsBae81 @LievSchreiber His brow game is worthy of it.'re spending our Friday with Eddie. @SHO_Shameless He probably finished the milk too! @RosaRey33120220 @SHO_RayDonovan He'll even cause trouble from the grave. @ChokeMyHeartOut @SHO_TheLWord Get ready to start talking, laughing, loving, breathing again this Sunday! @darknessdescend @SHO_TheLWord It would be impossible to choose. @LievSchreiber Watch Scream 1-3 before an all-new episode of Ray Donovan on SHOWTIME.The power of Liev Schreiber's eyebrow. pointing fingers but 👇Frank ate the last cookie. #NationalCookieDay
@jojonjess_ @SHO_TheLWord Our mood: @aubugattii @SHO_TheLWord @jenniferbeals She can just have ours. @SHO_Shameless We'll miss you, Mikey! @SHO_RayDonovan @katemoennig @SHO_TheLWord She arrived in style of course. support this message. couldn't get enough of last night's @SHO_TheLWord premiere. As Folk premiered 19 years ago today. This group has had our hearts since 2000. Q brought everything and more to the pink carpet for #TheLWord premiere. @AlexisGZall Said like a true MVP.*Raises all limbs* @iLeoSheng We're ready for you! @ilenechaiken @SHO_TheLWord @SHO_PR Our ideal premiere dates. @quizmasterchris All the more reason to not leave the house. @SHO_Shameless @SHO_TheLWord Can we come with you?
That's our lady!
When you see distant family members during the holidays.
Misery is available on Showtime.29 years ago @mskathybates made us never want to be a best-selling author. Birthday to the incomparable @RedHourBen and @PatinkinMandy! 🎉
Even with the Thanksgiving food hangover, we wouldn't dare let the day go by without giving @DonCheadle his roses.… stuffers done the right way. 🎁 Save 30% with code FRI30:
We're getting hungry just watching. 🍛Sweet Potato = On Becoming a God Veggies = Kidding Salad = Homeland Rolls = Black Monday Pumpkin Pie = The Chi App… your eyes on this Thanksgiving spread! Turkey = Ray Donovan Ham = Shameless Mac & Cheese = Desus & Mero Dres…
@cameronmonaghan One of our favorite love stories. ❤️ @CarolDunse @SHO_RayDonovan @Sighthoundgrace @SHO_TheLWord She's learning from the best. @SHO_Shameless Financial Debt with The Bank Job the Love of $$$ with Mo Money Business Etiquette with @SHOBecomingAGod To Outsmart Wall Street with @SHOBlackMonday, Influence, and Corruption 101 with @SHO_Billions delivery! Here's a money-making watchlist after Black Friday hits your wallet: