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You're about to see what a winner looks like. @SHOBecomingAGod in Central Florida, starring @KirstenDunst, premie… fixes everything. @SHO_RayDonovan returns November 17. Only on #Showtime. to the fans for being so patient
Retweeted by ShowtimeDid you miss them? We missed them more. Take a first look at #TheLWord: Generation Q premiering December 8. Only… it up with this infomercial for the pyramid scheme at the center of On Becoming A God In Central Florida…
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Now this is what winners look like! The cast of #OnBecomingAGod in Central Florida stole the show at last night's…
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‘Your Honor’: Carmen Ejogo & Isiah Whitlock Jr. Join Bryan Cranston In Showtime Legal Drama
Retweeted by ShowtimeGet ready to get your Gallagher on. @SHO_Shameless returns November 3. Only on #Showtime. is what a winner looks like. @KirstenDunst is Krystal Stubbs in #OnBecomingAGod in Central Florida! Watch t… first two episodes of @SHOBecomingAGod are here! Check them out here:! If you don’t hav…
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Get your Gallagher on. 😜 #Shameless returns November 3 on #Showtime!
Retweeted by ShowtimeMy new comedy special #DoinWhatIDo comes out Sept. 7th in @Showtime
Retweeted by Showtime❤️ this crew so hard!!! #CityOnAHill 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thanks for a great season!!!
Retweeted by ShowtimeWe're here to make your Friday DAZZLE.✨ Watch the first two episodes of #OnBecomingAGod in Central Florida starri…
Retweeted by ShowtimeIt's on. The season finale of @SHOCityonaHill starts NOW. Only on #Showtime.
It all comes down to tonight! Season finale on @SHOCityOnAHill on @Showtime CHECK IT OUT!
Retweeted by ShowtimeNow!
Retweeted by ShowtimeShowtime Offers Free Online Episodes Of ‘On Becoming A God In Central Florida’
Retweeted by ShowtimeNobody gets away clean. Watch the season finale of @SHOCityonaHill TONIGHT at 9/8c. Only on #Showtime.
There's more to Jackie than meets the eye. Catch up on @SHOCityonaHill before tomorrow's season finale here:…
YES YES YES!!! Let me hear it!
Retweeted by ShowtimeA 'Shameless' return: Cameron Monaghan, Noel Fisher on bringing back 'Gallavich'
Retweeted by Showtime😎#RayDonovan is coming... 👇Check out the first tease on @LievSchreiber’s Instagram.
Retweeted by ShowtimeNo stinker thinkers here. #OnBecomingAGod in Central Florida is #1 on @EW's Must List! @SHOBecomingAGod #Showtime #Shameless return: @CameronMonaghan and @Noel_Fisher open up about bringing back 'Gallavich' @SHO_Shameless
Retweeted by Showtime.@kirstendunst treated fans at @the_wing to a special panel and a sneak peak at her new series #OnBecomingAGod in C… review: 'On Becoming a God in Central Florida' starring Kirsten Dunst
Retweeted by Showtime.@lafergs reviews #OnBecomingAGod (@SHOBecomingAGod), a must-see series where Kirsten Dunst is simply outstanding.…
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Follow @SHOLtdSeries for a countdown of #EscapeAtDannemora's top twelve moments for the series' 12 #Emmy nomination… brought #Hitsville to the Gold Coast 📀 The soundtrack for the anticipated @Showtime documentary #Hitsville: T…
Retweeted by ShowtimeCliff Chamberlain (State of Affairs) has been cast in a major recurring role on the upcoming eighth and final seaso…
Retweeted by ShowtimeLaughs and gasps for #OnBecomingAGod, and cheers for @kirstendunst during a special screening event and panel at…
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Welcoming @GaryOwenComedy back to the stage for his fourth #Showtime comedy special, #DoinWhatIDo on September 7! @mPinoe was an illustrious guest on #DESUSandMERO, the guys had a tough time pronouncing her name.
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Calling @SHOCityOnAHill fans! Ahead of the epic finale, @sarahshahi will be right here telling all about the grippi…
Retweeted by ShowtimeComplete goosebumps watching the great @russellcrowe dominate yet another role. You are outstanding in #TheLoudestVoice
Retweeted by ShowtimeHe’s on the move, East Coast. Catch Roger’s final plan on the final episode of #TheLoudestVoice, airing now on…
Retweeted by ShowtimeEverything is about to change. The finale of @SHOLtdSeries #TheLoudestVoice starts NOW. #Showtime the evidence. @SHOCityOnAHill STARTS NOW on #Showtime. Loudest Voice on Showtime . Episode 7 tonight.
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As his list of allies shrinks, so does his power. Catch #TheLoudestVoice finale tonight on #Showtime.
Retweeted by ShowtimeCan’t believe season finale is tonight! Thank you to @blumhouse and @showtime for the guts to make this show, the i…
Retweeted by ShowtimeThe man who built an empire. The woman who brought him down. Don’t miss the finale of @SHOLtdSeries on @SHOCityOnAHill @Showtime
Retweeted by ShowtimeCity On A Hill on @Showtime is outstanding. The writing, producing and the cast @kevinbacon @AldisHodge
Retweeted by ShowtimeFinale this all comes to this... #TheLoudestVoice @showtime @sholtdseries
Retweeted by Showtime#Janelle #TheAffair @SHO_TheAffair premiering August 25th on @Showtime @DominicWest @russellhornsby @SarahTreem
Retweeted by ShowtimeHITSVILLE: THE MAKING OF MOTOWN is First Documentary about the Iconic Label HITSVILLE: THE MAKING OF MOTOWN will pr…
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Bring the action. Watch a new episode of @SHOCityOnAHill TOMORROW at 9/8c on #Showtime. many, his career before #ZiggyStardust remains largely unknown. Get an inside look at #DavidBowie’s early career… an inside look at #DavidBowie's early years through never-before-seen footage and interviews. David Bowie Findi…
‘Shameless’: Rachel Dratch & Anthony Alabi To Recur In Season 10
Retweeted by ShowtimeYou can only pick one. Go."Somehow, I knew that what I was doing was important." Get an inside look at #DavidBowie's early career with Davi… to bring two #SHODocs to @TIFF_NET! #ReadyForWar will have its world premiere at the festival and…
Retweeted by ShowtimeWhat's on TV Friday: “David Bowie: Finding Fame” airs on Showtime
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Go inside the early career of the Starman with David Bowie: Finding Fame premiering tomorrow at 9/8c. Only on…‘Escape At Dannemora’ production designer Mark Ricker on the logistics of capturing Sweat’s dry run
Retweeted by ShowtimeBen Stiller on directing #EscapeAtDannemora: "It was a relief not to have to deal with me"
Retweeted by Showtime.@RedHourBen tells us about stepping behind the camera to tell the story of the #EscapeAtDannemora.…
Retweeted by ShowtimeBackstage at #Kimmel with Ben Stiller @RedHourBen #EscapeAtDannemora
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Excited to finally announce my next doc with Showtime Networks, "The Kingmaker" #thekingmaker #KingMaker @Showtime
Retweeted by ShowtimeWe’ve got swag for our biggest fans. Grab some merch and rep your favorite series today! Emmy winning director Lauren Greenfield, #TheKingmaker centers on the indomitable character and controversial…
A lot could happen in a month. That's why #DESUSandMERO are covering everything ahead of time. Keep your third ey…
Retweeted by ShowtimeA dream come true 💫 So grateful and excited to be telling this amazing story that caught my heart at first read. C…
Retweeted by ShowtimeJim Carrey Calls Ariana Grande 'a Breath of Fresh Air' After Working Together on Kidding
Retweeted by ShowtimeCould not believe that I was actually watching “The Loudest Voice” & remarking at brilliantly awful Russell Crowe performance.....
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Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen face Desus and Mero in The Co-Host Game
Retweeted by ShowtimeShowtime Is Making a Limited Series About Hedy Lamarr Starring Gal Gadot and YES to That
Retweeted by ShowtimeIn Ep 3 of The Loudest Voice Roger Ailes uses the line Make America Great Again . A line from the 1980 Ronald Reaga…
Retweeted by ShowtimeAn all new episode of #TheLoudestVoice starts NOW. Only on #Showtime. need to dress up, East Coast. Stay in and watch #TheLoudestVoice, starting now on #Showtime. 📲…
Retweeted by ShowtimeTonight. #TheLoudestVoice @SHOLtdSeries
Retweeted by ShowtimeNothing will get in his way. #CityOnAHill starts NOW.
Retweeted by ShowtimeSame team. Different motives. An all new @SHOCityOnAHill starts NOW. Only on #Showtime.
Tonight on @SHOCityOnAHill @Showtime
Retweeted by ShowtimeTaking a dive into the dark side...& a ride w/the fab @sarahshahi @SHOcityonahill TONIGHT!! #cityonahill
Retweeted by ShowtimeWanted to let you know that our eighth and final season of @SHO_Homeland will premiere on February 9th, 2020 at 9/8…
Retweeted by ShowtimeIt is @gabrielsherman’s work that brings #TheLoudestVoice to life. Can’t get more meta than this 👏🏼👏🏼@SHOLtdSeries
Retweeted by ShowtimeSo excited to join this cast. James McBride's THE GOOD LORD BIRD is such an incredible book. Ethan Hawke is brillia…
Retweeted by ShowtimeRoger may be powerful, but he's not invincible. #TheLoudestVoice
They'll do whatever it takes. No matter the cost. #CityOnAHill
When @kirstendunst picks projects to work on she looks for characters she wants to portray, but also characters she… is the little engine that could. - @kirstendunst #TCA2019#OnBecomingAGod was given one day to shoot each episode. EP and Show runner @SpaldingEsta said that the tight sched… the Rebel Rapids set was part of a zoo (with a lazy river) that production turned into a waterpark. #OnBecomingAGod #TCA2019Theodore Pellerin on his #OnBecomingAGod character: Cody is searching for answers and they might not be as perfect as he thought. #TCA2019.@kirstendunst puts everything she has into the characters she plays. She has to be emotionally vulnerable so she c… fact: @kirstendunst was supposed to do a dance with a snake but is terrified of them… and so the puppet dance w… @SHOBecomingAGod #OnBecomingAGod hits close to home with @_MelRodriguez_ and @bethditto. Pyramid schemes are about… premieres on #Showtime August 25! Here’s what they have to say at #TCA19. the universe of @RickRubin in the final episode of #SHOShangriLa TONIGHT at 9/8c. Only on #Showtime. was not planned to make #TheCircus a “food show,” but what became a habit, became iconic. - @jheil #TCA2019The stakes are higher now, no matter what’s happening in our government. - @mmckinnon #TheCircus #TCA2019.@alexwagner says part of the challenge, but part of the excitement, is that they are in the field and behind-the-s… the velocity, speed and unexpected surprises that happen in the news cycle… it’s really difficult to plan fut… & Republicans agree: 2020 really is the most important election of our lifetime. - @jheil #TheCircus #TCA2019.@alexwagner on confirmation bias: we need to ask ourselves how we get out of this feedback loop for the sake of de… is back this Fall! Here’s what they have to say at #TCA19.