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Sample of how much sexual harassment is rampant in Tamil Industry. Rekha explains how K. Balachander and Kamal plan…
Retweeted by SG @YeahItshuMe @MeadowByTheSea @thinkmusicindia Ayngyaade? @MeadowByTheSea @thinkmusicindia This movie had some amaze songs. @farhanknight Basically just fried onions and chillies+some masala.Pyaaz Fry. Which used to be our resort when the mess made almost everything (cos almost everything used to be inedi… @akkatweets Oh, he is, totally. And this is as non-sports a sports person's autobio as can get I guess.<11/n> Once you get used to it not being a 'traditional' chronological narration of his life, Mata's "Suddenly a Fo… is how Modi abolished poverty in a day. The Telegraph
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Zero. @atlasdanced I didn't know you were that old! :-O @Pentropy Done 😀 @Pentropy Jealous! @IT_Kabootar Haha, which. @shrishrishrii @VVF47_MUFC Please refer cover photo on profile 🙄Third flight in the last 15 days from Bengaluru Airport. Just how do consultants do this every week!
One. Jab Harry met Sejal. Needed a Saridon when I walked out. @VVF47_MUFC How's this weather @sopranoxs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣If only this city solved its traffic woes! 🤩 @vikaspgoel @abhishek_tri Paper. @abhishek_tri My notebook.Twitter family - please connect me to staffing / BPO company folks in India. I want to broaden my funnel (and you are my network!)
Retweeted by SGAni’s paati talking to our cousin’s dog Nova like he were human. ❤️
Retweeted by SGAndroid needs to figure out a way to integrate Google Calendar and the Alarm Clock - to turn off recurring alarms on Holidays! @SuB8u They just went ahead stupidly with a blind litigation that screwed over so many PSUs also.As a long-time contributor to @thewire_in, I did not expect to see this glowing Pachauri tribute where the IPCC, sc…
Retweeted by SG @somilagrawal Will be a tiny segment of users I guess.Taj Mahal, India
Retweeted by SGOnce you do, the Compose box shows context of the previous tweet as well (something that was a major pain earlier,… has finally made creating a thread easier! Dragging down from the 'Compose Tweet' menu has this screen that… SAP India employees test positive for H1N1; Bengaluru, 2 other centres temporarily closed. via @timesofindia
@CworeRedux @vaniviswanathan I think recency, but Ponna from One Part Woman/A Lonely Harvest.Who's your favourite female character in any book you've read? Tell us why! We'll feature responses in our March 20…
Retweeted by SGGurgaon parents, need reviews for play schools in DLF phase 1 and Phase V Pallavan Preschool Modern Montessori In…
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Retweeted by SG @iShO_o @shrishrishrii knows a few.
@_tharkuri to put new cover pic to good use by pointing multiple people to it 🤭 @DimpledJalebi @himsini Test+GD is usually an on-campus process no. That's mostly just a quick elimination process… @_ashwanthkumar @logic Worse is once you've shared, there isn't even an option to remove it from settings or any such.The IRCTC share price is something else. @Olacabs Ola and "Sir, drop location?"WTF. @susa1987 Hahahaha dei
@Pranavenstein @akm1410 @MorningContext Ah nice, thanks! Makes sense. @akm1410 @Pranavenstein @MorningContext What led to the second spike towards the end of the chart? @meghakaveri Happy Birthday! Wish you a wonderful year ahead! 🎉🎊 @_shankarganesh I use the one by ID. Or this brand called "Paaka". Both say no preservatives in the package. @vikramadhiman Glad you liked it 😀
@akkatweets The software stack. Auth, time mgmt etc I guess. @_shankarganesh A lot of new POS machines are moving to that format. Also, their UX is crappy. @_shankarganesh POS Company. @abraham__san Nah. Daily route to work is a 5 minute walk.Even Google Maps seems to have resigned to "as usual". @Gunmaster_G9 @npueu @Shrabonti You can get "attested" by previous employer too. @vikramadhiman Sante Spa! @SuB8u @jonrussell There was. They tried video ads for login, video ads to extend the free 30 minutes by more, etc. @abhishek_tri Medium post?It’s an obvious illustration of the same cognitive bias that astrology or palm reading use - some predictions are c…
Retweeted by SGOnly one *group* of people can wear such a coat in airports without being pulled up for an extensive *random* searc…
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Retweeted by SG @b50 There's an enterprise version as well @b50 Vahan API. @ImVHarini Ah nice. Only way to hit 120kmph on Bengaluru roads is if your speedometer is broken and stuck at 120kmph. @ImVHarini Ohhkkk. Cos I'm stuck on Bengaluru ORR. And 10kmph itself feels like achievement. @ImVHarini Endha ORR 🤔 @SunOfGan @Airbnb So cool man. Brilliant stuff! @krishna06 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Just Bengaluru things.
@sureshicpark @_d33pi +1. I just told everyone I'll be living with parents. Mom comes once in 3-4 months. @NameFieldmt I drank it like one. They also give spoon to slow ah eat. @NameFieldmt Had this thing called a Chocolate Shot in Jaipur. Basically warm/hot dark chocolate in liquid form in… instance, here’s the checkout page of a popular food delivery app- clubbing 4*x v/s showing x 4 times as indivi…
Retweeted by SGWow. Surgical strike against combined study!
Retweeted by SG @beastoftraal Like with most businesses where information asymmetry has been removed through the internet, the only…
Jaipur is 💯. @LiveFromALounge @Olacabs GST gets added in the end. Found out when I took one last month. @NameFieldmt Bengaluru yes. Chennai if I do, I'll get glared maxxxx.Leaving from office in BLR
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@saavadikadha @ObiWanManobi @k_rex1 @h_tejas Used it even this morning. So so good. @saurabhchandra Of course @ChiniZyaada @shrishrishrii, this movie also, Vijayna did 18 years back itself. @shrishrishrii Thamizhan? @krishna06 @AroonDeep @ChiniZyaada Yes! First listen laye 😍🤩HSBC vs Dilbert
Retweeted by SG @himsini Hahaha! @spadjay Hahaha! My dad also uses emojimax someone pola .. @gradwolf @SoundTrackIndia Na >> Poetu @bladenomics Why 🤔. Should I?For all fintech startups focusing on investing (including us), this is the real market size - a subset of 5.78crore…
Retweeted by SG @bladenomics NopesThe lyric video is so 😍🤩 @paviraksha Hehe. GVP replied to mine and then blocked me off
Retweeted by SG @adadithya AZ @venkkeyy @bladenomics Same!!