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@PanIndiaPandian Avaru astrology doctor. PnnROFL. No wonder a good chunk of my batch mates and my teachers are spewing this same shit all over FB and instagram. @shrinivassg She has also put one video justifying "aachaaram" and how that would've saved us from coronavirus. 🤦🏻‍♀️So many needless clarifications for the chief clown's needless self-aggrandizing event. What an asshole.
Retweeted by ShriPrime Moron can not achieve a single thing without causing chaos. Should change his name to Naaradikkara Modi. was so good. @dr_sramanathan take it ya. I have fixed your weekend 😘Insert Karunas Vasool Raja template
Spent 4 hours. This is what I have done. quarantine fix. #TamilTwitter 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by ShriHe's so obsessed with the balcony as the site of social performance, it's really telling in how he imagines the soc…
Retweeted by ShriYeah. When you flash light, the poor will miraculously be lifted out of poverty and have food and shelter for the r…, @Siva_Kartikeyan na already did this in Velaikkaran. Someone showed you that video this time?!
Retweeted by ShriFound it!! @ctkeerthi Yaaaasss. Thank you so much 😍There was one Prabhudeva dance thread in Tamil that popped up in my TL. Stupid TL refreshed before I could go thro…
This is a shout-out to my favorite restaurant in town - Aahaar. Thank you for doing this. ❤️ Tomorrow Prime Moron will make reference to Ramayana in his monologue.So glad Season 4 of Kim's Convenience is out. @dr_sramanathan you should watch this show.
@Ajumplakdibampa YOU paakariyaSomeone please tell me who the artist behind this is but this is haunting.
Retweeted by Shri @nerdkitchenpod @TheOtherBanana @ChiniZyaada American get togethers and pizza parties are always from the chains sadly. @nerdkitchenpod @TheOtherBanana @ChiniZyaada American pizzas (without toppings) and good cannot be in the same sentence ya @PanIndiaPandian 🤮 @PanIndiaPandian Paathaach paathaach. Pnn @here_2_be_aware Ah thanks for the reco. Will watch.Quarantine Bingo and all ok. What the fuck is Tambrahm Bingo? Why the fuck are we normalizing this shit? @psubatman Stay safe! 🦠🤛🏻 @ChiniZyaada Cheese pizza should definitely be banned. All American get together a or pizza parties seem to have on… @CuttinggChaii Which app is this!? @gauravsabnis @KimsConvenience Yaaay! Thanks for the heads up @PanIndiaPandian 🤣🤣 @LemonSaltSoda @shrinivassg Happy happy birthday!!Just starting to bloom here.
@PanIndiaPandian @subzerochi Every Sunday morning, I take out the old sheets and replace with second set of sheets. Then wash them a… @subzerochi Once a week @dr_sramanathan @MCBSeattle @UW Congrats to her!! @dr_sramanathan @MCBSeattle @UW Can you also please move to Seattle? Spy on Netflix is so good. Finished the limited series in 2 days. @arrahman Thank you for 99 songs. Excellent company during this testing time. @subiksharaman Swami never barks. But starts barking and pushing me down whenever I dance because he thinks I'm hav… essential for my mental health. @pepsiwithastraw Yippeee. Have shifted to that ever since it entered the market.A bunch of idiots have descended on my TL because I referred to vaadhiyaars as "fellows".Why is not used and a personal branding named fund being used for this? PMNRF has receipt g…
Retweeted by ShriMy quarantine life doomed. Atleast for the next 10 days. 😭 this you @shrinivassg?
Rab ne bana di jodi. Yellow tiffin dabba and yellow car @gshreyasi @shrinivassg I thought that was a pasta sauce🤔 @CherryColaZing @tmkrishna This is casteist and inhuman 2) Why was not the PM, HM, CM etc etc sprayed ? Do come to my neighbourhood and sp…
Retweeted by ShriThe video of Uttar Pradesh officials “disinfecting” migrant workers, literally spraying chemicals ON THEIR BODIES,…
Retweeted by Shri @PanIndiaPandian This fello a few batch mates and friends in Chennai post their in-home marriage pics due to the covid situation on IG. And… @Sun7_S05 @NameFieldmt Apdi kelunga saar @NameFieldmt 🤣🤣 @VVF47_MUFC attended her best friend's daughter's wedding via zoom. Asked her what she thought of the wedding and tried exp… by the end of this all weddings are named non essentials and banned altogether forever
Retweeted by ShriPresident Trump today at the White House said to me: “Be nice. Don't be threatening.” I’m not the first human bein…
Retweeted by Shri @worriednaagrik Yes yes. This is outside home only.Sunday evenings in Snoqualmie be like
The relationship you have with your parents and how your parents interact within their romantic relationships has a…
Retweeted by ShriUgh. Who are these people washing veggies with soap!? 😨
@PanIndiaPandian @Teekkayy Too little toooooo late"Woman in Michigan" but "Governor or Washington". Conveys the story doesn't it?
@ChiniZyaada I want to know if Saif is trolling her @Nivivacious @shrinivassg #ShriniKalyanam @Nivivacious @shrinivassg How come this isn't trending on top? After the timed release in both platforms? @Chella_Badava Wonde how/why ARR never worked with him @ChiniZyaada WTF did I just seeThis Harish Raghavendra thread is everything ❤️ @DorkyMcDarkFace @shrinivassg Yeah yeah. Ofc @Nivivacious @shrinivassg I have been asking him to post on twitter to do this 😈😂 @shrinivassg Sorry. But I had to do this after seeing that jacket. @Vaishnavioffl Been almost 4 years. And still hardly ever use "husband"Those abroad are better off and can make a noise. Also good PR for Govt. The poor have no voice and though in milli…
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Sounds like a good idea. Maybe it could be more organised. Like the privileged people who earn more can contribute…
Retweeted by ShriAnd just like that they are washing their hands of their responsibilities. Unbelievable. Bears repeating again and…
Retweeted by ShriAppo ni enna pud**ga pora? @KDineshKannan @NameFieldmt Erkanave rommmmba periya line. Idhula Andha full disclosure pota Apram apdiye pichikitu povudhu.
Thalaivan ARR has posted his sly post for the day. stop calling it the Chinese Virus. @Purba_Ray Have auto scheduled everything and it's the best investment. @Purba_Ray It's the best. @gauravkapur Hopeless bunch of moronsWFH paridhabangal for Swami rapist in prison is getting tested faster than many people at risk because he has money. Remember that.
Retweeted by ShriJoey = All Americans. Hardly anyone in my area taking the social distancing seriously. There was even a open-for-al…
கொரொனாவுக்கு சாவுமணி அடிக்கும் நிதியமைச்சர் நிர்மலா சீதாராமன்.. இவர் ஏற்கனவே இந்திய பொருளாதாரத்திற்கு சாவுமணி அடித்…
Retweeted by ShriVideos of the energy generated by Indians clapping converting into a lightning storm wiping out Corona from the wor…
Retweeted by ShriWHO: Practice social distancing. India:
Retweeted by ShriProof that this was announced as a publicity stunt. the RTd tweetEnna ezhavu da indha aalu. Chi
I just hope India doesn't cite janata curfew as an excuse and beat up anyone on the roads tomorrow. I'm pretty sure… @iamdatemike Go to his TL for more such gems @vinayaravind Hey hey hey. We'll go to stage 0 after the clapping and plate banging. All that will kill the virus tomorrow.What people want - More testing, steps towards controlling Corona, announcements about relief, measures to control…
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