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Valorant aimer | sentinel/controller main | streams soon i swear

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@HEYHIKARl @cherrwr Vouch he can bark and do tricks @shorty74210622 @wvr72852192 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram Leave willy poo outta this. @shorty74210622 @wvr72852192 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram Now the real question for you is why is ur name shorty74210622 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram @shorty74210622 @wvr72852192 Thats what u say man but ppl get tired it is what it is though @shorty74210622 @wvr72852192 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram Shu- cool video game character, Box bc shubox is the same as shoebox it just works @wvr72852192 @shorty74210622 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram I SWEAR BRAH😭 @shorty74210622 @wvr72852192 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram Girl follow along😭 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram @shorty74210622 @wvr72852192 Ryan bruh oh my god ppl can only take so much if ur good then… @wvr72852192 @shorty74210622 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram 🙏🏾🙏🏾 @shorty74210622 @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram @wvr72852192 I got math class in the morning too oh my god im doomed @ahoIogram @weluvyouryan @shorty74210622 @wvr72852192 It is what it is we gon figure it out yall gon b good soon @weluvyouryan @shorty74210622 @ahoIogram @wvr72852192 Aye man its ur choice im not gonna press u over it but ive se… @weluvyouryan @shorty74210622 @ahoIogram @wvr72852192 I think you should apologize to her cuz u been callin her a t… @ahoIogram @weluvyouryan @shorty74210622 @wvr72852192 Yeah thats what im sayin we say meaningless roasts but when i… @weluvyouryan @shorty74210622 @ahoIogram @wvr72852192 U came at her for no reason though sometimes u b pushin it fo… @weluvyouryan @shorty74210622 @ahoIogram @wvr72852192 Ryan you are so mean to maddie 😭 @Nurfed @Glorinsz @papashlomo @trunkZnopants He jus replied tate smokin ur pack brotha get ur get back @Glorinsz @Nurfed @papashlomo @trunkZnopants Oh wow now he callin u broke @wristaimer @ssav1or Say less preciate it gang @wristaimer @ssav1or Bet @ssav1or @wristaimer Rs ? I was thinking ab an artesian pad and the superlight mouseMouse and mousepad recommendations ? @InfernoOmni Speed and adin ross both got swatted @wristaimer Today made me wonder what rank really means 😭 feel like a good bit of ppl are boostedListen im pretty ass at valorant but some of yall man 😭
@mikafps I jus saw it man 😭 supposedly i seeSupposedly😭 while mans is cuffed allg @mikafps Yall aint hesr dat from me😭🤷🏾 @womenloverava In the post jake left out bruce in the otk photo nun crazy im jus thinkin @wlyrrr 😭 @Nighty10k Just thinkin @HEYHIKARl We cookin brotha we cookin as we speak @azraeIVii I aint even say nun😭 @jalonaz oh my god😭 @womenloverava Nun jus thinkinQuite odd quite odd indeed @eeriexd Best to do it @weluvyouryan awww hell nah😭 we back in 6th grade with that one @dnosVAL holy W good luck @gage1x @weluvyouryan @ahoIogram what do u manager niggas even do😭 @qshaVAL FOUND IT @Shockno77 THERE IS @noxuqt @wlyrrr @s count me in frWhen does sakura cup start and is it being streamed ? I wanna watch if it is @srxrachafps I started last monday. @gage1x @PlayVALORANT @intrsteIlars 😭😭😭 @Saulsrevenge 😭😭 @1017kis Played 5 deathmatches before i got off tmrw i better be crazy @Virtyyyy Come back i wanna watch tha streamsI need a solid aim routine for before and after my comp matches in valorant and aim labs someone lmk @wlyrrr @intrsteIlars @ssav1or @iuc43 @Evs2x @WasteManOP Oh my god😭😭😭 u aint shit for this @ssav1or @1017kis @Shockno77 I jus kno its phat they call him juicy jared on my side of town @1mehzy Aww hell nah😭😭 @ssav1or @wlyrrr Amen brotha @wlyrrr Looks like you need the big shuperman🙏🏾 @presidentdove @Overkill_Val @alteaVAL @eeriexd @0Ktinaa @RipMiyara telletubby val to the MOOON😭WOOOOOOOOO GO YALL GO🐺Introducing OVERKILL'S F/A GC ROSTER🐺 @alteaVAL duelist ⚔️ @eeriexd initiator 🤖 @presidentdove sentinel 🥖 @0Ktinaa
Retweeted by zaya @sevvn @bbylapras Ship the cat thru amazon prime trust🙏🏾 @angelvxq Who we subtweeting evie @cluubear 😭😭
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@misocide @Digit___ Leo. @lumbogg @picasso3k1 @bunnbunn_15 @Cazzyqc @minbin_07 @9hostIy @chasesgrail @Britarian_ @666lKO Nigga live on twitt… @picasso3k1 @lumbogg @bunnbunn_15 @Cazzyqc @minbin_07 @9hostIy @chasesgrail @Britarian_ @666lKO Ill post a eyebrow… @picasso3k1 @lumbogg @bunnbunn_15 @Cazzyqc @minbin_07 @9hostIy @chasesgrail @Britarian_ @666lKO U look like a mr po… @picasso3k1 @lumbogg @bunnbunn_15 @Cazzyqc @minbin_07 @9hostIy @chasesgrail @Britarian_ @666lKO All that dickriding… @weluvyouryan Oh my god😭😭 @csimplyy @HEYHIKARl @celibacycircle What happened im so confused😭What can i say i luh the game @ssav1or @weluvyouryan Keep playin im grabbin one of the aids needles we got it’ll be over for you and your future generations @ssav1or 🤍🤍 @ssav1or @weluvyouryan Imma hit a lick on you me and ryan gonna hop out the ambulance like its a scatpack hellcat @ssav1or @weluvyouryan U will be jumped salorant u aint winnin dis @ssav1or Congrats sally wally
@0Ktinaa @eeriexd @lolyx777 All that riding she gon get pregnant 😭 @0Ktinaa OH MY GOD CHECK HER PCstatic valorant aim. (old clips <3)
Retweeted by zaya @daimyoFPS Daimyo drop too😳 @ssav1or SAL THE VALORANT SAVIOR 😱DARKNESS
Retweeted by zayaaiming #valorant
Retweeted by zaya @6ckal Everybody droppin today nice vid @wlyrrr twitlonger tomorrow say goodbye to the account buckoI need tips on improving in valorant my career profile looks like a Christmas tree rn @zenjttv Its clean as hell yeah u should @wlyrrr Look at that man gobfo2
Retweeted by zayaWhy is Kai cenat gettin bitched by some lil kids on stream😭😭😭 @4kually Real asf @ssav1or Hi @ssav1or @ahoIogram Join vc sal @wlyrrr I am not red or sal nigga😭 @wlyrrr Hello twitter user wlyrrr @FIVESCORNER That was a bad idea but hey if u feel better power to ya manI think sentinels would’ve won against the guard if zellsis played lcq shirtless 😢 @altoidsrevenge So real @unst9ble Woulda won if u had a better gaming chair