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shu @shuboxs 18 he/him

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@highqltyfilm lock ur doors cuz this was too sweet u finna get the kevin gates treatment i love u ayush 🫶🏿🫶🏿Seabass is so crazy though like this nigga?😭😭 @edendeeznuts114 @keaIani Too many ppl say they have it when they dont but bpd literally affects ur life so heavily if you do have it @newbsha Prayin for u
@ssav1or @7UCIFERR @aiddns 😭😭Freaky deeky ass mouse grip @highqltyfilm Hiya @wlyrrr @highqltyfilm He dont know u @starg4zers can i be ritsu @g0ingtopluto @prbation Goodnight ry @sparlur WOOOO ELI @hakaFPS Im sayinCall me monkey D luffy because i just wanna see one piece of dat ass @zerofwq @tsla2x BC HES REAL @WhosSole Can u rlly blame me look at him @tsla2x U get it @WhosSole This is all i know @vhackersk8s These what bru. @RQCKET U had rod wave, lucki and yeat the stage breaking down broSo real @joyxeun This is real
@vhackersk8s Why is that @highqltyfilm ayush loves me hehehehehe heheheheh he @vhackersk8s Hi jazz where have u gone @zefiyy @Cazzyqc @1EDEN_ @edendeeznuts114 Bro was trynna go gift for gift😭 @wlyrrr Same @vhackersk8s My days grow shorter, my nights longer..with the sadness that comes with vhackersk8s disappearance on… WENDY THESE GARLIC FRIES GOT ME ABOUT TO BUSTTT @vinsconcubine 😭 my tummy was hurting @vinsconcubine @vinsconcubine Lemme show u sum worse @jai2wice Im makin sure he standin up on his toes too @vinsconcubine NOOO STOP WHY ARE U HEREI really jus really need you to stand right in front of me…and lock yo knees all the back… @ssav1or @giannnnnnnni Shame @giannnnnnnni @ssav1or He got curly orange hair and freckles that’s literally what you said @giannnnnnnni @ssav1or its yo time twin @milkteaboards @Sydeon Vouchy wouchyI asked for opinions when in reality i already decided on getting itThinking of gettin this on my wrist what we thinkin eats or what rate my plate next nighty @CantEscapePain all the timeHe thinks valorant gets better at higher ranks😭 whose gonna tell him😭 think he on the team 😭😭 peaked in highschool den had a kid either in highschool or right out of it build is wild @ralvsu Ong lemme try it rqMe and ari on the way to red house to drop that kevin gates special @wristaimer @sparlur so real rizz or… @7UCIFERR @pohluhr if someone let me on their account we can all play @7lilay @xxelitism @wlyrrr @starg4zers @t41ko @7UCIFERR U was likin them tweets a lil too hard i knew that alr😭 @nyawnz @wlyrrr @t41ko @starg4zers @7UCIFERR W @xxelitism @7lilay @wlyrrr @starg4zers @t41ko @7UCIFERR i knew u was comin🤦🏾‍♂️ @pohluhr What rank r u @nyawnz @wlyrrr @t41ko @starg4zers @7UCIFERR Hi yawns why u here @pohluhr When we playin shorty @wlyrrr @t41ko @starg4zers @7UCIFERR Would not oh my god @wlyrrr @t41ko @starg4zers @7UCIFERR Maddie someone i would call my twin would do dis shi to me im js 🤦🏾‍♂️🗣💯 @prbation yk who u need brubru @enicake Had to. @t41ko @wlyrrr @starg4zers @7UCIFERR That nigga ryan loyal to no sides bru😭 @starg4zers @wlyrrr @t41ko @7UCIFERR Hes a random who care laugh at this lil guy @starg4zers @wlyrrr @t41ko @7UCIFERR shi gagged me my fault @wlyrrr @t41ko @starg4zers @7UCIFERR OH 💀
@aiddns @wlyrrr Im rich until someone ask for money then im poor as hell sorry twin @aiddns alot of ppl r saying that why r they better @wlyrrr @aiddns ryan i dont even think were in the same tax bracket😭 them assault checks aint fat enough for dat @joyxeun what would u rather have @riceeeytv 😭 @KaedenVAL Heard those were annoying and ass @Vezi interesting thank u @riceeeytv what happened bru oh lordy @prbation @KaedenVAL u jus seem like a good kid😭 not a bad thing its okay @LeeRfps I agree @KaedenVAL 😭😭😭 thats how it be @prbation @KaedenVAL U a nerd tho so i didnt think youd get it no flame @KaedenVAL u the only one i know that know what im talkin ab 😭u aint supposed to eat u supposed to go on one if them “walks” with ur cousins that food gonna taste delicious afte… @MaartenVAL wat man😭 @MaartenVAL They both look good i know bru thats why i cant chose😭Vote vote voteWhite or black xm5 ? Poll below @prbation sal taught him everything he kno @k_ierraa @Kalismeee These are old man oh my god😭 @7UCIFERR corny subtweet drop the @ lucy we 12 deep in the next 30 minutes @wristaimer U are 14 and she is 23 u can it handle all dat lil bru @sheiluvsyu mf i hate math too dont be ashamed as long as u wanna learn ur fineW rizz or sexual harassment what we thinkin? @t9ler @_routers @1EDEN_ @wlyrrr @xxelitism @soloisnice @atmqs w rizz what we thinkin gang? @wlyrrr @t9ler @_routers @soloisnice @atmqs i swear imma find that ukrain ss tyler jus wait i swear imma find it eventuallyhe can say dat??? @sheiluvsyu What level and what specificationthese ppl arent real oh my god😭 @sheiluvsyu what class is giving u trouble rn?Im gonna start tutoring students on the weekend so if any of u need help ill do it for free just for experienceIm rlly an uncle twice thats wildOn thanksgiving is so crazy bro get off for the day