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Nah this shit is wild to me bro idk how racism is this funny to yall😟 @mitchchicken They were dragging his ass thru the doorway😭😭First day of EMT class was rlly fun i enjoy it alot :) @duhloraa Yes but im rlly feminine so idk ab everyone else @CConfuzzled Anywhere but discord man @wlyrrr Ur gonna be turning at mach speeds bro hell no @h2nnyu Blame that on the men who buy that shit😭 @btookess Shit me too💀 @mangosmxxthie Hi noah also known as mangosmxxthie on twitter @7lilay Nah bro yall are differentAs long as u dont meet on discord edating isnt THAT bad @terxme Bro turned to god after his last tweet 💀 streaming one piece illegally like bro you ARE the pirate @AstralUnited @qshaVAL this is hot😳😳 @bumpaah @Shanks_TTV This is different bro💀 @s3xylatin0 Bro wtf was this @ellieminate__ @1kotaaa U can see someones acc w/o following 😭 @ellieminate__ @1kotaaa she gotta be talking ab umom is officially cancer free 💚
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My career history looks like a used tampon rn put me out of my misery @Gramp_ @hk4ri Initiator sounds fun @hk4ri True tho @hk4ri I cant play duelist anymore man im so ass rnGonna pick up cypher and kj and see how i like playing sentinelsmikey
Retweeted by shu !! @wraithvo @zD10R She is living her best life @ranked_demon Nah u didnt look that bad u jus needed a better haircut or sum😭some of u guys r so pretty and go and EDATE an ugly manipulative man.
Retweeted by shu !! @1kotaaa HihiIM STILL STANDING like n rts appreciated
Retweeted by shu !! @0915LUCAS Ur fuckin crazy @notzeshui Andrew w @ahad Idk i feel like we shouldnt excuse shitty behavior by saying bad ppl exist, if theyre bad ppl they should hav… @Lenarr_ WWWW @Koji_val @creepkr @TomZufps @Pa1ntVAL @qtkiro @k2kea @SenorVal @qshaVAL @waterOTF @KingWooksie @N0rthz2 @GODZSTERR woulda deactivated the same day😭 @WasteManOP @hk4ri This is a violation bro 💀 @POISEDFPS I used to live in alaska brobro the cold is not it @vvitchtriaIs I dont forgive you for not giving me a shot with her💀 @vvitchtriaIs HBD ‼️‼️‼️This game man i swear @bbykihn Ur ex was pretty then @bbykihn Dis why i quit smite bro💀 @srrirachha I got u i know everything bc i cant aim so i have to compensate with knowledge 😼 @pokimanelol Dw i got a lawyer for u @Myth_ Best lawyer Na most def
@Arlxhh “Buy” premier pro brobro4K collatt i go crazy !!! VALORANT @kizhybtw U put that bitch in a fire pit 💀💀tristle support appreciated
Retweeted by shu !! @Shockno77 Mine is too soft i b waking up like a disney princess @Shliime I be playin this mid gamethis VALORANT update for brimstone is crazy
Retweeted by shu !! @s3xylatin0 Nah this is wild💀Yall banned corn right before MLK day? Gotta be racially motivatedIdk how yall wake up to alarms mine was a soundtrack to the dream i just had😭😭 @Gramp_ Gonna play 1000 games this act @Bagel1k BetI get its a joke…but bro is violating you tell him get help💀💀 genuinely want help improving in val, not aim but like game sense n shit how do i know what to do in game yk? How… @srrirachha 🖤🖤 got u fam @qshaVAL I have ur notis on i jus muted the whole app for today @yawnderue Nah bc yall cant catch a break top or bottom frag ranked players are just not human istgSo when i can change my name… should i change it back to shu or pooh shiesty lmkWhat P’s are yall pushin… u play valorant on 20 ping in a suburb of IllinoisNever seen a person who deserves it more than her pls go support her if u follow me @srrirachha @riceeeytv HOLY SHIT LETS FUCKING GO @momosFPS I need to follow more so lmk pls thank youimperial gworl
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I am throwing4k eco frags lmao i am back baby. LIVE @ ❤️➕♻️
Retweeted by shu !! @daimyoFPS Hes crazy and the streams are back😳😳 @h2nnyu WIf i get fracture one more time man im gonna hang myself (in game)Im still live :3 grinding out ranked HARD @Arlxhh @PrincessGTV_ Im ur 50th💯💯 @7lilay Jideon like harassed her while she was streaming and u can tell from the way and his chat addressed her and… rn getting back to diamond u guys should come watch <3 @jellyfish_val Female bumpah is just too funny @vvitchtriaIs Salem the ares gamer @Toraisu_ @angdownbad Nah u gotta goGonna stream in like 30-40 minutes or so gonna push for diamond again @wraithvo Nah he harassed for the wrong reasonsSeasonal depression?? Yall be getting days off?Women on twitch work hard and there isn’t anything inherently sexual about them making content or streaming so stop… didnt attack pokimane bc she was racist yall did it bc ur misogynistic and you can tell that by the way they a… @mangosmxxthie Wsg shawtyu guys ever hit a cool clip then rewatch and it’s just ass
Retweeted by shu !! @keik0x @sylvarts I checked ur profile so fast bro😭💀 i almost had to call dr umar on sylv man @syIv1a Lemme get an invite to the cord @jellyfish_val That poor man😭😭Jack harlow got me barkin am NOT free on February 14th stay pushin in ranked @Myth_ @Sodapoppintv @cyr What is this😭😭 @Cryocells_ Montage got me twerkin n shitjumpin // valorant montage @uvsect (like & retweet)
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