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sarah @shughes715 my basement, KS

this profile loves theology, philosophy, coffee, and is a Brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt /// girls only alt: @shughesnoboys

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@FrZ2003 In circle #2 and I am definitely letting it get to my head
Following girl code means watching a show because your BFF recommended it even though 2 guys recommended it before her. Chicks before d*cks. @ee_rickert yes for real @McFaddenMegan I did that once assuming it was a Catholic priest. It was a married Lutheran pastor in Atch walmart. I was bamboozledGuy asks if we can hang soon to watch brooklyn99 and community. I tell him I'm leaving tomorrow for Wyoming for 2 m… @JDLauscher Our cover story is that we are blood salesmenQuick name 5 good things: fresh brewed coffee, walking barefoot in grass, car drives with windows down, snickerdood… @mamafont_ I love this. @ee_rickert EVA. but yes they doGrave robber? Fuckin sign me up @TheHappyPriest I need the cronch @McFaddenMegan Spunky, Unique, Alive.Today was rough and anxious for a while. This evening I danced in my kitchen while doing dishes and listening to 70…
@Purpl_Unicorns The Community theme song. Don't know the lyrics but it's in my headTattoo for something/one I love ( @RealHughJackman 's signature initials) My first tattoo 😂 @ee_rickert Do you realize how absolutely stunning you are Shit
@LanghorneSlim @Crackerfarm Love this! Also love that fiddle leaf fig! I have one in my place too 💚 @aengel373 We'll just have to do both.I want a cookie dessert pizza. Ya know the ones where its a gigantic sugar cookie with cream cheese fruit dip sprea… @McFaddenMegan I miss this place.Tried to get the perfect golden brown but always got impatient and ended up catching it on fire. @3trad5you Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth… confirm. Topeka is sketchy. have been fired and I'm here for it @paige_kubenka @red10meg Basically anything by Grouplove
drank an energy drink today and now I am HYPER FOCUSED AND PACKING FOR LEAVING IN WYOMING IN 3 DAYS @ee_rickert @ee_rickert @nattypatters @wheresAdolfo I never stepped on any needles. I just found soooooooooooooo many caps to y… @TheHappyPriest @favourite_uncle @calix517 @jharmonsj @JDLauscher I did not partake in these festivities but I was jealous. @favourite_uncle @TheHappyPriest @calix517 @jharmonsj @JDLauscher oh I definitely know some people who refuse to qu… @TheHappyPriest @favourite_uncle @calix517 @jharmonsj @JDLauscher Obviously there are secret underground BJJ rings.… @jharmonsj @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher do you want into the DM @calix517 @TheHappyPriest @jharmonsj @JDLauscher Someone make the DM happen. Fr. Harmon doesn't follow me. I can't create the DM and add him. @TheHappyPriest @jharmonsj @JDLauscher but but Kansas city barbecue @jharmonsj @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher Okay hear me out. Atchison Kansas. We host the training camp in my professor… @TheHappyPriest @jharmonsj @JDLauscher @jharmonsj @JDLauscher @TheHappyPriest someone should start a catholic BJJ DM @TheHappyPriest @jharmonsj @JDLauscher one thing we can discuss at this Catholic bjj camp: my professor's theory on… @JDLauscher @TheHappyPriest @jharmonsj You have to buy this one from Hypnotik. Yes that's a skeleton throwing an ar… @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher @jharmonsj my professor after telling him it would be awesome to have catholics jamming… @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher @jharmonsj my hardest part would be choosing my rashguard, spats, and gi. Have to look… @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher @jharmonsj I would cry tears of joy and pain. @JDLauscher @TheHappyPriest @jharmonsj He's not on Twitter, but my Catholic philosophy professor is a purple belt a… @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher I'm here for it. @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher It was basically my gym therapy with my close friends. Trained 3 days a week and helped teach kids class. @JDLauscher @TheHappyPriest step by step of my demo of a standard hip throw for my blue belt. Imagine the smack of… @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher Wow. Yep. I want to do that. @JDLauscher @TheHappyPriest I have video somewhere of my BJJ blue belt test and landing a couple judo throws for testing. @JDLauscher @LadyWombats88 @TheHappyPriest whoa. Father. I tweeted this right when you posted that gif @JDLauscher @LadyWombats88 @TheHappyPriest I'm a big fan of a standard hip throw and the drop seoi nage. LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR @JDLauscher @TheHappyPriest Honestly I love takedowns. @LadyWombats88 @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher I said what I said. @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher I miss smashing people into the mats and hearing them gasp for air 💕 @TheHappyPriest @JDLauscher what is it about having my closest friends beat me up that I miss sooooo much @ByzantinThomist 👋 @JDLauscher This is how I feel about jiu jitsu. It makes me very very very very sad. @chellybellyblub Hiding under a blanket with my older brother during a thunderstorm. I must have been around 3 or 4.
@Adeal113 in a similar family 💕If any of my twitter followers would be interested, I will be giving a talk on the Cross and Medal of St. Benedict… i’m never going to get married Me: why not? 9yo: because I want to blow stuff up
Retweeted by sarah @goingblondzo you're forgetting about Alan time I watched Finding Dory high out of my mind and cried through the entire thing just remembered that I have clean sheets to crawl into. Nice. 😇 @McFaddenMegan I think your recognition of you being bad at it is a sign that you are on the right track. :) @ee_rickert @McFaddenMegan 100% accurate @McFaddenMegan I am Discomfort @DakotaB81248127 hey 😘 @LadyWombats88 tbh I has just wrecked into a tree and I was panicking a bit and I just moved it @LadyWombats88 well it was wiggling on its own. It was numb anyway so I just moved itAll my houseplants when it's watering day Health care system is me popping my thumb back into place after wrecking my bike because I'm not going to… @notBolby at this present moment Junior Dad by Lou Reed and Metallica @TheHappyPriest my Spotify is shuffling ALL THE METALLICAI'm blasting Metallica and cleaning my entire apartment and putting all my clothes away. Feels!!! So!!! Good!!! To…
This pandemic has been really good for building on and creating snap streaks. As of right now, there are 13 people…'s called a bear paw succulent because it looks like cute little bear paws 😍😍😍😍😍some of y'all won't get it, but my cousin texted me that she found one of my wish list plants and she bought it for… @KeytarCatholic’s nothing quite like driving through kansas with all the windows down, the sky stretching on towards eternity…
Retweeted by sarah @aengel373 this looks exactly like the taco bell we went to after the ropes course 😂
@jennadrum Servant of God, Chaplain Emil Kapaun. Korean War POW. Kansas home team REPRESENT @JDLauscher okay what the heck I didn't think you were that tall. Wow.14) I visited a priest friend I had not seen in a few years. We talked, laughed, I played with his dog, and then on… I think I'm in the middle of a stage right now and it's good.I get that we are in a viral pandemic but I just gotta say something... IT'S NOT DANGEROUS TO BE OUTSIDE IN FRESH A… Yes I an registered to vote. Registered as non-party affiliated.11) I didn't read a ton of YA books as a teen or whatever so I don't know how to answer this.10) If I ever left the faith it would probably be because my skepticism finally got the best of me.9) I had to google what this was. I'd want to change into a bear.8) Breakfast food.7) My favorite dipping sauce for chicken nuggets or tenders is straight up honey. I've loved it ever since I was a child.6) jeans and a black sweatshirt or t shirt5) Class clown, always pressing my teachers' buttons, finding loopholes in the uniform policy, wore house slippers… Honestly, when I was little I never daydreamed about what my wedding would look like.3) Awkward, shy, great listener, skater vibe, literally always makes me feel good about myself, been through a lot… Makes me laugh, honest, a provider, confident enough to be vulnerable. Looks: Beard, maybe tattoos, manly man.1) I'm confident, intense, and independent.Yes. Let's do it @goingblondzo new haircut and new glasses YEEEEEEEE