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@jameelajamil What a great role model - engage brain before writing on Twitter or alternatively don’t write anything @tomjrowley Be careful what you wish for - out of the frying pan and into the fire 🔥 @alexberesfordTV How widely is it felt - can that actually be quantified? @GMB Why is that a real problem?- not saying this is the case but perhaps the male candidates on merit were more su…
@Telegraph To be fair Meggy did look distressed in the photos smiling like a Cheshire Cat 🐱 @OwenJones84 You are dangerous - pipe down @MissEllieMae Resist all you want - futile @GuidoFawkes Lucky they aren’t running the country then! @SkyNews If this is true do they go in to every situation with their eyes closed - what did they think was going to…
@SkyNews Extradition not education @amandagolf59 @DarrenAttwood To be fair almost worth the wait - looked like he nailed it! @Telegraph Boris demonstrating a carbon neutral option for Harry’s trip back to Canada @Telegraph Sort of thing like that happens just after you have washed your car! @mediaguardian Any men in line for the job? @CDen128 @LozzaFox He was spot on @Councillorsuzie LP losing her seat was one of my highlights of the election - from the same school of charm as Ray…
@NancyLeeGrahn @piersmorgan Just realized why the “septic tank” rhyming slang was created @theJeremyVine And? Works both ways - should not happen but it does - May now realise that a lot of people complete… @darrengrimes_ Should not be in politics - oh that’s right she isn’t @SkyNews Sounds like a white privileged racist to me! @SkyNews Not enough - he needs to get an extradition order sorted out as well so justice can be enacted @SkyNews Where is the toughest place to be a boy?I'm with the FOX. Let's end WOKE its destroying our country. We are capable of treating people with respect without…
Retweeted by Shugmonster @RidgeOnSunday @SkyNews @ASLEFunion @MickWhelanASLEF Wouldn’t it be great if we all had the luxury of being able to… @Telegraph Yup @Telegraph Hopefully @DawnButlerBrent I’m not - plenty of other things for the Labour Party to focus on @MrsNickyClark @piersmorgan Yup @nigella_i5e Completely agree - to think this is someone that is responsible for shaping young minds is scary and a… @SkyNews @jessphillips @RidgeOnSunday Meritocracy? @CHSommers @LozzaFox @guardian These are the idiots who are outraged by being told you have a different and logical… @andrewdoyle_com @LozzaFox It’s controversial because it completely shuts down the woke and they don’t like it so t… @RidgeOnSunday @SkyNews @DrRosena Another Labour candidate who has grown up in a Dickensian type society and theref… @LozzaFox The support you have far outweighs the moronic woke brigade so continue to call these people out for what they are
@HackneyAbbott Why? Not using this as an explanation but what is the split in terms of drug consumption - you have… @LozzaFox Lily Allen - pot calling the kettle black - can I say that or is it now pot calling the kettle a utensil… @EquityUK Self-define - what a load of rubbish - the world has gone mad (again) @RachelCBoyle1 A university lecturer - all now makes sense - heaven help the kids @TheStage @EquityMEM What! Disgraceful- have an opposing opinion and you get shut down - this is very sinister @mollygiles2015 That won’t be rebuilt in a day @GarySpedding @LozzaFox Has to be a joke account - just read the profile @SkyNews Are they going to stop Homer appearing because he is overweight and may offend a large proportion of the p… @PaulBrandITV Pathetic is definitely the word - need a new approach otherwise Labour will remain irrelevant for a l…
@LouiseProudEU @Femi_Sorry @LozzaFox Can someone clarify what “people of colour means” - thought white was a colour… @LouiseProudEU @Femi_Sorry @LozzaFox He disagreed therefore he was racist - what a joke @piersmorgan @LozzaFox He was superb and spoke for a large number of people who are fed of wokeness @LeaveEUOfficial Possibly to compensate for loss of earnings for MEPs? @DailyMailUK Great role model @Telegraph Completely agree with him @BBCNews Yawn @GMB @IAmBenAnderson Will soon be banned from everywhere including conception @SkyNews UK first but not the last - goodbye EU @talkRADIO What political career? - like Hugh stick to what you are really good at @OliverKamm @zarahsultana Hasn’t been out of university long enough to understand how things work - give her a few…
@TheCanaryUK @jrschlosberg Unfundable ideas - giving away £10 notes for £8 will always be supported especially when…
@piersmorgan JC just takes the path of least resistance and tries to be woke and appeal to the “youth” of today - s… @SkyNews He needs to get back to work as this sideline is not working for him - made a compete fool of himself duri… @StevieBrexit Fantastic approach - please provide examples of racism - response this is exactly the problem - brill… @GuidoFawkes Bitch? @SunPolitics No deal then - goodbye
@SkyNews Why? @The_JamesJordan Seems to be a popular phrase at the moment - white male privilege - worst demographic to be part o… @piersmorgan Exactly
@HackedOffHugh Who cares - change the record - the country has voted - get over it @Telegraph Be careful as they did this in Hawaii and some dimwit accidentally activated - mass panic! @piersmorgan No one cares @UK_CAA Possibly once we stop funding Harry and Meghan @SkyNewsBreak @SkyNews Standing down because he has no chance of winning it @SkyNews And? @williamnhutton Yawn
@SunPolitics Clearly nothing better to do - flogging a dead horse @spoonhead123 @piersmorgan @CNN How is that relevant - clutching at straws I think @jamesevan5pro Nope @thetimes Flies? Thought she would get the boat @DailyMailUK @MailOnline Get over it @RichardBurgon Few sandwiches short of a picnic - great news for the Tories @SkyNews Meritocracy @CNDuk I’m busy @gwithiandaze @talkRADIO @claire88424030 @EamonnHolmes @DawnNeesom Option 3 - actress @patel4witham Any comment from JC? @MarkSparkes1 @piersmorgan And your point is? @BBCNews Brilliant idea - what a load of nonsense @GMB @FloPerry Nope @JonAshworth @UKLabour Banter
@SkyNews @LouHaigh @BarryGardiner Is “not backing” a male candidate sexist? I am sure if this was a man saying he c…
@Matthewmj23 @piersmorgan Absolute rubbish - race has nothing to do with this but rather her ability to split up he… @SkyNews Can this get any better for the Conservatives? @SholaMos1 This was an obvious next step as Harry is well and truly under the thumb and Meghan not universally popu… @jeremycorbyn You however will always side with the “terrorist” - thank god you suffered a humiliating defeat in th… @SkyNews @realDonaldTrump @jeremycorbyn @BorisJohnson Not sure we really care what JC says anymore and possibly previously
@Channel4News Well said @SkyNews Who? @RupertLowe10 Wow - surely performance as Leader of a party is election success 0 from 2 - 10 out of 10 - reflectio… @damian_from @IsabelOakeshott Not in an election @GuidoFawkes Great news for any Conservative @SkyNews Not newsworthy @GuidoFawkes Was lucky to hang on to his constituency let alone go for Labour leadership - scraped in with 814 vote majority @SkyNews That phrase about doing something repeatedly and expecting a different result - think that applies to Soci… @Independent What? Get real - these people need a dose of reality and Ricky provides this in spades
@GuidoFawkes Appropriate