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Star Trek. Buffy. SPN. SG-1. Orville. Film. TV. History. Music. Astronomy. Wannabe podcaster.🎭 Disabled. Vegan. she/her 🎵Music fandom profile: @Mixtape64

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@fozrotten @letterboxd 👊 @KerrBearLib 👍😀 @EnterpriseExtra HELLOOOOOOOOOO @juel_05 Agreed😊👍 I want to see all those deleted scenes.
@Queer_Trek I was wondering about that as well because it sounds like the other children returned to their parents… @sunnybecky81 I don’t remember them saying anything. But I’m going to rewatch :-) @IridescenceSd Very interesting :-) @crowbar2999 Same to you!🖖😊🎸🎵 @michaelangie @CaptArcherNX01 👍That’s great! I guess I need to get this Blu-ray :-) @michaelangie @CaptArcherNX01 Oh wow I didn’t know that! I wish that had happened. @michaelangie @patient Beautifully said… I feel the same way about them! :-) @michaelangie @patient I was just about to say the same to you, I am so sorry !Yes Star Trek most definitely helps.… @michaelangie @patient I completely understand. I am in a similar boat. @mooreonzach @BrandonMutala Absolutely!! Well said. Definitely a masterpiece. I think I’m going to watch it again! @Ballerina_KC I agree. This is a favorite episode of mine. :-) @mooreonzach @BrandonMutala Yes so incredible! It’s amazing the effects they were able to do at that time with what… @Ballerina_KC Thanks!…But sad.😢 Interesting theory:-)… That would be cool!Does anyone know what happened to the Borg baby in “Collective?” After the scene in sickbay, I don't recall hearing… out the latest #TowelTalkTuesday with @TTrekkie!!
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @MissMolly_Makes @TheOrville I’ve been loving it from the beginning.😊👍Enjoy!! @ragdollmom25 😄 @ragdollmom25 Adorable! Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series DVD Box Set #Vintage #Classic60s #TVSeries
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @JonfuciusOnline Congratulations!🎊 @eatatquarks Yes!!👍🖤 @EntClubPodcast 👍👍👍 and Geeks @TheLoneWolf68 @thetzechun Major bummer!! @MatthewMk2 Thanks! :-) I appreciate it. @4LoveofStarTrek @StarTrek Along those lines… lol... I'll keep rolling… "Love… you're better off without it and I'm…
@4LoveofStarTrek @StarTrek Oh gosh, don't get me started lol, I live to quote Trek. "Don't tell me that again scie… @4LoveofStarTrek This one still hurts.😭 @TTrekkie Excellent!:-)📺 @BrandonMutala That’s awesome. :-) what a cool dad. I just re-watched the original King Kong from the ‘30s. Wow, Th… @FourHosts @TheJeffBridges Beautiful!😢I'm not that familiar with Star Wars other than seeing the original at the movies in 1977. *(shocking!)* It's time… @FourHosts @TheJeffBridges No need to apologize😊.... non trek is good also:-) What an excellent actor! Starman!👍🔆 Happy birthday!!DC Fontana was a critical part of Trek’s lasting legacy. I wrote a column for TrekCore celebrating her work and con…
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @TrekRanks Nice job, Jim. Thank you for the excellent tribute. @zoidberg95 Wow! That's wonderful! Where did you see her? @NetworkRyfi Agreed, it's awesome! And nice to see Neelix do some drama.(Dec 3) Happy Birthday🎂to Steven Culp who portrayed Major Hayes in five #StarTrekEnterprise third season episodes.…
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @NetworkRyfi Some excellent episodes this season. Parallax, Phage, Eye the Needle, State of Flux, Heroes and Demons… @TrekLegacy @NetworkRyfi Well said🖖 @Larkistin89 Congratulations!! 🎉 So happy for you!😃 @TheRaDR Thanks for the link!😢 She was a pioneer. Her work will continue to influence for generations to come.
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @juel_05 😊😊😊💕I just found out that Alex Lifeson wrote the theme for one of my favorite Andromeda characters. WHAT A TRIP!…
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @RQ_Machines That is too cool!! @dave_phantom That's great to hear. Thanks!!😊 @BatlethBabe @StarTrek What a cool cover!👍 @TrekCore Thank you DC. Good thing they didn't do a Draylax episode. @dave_phantom I'm watching it through for the first time. Loving it!! I'm in the middle of season three. Enjoy! writer. Pioneer. Visionary. Legend. All Star Trek fans are indebted to DC Fontana for her immense contri… @WeyounClone @TTrekkie Ditto @RobynHitchcock Absolutely true,… And well deserved! @BatlethBabe @Lovarzi @Toco1973O Congratulations!😊
The enduring legacy of Buffy. After all these years, it still matters. #BuffytheVampireSlayer #BtVS #Buffy
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @ChasingHorses Yes it does. :-) @catmsquared Ditto :-) @ArtofTrek Good point, so true. @ArtofTrek A few more moments to add: opening heartfelt monologue by Kirk 😢, nice acting,…the look on Chekov’s face… @nullpsifer @CraigUntlNytTym Agreed!… +This is a great moment. @Tyranicus @alexandertperry @StarTrekModels 😂 @KerrBearLib @madilyn Brilliant🎵😊
@rashiduzzaman82 I am so very sorry to hear that Rashid. My heart goes out to you. Thinking of you on this difficult day.💔 @NerdTrekPodcast @CatastrophePod @jessphoenix2018 😊 np @NerdTrekPodcast @CatastrophePod @jessphoenix2018 If you're into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I strongly recommend "St… @CraigUntlNytTym 👍☀️ slingshot… @CraigUntlNytTym Voyage Home is so fantastic:-) @GenVG1 Absolutely!😊👍 @TrekProfiles 😂 @ListeningToFilm 🤣 @ArtofTrek 👍#Stargate drawing Nr. 23 already found many fans before I even drew the first line. 🙈 General Jack is a fan fave an…
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @Larkistin89 @stargatecommand @BaronDestructo @GateWorld @dhewlett @amandatapping @terylrothery @MichaelShanks @Larkistin89 @stargatecommand @BaronDestructo @GateWorld @dhewlett @amandatapping @terylrothery @MichaelShanks @uk_locutus Good luck! Looking sharp :-) @miri_plt @juanicillin8 😊🖖 @juanicillin8 @miri_plt you @ArtofTrek ! :-)Conceptually, Boldly Go! is like if the Punk On The Bus got taken back to the 23rd Century in Star Trek IV with the…
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwoOK it’s decided. After all this fun talk about Search for Spock on Twitter today, I am definitely going to watch it… @BoldlyGoBand 😀A younger Bill Nye in his 9th grade science class.
Retweeted by ShuttlepodTwo @BatlethBabe 🥰 @ArtofTrek Sorry for repeating this, but there is a camera shot that gets me choked up. When Sarek is waiting for t… @ArtofTrek Kirk/Sarek mind meld McCoy nerve pinch in bar😂 How many fingers am I holding up? 😆 Self-destruct command… @AndrewCFrancis @ArtofTrek Nooo...!😢 @ArtofTrek Too many to mention :-) I love this film. 👍🖤😊 @JonfuciusOnline @BatlethBabe Aw! @LibertarianRed1 @TheRogueViolet Thank you for the pagan appreciation shout out.🌖
@BatlethBabe @ListeningToFilm That's cool :-) enjoy @BestofBuffy What a moment!😢 @maree38813865 Thank you! :-) @TTrekkie I’m sorry that happened to you. @Tyranicus @MorganBinnix @michaelangie @trekfan4747 Absolutely! Very unfair.