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@Ballerina_KC @morgannike49 One of my favorites.💕 @Birgit65941468 @morgannike49 The pocketwatch.😢 @BoldlyGoBand @pollyesthergems Thank you! @pollyesthergems @BoldlyGoBand Ditto. I absolutely need to be upping the punx right now. @KerrBearLib Agreed:-) @jim27182 @Mikehomeseller @movie_gal_10 @SkyLabTapes @paultguitarist @PaulDiana18 @bflosabrescott @VinylRecordsGuy Kirk was hooking up a stereo and called Scotty and said...Scotty, I need more power... @movie_gal_10
Retweeted by Shuttlepod Two @NCC_17fOrmula1 I was going to say Mulder and Scully but I know it’s wrong!😁 @MarcieStarfleet Big YES....For me personally, I think it’s fantastic!🚀 @Pyro_boro 🥰 @michaelangie @ShelfNerds Yes, yes, and yes👍👍👍
@veganrecipehour 😍😍😍 @MeTV Freaks and Geeks @rashiduzzaman82 Awww, Lovely photo! 💕 @Tyranicus Thanks for the great idea! 🖖 @ThatEricAlper “Clap your hands, everybody. Everybody, clap your hands!“ @crockpics AC Transit?😆 Great photo🖤🎸 @TrekFan4387 Most definitely, "a Piece of the Action!" @TrekkerRon 🖖LLAP🖤 @RentzAllison @MarcieStarfleet 👍 @MarcieStarfleet I use the Oxford comma as well. Full support! @trekkerjohn Very cool🖖 @trekkerjohn That’s awesome!!! Where was that taken? :-)🤣👍🖤 @ShelfNerds @rashiduzzaman82 8th!👍🥰🖤🖖 @DerekLawrence73 @ShelfNerds Sorry, I realize I said “whole” 3 times...yikes. I guess I like this movie. :-)Time for “One Small Step”! One of Voyager’s most underrated episode. It epitomizes the ethos of #StarTrek in many w…
Retweeted by Shuttlepod Two @ShelfNerds Oh, cool! I can’t wait to see the review. Another quote that gets to me is, “I hope you don’t consider… @veganrecipehour @ViolifeFoods Thank you! :-)
@ShelfNerds Top five star trek all across the franchise for me. An incredible episode. Agree, definitely epitomize… @KrisTheVegan Yum!😊 @veganrecipehour Thank you, hope you are well! Today’s experiment is black bean/quinoa “burrito bowl” with… @ShelfNerds 👏🤣 @VegNews @Milkadamia Almond or oat 😊🥛 @ShelfNerds @DerekLawrence73 😀 @ShelfNerds Very tough choice. Very difficult to choose! They are all fantastic. I also enjoy the activation of the… @VeganChatRoom @veggiesnottm YUM! That looks so good!1) Hey Trek family, figure skating fans, literary friends, & everyone else, I'm changing careers & looking for new…
Retweeted by Shuttlepod Two @DerekLawrence73 @ShelfNerds Completely agree!😄I love that whole scene. And I also love the whole kidney sequence/l… @JonfuciusOnline *They’re @JonfuciusOnline Thanks for a great re-watch Jonfucius. I enjoyed your reviews very much.👍🖖 @JonfuciusOnline Completely agree. Absolute 10/10. Brilliant. @JonfuciusOnline "Great men are not… peacemakers! The’re conquerers!" And yes, Hoshi is fantastic.I love this episode.👍 @JonfuciusOnline Archer’s conversation with the Organian in sickbay near the end really gets me. Very well done! @DerekLawrence73 @ShelfNerds’s brilliant!🤣🤣Was reminiscing about this one the other day. One of my favorite lifetime memories was being fitted for my costume…
Retweeted by Shuttlepod Two @TrekRanks Wow👍👍👍🤩 That is really awesome! @bales1181 @stonegasman @sequelsonly @ShelfNerds 24 @mooreonzach Outstanding!! I saw it last month. @RentzAllison Me too🥰 @RentzAllison @petertrek1 @RentzAllison @MarcieStarfleet Greatly appreciate the information and clarification, Peter! Thanks! 😊🐕🚀 @dxndeliions Blocked! @RentzAllison @MarcieStarfleet I think I heard there were several, and I think they were female. I could be completely wrong :-) @zoidberg95 @PatrickE34 Ditto, Big outrage here as well!! @MarcieStarfleet @skadoo3 🖤🖤🖤 @BoldlyGoBand Yes!😁👍🎸 @TrekFan4387 The acting is great in “dagger of the mind”, and I appreciate the first mind meld, but the neural neut… @TrekFan4387 I read the book years ago but never saw the film. I can only imagine! :-) @Vindalf @BoldlyGoBand That’s perfect.🤘 @BoldlyGoBand Chez Sandríne might be cool @ShelfNerds 👍😂 @ShelfNerds Bridge crew @ShelfNerds Your mind😆 @Ballerina_KC 🖤 @ThatNeilGuy
@JaneNX01 Beautiful!🥰🖤 @trekvstrek 🤣Nice! @trekvstrek I think I need to change my vote LOL. @trekvstrek Great point! I completely agree. Very nuanced performance, and compelling , like you said. He’s defini… @drums_wires @Casual_Bob_ Ditto @trekvstrek Yeah, S4 has some great stuff. This was a really tough vote because I also love the TOS one so very muc… @thePeaDock House of Quark @trekvstrek The original is dear to my heart. Discovery’s was totally awesome. But I have to give a shout-out to En… @fmfagan Welcome to Burgerland. @Tiffanieskater @BatlethBabe Beautiful!! @ShelfNerds I had to have this book, just ordered it! 🖖😊👍How did women get the right to vote? They fought for it. Watch THE VOTE, now streaming →
Retweeted by Shuttlepod Two @glowingcanary @EnterpriseExtra @StarTrek That’s pretty darn awesome.😍 @ShelfNerds 🤣 @TheInsaneRobin @ShelfNerds TOS originalHappy #TrekTuesday! The #StarTrek Alphabet Book arrived! My kiddo is gonna love it! 🖖🏻 Look at that Xindi represent…
Retweeted by Shuttlepod Two @ShelfNerds That Xindi page!!!! 🖤Love it! @ShelfNerds Tough one!! Chakotay/Uhura @ShelfNerds @Ballerina_KC @ilariawolff @rashiduzzaman82 Most definitely! :-) :-) @Ballerina_KC @ilariawolff @rashiduzzaman82 Thank you! I’ve always wanted to pilot the ship! I won’t let you down…Warp speed ahead!😄💕👍
@RentzAllison @BatlethBabe @MissHrisoula @ShelfNerds @feanorofvalinor @dandeckr @BeezleMcFly 👍🖖😀 @RentzAllison @BatlethBabe @MissHrisoula @ShelfNerds @feanorofvalinor @dandeckr @BeezleMcFly Thank you! I am so hon… @Sith1701 @KerrBearLib Now that you mention it I think I might’ve heard that somewhere? I’m not sure. Thanks! I would’ve loved that. @TrekLad Robin Curtis was an excellent Saavik.Grab a margarita! I had so much fun talking about the great #StarTrek #LowerDecks news with the awesome…
Retweeted by Shuttlepod Two @michaelangie Me too! :-) Thanks for sharing this stuff😀 @JediJoie That’s fantastic!! 👏👏 @SUSIE1932 @CanaDaBear1701 Wow, great collection! @CanaDaBear1701 😊😊😊 @CanaDaBear1701 👍👍 @TrekkieRob 🤣🤣The whole episode is comedy gold! @TrekkieRob