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17 || valorant e-sports enthusiast #c9win | @ggbreanna • @odurii1 • @hwoision | owner of @1millisecondVAL | @HoelessBros

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@Hori_VAL @s0mcs THATS THE HORI I KNOW @urlocalpiscesgf HOLD BACK YOUR FINGERS @73WRAITH @urlocalpiscesgf 17th @73WRAITH Poggies @73WRAITH @urlocalpiscesgf March @73WRAITH @urlocalpiscesgf What did I do too @shortywnoshordy 💀
@TeamGamerians Worried abt u @TeamGamerians Yo what going on man @leyyakfps Deathadder mini @Raki4k Yo this is not normal behavior someone get this guy a girl @ThyHighway Proceeds to lose it @odurii1 @hwoision Im tryna see how lovey dovey this guy's tweets are yk @odurii1 @hwoision Pending gahahahah @odurii1 @hwoision @odurii1 Pookie wookie bro @odurii1 Post it no cap @1vanniieee So sweet
@SyndicateVal @TeamOnin Yo tsunami r u rich broLOLWelcoming 1MillisecondX, our all female roster! 1️⃣@_NotAria_ 1️⃣@jellyfish_val 1️⃣@angiet0t 1️⃣@maple_editz 1️⃣…
Retweeted by 1MS ShuUis HB @angdownbad Cool af @wolfyval Dude what today is gonna be hell @angdownbad Oh? Literature lover? @1vanniieee Np @bitchlessdrew Fr @cyrexyz np sir @odurii1 OFCCute
@srrirachha Cuz it's not @srrirachha Pls don't make this a bangerGuys stay safe out there. It be crazy @TInstinctkiller @odurii1 @odurii1 @TInstinctkiller @73WRAITH Hey at least it's in a top 5 that's good @73WRAITH Then get a yo mama pasta platter @73WRAITH G pro superlight @TInstinctkiller @odurii1 Interesting @Nighty10k @kanatouu Go drink some water, thirsty boi @kanatouu I am a poopoohead @odurii1 It's ok we all areWhen in doubt find a new route There will be drought but there will still be trout @odurii1 PIN IT @hwoision Cute even through a migraine @charizardxc @hwoision @odurii1 🥶 ice in the veins @kanatouu the latter @TeamGamerians hang in there, talk it out my guy
@NarwhalFPS Can't play in vct for 2 years bruh @wolfyval Hang in there 🙏 @srrirachha Don't get caught lackin guys @angdownbad @73WRAITH That's me holy shi @angdownbad @73WRAITH Quick question what is a nergin @angdownbad @73WRAITH LOLL HIwelcome @zoasxo to management, and @ECONCoe to the head coach role of our academy roster! Glad to work with you guys🥂
Retweeted by 1MS ShuUis HBWelcome, @J43DON to the head coach for... a certain team that we are cooking up. Looking forward to working with you!
Retweeted by 1MS ShuUis HBwelcome @xRosey99 to the 1MS management team! You guys aren't ready for us 😼
Retweeted by 1MS ShuUis HB @odurii1 @skadaddynoodle 😍 yes @TeamGamerians yo... @painteddoves @skadaddynoodle down bad in plat 3hearing, "how are you not immortal, you should be immortal" during scrims makes me feel so goooooooooooooooooooooood @skadaddynoodle @odurii1 :(me
Retweeted by 1MS ShuUis HB
@Pxrallex @sarahIemon Stop tryna dodge man 👨 @sarahIemon @Rec9k These 15 yr olds built diff these days @cloudyerin_ @1HUNNYU @cowffeeeee @stellariwnl your mom is cool @cloudyerin_ @1HUNNYU @cowffeeeee @stellariwnl I mean is she wrong???? @stellariwnl @_NotAria_ Bro tenz is one of the few that will spam deagle to the body 12 3 kill @odurii1 @TeamGamerians "R u kidding me" 😭😭😭 @_NotAria_ JUST BE TENZ WITH OFF ANGLE, TIMINGS, SHOTGUNS, AND OPERATOR WOOHOO @_NotAria_ Yesh, but rlly depends on your playstyle/aim style. Aproto has insane headshot percentages, 50% even som… @stellariwnl @1millisecondVAL when ur a player 😱 @1millisecondVAL vouchON TO THE NEXT! We are looking for F/A General Managers, its getting hard for me (@shuuuuis) to manage all this by…
Retweeted by 1MS ShuUis HB @cnriquem gotta hide my ugly face bro
@1millisecondVAL COME WATCHThe 1Millisecond boys are doing a small tourney tonight! Catch us in the first round COME SUPPORT NOW
Retweeted by 1MS ShuUis HB @_bbubxxa I'm jk ahahab @_bbubxxa YEAH! @skylrqii Thank you 😵 @bobabonk I want a butterflyjk guysTips to get on nsfw twitter? @Nanashiiz @73WRAITH me too pls @1HUNNYU 😍 @azelhazell Azel supremacy @azelhazell B] @zentyvx Cuz no one wants me @odurii1 OMG 😀 ODURII thank you @mudafvka This u and me @sinluvsu Check yo fiscord5 @zoakun 😁 @73WRAITH Hiiiii @1vanniieee 😳 @1vanniieee Did anyone a- @jellyfish_val You'll get it back @odurii1 LOL 😆 @zekeiVAL Oop @odurii1 ❤️ @zoakun 😱😱
@hwoision cute