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Shoto 🗡️ @shxtou DP ‣ @elfboi_ | Banner ‣ @68M0

Shoto / Shou | Guild Leader & Lvl 99 Rogue | @Twitch Partner | Model ‣ @suteinuA | Live2D ‣ @etctr_ | Art ‣ #ArtoftheRogue | Clips ‣ #shxtou |

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@CyYuVtuber smegma male @AQUA191V uwuwuwuwu @elfboi_ someone recommended demon horns.. @krizless widdle cat eat hoodie is best energy @Buffpup_ the joys of being human, is that I can be anything I WANT !! WOOOOOOOGOOD MORNING NYA 🐈‍⬛ @Vox_Akuma At least sims Ike will acknowledge your unconditional love bro 🙏 @sinacafe_miss HAPPY NEW YEAR !! @ker_vt y e s @Mysta_Rias uwuwuu owo? baby man sweepy need hwis mwilky wilky uwuwu awhh sweepy boyo nweed bwig bottle of mwilk owowowo uwuuu @luca_kaneshiro The screams were like listening to an orchestra 🙏❤️ @vanouji I’m so fucking gay dude 😔 @Tuont0 woof @Nnnoira GRANDMOM#ArtoftheRogue puppy puppy
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️🦴💓 #ArtoftheRogue #イラスト 試しに描いた時のイラスト 可愛かったから投稿してみる
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@Mysta_Rias I’m not high 😠 @moenaomii i.. I like your face ❤️ @Vox_Akuma no but I’m about to punt you like a ball ⚽️ @refrainbow I love you bb mwuah UR SO ADORABLE @slept_sui I love this so much 💜🥺 thank you for beautiful shoto art 🙏 @_Ye0_ i love all the poses you did ;; HES so adorable! ❤️#ArtoftheRogue Just checking the dog's teeth😘
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️I want to wrap him up in a blanket and kidnap him to my home so bad... Meow! #ArtoftheRogue
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️neko! #ArtoftheRogue
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️“Give a kiss for the puppy please” You’re so cute!!! Can you give me a kiss🥺@shxtou #ArtoftheRogue
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️#ArtoftheRogue totemo suki💞💞💞
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️ @kongbai1412 Happy Birthday to your roommate !! 😊 @KunPusu i knew this would show up here at some point @JennaLynnMeowri YES MAAM 🙏 @shu_yamino MALDING OR BALDING? 😳 @shu_yamino May I have one as a snack @Saruei_ omg you should try other countries MREs too LOL @rosedoodles @Buffpup_ @aicandii THE CASTING COUCH?! @PrimPriord 😠 @91png smol @t0_shir0 eheh @nazunita I hope ur okay bro ;; @ke42941022 meow!! @hostofvermin I love him so much AAAAA GIMME @pointlessnut thank you for the meal 🙏 @Mysta_Rias rest up puppy 💜 you did great @ArchonEclipse 💜 @Capriicant 🔪 @refrainbow i am just a boy 💜 @matemi_art GAOOO !! 🐱 @HiroshiVtuber im a hard working boyAsset 💕 Meow? Gao... Rawr? @baovtuber im about to queue snipe @yoclesh @Momotexx I.. i'll accept this once
@domoarigathanks WHAT THE FUCK DOMO AAAA @lilia_uwu I love this rat boy @scarra THE LITTLE HORNS TOO MAN this shit is cute af @hifa772007 This is so beautiful ;; 💜🙏 @Momotexx @yoclesh I’m so weak for brocci完成! 越來越喜歡shoto 想COS了!已經開始跟朋友討論製作小刀跟服裝🥰 謝謝成為我第一個關注的Vtuber❤️ #shoto #ArtoftheRogue
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️#ArtoftheRogue #shoto He's sooooooooooooo cute
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️Style experimentation with precious boy Shoto (Shxtou) #ArtoftheRogue
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Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️ @HostKaun I am submersive and breathable @ReimuEndou ? I never said I was seiso also why do you care how I spend my money? are you obsessed with me reimu 😔 @ReimuEndou Your Twitter likes had Luxiem porn.. @ReimuEndou lmao @JeiVtuber I WOULD NEVER BARK
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️lemon nya was the best 😊 #ArtoftheRogue
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️ @amanopikamee WOOO LETS GO @baovtuber COPE @oda1ga CUTE ❤️ @Mysta_Rias YOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO !! 🎂 ❤️#ArtoftheRogue #shoto 忘记了之前画了小狗狗,, “Good boy?No,no,this is a bad dog”
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️Shoto time!!!!#ArtoftheRogue
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️#ArtoftheRogue Sometimes I really want to get into my phone screen and touch Shoto's soft looking hair(It would be…
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️ @CovfefeChan @Girl_Dm_ awh fefe 🥰 @elfboi_ THEO. @luca_kaneshiro okay its my turn to RAWRI HAVE A VERY IMPORANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!
Retweeted by Shoto 🗡️ @PrimPriord a @t0_shir0 oh yeah tight bussy
@CyYuVtuber You and Luna are evil @JustSyl1 sfw or nsfw either way I’d be honored ❤️🙏 @KiraShizumi this.. has such a powerful energy @Girl_Dm_ there’s no way it happens, I’m safe 😌 @Girl_Dm_ .. If I hit 100k here before the end of the month, I’ll eat a KitKat with kewpie mayo. @HunTunnn Be sure to feed him ❤️ @7011shiyi this is so sick ❤️❤️ @xu_0117 SHOTO NOT DOG!! WOOF 😠❤️ @shiwu1029 cozy rainy weather ❤️😙 Thank you for the gift ;; @Inkhugh Who broke his heart? 🥺❤️ @sevenma941 this is so cute ;; 💜 thank you for drawing him !! @Libre_AM Bo’om* @Yugigina HAPPY NEW YEAR !! ❤️ 🥰 @_Ye0_ gwumpy pwuppy ❤️ @Krestmas my ass is fatter than hers @Pinky_purin Holy shit 😳 you free later? @SOSOOGA YES @91png HMMMM