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@HAL_India @anantha Difference between a privately run enterprise vs state run. Latest and last balance sheets has… @anantha Multiple auditors in the family have done it for multiple clients ;-) @anantha Yes you need a new pan.These two images are enough to tell about the impact of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the man behind cultural, relig…
Retweeted by ShyamFinally, a data backed read on the JNU thingy !!
Amazing thread by @mcclure111 a match between Chelsea and Charlton in 1937, the game was abandoned due to thick fog. Charlton's Goalkeeper Sa…
Retweeted by ShyamA herd of elephants marched 12 hours to the house of Lawrence Anthony after he died – the man who saved them. They…
Retweeted by Shyam @krishashok Ya.. @krishashok Masala dosai and Sagar/darshini of luru ?? @prabhuferrari Janma sthabalyamHe was trying to jump police barricade I was there He got injured in this process I am witness I was reporting…
Retweeted by Shyam She freeloaded 10 yrs in JNU (8 failed UPSC attempts en-route?) & this is her PhD thesis 😬…
Retweeted by ShyamSome interesting reporting from HuffPost on the electoral bonds thingy, and yet, such a strange silence from the media..... Hmm...And yet not a single condemnation of the CN there ..... @aryansrivastav_ @_Drunkenmunk Once again. Looks like the head is stuck up in a place where sun doesn't shine. It n… @aryansrivastav_ @_Drunkenmunk Once again, sorry to not participate in discussions where goalposts change. @aryansrivastav_ @_Drunkenmunk And yeah, of the record they did try to lynch their own VC. So. There. @aryansrivastav_ @_Drunkenmunk Thought we are taking about politics & priorities. Not here for shifting goalposts. @aryansrivastav_ @_Drunkenmunk This is assuming that JNU has not changed ! When people's politics and priorities ch… is assuming that JNU has not changed ! When people's politics and priorities change, why not JNU's ? What is s… is an interesting read ! The. Flying. F*** proud anti-national who is not even student of JNU now was protesting against fee hike. His FB profile has STO…
Retweeted by ShyamThe world's most widely visited temple is Sensoji Kannon in Tokyo where Brahma & Indra flank main God Almighty Kann…
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@KarikadaiBoy He claimed to have won against fadnavis !! Some rti and crapSomeone posted this photo of the Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow and I can’t stop looking at it! 😍
Retweeted by ShyamThis thread and the replies to that are gold !!
@sowmyarao_ Also the momos from the man near Sony world signal, opposite to fill n chill.
This @AatishTaseer can’t stop lying! Says his OCI papers were submitted by his mother in 2000. (He’d have been 20,…
Retweeted by ShyamNASA Saw Something Come Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time Ever
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Someone should tell her - what went around, is coming around.... @prabhuferrari Old people !! Anga dhaan prachanai.‘We’ve seen ISIS level horror in Kashmir 30 years before west was introduced to brutalities of Islamist terror. Whe…
Retweeted by ShyamTrue. The bus lobby has practically killed the trains... the niagra, on a tightrope ! @sumank Get well soon, annatheyThe reduce the price of your laptops, or make an entry level one. Why dump on poor kids who can't afford one ? Moro…
Hard to say it, but for sure this is a sad end... is an art, not on public property ! Create your own spaces for it !! to see some well-meaning students of JNU cleaning the Statue site of #SwamiVivekananda this evening & pe…
Retweeted by ShyamIt’s the 7th anniversary of this act of despicable filth by Zlatan. Dirty rotten scoundrel.
Retweeted by Shyam"Spirited" recovery !! mattiya nee ! There are other items crying out for a decent opposition. Please look ok at them, atleast n… @VasanMSV @chenthil_nathan Please also get some investigation done on the other two professors accused in the suici… a muslim student studying in IIT Madras, my campus is not islamophobic. Please keep yourself away from the propa…
Retweeted by ShyamErr.. this is the cost of your PM ambitions.... other screenshots as well. Pls don't come to conclusions. We all know what happened with Saravjeet Singh who l…
Retweeted by ShyamRequest to those trending #JusticeForFathimaLatheef. I study in IIT Madras, and there is no discrimination going…
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Oh ! Intel's troubles don't seem to end !! media is lying. The rent in JNU hostels isn’t 10 Rupees per month, it is astronomically high 120 Rupees per year.
Retweeted by ShyamNo surprises on this one.... thread on cricket trivia by @bhaleraosarang (cc @venkyiimb) @bhaleraosarang @kbalakumar @threadreaderapp unroll
Selfie From Top Of Everest ‘Destroys Flat Earth Theory Once And For All’
Retweeted by ShyamMost likely the situation in Maharashtra.
🌊 Have you ever seen a wave catching a cloud?
Retweeted by ShyamHe intercepted the ball, and ran the complete opposite way! WHAT A TWAT 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Shyam @venkyiimb @funwithfundas Put the aruval like that...I am an Onion farmer. I sold my onions @ Rs 60/kg directly to the villagers in sabji mandi today. No middlemen invo…
Retweeted by ShyamErr wasn’t he also a congress party member at later stages? Why haven’t you mentioned that in this tweet?…
Retweeted by ShyamIncorrect. Ekta Bisht. 3/16 vs Sri Lanka in 2012. First Indian to take a hat-trick in T20s.
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Eppudi dhaan spin panninalum home minister will *always* find a way to hit it out of the park !! but steadily, the tentacles are spreading in..... asking us why are we ignoring the part where ASI report confirmed a Hindu structure underneath the Mosque, w…
Retweeted by Shyamநாதஸ் திருந்திட்டான் யார் சொன்னது நாதசே சொன்னான்...அந்த comedy தான் ஞாபகம் வருது😜செல்லாது செல்லாது...…
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Amazing thread by @dhh. Highlights the skewed stance of apple's credit card.... @dhh @AppleCard @threadreaderapp unrollRemember the contribution of Mr.Muhammad, the historian from ASI who started it all... #AYODHYAVERDICTWords added to the construction can also be removed. ! Which is why all other arguments fall flat...
@anantha Nakkala Kai thattalam. Illati konjam involvement namakkum irukku nankaravanga thiruttha try pannalam. Choi… @anantha Century adikanumna first Oru single edukanum @anantha Even those 4 walls give a sense of privacy, right ? Especially to the women folk....Now that most folks have fled from Twitter to Mastodon, expect Twitter to be a much more tolerable place...Srinivasa Ramanujan, a religious Hindu, credits his mathematical findings to the Goddess of Namagiri, who appeared…
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Where @aloor_ShaNavas is taken to the cleaners !!"Come after his wealth" is the problem. It's HIS wealth (legally earned) that you are trying to COME AFTER.
Retweeted by ShyamHow can we miss this today 86 + 9 = 97..!!!!! #தத்திஸ்டாலின்
Retweeted by Shyameh ?? minutes silence for those who outraged needlessly against Bill Gates... admin of this account needs a special mention ! great #longread on the inexact science that is online advertising. @ptrmadurai gets shown the mirror on his hypocrisy. Hypocrisy - thy name is DMK !!! Numbers are numbers whose square in that base can be split into 2 parts that add up to the original number…
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@ABVan The gult fellows will argue that this is a crossover.... @hawkeyeview @prabhuferrari @YouTube Also this one @petervangeit If you pass malwan on the way, take a look at the bhatgar dam. Near bhor.If this is what it takes to keep folks like these off Twitter, then I think we should have more of it ! Please exte… This is way inspiring ! @Ahmedshabbir20 @SuryahSG Then please delete the tweet too to show that you uphold to the highest journalistic standards. Oh wait....Didn't this @Ahmedshabbir20 fellow win some journalism award recently ? And now, he makes a sorry ass of himself...… is interesting ! @NaveenFilmmaker gets a brutal takedown. Better to shut your mouth and let people think you are a fool than t…
News Flash: Manu Bhaker wins GOLD medal in 10m Air Pistol event of Asian Shooting Championships. India had alread…
Retweeted by ShyamIt’s Oleg Blokhin’s birthday today. You remember him. The year is 1975 and he’s up against Franz Beckenbauer’s bri…
Retweeted by ShyamThis is stupidity and utter sense of entitlement. Never bite the hand that feeds you. It may be needed to feed othe… is rather telling of the trigger happy outrage times we live in, that Scorsese has to issue a clarification. Thr… @zenx @zenrainman Yes. Especially the rwh. JJ was rather strict in enforcing it. Then the next few years folks slac… : China is open for FDI Fact : China will allow foreign institutions full ownership of their local broke…
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