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I'm politics free for 2020 I'm just going to sit back and listen to Genesis The Lamb lays down on Broadway drink a Vodka orange and watch the world burn

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@ZineMatica Well as long as it's not the Crow City of Angels 😋 @JohnCleese I think he's illiterate it would explain his Tweets as they look like speech to Text @theneedledrop Good afternoon @sofain @HOWLINMADWALDO @PatrickJolle @shoe0nhead Or butt sizes @sofain @HOWLINMADWALDO @PatrickJolle @shoe0nhead Well what Colours of skin do you find desirable @LaurakBuzz @iain1st @ElderlyGoose Well the Economics is because the EU are now making tax evasion a crime and Swit… @LaurakBuzz @iain1st @ElderlyGoose Some but there's a generation of Elderly people with a chip on there shoulder fr… @AntiTrekker @trekyards I actually liked Dr Polaski in season 2 but this idea that Roddenberry was somehow super wo… @ContextCap Me personally I find Rogan is really a Centrist and to focus only on his podcast and none of the facts… @Shadow135Simmi @KatDaddyLaw @PoorePlaysBass 2,4,D @Diamandahagan well my number one pick if I was casting Doctor who would be Bollywood lead actor Iffran Khan in a v… @ZineMatica It's weird how much Strikes Again looks like Werner Herzog's Cobra Verde also no explanation how Django… @ZineMatica Ah Franco Nero being dubbed is hilarious still his best 80's movie you have to see Django Strikes Again… @ZineMatica Actually 2 of my favourite Cannon movies are Koyaanisqatsi and Otello which are the last things people… @ZineMatica Have you ever watched Invaders from Mars as of the 3 Tobe Hooper Cannon movies it's my favourite, life… @StefanMolyneux Oh dear I'd avoid facts from Stef as he has a tendency to exaggerate and be selective @WozzieWasEre Really the dates are what matters as the Persian Slavery put many others to shame but that was BCE, a… @Onision Don't worry Greg Twitter is light just don't look yourself up on KiwiFarms or Metokurs streams on you @LaurakBuzz @ElderlyGoose Well in my area of the country the Majority was people between 50-80 so really when food… @PitTherapy It was odd how it's only the woke and left people still talking about this as Sargon's GamerGate 2.0 wa… @ElderlyGoose @LaurakBuzz Really I went out of my way to warn people to not blow off there fingers by holding the l… @bader_diedrich Just as Mark Twain said Mary Baker Eddy Writing was chloroform in print, CSPAN is like Vallium in sound and light @R_Speek @RealSunKing1 @FocusBreak Well I watched it and really it's not about the joker at all it's basically a bi… @Kojima_Hideo Ooh central London the post office tower actually appeared in an episode of Doctor Who in 1966 called the War Machines @LilithLovett It's pretty odd to me being a GenXer the last time I watched SNL was the mid to late 90's but this st… @TheUnderculture @JAdomian @RamaVallury @ApplePodcasts @Spotify you should have used Balloo… @FuroridaNoMaya @NotCecilMcfly No no @Onision s body acne is from use of HGH as it's a steroid injection of puberty… @MikeStuchbery_ Oh have you tried contacting a fan who lives there they might be able to copy paste Though DM @trussliz So this trade is outside the common market so it will cost more exactly how are you pro trade again @MikeStuchbery_ Have you tried Nord VPN @BronxNeedsRest I'd go with the metro games as they are based like Witcher on a book series and there also based on… @EmericanJohnson The only successful Deplatform I've seen was Alex Jones and Thunderf00t clearly explained why.… @BrandonTenold Here's something Star wars and I think it's better then the Sequel trilogy… @NathanJRobinson Poor guy as well as being crazy @DineshDSouza is probably one of the most boring speakers I've ever heardMy first executive orders will be to reverse every single thing President Trump has done to demonize and harm immig…
Retweeted by Steve Altair Product of Alien Technology @realDonaldTrump Sorry but your the boy who cried wolf @janeosanders And still CNN will say Biden and Warren are the leadersThere’s a whole revolution exploding in #France right now, but where is Western media? Workers, teachers, lawyers,…
Retweeted by Steve Altair Product of Alien Technology @cushbomb @ByYourLogic makes you proud to be a European this will eventually happen in the UK Tory governments alwa… @Diamandahagan @HamillHimself @ZineMatica @RobotMonster53 this video pretty much channelin… @VicBergerIV @VaushV @ByYourLogic @cushbomb @vadimnewquist wow Ben Shapiro calls @BernieSanders a Pro Stalin commun… @JasonSCampbell Hang on there Nelly...@benshapiro Bernie Sanders is an outsider yes but do was Donald Trump it's re… @ByYourLogic @cushbomb and I thought the baseball crank looked weird @ApocalypsCowboy @Diamandahagan AHH that's good virgin vimto @Independent Hahahaha yes I'm sure after brexit backfires and we have a winter of discontent I'm sure people will b… in Los Angeles looking to move? An awesome apartment is opening up next to me
Retweeted by Steve Altair Product of Alien Technology @killerwolffilms you might have to go to Israel and chat with Yoram Globus @killerwolffilms Oh that's the paperchase guy Robert Ginty @RobotMonster53 @Acosta It's pretty amazing how craven and cowardly how fox news is and even more what a gang of fair weathered sailors they are @ArielXoxo Actually the Most interesting thing is in the earlies part of your life your asshole develops before you… @nbcsnl I'm sorry was this supposed to be funny or something I'd heard SNL had lost its edge but wow this is why Se… @Bobby_Batson @MikeIsErnie I posted it on the Patreon but I think this kids show should… @SOliver2020 Looks like Saint Elmos fire @TheClickPit @cushbomb @ByYourLogic @shoe0nhead @VaushV @thelindsayellis @chrisiousity @vadimnewquist Maybe put some Bromide in the tea @cushbomb @ByYourLogic @shoe0nhead @VaushV @thelindsayellis @chrisiousity @vadimnewquist aaaahhhh sorry what @ByYourLogic Ah I had my suspicions that @creationistcat was a Marxist carefully @vadimnewquist your cat will be se… @5tuarthardy You may want to strap yourself down for this one the once great @RenegadeCut @AntiTrekker @trekyards you should watch this but you might want to strap yourself down and put your wallet in your… @Independent Yes media driven fear for attention @L0G1c9UY @petercoffin @LackingSaint @biggestjoel Really I'd ask morality over personal favouritism isn't an argume… @DiamondandSilk ripoff of on to another is this movie From Germany you should look it up as well as… @AntiTrekker just watched your video on the Constitution and how it links to submarines well Journey to the bottom… @ByYourLogic Maybe @MikeBloomberg should ask 5"8 @realDonaldTrump where he gets his Elevator Shoes From @NotCecilMcfly once your finish with Greg you might want to look over Razör fist as he's very much like Tonkasaw in… @thelindsayellis @Diamandahagan @NotCecilMcfly @sjwdebates @SjwSpiderman I don't know what it is but I will have to… @AnnCoulter Dear last year 34 thousand people died of self inflicted or drive by and mass shootings and not a word… @joerogan maybe you should get Ann on and some edibles @ZineMatica Well like many a Wrestler (see Billy Jack Haynes) if you take stuff like HGH or Steroids and stop well… @nickjcal @Harlack 😆😆😆😆 @coherentstates Ooh I don't know too many tomatoes is like too muck coconut milk it acts as a laxative @ZineMatica Its kinda like the Wrestler a one watch movie as it's kinda painful to see a guy who was so cool reduce… @ByYourLogic Blimey @davidfrum are you mentally ill or something as cluster bombs and napalm for a start are Illega… @ZineMatica Quite a sad documentary though
@NotCecilMcfly @MorningNeurosis I liked it too as it was strange to actually see the villain frightened and to see her not like some cackler @WozzieWasEre Profits and exaggerated claims on both sides along with being very dumb I really didn't know about it… @WozzieWasEre It is funny much like the Tea Party that people had a genuine beef with games Journalists who were be… @ByYourLogic @cushbomb 😆😆😆😆 @indypremium @Independent Well if you want to talk about anti-Semitism you should look to all politicans who use th… @frankieboyle Actually on of his earliest comics I read was a Superhero Parody called Captain Air Strip One where h… @AllisonPregler Only to be watched if drunk @AllisonPregler When are you going to get round to the Black Scorpion and it's TV series a… @5tuarthardy I'll probably watch it eventually but after 3 painfully ridiculous attempts at trying to make it look… @RealAnimancer @R_Speek @FocusBreak @SWEGTA 🤔🤔🤔 the Is RazënFist The SpoonyOne or Fisting Der Razör @R_Speek @FocusBreak @RealAnimancer @SWEGTA Oh and so am I maybe it was me pointing bout how he dresses like a leat… @biggestjoel It's just as silly as claiming pre Reagan was a golden age of workers rights or the founding fathers w… @biggestjoel It's probably because some people are sick of hearing the ills of the internet and shoddy Neo Liberali… @Harlack @nickjcal Here is something for you as I'm a Turksplotation fan and well here's… @GutianGang Well I watch your videos from time to time but well if fucking is involved you'll have to wine and dine me first @Independent Or one of the greatest comedic actors ever when you see him in all his Superman appearence even the bu… @the_moviebob @InnuendoStudios @CaseyExplosion If it came out Mr Chipman was going on holiday at the expense of Dis… @the_moviebob @InnuendoStudios @CaseyExplosion Hmm I thought bit was mostly about a crooked cabal of Journalists pa… @bbcdoctorwho @BBCiPlayer Oh dear self promotion 💤💤💤 @AllisonPregler I could never get in to charmed myself I was more Xena Warrior Princess, Andromeda or Angel at the… @ZineMatica I'm also heavily in to 1967-82 progressive rock and 1975-92 heavy metal especially iron maiden as it he… @ZineMatica I see still I'm so sad I even like the most cringy music video ever