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PURRN HUB CUP GIVE AWAY AT 1PM CDT ROOMBA KILLING AFTER WE TALK THEN MORE MAJORAS MASK busy busy busy… @SirKatelyn umm have you looked in the mirror lately no u @IngramattMain TODAY @SirKatelyn amen this is happening today necromancers heal depression? like: 'i just feel so dead inside...' 'dead INSIDE, you say? i know something… @schwalbe1728 @Super_Sealion @ICARUSLIV3S @XyronFlare im sorry schwal :(what a carefree morning
Botan 4 colors. 💙🧹🧙‍♀️✨ #pixelart #yuyuhakusho #ドット絵 #vacaroxa #vacadaily
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitposting @Railershy are you talking about the bagels or the cerealBlue waffle next to the nut butter @JustINside_ How rude I think it's more she finds it funny tho @Nerdstrom64 She doesn't bring it up because it might remind me she's up to something @JustINside_ She's TRYING to now"Did I spook you good downstairs?" YES "I love it. Ok byeee"I'm so shookI'm spacing out while drying my hair, turned to leave the bathroom, and goblin is standing there silently watching… @CalpainEqD Maybe I should attempt to resubmit my paintings to the eqd draw friend thing then 🤔Ah they have found out why I nap so much they have fries? Me: what if it's squid fries Goblin: never mind about that, blehGoblin: - sees tokoyaki- ....ew Me: I thought you wanted this experience Goblin: that was before I saw the squid*watching @MrSchwedy food show on twitch* Goblin: I love sushi! Me: you've never had it Goblin: but- if I did I would @PiggywhispererR @HiccupingBoots @DrulkTV I just cringed into the void
Twitch reversed mid-roll ads 🥳 Here's hoping they work with the community to find a way of implementing ads that w…
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Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitpostingON MONDAY 1PM CDT I WILL BE DOING A RAFFLE GIVE AWAY FOR THIS MUG be there or be square genre are national anthems? countrynew transformers looks great @kingocraigo a good dayi love it when dogs are on guard, but not on FULL BARK BORK MODE and instead they just whisper "boof....boooooooof"🤔What if EVERYONE on Twitch all of a sudden normalized just donating to streamers directly vs dropping bits and sub…
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2020,000 people have died from coronavirus The west coast is burning Cities are in turmoil Lucky for us Trump ban…
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitpostingon todays stream: dinosaurs LIVE AND LIVE AND LIVE OH MY GOD IM LIVE i pushed a button on my stream deck and it sent this tweet for me how c… @TedFarkAss no im awake now @Super_Sealion sea dad smh -_- @Niyrak @Theosauria first off i will cry cuz it will make noise second off, i got her a little dragon figuring that… @ShadyyLV shes not that into stuffed animals. she has like 2 favorites at this point and the rest are just kinda meh @TheFoxRunt ITS UNDER THE KITCHEN COUNTERfor later does this actually exist? *googles* me: me: my god it fucking does this is utility @LuciaEverblack just let it happen about mud me my flaps @PWNYplays @PWNYplays @DeadPirateB it was a shock @JustINside_ it didnt taste much betterWhat do you get your kid as a christmas present when their preferences are dragons and animal jam smhO P H E L I A #sketchtember
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitpostingMy brain felt bad today so I got a matcha green tea latte A) forgot lattes had milk in them B) matcha doesn't tast… @ForRealzy N64? @ForRealzy I have a ps3 😏😶girth certificate
so 3 schools in my town have positive cases including the school my kid would have been going to this year (yay… @RucioDonk @LordRgb @PaymoneyWubby
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitposting @UnicornyLithia you make me almost want to take up my brushes again almostPpl: ps5 Me: watching DVD on ps3
IM LIVE AND LIVE AND LIVE OH MY GOD IM LIVE i pushed a button on my stream deck and it sent this tweet for me how c… can be really great as long as you dont get to know themnetflix is like a refrigerator full of food but with nothing i wanna eatThis BIC lighter has a smaller BIC lighter inside of it. of angry geese overtaking their computer. turn their whole family into geese. awful, hissy mean geese everywh… wish death on your enemies. wish geese on them. wish thousands of geese into their lives. geese in their yard.… kitchen nightmares thinking "wow i would never fuck up that bad" then recalling that i think that putting… when reading dystopian future novels was escapismWhen I'm in a rush I go one of a few ways: -Talk to myself constantly - make noises like a fast jet or helicopter… average human body contains enough bones to make an entire skeletonwhat do you call a dictionary on drugs addiction-arydiscord movie night when @RadiationGhoul Let me make this weird, here's my significant catto and me do you get these numbers we go @PopSixxSquish its a childish-esque font i guess i thought it was a really neat font that was and is easy to read… i should take a poll
so for the lettering on my wedding invites im obviously going with comic sans @OleQuestionable어몽어스 포스터만 바꾸면 리얼 호러게임
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitpostingCan we please have a moratorium on major platform changes -- ANY platform -- until next year? This is NOT THE YEAR…
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitpostingWent back to my vods to re-live this moment. Still as magical as I remember.
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitposting @OleQuestionable I would treasure this till the day I died then be buried with it @OleQuestionable i raise you this @iamredseal DONT GIVE THEM IDEAS