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Still live! WERE ON A BIOSHOCK ROLL its time for bioshock #2 ya yeet see you there retweet the tweet I know why he desperately needed the Soul Stone. INTO MY MOUTH, CHILDREN you have a moment to talk about our Lord and savior, Mickey Mouse? say "are you ok?" but what i really mean is "please stop coughing, i dont want your plague"how to quit your job im telling you a story, be prepared to have at least several mini conversations and a few other stories thrown i… @PWNYplays Please do not make me call the cops on my delicious phone @PopSixxSquish @Anaris82 @SirKatelyn @Cryostal historic moment of someone completely isolating themselves from seve…
@SirKatelyn @Cryostal ah, the legendary link dick. its him. its this motherfucker. @sleepynemo me but with coffee makers @PlayWithJambo MOM IS THAT REALLY YOU @PlayWithJambo adopt mePOV you come in during a serious conversation, and contribute nothing constructive because you're a close-minded, s…
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitposting @PlayWithJambo i love this woman and her naked attitude @PWNYplays sir this is a mcdonalds island are you ok finally upgraded my phone. the camera is pretty sweet...its 12.0 Megapickles. to getting older. you now have home advil, purse advil, car advil, bathroom advil, office advil, and under…"where do you see yourself in 10 years" me: a year for us is 7 for dogs, then 1 day is 30 for them. if your dog gets excited after a day without seeing you,… @SirKatelyn I guess he gets it a lot but jeez, banned? @Dreamtrip77 @SirKatelyn @Twitch The times i've seen it useful was when ppl were having issues with trolls. They us… @SirKatelyn I said I loved him in GDQ for his sassy salty attitude and gruff no nonsense commentary during his spee… @TedFarkAss He's THE ONLY DOCTOR WHO DOES THIS TREATMENT I CAN'T AFFORD TO OFFENDIs it too early to decorate catzzers for Valentine's 🤔Also thought about doing a @TedFarkAss (tm) moan but i'm 1000000% sure that I would have gotten thrown outI saw a little old lady struggling in a wheel chair to get to physical therapy and you can fucking bet I zoomed her… the record my doctor is married and the most pure soul i've ever met and he even tells me no cursing, i'm just… I put pressure on the injection spot b/c it's been proven to help the medicine take effect Me: *do not say… we can do the shots today Me: YAAAS LET'S DO IT Nurse: *opens door* IS EVERYTHING OK IN HERE I HEARD SCREA… @PWNYplays @third_artifact What if you don't dm people unless you're concerned with their wellbeing because you're not a fan of small talkFor those who don't know what a shyrish carbomb is, this is the video I showed my doctor when he said coffee was be… @Danjal7777 100%The doctor was beyond concerned with the size of the redbull I had. Imagine his reaction when I showed him the shyrish carbomb video.She is showing him all sorts of things on her phone, he has finally put on his glasses to actually look. I can't te… @evilgojiberries BRUH THAT'S ADORABLE WTFHe is not impressed but nods anyway. She's informing him about the news.She informed him she's posted it everywhereThere is an elderly couple in the waiting room and the lady just took out her phone and told her husband "look at m… @ButtJuiceSoup Baby is gonna be showering butt juice @DickDoesLife It's the people who can't drive and walk in the middle of the roadMy favorite part of going to the va: The parking. I'm being 10000% sarcastic.Breakfast, XL God bless'm grumpy because I have to drive forever to the va, it's early, it's cold, and I couldn't convert music over to m… today is a great day to commit die *almost breaks a hip slipping on ice* I DIDN'T MEAN IT I DIDN'T MEAN IT I DIDN'T MEAN IT😺✏ — because hes a duck @FictReal and miss my daily soaps on fb? @GamezRuination nah its the same as a celeb you never watched or had any real connection with. so i feel. @m1cromanag3r yours must be different than mine, i have a lot of odd furries and SJWs on mine usually combinedon my timeline someone said they were devastated by his death, someone immediately commented about his rape charges… @GamezRuination oh its pretty badpeople on twitter: sad about kobe's death people on my fb: ripping apart everything that kobe ever did wrong
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitposting @FaevanaTV @Tong_Gae Eevee is a mood @RoraPickles lots more canned fruit, chicken, chicken, coffee, more coffee, some eggs, lots of ham, maybe some bread and more coffee😺✏ — im glad
STILL LIVE STILL DYING BIOSHOCK more daddy more death destruction and the fruit of all unhappiness uwu @Saybin_Iacere 100%無防備なお腹をはむはむ(*´⚰︎`*)💕
Retweeted by shylostconfused 🔜 shitposting @SephyraVII @SephyraVII and i oopso you know those frozen Drumstick ice cream cones you get at the store that have that magical piece of chocolate a… that time of year when you hop in your car and just start screaming FUCK til youre warm again i constantly tired? yes. but am i staying awake when i should be sleeping? also yes.there are two types of people that you are probably friends with. "no, im scared, YOU ask them" and "for fucks sake, move, I'LL ask"cashier: did you find everything you were looking for me: actually i wasnt looking for any of this @_themodernmom_ my heart <3 @PWNYplays why do i have to be BUSY TODAY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @FaevanaTV @PWNYplays @PWNYplays @FiendRiver @ImStallionTV IT'S NOT EVEN 8AM DAD PLEASE i love anime, my favorite one is *just chillin* brain: hey guess what me: what brain: sudden overwhelming sadness, thats what :) me: me, softly: come on, man @varimatsu who hasnt touched their switches in a weird way more than once honestly @ImStallionTV @PWNYplays i love pwny hes such a good guy 10/10 recommend ppl stop by for stalli and pwny the 2 horsemen of the taco lips least the meat will have plenty of iron in it.