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5 more episodes of Breaking Bad left. This show is phenomenal.i promise i can grief better than you :)
Retweeted by ShyoWager @MrSavage if u dont u will lose all blessed FNCS zone RNG. I will make sure of it.Being able to rock it out on Twitch Rivals with @JorbyPls and @WavePunkRL was an absolute privilege and pleasure.… @EmadGG @Ajay_FN @roqzfn @nanolite_ still permanently smiling over the fact an EmadGG Cup exists and you're watch p…
I had an absolute blast watching & casting @RocketArena on Twitch Rivals with @ShyoWager and @WavePunkRL. I'm honor…
Retweeted by ShyoWager @DanGaskin @DanGaskin what the heck danITS TIME ROCKET ARENA ON TWITCH RIVALS GET IN HERE #TwitchRivals
Retweeted by ShyoWagerWe've identified issues related to matchmaking and scoring in today's tournaments. We are working to resolve the i…
Retweeted by ShyoWager @ItsProdea @RocketArena I'll go more in depth with an overall review after Rivals wraps up!If you're seeing @RocketArena around twitch today, you probably have some questions about it. Worked on a doc that… @RichHomieQu1nnn why is this even a question DO IT BABY LES GO @yungcalc @zayt put respek on the big blake @Muvanji @_timmcd tweet has been gassed. mission accomplished. your move @_timmcdCan we please make this happen, we need the hotline return
Retweeted by ShyoWagerTWITCH RIVALS!! On the Cast co-pilot seat alongside @JorbyPls with @WavePunkRL as our captain. The @RocketArena C…
@Viperous @JayAbundez Jay never missesGot my hands on a Rocket practice session... see you guys in the Crater Cup tomorrow. I’ll be giving away codes in-…
Retweeted by ShyoWagerRockets guard Russell Westbrook says he has tested positive for coronavirus and is in quarantine.
Retweeted by ShyoWagerS3 Wishlist: Lag gets fixed. Tac AR & Pumps get unvaulted. Charge pump gets added to creative. Cars are balanced… @blakeps @YourFellowArab @AussieAntics da sway classic @DanGaskin Dan has no off switchShockwave Launcher: Adjust CDR / Ammo Cap / Ammo Consumption. 2 rockets per shot. MAX 4 ROCKETS in mag. 5 second… FINALS time! @GenG vs @Cloud9 On the🎤 with @GoldenboyFTW again for this bo3.
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@Mixwell @Ballatw GODWELLWon Twitch Rivals and people said that I've won because it was full of influencers. Won Ignition Series G2 Esports…
Retweeted by ShyoWager @Linki_1 @snirot @jammyzx ye bruh just hit E again. if ur on different binds it works too but doesnt feel as alpha @Sceptic salty springs @GoldenboyFTW @AsunaCSGO @Immortals Asuna is like that secondary anime character you know never know would be your… deleted all my food delivery apps. Chef Shyo is now online. @Yehty_ You right. Graying out would be the wave 100%
Why can't the agent tab at the top on observing / spectating be just like how it is in game OR more readable in Val… @NickEh30 @jalzyy 1. Kendrick 2. Drake 3. Travis 4. Cole 5. Uzi @ArielHorn @watchvenn @SarahBrand_ @Viranda @madisonbeer
Retweeted by ShyoWager @Leven2k Hreat @AllusionsTV @OnePercentHQ Put respek on my PGsFortnite - Classic Clash ⚔ 2 day invitational event where the fan favourite squad lineups all throughout comp / co…’all booed drake then god took away concerts
Retweeted by ShyoWagerFollow this so you can see this and other creative IRL stuff first. @Frozone Actual grind bro. I've seen the momentum come and go, though battalion and that kitchen royale game (cuisi…'t look back. @GarryFanata @simowastaken See I understand games splitting into comp / casual communities as sometimes comp is a b… @TLuneze If you dont im calling the bolice @AussieAntics @YourFellowArab @Tuiifn Destruction 100 @punchale Michael and Dwight's relationship > Jim and Pams relationship. @Quick @Ballatw You actually do have the best presentation tho. 9'9 holy shit @Quick @Ballatw On my math textbook cover in high-school there was a bear, but on my science one there was a gorill… @Quick @Ballatw They don't have the intelligence to pilot the weapons they possess. Gorilla 10 out of 10 times. Lit… @joshisverysad Reach the fire in the backyard and discuss or your opinion is invalidMost heated arguement I've been in. Its a 50/50 right now between 4 people: What would win in a fight?
The next big 3v3 shooter starts with rockets. 8 teams battle in the $100,000 Twitch Rivals @RocketArena Crater Cup…
Retweeted by ShyoWager @DanGaskin 🔥🔥 the upgrades are the real dealOK in review, just upgrade the knife 100%. The laser vandal imho is more worth than the dragon upgrades. Op is ki… BANDS FOR THE SET. BUT GOTTA DROP RACKS FOR THE UPGRADES. The wallet do be bleeding right now.Opened up the Valorant shop and had the same reaction as seeing the bill after a night out with the bois. @GoldenboyFTW 0% APR FINANCING FOR 12 MONTHS!! @Nadeshot @100Thieves damn they're teasing my announcement 3 years too early... @GR4ND haha you fool. you tweeted this and now I saw it. there is NO WAY you can back out now. hahahahahahahaaaaaa
@RealStrongLegs SATISFYING CLIP @Suralovee @MKDLiLMathers Would argue ppl who are depressed cope with games. Ppl who lack social skills make more f… my kids can play on 0 ping worldwide servers somehow someday. @BellBopper Secret is in the leaves. You figured IT OUT! @EmadGG @comcast Feel your pain man. This absolutely sucks...yo @Ballatw, remember that time @ShyoWager didn't know what sound horses make and also it was incredibly cute?
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@Frystsama Try it for a bit. I aint no doctor, but its helped a lot of my bois just feel fresherBluetooth in-ears are insane. Day 1 of Air Pods and vibes have never been this high listening to music + doing other stuff. @itemmFN You were one of the first credible individuals to put me on the map as a wee lad pre WC. Hope you have th… @GoldenboyFTW @PlayVALORANT my POV in 2 days. LETS GET IT! @PlayVALORANT I bet I'm going to have to take out a mortgage on RP and VP for this one.Absolute idiots digging up my lawn from another ISP just hit the internet wire for my ISP. GGs only.POV: Its game 10, you're 5 points away from qualifying and this guy is behind you while you're rotating in 2nd zone.'m officially cancelling the term piece control. Even my duo can't make this sound remotely good. All casters, c…
Retweeted by ShyoWager @Ballatw My trick worked hahaaaa. This was my plan all along @YourFellowArab that 1 wall piece control was sexy af not gonna lie
"I can't afford a PC"
Retweeted by ShyoWager @Frystsama Ye been doing this on and off, whenever I'm on it I feel 100x better. Sometimes life doesn't give you en… @Flawless1x Get a book and read it. Just think about stuff. Detach from your day before you sleep.Don't use your phone or look at a screen an 30 mins to an hour before you sleep tonight. Your face, overall energy… @TrickVAL C'mon man you're coming at the boy Roy? Even when this man hard tilts he brings you roses first. No way h… @FaZeSway @HazThaGreat @Khanada nightmaresCoke is better than pepsi
Retweeted by ShyoWagerGoing to try and work on getting some Fortnite in-game One Percent events/tournaments for you guys We would love t…
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Fresh cuts make me feel too confident, always make me wanna alpha up on somebody. So I guess I'm taking down… reminder that observers that understand the game are the best money you can spend on an esports production.…
Retweeted by ShyoWagerLeaving my house. First time wearing pants in 5 months. Fixing whatever the heck has been growing up on my head for this long. @TLuneze Funny boi @TLuneze Cancel that actually me and you are taking this pic in December so maintain the gains you dont want el Shyo out muscling ur ass @TLuneze Look at these guys bro you gotta maintain and be the 3rd in their pic next year @RobKnight__ In Canada there's a difference between the 2 sometimes of what they offer, how they teach, what the wo… @RobKnight__ Legit every 11th grader till graduation went through the same thing where counselors would try to heav… @RobKnight__ Ontario schools basically had 2 paths, applied which was easier and led you to college, and academic w… same thing happened to me. Its crazy how one person could try to influence and change your entire future reg… to summoners rift
LF1 to tryout with Paper
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