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18 ♡ Unfunny Woman ♡ ᗜˬᗜ ♡ I Play CSGO sometimes ♡ @ariianasenpai 💗

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@LuciferTVx Cologne 2014 holos & kato 2015 holos as well @LuciferTVx Trade up skins for dlore, fire serpent and gungnir @GoBananasCSGO Its aight @TheKaeruChan OK FK U @funnynadeko @TerjeCS @waIkingshitpost FK UWe got a new Half Life game and Yandere Simulator still isn't finished, let that sink in @mooni_cs Not even 9? @waIkingshitpost I WASNT MOANING I WAS YAWNING @Fennecous HyperX cloud 2 @waIkingshitpost LOL IM SO SORRYOwned I took one for the team and scammed a scammer. ~$25,000 Ak-47 going back to its rightfull owner🏆 Say what y…
Retweeted by Belle ♡🚨GIVEAWAY🚨 I will giveaway this stat mw ursus safari mesh (80€) if you want to join 👉Like ✅ 👉retweet🔃 (No giveaway…
Retweeted by Belle ♡Cold outside, goodnight everyone!!!! @vooCSGO This guy with his terrible movement is MG1 in AU mm (basically MG-DMG in AU is mostly faceit lvl 5-10 players)anyone replying to this saying he's legit, please never do an overwatch case
Retweeted by Belle ♡ @vooCSGO Actually heres some of their demos and ppl still defend this guy... @vooCSGO Lmao i had an mm game against a blatant cheater who would try to preaim people even tho theyre behind a wa… @moe_hofer mostly the part where he's blatantly cheating but also the part where he's blatantly cheating
Retweeted by Belle ♡ @LoverKiryu @iancias @SadSpinach @TransGettingLs As an anime pfp we dont claim them 😭 @Scarface___1983 @PodcastViking @TransGettingLs Ok but if ur taking that much time and dedication to repeatedly do… @Redbullwanker not a super talented and sexy cs player but hiiiiiiiiin memory of the sage spray goddess herself 🙏 @ariianasenpai 8008135 455 @wraaaath @aliascs_ @ariianasenpai not really @ariianasenpai @animegirlsrnice i didnt laugh i cried @ariianasenpai weirdo @ariianasenpai why @Cactustwt @ariianasenpai razer viper mini @rassguhl @ariianasenpai mouse 😇 ty ilysm @ariianasenpai
@msraspberyl @Cactustwt @Mephuwu @TheOneMephu She will be missed @stowompyyy @Mephuwu @TheOneMephu Not sure @stowompyyy @Mephuwu @TheOneMephu They were found dead today and im pretty sure theyre only 17 y/o too 😦 @MiKxam_ @malekCSGO c'est à vous mais ces gants et couteaux sont dégoûtants. je suis désolé XD @MiKxam_ @malekCSGO Trade gloves and knife for better knife 😅 @EgirlxLilims H @ariianasenpai True @whyeeevee @stowompyyy Because it doesnt feel rewarding to rank up or drop high kills like that, "oh look at me 40… @GaryTCxD @vooCSGO @hobshytv @Megumignon Cache is mainly all individual skill imo @GaryTCxD @vooCSGO @hobshytv @Megumignon I like cache for solo carrying personally @HikiNatalie Dont even get me started on this @HikiNatalie I think theyre as bad as each other as of now @HikiNatalie The CCP @Nek0Feet Omg my color blindness made it hard to see for a little bit @aliascs_ @KP_fps Yes pls @nyaaanbinary im okayRIP to my good friend @Mephuwu @TheOneMephu idk how to feel, it just feels so surreal, im gonna miss u so much 😦💔 @ariianasenpai based @Redbullwanker @vooCSGO @hobshytv @GaryTCxD @Megumignon still comes down to whether ur anchor wins the duel or not tho @Redbullwanker @Lev1athanRA1D it was @vooCSGO @hobshytv @GaryTCxD @Megumignon that's a valid point honestly, u just gotta pray ur B players or A players… carrying a baby 9 whole months, dealing with sickness, pain and childbirth, and then it grows up to spend 9… @waIkingshitpost @Lev1athanRA1D @zuramain ratio @Lev1athanRA1D @zuramain 3 and Reach @waIkingshitpost @zuramain @Lev1athanRA1D U DIDNT EVEN FINISH THE FIRST MISSION OF HL2 CHLOE.... @ariianasenpai @Lev1athanRA1D @zuramain ^^^ @Lev1athanRA1D @zuramain Halo 2 wasnt even the best one!!!!!! @zuramain @Lev1athanRA1D Smh Halo & CoD really were putting the real greatest fps games in the shadow @ariianasenpai @Lev1athanRA1D Halo reach & 3 were fun asf tho dont get me wrong @Lev1athanRA1D I think theyre overrated along with cod imo @ariianasenpai @bean_dlunt @_madbot_ @04119__snail WAT! @hobshytv @GaryTCxD @vooCSGO Could be the way ur playing it, i found i had a huge hatred towards the map until… @Cucumberous112 Matchmaking :puke: @bean_dlunt @_madbot_ @04119__snail @ariianasenpai buy me this plz @seanjohnson405 @darlingstrawbie Its the pfp @hobshytv @GaryTCxD @vooCSGO Wats wrong with dust2 @MitchGames247 LMAO i havent played in like 3 years @Redbullwanker Ja @OrmetenVeitje @darlingstrawbie Based @APG7_ @AlvinEdric @AstralisCS Mirage wasnt in 1.6 but was a comm map in source :) @MitchGames247 Sure @ariianasenpai W @OrmetenVeitje hun skriver sådan
@AnimeGirlPfp @PrimeTobirama Dino wat @ariianasenpai Got blocked by KFC @arisadposting Wat???? @animegirlsrnice @nyaaanbinary Good for them :3 @animegirlsrnice @nyaaanbinary Gay gay homosexual gay @Lev1athanRA1D @ariianasenpai i will brb @killa @killa HUH @killa @killa ARE U SERIOUS @Dragy wat are u using to get ur price? @animegirlsrnice @wholesomebilly ik ik, u just gotta try to get urself in that motion @arisadposting kinda cringe theyre proud of knowing more about cheating than u LOL @wholesomebilly u dont need to quit, just work on ur school first then when ur after reward urself with games @ariianasenpai
@darlingstrawbie Yay!! @DMerasouL @TDM_Jesus I was a source noob ._. @animegirlsrnice I know u dont want to but just try to get some sleep it'll make u worse if u dont 😦 @SlippyOwO Np i hope things get better!!! @nyaaanbinary Half life 1 maybe Half life 2, big no @nyaaanbinary No ur missing out