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I belong in diapers. SIA FAN MAIL Attn: SIA 901 N Fairfax Ave. #208 Los Angeles, CA 90046-720

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Explaining systemic racism @Sia #BlackLivesMatter #BailFund #NashvilleProtests
Retweeted by sia @Sia I donated too 👍🏾👍🏻🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by sia @Sia Donation from Chile! 💪🏻💓 #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by sia @Sia Here's my donation @Sia! I love you ❤ #BlackLivesMatter #BLM
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Retweeted by sia @Sia It’s not much but here is my donation ❤️
Retweeted by sia11$ because #BlackLivesMatter !❤️ @sia
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Retweeted by sia @Sia @Sia #BlackLivesMatter Anything for you queen, I love you!❤️
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Retweeted by sia @Sia doing as much as I financially can, across as many of these beautiful non-profits to help out across the count…
Retweeted by sia @Sia For Chicago ❤️
Retweeted by sia wants to match my $100,000 donation?! Please RT! Send me pics of your donation and I’ll RT! #BlackLivesMatter’s performance of ‘Together’ on @FallonTonight, scheduled for June 3rd has been postponed until June 9th. Tune i… Lives Matter. Please use this link to donate to 50+ bail funds, mutual aid funds and racial justice organiz…
If you are feeling depressed, and lucky enough to handle HBO please watch a documentary called "every little thing" moving.
2020 @rachyylmao Yeah maybe it was tonedeaf but I can definitely tell you the intentions were good. Sometimes we make ch… @ThePopRings @Harry_Styles @katyperry @JanelleMonae Put photos of some black celebs in there maybe? Or all? I'm no…'s not just happening here... @Intofurler Thank you. 😘 @genuine_cheese @TheNatalieS You're funny and thankyou. ❣ @courrielche @Katleix__ Bye. Good luck in your endeavors. Blocking. @nickerbockr @TheNatalieS @tiredlullaby 😍 @nickerbockr @TheNatalieS @tiredlullaby John 4:7-8 booya bigot! I still love you even though I disagree with you. Who's going to heaven?Wow until today I never thought my fanbase could include bigots. Please unfollow if you think George Floyd's murder… @notyouruncleben @Katleix__ Agree, eyeroll. I'm embarrassed. @collydoodle @Katleix__ Have you not seen the footage of police brutality in the last twenty four hours, unlawful f… @courrielche I am bailing out protesters. There's a difference. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. @Malachi2286 @stillgray Can you explain what I did? I have two black sons, I'm scared for them, and only want to su… @TheNatalieS @Sia yea the tweet said protesters dumbass
Retweeted by siaWhen you riot, you ruin the lives of innocent people.
Retweeted by sia @courrielche @Katleix__ Why?I'm also in. @Katleix__ And meMany are asking for a few ways they can help, donate, support. Here are a few good places to start (THREAD):
Retweeted by siaErnie & Joe: crisis cops on @HBODocs is worth watching to further understand how many hours cops spend on learning…
#BlackLivesMatter help here: watch. sign
@kenzie #Exhale's coming Together on @FallonTonight next Wednesday! 🌈🌈 - Team Sia ❤️ this! 🌈 - Team Sia with extra cuteness ❤️ ❤️ - Team Sia✨💖 Turn on @BBCR1 to hear Together as the Tune of the Weekend! Then listen again & again at…
Team Sia is proud to support #MusiciansOnCall - and you can lend your support, too. for mor…
Please RT Floyd was murdered. That officer needs to be charged. What the actual fuck. @GovTimWalz WHY HAVE THEY NOT BE…
Sia sticker fun happening now with @GIPHY! Just search ‘sia together’ 🌈 - Team Sia your day with @Sia's latest single. Stream #Together now on @AppleMusic: ☀️
Retweeted by siaWow, @roadtogypsylove went all out with the Together dance on @tiktok_us! 💕💕 #SiaTogether - Team SiaGo Costa Rica!
For when you're just in that Sia mood 🎀 - Team Sia
You can never watch the Together vid too much 🌈 - Team Sia #SiaTogether's Top Surgery up raise your face to the sky, my love. @maddieziegler💄by Tonya Brewer #SiaTogether
It's all coming Together on @GIPHY 😉 - Team Sia and the City 🎀 @Spotify #SiaTogether - Team Sia makes perfect 😉 - Team SiaDo you have Maddie's Together dance down on @tiktok_us yet? --> - Team SiaDo you work with 0-13 year old children with or at risk of #attachment difficulties and/or their caregivers? Please…
Retweeted by siaThank you to everyone for your support! 3 weeks left to take part in our survey on #attachment #interventions. If y…
Retweeted by sia @ThiefArtistic Thankyou for letting me know, I will look into it further. We thought we did our due diligence.
Music to your ears 🎶 new Sia merch available now - Team Sia all your troubles away ❤ - Team Sia 26: We’re going to be swinging from the chandelier when @Sia performs for our @GMA Summer Concert Series!…
Retweeted by siaWake up to the sounds of Sia performing Together on @GMA 6/26! 🙌☕☀️ #SiaOnGMA - Team Sia
Here’s the link to the song on TikTok - Team Sia #SiaTogether #WeCanTakeItHigherIt’s time to get it together 😜 post a video of yourself doing @maddieziegler’s Together dance on @tiktok_us for a c… the love 💖send your friends a video with the Together lens! - Team Sia Instagram: S… wants us to remain "Together" amid the COVID-19 pandemic ✨
Retweeted by sia.@Sia's new song #Together is an absolute banger:
Retweeted by siaWatch @Sia's new video for "Together" from her upcoming directorial debut, 'Music'
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Retweeted by siaWatch @Sia's new music video for #Together below! 🎶
Retweeted by siaWe're checking in with @Sia next!
Retweeted by siaLater this year it all comes TOGETHER… in IMAX. #SiaTogether
Retweeted by siaPut your 🎧 on and welcome to the world of Music 🌈 Listen to Together: Watch the video:… now set the past on fire🔥Together is out now! This is the 1st single from Sia’s upcom… minutes until Together!! #WeCanTakeItHigher - Team Sia up with @Sia today on the show, she gives GOOD GUEST ❤️
Retweeted by sia❤️ @IMAX - Team Sia⚠️⚠️ ATTENTION LOVERS ⚠️⚠️ Today at 7 am PT / 10am ET / 4pm CEST / 3pm BST (2 hours before the song release), we w…
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Say goodbye to the past, hello to tomorrow 👋 Together out everywhere tomorrow at 9am PT/12pm ET!…
@montce_swim omg thankyouTogether - May 20th 🎧🌈 - Team Sia @donathanhurley I wanna help you out with the same amount this year. You know the drill, email Nathan. I love you Donathan, keep going @Intofurler Hey thanks I haven't seen this before it was a real throwback and nice to see my old bandmates