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Hunter Mims @SicK_cs Dallas TX

Valorant gamer for @Sentinels | Business:

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@gatakkj Me for real @DylanC35_ OkayI’m blowing up like I thought I would.WICKED, SO HUMBLE AND CHILL. GGS
Retweeted by Hunter Mims @LetMeChatGPThat @xQc I’m busy @gatakkj Just talk 😃I got dinner plans out in Calabasas.’m in the whip doing 136.I CUT THE SNAKES IN THE GRASS WITH MY JOHN DEERE.Picking up tomorrow it’s portofino convertible @gatakkj 🇧🇷 AND WHITE FERRARI I COME IN AS FRESH AS A PEPPERMINT!
@XavierWulf Future GOATlets go!!! #hollowsquad
Retweeted by Hunter Mims @ethanarnold Happy birthday!’s hangout @XavierWulfTexas best state in the US no joke.I’m in love with Houston, Dallas, Austin.It’s either you with us or against us.“Get off socials” BE MOVING MILITANT.Had a wonderful time on stream today guys, thank you for your respect I’ll remember this.
MY CAREER ABOUT TO BLAST LIKE BUBBLY! @SicK_cs @ethanarnold @EvilGeniuses
Retweeted by Hunter Mims @gatakkj soon ™🇺🇸 ✈️ 🇧🇷 @dapr Copying me … wanna make a team?I see this so often, sadly its also at the pro level sometimes too. What's the point in peeking here after getting…
Retweeted by Hunter Mims @ethanarnold @EvilGeniuses Exactly! @ethanarnold @EvilGeniuses Nothing bro but you are uninformed type if you want!Again guys I sleep well tonight let me cook yes. @gatakkj kkkkkkkkHe said, "What's stackin'?" Nothin' but my money.
Retweeted by Hunter Mims @soy_takii @nounsesports @nounsbr Model statusGoing to enjoy my night and rest have things to do tomorrow. as well bro @EvilGeniuses people typing before thinking it’s fineeeee.You’ll want to be my friend I promise broHad to unfollow a lot of people I thought I could trust. No worries I move on and find good people in my life. @WhyRizzy Mad? @KOR_Kez No you're not crazy bro no worries. @posdum NoBeen here for ten but I feel like a rookie.Disrespect me and see what happens.
Retweeted by Hunter MimsSpaceship @gatakkj LMAO CLUELESS MAN
@gatakkj Where is everyone hiding… @nosyy_tv Thank you for the advice bro but I will only take some of it.FERRARI HEADLIGHTS HELP ME SEE THROUGH THE FOG! are being very polarizing man they are basically saying I’m crazy. In many different ways this is very sad I’ll be honest.Guys you can give advice but I can handle the stress. I can’t just stop and rest right now things need to be done.My personal life has been made very public so I’m going to talk about it. It can be a potentially dangerous situation no joke man.This side quest is going to be fun to say the least.WOMEN GONNA BE WOMEN DAMN RIGHT! @soy_takii I’m watching don’t be nervousPeople are not understanding where I’m coming from. I can’t tell if they are trolling seriously. Disrespect levels… hour or so of my VOD today was explaining the conflicts I had. Hope you guys understand my position thank you… years of pictures and memories gone in maybe three hours. Very strange times but I grow stronger now. I just… god for cats 🐱My stream today'M SICK OF COUNTING MILLIONS, I NEED ME A BILLION!!
BR = BEST REGION 🇧🇷NA = NEAREST AIRPORT news is guys I will never delete a tweet. Unless I am clearly being an idiot then yes. Oh I am an idiot? No wo…
Retweeted by Hunter Mims @gatakkj BR Wednesday back at it again KKKKKKKFor the uninformed amongst us sleep just fine worry about yourself yes.Do people not understand what this implies?! is why we don’t assume things people … I’ll be live tonight maybe?!foto polêmica (emoji tampando a careca da taki) @SicK_cs
Retweeted by Hunter MimsNeed to stay awake for some calls but I’ll enjoy my day and sleep soon. hours with like 4 hours of sleep maybe. Very stressful time but I’m home and safe with good support system. Will… frames needed but things are okay me and see what happens.He said, "What's stackin'?" Nothin' but my money. @ethoz That’s what I’m sayingAlso can I get Brazil mens fashion in the states? There’s a brand called Red Feather that I really liked. @FNS KkkkkkkkBro I met so many friends in Brazil that I only translate tweets now. Will be using Duolingo to master Portuguese.Clearly this isn’t all that there is.
Best video ever
Retweeted by Hunter Mims @BcJFPS @x0Starlight Genius my friendCaipirinha to the rescue 🇧🇷 up that’s all sorry guys.The social media I can handle guys I’m making it clear I’m OKAY. There are other factors stressing me out yes. Also… @gatakkj BR Wednesdayo sick é daora demais
Retweeted by Hunter Mims???? Terrible person you are on like 3 hours of sleep over 48 hours because of STRESS. Nothing else bro I’m healthy and strong minded. @JeovadeariesMy family now no joke amazing people 🇧🇷