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Here's how they raised millennial kids: go to college go to college go to college go to college go to college go t…
Retweeted by 👽 @bekyrem She’s not mad she’s just voicing her opinion on the Grammys, just like everyone else. Maybe it’s just you… sun ♊️ Virgo rising ♍️ Taurus moon ♉️ 🤔😬🥴No work until next Monday ayyyeeeeeei’ve been stealing, i’ve been stealing
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@muredhawk93 Thanks sirBlack Friday sale all week ⬇️ @thezeddyhunter Loverboy sampleSo basically if you stan JLo, that means you stan Beyoncé and Mariah and all the other artists she’s copied, no?I am here for Carl Bernstein in burn it all down mode.
Retweeted by 👽The 21 GOP Senators who have privately expressed their disdain for Trump are: Portman, Alexander, Sasse, Blunt, Col…
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How Draco Malfoy gets ready to pronounce the “P” in “Potter”
Retweeted by 👽While y’all folks in Huntington Beach are role playing being “oppressed”, Australia is now holding events with 50k…
Retweeted by 👽The type of people non Californians think live in Huntington Beach vs. the type of people that actually live in Hun…
Retweeted by 👽Everybody needs to go home and stay there. And the government needs to PAY us. It’s not difficult to understand
@robtburch Yeah Honda’s are king term for sureKalief Browder’s family was not allowed to post his bail so he spent 3 years in Rikers Island for allegedly stealin…
Retweeted by 👽So i mixed @theestallion body With @nickiminaj good form
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@musclebodiedboy @Penseur20 @kallmekam_ This is embarrassing lolthis is so precious🥺🥺
Retweeted by 👽This part > @yoncevision Hmmm nofleet in a gif @johneboi5 Not sure🧘🏾‍♀️🤞🏾🧿
Retweeted by 👽 @atkinsonfasho Who knows at this pointI’m no political pundit but I grew up w a dad who was a federal prosecutor & he taught me a lot & I’ve also sat a f…
Retweeted by 👽 @DylanMrDanford @AchmatX It’s just reality lmao @AchmatX in nyc really about to close 😕 it’s for the best. Was a good 2 months
Rance Allen’s impact!! Black folks are so cold. He’s just fooling, but I still came * this* close to catching the…
Retweeted by 👽The most humbling thing in the world is finding out the problem all along was you.
Retweeted by 👽this man gaslights like a libra man
Retweeted by 👽12 states reported over 5k COVID-19 cases today.
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@lushbathballs 😍😍I need 10 massagesFind your way back interlude > @hotmessinpearls ayye @DiorKenny 🙈🙈🙈I’m the new age, gen z daddy 👨🏾‍🦱Depression gone; serotonin replenished An edit button on a social platform that already has a huge misinformation problem is a Pandora's Box
Retweeted by 👽Mariah does not age, I’m keeping the stachewhen “oh santa! debuts at #1 making it Ariana’s 6th #1 debut and Mariah’s 20th total
Retweeted by 👽 @impossiblefxg ☠️💀☠️☠️oh Santa with Ariana and jhud OMGGGGGG @TheeLandonDeVon Thanks lolLet’s goooooooo’m boratThe median annual wage in 1987 (when I graduated college) was ~$18,500. My University of California education (all…
Retweeted by 👽 @Stardusth2o’s the 5th thing thing???
puff puff pass @sickowico Samesies
Retweeted by 👽 @TrinityTheTuck PeriodYou ain't fucked me, you fucked the old body @CSimzzzz Lemme find that @CSimzzzz Was pretty good @LeFeuNoirX Amen @AcesOnSpades Sure is
Cancel student debt. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by 👽said I’m not your world...hello america this is what happened with canadian thanksgiving
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Retweeted by 👽I think covid’s biggest lesson is that a lot of people need to get a hobby secondary to going out drinking
Retweeted by 👽 @nateblackout @jaboukie Lol🥵 @antnyvlz So sorry 😔 @r33dles ❤️❤️❤️Having a difficult time putting into words the feeling I had when I left the hospital after doing chest compression…
Retweeted by 👽happy Saturday babes 😘💪🏽
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@ElViejoFefo Indeed ha. I need variety @Owlfire21 I’m thinking CO @michidominguez_ Just kinda tired of the city life, I like it here but not sure I like it enough to live here still. @trkmchlr Tbh would consider @papa9_1_1 Yeah been to both and indifferent about both. I’m thinking somewhere out west more. Idk we’ll see @papa9_1_1 Yeah but def wouldn’t move back there @mjtthew Fuck LA @muredhawk93 good one @fabasaurusrex 🥰😆 @LeFeuNoirX 😆😆 @Nickolase77 @fabasaurusrex 😂 @johnwayne_aMc69 Yezzzz @DerekMondello Lol yeah righthappy Saturday babes 😘💪🏽 challenge you to find a better speech on social media…
Retweeted by 👽I want bacon 🥓🤤Congrats to Joe Biden for winning the Presidency for the fourth time this week
Retweeted by 👽Mariah Carey’s discography we please get people stimulus checks and mortgage relief and rent forgiveness and small business support and fr…
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@atkinsonfasho Looks like he stopped dying it @AcesOnSpades Worst song on her worst album wbk @unreguerocabron @PopCrave @MariahCarey Yippppeeeeeee @diettrade Shhh @theerkj 😭😭😭