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@noname your voice is ours. ours is yours.💜 @madlib @FreddieGibbs - ya'll need to press that Tiny Desk on vinyl forreallllllll...
Retweeted by Sid 💸I’ll be watching Freddie Gibbs fine ass on tiny desk all day today
Retweeted by Sid 💸“Hands down...the best Tiny Desk of the year.”⁣ ⁣ Me & @madlib backed by @El_Michels & members of The Dap Kings.⁣…
Retweeted by Sid 💸Brotherhood was excellent. Must watch and Lucky’s music is on point.
Retweeted by Sid 💸A good year* last thing I wrote for @thefader, and my first cover story ✨ Infinite gratitude to @AdHocEmilie for the edits,…
Retweeted by Sid 💸Zaddy*
I woke up with a sudden urge to rewatch Summer Walker’s Tiny Desk concert.
Retweeted by Sid 💸Just in —> R. Kelly was charged with bribing an official to obtain a fake ID for Aaliyah so he could marry her when…
Retweeted by Sid 💸🚨 MIAMI 🚨 i’m still looking for vendors for my #ArtBasel event on Sunday — preference given to *black-women owned…
Retweeted by Sid 💸yessssss @DoubleDuzIt 👀 @nprobin'all gotta hear this story Raphael Saadiq told me after his Tiny Desk. we were all in the middle of talking "Jimm…
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @steffaneex @thefader @AdHocEmilie GO STEFFFF! CANT WAIT TO READE·LEC·TRI·FY !!!
@vryoniv ayeee thank you! And do it 🙌🏽 more black wmn jrnlists @BrittanyA___ LMAOOOO Britt pleaseMy forever mood about everything.
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @ECM_LP I was so annoyed 😩
.@originalkoffee💎@RoddyRicch💎@kilokish is producing a documentary on sexual assault in the music industry
Retweeted by Sid 💸He lives for this. I remember one time I interviewed him and asked him to describe his music. This guy goes "Beepbo… @taylorcrumpton @noname Harris, once a promising presidential hopeful, announced she was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race…
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @_laurenlovesyew @TheKidJana Why are Virgos bus drivers??? This is an attack 😭Sheryl Crow's (@SherylCrow) Tiny Desk Fest set featured a handful of early hits that have become pop standards. W…
Retweeted by Sid 💸I’ll be in Ghana Dec. 26th moderating @afrochella & @audiomack’s panel, “Ghanian Music Beyond Borders, a discussion…
Retweeted by Sid 💸🖤💎🖤 @jimmyfallon 🖤💎🖤
Retweeted by Sid 💸Amazing
Ever just try really fuckin’ hard and suddenly wanna break down and cry
Retweeted by Sid 💸Megan Thee Stallion tiny desk got me going like
Retweeted by Sid 💸So every tiny desk concert I’ve seen has made me a fan. Just became a Megan Thee Stallion fan by the way. She killed that shit fam.
Retweeted by Sid 💸"Good morning, team, how are we doing today? Are we fucking around?" 100% something that was said in the office the…
Retweeted by Sid 💸As one of my favorites once said, "you know it's a good day when all you gotta do is retweet" 😂 thanks, yallHer breath control will never ceases to amaze me
Retweeted by Sid 💸no cap about cheating on your partner 😂😂
Retweeted by Sid 💸Watch Megan @TheeStallion's NPR Tiny Desk Fest performance:
Retweeted by Sid 💸.@theestallion got freak nasty– and debuted a new song– during her @nprmusic Tiny Desk performance
Retweeted by Sid 💸Watch Megan @theestallion's NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
Retweeted by Sid 💸Megan Thee Stallion debuts new music and plays Fever favorites at the Tiny Desk
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @ClarissaMBrooks Ayyeee @Sid_Madden And now my blood pressure is up! Thanks for this gem.
Retweeted by Sid 💸Don't worry about "they." Forreal.
Retweeted by Sid 💸A songwriter who helped Harry Belafonte bring calypso to the mainstream, Irving Burgie rewrote the lyrics to the tr…
Retweeted by Sid 💸
Retweeted by Sid 💸good morning to everyone but especially to meg thee stallion
Retweeted by Sid 💸
Retweeted by Sid 💸Breh 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Sid 💸🚨NEW MUSIC🚨 Meg and Phony Ppl premiered their brand new, unreleased collab at the #TinyDesk! you really do love to… hero
Retweeted by Sid 💸“He said to him a pic cuz he miss me. I said to send me a stack if really.” And that line my friends, is what chang…
Retweeted by Sid 💸UNRELEASED MEG? THK U @Sid_Madden 🥰
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @taylorcrumpton ty for supporting!!!’s like 2 different parts of me fusing
Retweeted by Sid 💸PhonyPpI vibin while Meg raps 🗣 "I got a man but I'm fuckin around cus I'm young and can't be tied down" 🤣
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @AsToldByZaria @PhonyPpl @nprmusic @theestallion Right?!! Meg broke down the collab in this interview
Retweeted by Sid 💸The full Megan @theestallion x @PhonyPpl #TinyDesk performance is now available to stream. Watch her perform her ow…
Retweeted by Sid 💸Our performance @nprmusic’s Tiny Desk with @theestallion is now available!!
Retweeted by Sid 💸Megan Mondays love it when worlds collide like this. Yessir.
Retweeted by Sid 💸Like thanksgiving dinner is MY queen of rap.
Retweeted by Sid 💸Oh my gawd Meg and @PhonyPpl?! 😱😍
Retweeted by Sid 💸This just made my Monday better. 🔥 #tinydesk @theestallion
Retweeted by Sid 💸Megan @theestallion's set at the Tiny Desk Fest proved she's a superstar in the making. Watch Meg and @PhonyPpl p…
Retweeted by Sid 💸MEGAN 🐎 THEE 🐎 STALLION 🐎 @theestallion x @PhonyPpl ate that. Full Tiny Desk here, frens: soon 👀🐎
@rodneyology Rodney manifesting!!!!+ Vagabon opening! birthday to Drakeo, forced to celebrate yet another birthday in solitary because the LA District Attorney and…
Retweeted by Sid 💸Meet us at Pacha @LeEn_With_itt if J.Cole someday has an idea for a great feature? Are we putting too much pressure on him to stay feature-free? I worry about things.
Retweeted by Sid 💸“Throughout history, men have broken women’s hearts in a particular way. They love them or half-love them and then…
Retweeted by Sid 💸
Retweeted by Sid 💸Thanksgiving can be a draining holiday for me but right now I feel good @NifMuhammad “In for a penny...” @toridollaz Ohhhh must-readWent from this to this in a two hour span last night. I dreamt a lot of shit up when I was walking around Boston al…
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @gixxxerrr750 It’s coming
The results are in! These are your picks for the top songs of the decade.
Retweeted by Sid 💸After contributing background vocals at the Tiny Desk for Bas in early 2019, we invited @Mereba back for a solo se…
Retweeted by Sid 💸thank you @nprmusic DREAM COME TRU !!! my Tiny Desk is out now 💚💛♥️ #tjitowo
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @throwedmind210 @babyrosemusic yup! @bfred @Genius damn!and this ain’t your typical holiday ep lol 🥀
Retweeted by Sid 💸🔥 @_ItsSharper 🔥 is on fire!! hearing @LenaWaithe explain to @NoelKing how Sandra Bland informed a subtle but key piece of scripting in…
Retweeted by Sid 💸Ta-Nehisi said it the write way: “Kendrick don’t need the Pulitzer, the Pulitzer needs Kendrick.”
Retweeted by Sid 💸omw to steal your girl and take her to a soft utopia where she belongs ☺️
Retweeted by Sid 💸 @Mereba @kmell0n !!!!.@Mereba's gorgeous Tiny Desk is telling me to meditate, exfoliate and not let TSA steal my joy. @kmell0n Me too everything needs to be posted