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Sid @sidbeccar Newport, RI

Immigrant (as legal as you can manage nowadays). “Opponents of Christianity will believe anything except Christianity.” (Chesterton)

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#BuyGoya Ahora voy al super a comprar $200 en productos Goya. Vamos Bob!#BuyGoya I already do. I and will more! Go Bob! @crypticcondor @_KJKelly @KeithNHumphreys @asymmetricinfo Appropriate for what? To create panic? To maintain the na… woman was shot and killed in Indianapolis after an alleged dispute over Black Lives Matter and language. A suspec…
Retweeted by Sid @_KJKelly @KeithNHumphreys @asymmetricinfo I know what it is. Still conveys a completely wrong impression. And th… @KeithNHumphreys @asymmetricinfo Then journalists and academia wonder why they've lost all credibility. If they wa… @KeithNHumphreys @asymmetricinfo That's the most disingenuous graph I've ever seen. The "y" axis is completely random. @JulianCastro @GoyaFoods Vete a Venezuela o a Cuba. Eres un zurdo despreciable.
@asymmetricinfo I agree. Can you now show the same solidarity with Trump supporters that receive that treatment on… Facebook and Instagram have just disabled the accounts of Roger Stone. This an outrageous display of cen…
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@Architecturpic Don't forget to blame zoning ordinances and planning commissions. In other words, central planning. @SohrabAhmari @RorateCaeli I think that Leftism should be declared a religion and Christianity a protected class. @ScottAdamsSays @ChingoBling Claro que si puede.
I have been censored by @Facebook for telling the truth about climate change and species extinction I have formall…
Retweeted by SidNation That Kills 3,000 Babies A Day Feels Morally Superior To Slaveowners From 200 Years Ago via @TheBabylonBee
Retweeted by Sid @ScottAdamsSays It would be much truer to say that a man will certainly fail, because he believes in himself. Compl… @brianstelter @TuckerCarlson @ispottv That's an indictment to the cowards, idiots and plain evil running larger corporations.
Hoy 6 de Julio y a esta hora,hace 45 años el ERP asesinaba a mi marido. Tenia 21 años. Como la historia argentina…
Retweeted by Sid @JonathanTurley Isn't terrorism a federal crime?This is a picture of Danielle Stella, who is running against Ilhan Omar. Danielle is a Republican. Since Omar bitch…
Retweeted by Sid @MayorJenny Actually you are at least partially responsible (indirectly at least) for this tragedy. You should have… @MayorJenny “Peacefully protesing”? I thought that blocking other people’s movements, breaking the law (at least tr…
@15poundstogo Columbus was a great explorer. But as governor of the new world he was somewhere between De Blasio an… this wonderful day, we celebrate our history, our heroes, our heritage, our flag, and our FREEDOM. Happy Fourth…
Retweeted by Sid @WhitlockJason Hi, almost twin! April 2, 1967.🇺🇸🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
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@threeguysyesh @ScottAdamsSays Classifying cultural bias in the same category as KKK racism is like including in th… @ScottAdamsSays False accusations of “racist!” work then? Or you think that they are legit and founded?Finalmente mi mamá murio anoche en Trenque Lauquen. El intendente Fernandez logró su inhumano propósito no me dejó…
Retweeted by Sid"There is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak it's language, perform it's…
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@SaraCarterDC Send the invoice to the Democratic PartyAnother free speech/due process horror story —> University of Massachusetts Nursing Dean Fired For Saying “Everyone…
Retweeted by Sid @asymmetricinfo I am not in favor of legal restrictions to burning the flag. But I think that it should receive a v…𝕋ℝ𝕌𝕋ℍ
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#BREAKING: Hongkongers have hit the streets in defiance of China’s new ‘security law’. They are refusing to give u…
Retweeted by SidWisdom. Not the same as intelligence, or even knowledge.
Retweeted by SidWe seem to be getting closer and closer to a situation where nobody is responsible for what they did but we are all…
Retweeted by SidWhy did Harvard kick out students who told stupid jokes when they were kids but not people like this girl who call…
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Great meeting today at White House! For all of you left in Twitter hell you can find me at Parler. If you want to…
Retweeted by SidCollective punishment is a form of retaliation whereby a suspected perpetrator's family members, friends, acquainta…
Retweeted by Sid"I'm seeing the same pattern repeat." Venezuelan immigrant Elizabeth Rogliani warns that what Democrats and the p…
Retweeted by SidThis is exactly what is happening! Thank you for bringing it home!
Retweeted by Sid#BREAKING @Twitter Restricts #Flynn Attorney's Account, Citing 'Unusual activity' @SidneyPowell1's account has be…
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@djm011 @asymmetricinfo By common interests. @asymmetricinfo If you don't take into account the effect of a coordinated Media / Hollywood / Corporate / Big Tech… has destroyed any credibility the Court may have had.  He’s a disgrace.
Retweeted by SidStare decisis means I have to vote in favor of something I think is wrong and said was wrong 5 minutes ago. Chief J…
Retweeted by Sid7 Times John Roberts Was A Leftist Hack
Retweeted by SidChief John Roberts = Judas Iscariot
Retweeted by Sid @huasa1 @pfdeae Y hoy, juzgado con los criterios de cualquier época, sería considerado ella era mas corrupta e inmo… @TomiLahren Using the mailboxes is a federal crime if you are not the Postal Service.
@StephenKing @CodySkinnerFan A giraffe is a lion. And if you object to my logic, you are a bigot. And since I am a… a world that kneels to a violent mob, stand for what’s right
Retweeted by Sid @AmbJohnBolton Isn't that great that you make the matter not about Russia and the Taliban, but about Trump? @ScottAdamsSays What is that you say about bad analogies? The explanation is that the protests are under the indir… sea simbólico, los funcionarios y estatales que piden un "esfuerzo más" a las 900.000 familias y 100.000 com…
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Parler hits it big
Retweeted by Sid @asymmetricinfo Thks. That’s the Megan I like. Fair. Even handed. @asymmetricinfo What about LA? @asymmetricinfo Nothing to do with the riots that happened just two weeks ago? It’s all Trump? @FoxNews Sure. Send the bill to the Democratic Party.May I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.…
Retweeted by Sid @_KJKelly Sure. Done!
@KatiaforJesus I just signed up in Parler... Although only very occasional Tradicional Mass goer."We had one of the largest frauds and injustices in American history conducted during the 2016 election by the Just…
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@asymmetricinfo Certainly not Flynn... @AndrewCMcCarthy @WSJ That's what happens when the World abandons objective truth, Natural Law, God. Predictable.The Supreme Court has codified a radical new conception of human nature. It has inscribed into law the abolition of…
Retweeted by Sid @karlbykarlsmith @asymmetricinfo That’s such a simplistic take as to be almost idiotic. The French Revolution was…
@Mike_Pence are not interested in solving problems. They live off problems. That’s why they prefer to create them.10 years on Twitter. I’m done. Disgusted with the censorship on this platform. Twitter is now so aggressively ANTI…
Retweeted by SidSo, Parler it is.
Retweeted by SidTecnología: siervo útil pero amo peligroso.
Retweeted by Sid @jsolomonReports Yes. But they are accomplishing their mission: swing about 10 / 15% of the electorate. That's what… @AndrewCMcCarthy Any analysis about Trump's popularity that doesn't take into account "election interference" by Me… sent 15 federal agents to investigate a rope in a garage, meanwhile violent mobs are burning buildings, tearin…
Retweeted by Sid @helloitsthao @LaurenHailey201 If Conservatives cannot speak in social media, we are screwed. 90% of media are with… banned. $100K of Russian ads was a “grave attack to our democracy”. How should we call this Orwellian… @MZHemingway If $100,000 of Russian ads merited three years of hysteria bc “our Democracy was attacked”, What’s the… ramps up 2020 election interference by banning masterful meme maker Carpe Donktum
Retweeted by Sid @ThomasJTobin1 With all due respect, I will start paying attention to these Maoists when hey show the same degree o… @asymmetricinfo There is nothing positive about rising racial tensions, sowing discord and division to benefit the…
No a la restitución de la pensión vitalicia a Amado Boudou @ansesgob @alferdez @FerRaverta - Sign the Petition!… The @Facebook policy team made an exception to classify statements from @CNN host @DonLemon about white m…
Retweeted by Sid @ScottAdamsSays @upanditembo Clearly you have not been to the Middle East. Most of the people in Levant (current Sy… of Christianity will believe anything except Christianity.
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Retweeted by Sid @threeguysyesh @RandPaul the other the "defense". Replacement would be by, say, 1/5 every 6 months. They would be r… @threeguysyesh @RandPaul Actually I support a Constitutional Amendment that would replace the House by a body of a… Chance that a Congress of randomly selected voters would be better than our current Congress. @RandPaul can stay.
Retweeted by SidThis goes back to your "slippery slope doesn't exist theory" You're right and wrong. It's not slippery slope, it'…
Retweeted by SidVenezuelans recognize signs of a communist takeover better than almost anyone (p.s. that accent is 🔥)
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@WSJ You mean "made to evolve" @backstrapfever3 Why? Did you put it there? I
@SteveSchmidtSES @realDonaldTrump @ProjectLincoln How do you know they were teens? What about Chinese troll farm? O… just blocked my publisher from advertising my book, IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE. Apparently, you're allowed to pr…
Retweeted by Sid @RealNicoForReal @cmclymer The points are that the looters seem to sympathize with Lenin, a genocidal maniac. "Syst…