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@AndreaStoraci I mute a lot. Maybe that might help? @HopelessOptimst Hello! the day before #PitMad and all through my feed, I saw pitches for books that I'd like to read. Authors whose…
Retweeted by C🐊r🌿y🐍sπŸ€t🐸a🌾l @tattooed_bee @AuthorJDumas Um... I wouldn't know about that part. I'm a vegetarian 😰 Iceland is a beautiful country. Highly rec… @Dovetale5 Forgot I took this earlier! Apologies for the poor quality πŸ˜• Spent all day in bed like a cat. Here's La… @TardisLibrarian Thanks 😸 @AuthorJDumas A few times. The banner on my profile is a pic I took in Iceland. @Dovetale5 Aww, make sure you take care of yourself too! πŸ’™ Skyler sleeps with me a lot. Just adorable! 😸 @sarah_j_maxwell Wow. Thanks Mom! @ironiclively πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ @TardisLibrarian Yep. I might see about getting tested tomorrow. I hit 100.5 tonight, so I can't go to work. @DrSlutty I'm so sorry πŸ’™ @AlaineGreyson There's a poem written about that. I think it's called "Theories of the Universe" by Blythe Baird. @ecto_fun I, um, thought it was horrible. πŸ˜• @AndreaStoraci Who does that? 😱Fever's returned & I have a headache. Mum's reaction: Who's going to take care of your pets if something happens t… @TheDarkerWorld1 Yay 😸 Can Marche Baker solve the mystery of 919 Victor Street before it's too late? Or is history… @CroweAlistair Aww, that looks like a hungry baby πŸ’™
@TardisLibrarian Thank you! My temp is going up again πŸ˜– @SDReedAuthor @FootnotesMgmt @OyinloyeSabrina @Kellyrei007 @JessSFrankel @ReadingIsOurPas @_RLMT @AnyaPavelle… @Dovetale5 Aww, thanks for asking! I slept most of the day. My temp was 97 early this morning? But now it's creepin… @wisecrackingowl Sounds like a fun personality 😹 @AuthorJDumas Yep. @Dovetale5 Thank you, Danielle! 😸 @SDReedAuthor I'll RT if I see them. Good luck!!! 😸 @Dovetale5 I'm just a little loopy. Hard time focusing. My head hurts. I've only accrued 1 sick day, so I don't wa… @namaferd Ugh. I hope not! Thankfully I didn't do anything too stupid at work today. I'm a little out of it. Skyler is such a love 😻 @SDReedAuthor πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’š Your characters are so lively 😸 @CroweAlistair @MTSmithWrites I hated watching Jesse James (1939) because I read beforehand that they killed the ho… @CroweAlistair @MTSmithWrites I hope it's better than I remember 😹 @MTheWriter93 πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ @Dovetale5 Seems like it's be interesting to read, but I can't focus on anything right now πŸ˜³πŸ˜–πŸ˜· @cordisbored πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š @BertholdGambrel Thanks Berthold 😻 Can Marche Baker solve the mystery of 919 Victor Street before it's too late? O…’t give your soul to someone who doesn’t feel the same way you do. Save it for someone who returns your feelings…
Retweeted by C🐊r🌿y🐍sπŸ€t🐸a🌾l @CroweAlistair Something green πŸ€πŸ’šπŸΈSkyler's weekly selfie... Is it time? (My fever's reached 101, so my head's a little foggy.) I think it's time. Ma…
I do have paper. But I could use a little variety in my life. So here I am, writing on a napkin... @MTSmithWrites @CroweAlistair As long as there's nothing to do with animals being mistreated. That's about the only thing I can't stomach 😸 @Dovetale5 Omigosh you should! (Though I won't push.) That would be totally amazing!! 😻 & you just reminded me tha… @CroweAlistair @MTSmithWrites Weird IS wonderful 😻 Ever seen The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes? (Think that's the t… @SDReedAuthor I agree! Some days are admittedly more challenging than others, but that's life. πŸ’™ On a truly sad… @wisecrackingowl So sweet! 😻😻😻 @CanvassartS @jlrothstein1 What a neat concept 😸 @Dovetale5 Every word here is just sublime! β„β„β„πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜» @wagstaff_brian 😹😹😹 @ironiclively That's what matters! No point if it feels like a chore πŸ˜ΈπŸ’™So... you know I'll be crying real tears of despair if my poem doesn't make the final cut, but... "You have succes… @wagstaff_brian 😹😹😹 @wagstaff_brian Thanks Brian! Temp was only 99.4, so off to work I went... @sidellwrites @The_Murfinator @how_writers @MaximillianFar4 @PattyannMc Awww, thank you! πŸ¦‡πŸ˜Š Also recommend yours,…
Retweeted by C🐊r🌿y🐍sπŸ€t🐸a🌾l @SDReedAuthor @The_Murfinator @how_writers @MaximillianFar4 @PattyannMc @LaraAnnDominick @breederauthor @WeymanWrites πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š @SDReedAuthor My friend... you're just... such an incredible force of optimism and positive energy πŸ’™ Thank you πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š @ironiclively I imagine so. I find coloring relaxing (when I'm not over thinking which markers/pencils to use). I e… @BeardedUniverse Lovely πŸ’™ @geostylegeo The potential of having to speak in front of others... @pbcwrites Yep. Ugh. @ElanaMcdougall I wouldn't be impressed either. Brr! @CroweAlistair @MTSmithWrites How do you find these interesting videos?Okay ya'll, it's that time of the month. I want to support my followers that are writers. Drop your books here πŸ‘‡πŸΌ (…
Retweeted by C🐊r🌿y🐍sπŸ€t🐸a🌾l @ironiclively @CarynMahancynk1 Thanks Kaylie 😻 Can Marche Baker solve the mystery of 919 Victor Street before it's… @Dovetale5 I'll have a nip of youth, please 😻 @CroweAlistair That's incredible volume! Congrats 😸Sadly we don’t always know the depths of someone’s depression until it is too late. May I please have even 1 follow… isn't sure what to make of his new collar 😹 @gmatt63 To care for my furred/feathered/scaled friends. Having pets helps.Wishing you all a good night. Hope you sleep well and wake rested! Going up to read!!
Retweeted by C🐊r🌿y🐍sπŸ€t🐸a🌾l @writingiswar Yep. Broke the TV too. Had to reorder it. @ironiclively I would love to paint πŸ’š @writingiswar True story: I ordered a TV and received a rifle as an unexpected bonus. I did not pick it up and fi… @angel206 Thank you 😸 @AuthorEdenC The potato salad was premade & I definitely did not add pickles 😹 @AuthorEdenC I had potato salad IN my salad. On Thanksgiving. It's just that good. 😎Ugh. Not feeling all that great. And I think my thermometer is broken. Do I drive the 25 miles to work tomorrow an… @penny_hoops πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ @MackenzieEngle1 *fog Typos 😩 @66JayJay99 Breathe. You're breathing 😎 @MackenzieEngle1 I generally don't mind them... except when they for up my glasses πŸ˜• @barb_avon So I'm not crazy... Yet πŸ˜’ @RynSheridan 😸😸😸 @CroweAlistair @cait_dexter @TrailHare @d_ast777 @disneymom1126 @plstuartwrites @booksbyshauntae @RidyardColin… @wagstaff_brian Aww, thanks Brian πŸ’™ Either ghost stories aren't interesting to readers anymore or... this is a dir… @JasonHorton69 Good luck! πŸ‘
Taking a break from reality to check out The Furies πŸŽ₯ (New film; no Barbara Stanwyck here.) @SDReedAuthor 😹😹😹Not gonna lie. This is just... incredibly depressing. @The_Murfinator @how_writers Hi!😻 Repetition tells of a house cursed (#horror), ghosts unsettled (#MurderMystery),… @Dovetale5 πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ @NatashaLink1 I actually did study abroad in London. And I've always said London when talking about it (not England or UK) 😸 @SydSteyerhart Eating fast-food is challenging as a vegetarian. Does Subway count? I could probably get a salad or veggie sub there... @_ADWills 😻😻😻Alright, #WritingCommunity...I am creating a #Christmas list and need some #book ideas. Where are my #romance novel…
Retweeted by C🐊r🌿y🐍sπŸ€t🐸a🌾l @CBethAnderson I'm so, so sorry. Hoping for the best πŸ’™ @Dovetale5 It stresses me out so badly. I just can't... And makes me tired 😴 @Dovetale5 Oh, no. That's just talk. Your dad is obviously bonkers over your babies 😹 And that litter box thing sounds awesome!! @CroweAlistair Oh no! That sounds painful! I've dropped my phone a few times (cuz I'm clumsy) and that hurts. Can… @SDReedAuthor Yes! No question! Fact that green (alongside blue) is one of my favorite colors just makes it more πŸ˜Έβ€¦ @RynSheridan Um, I didn't mean to sound like a bossy know-it-all 😰 Feel free to pretend I said nothing...