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Just like Arsenal.
Fantastic. This was my favourite of all the Harry Potter novels. WHY WHY WHY WHYMaybe Unai Emery will have read some Indian history and will urgently put in one mercy petition... @mukeshsharda Kindly convey regards to family.In the village of Nashtifan, Iran, some of the oldest windmills in the world, with what may be the earliest windmil…
Retweeted by Yes my G @coderzombie ShitCome on boys lose with dignity.Champions of Europe versus People's Choice and Custodian of Footballing Values.Very important game for Pepe narrative.He didn’t say resigning because expected and not given. He said resigning because I want it. Seems to have understo…
Retweeted by Yes my GPut one for me alsoOho belated Janmashtami wishes to all. @my2bit Baseless rumours you have done taxes properly?BRILLIANT START TO THE SEASON’s new book, The Anarchy, is an incisive look at the rise of the East India Company. The excerpt in…
Retweeted by Yes my G"Manchester United is comparatively growing faster than many other countries..." - Nirmala Seetharaman.Is that... Abhishek Manu Singhvi? to see good bureaucrats resign, but to expect freedom of expression as an employee of the Civil Service is... tuffmatch.There’s a lot in this @IChotiner interview of Amy Wax, but I just want to highlight Wax, who has publicly questione…
Retweeted by Yes my G @Retributions Ceremonial cremation you sepoy. @sidin Is this American squirrel a male? Americanannananano?
Retweeted by Yes my GHey, Rohingya man is a Gooner??!! could go wrong? Crane once got a Zayed Order... of french fries. Lololol. Apols. @manasi_oza Can confirm.Hey Chappan Bhog. There used to be a branch bear Eldorado Cinema in Abu Dhabi. Are there like anything. @agrawalsanjeev My super power is photo pedantry.Apropos nothing: More women in the UAE team than the Indian team in the photo. Zindabad. SFI Zindabad. Manushya chankala Zindabad. @sidin Mom, are you Rick? Ammeyrickano?
Retweeted by Yes my GSome basic Malayalam for travellers. Is this USA: Americayaano? Are you American: Americanaano? Are you American… @zburki Very elegant. I think an Apple font.RIP Arun Jaitley. One of Delhi's great wristwatch connoisseurs.Video | ‘In another 30 years I will produce only four or five books’: 2018 JCB Prize winner Benyamin…
Retweeted by Yes my GIdeally Georgia. Anything sans serif is an immediate life ban. Except short pieces written in Avenir. a pregnant courtesan, her murdered lover, and a trail (and trial) that led back to a royal capital, toppling the…
Retweeted by Yes my GDamn have always wanted to write a short history of Indian Christianity. Other people are not even letting me. am tired of these lies. Not a single table is round. Not one table. you @IndianExpress for carrying my truth on the front page and above the fold ❤️
Retweeted by Yes my G @surekhapillai Most welcomeRab Ne Bana Di Jodie @AshwinRaman_ The rise and fall of Olympics football.Shiv Sena member: "Sir there is a probl..." Nearest Thackeray: "I've heard enough. Maar do saalon ko."
Welcome to Kerala @cricketcouch @hemantbuch Hello club[first day as a pilot] control tower: what are your coordinates me: I’m by a cloud that looks like a lion contr…
Retweeted by Yes my G @ICICIBank_Care Thanks for reaching out guys. If there is a problem with the transfer will drop a line. Cheers and have a good weekend. @udupendra Wow no need to shout @coderzombie Cowardly centrist tweetPart II of my two-part series on Union Finances.
Retweeted by Yes my GPart I of my two-part series on Union finances.
Retweeted by Yes my GOr why not combine both topics... and do a quiz on Jay Shah or Karthi Chidambaram? @suhel @krtgrphr Not fried. Usually dishes cooked in lots of fried onions and a semi dry gravy I think. Not sure if origins.What a work of genius. Also is that b/g guitar by Prasanna? #ThatThatMan
Retweeted by Yes my G @akannampilly Next book is on this transfer.Yes yes TransferWise is best friends. But due to a legal requirement i had to do this. It was amazing. @ahalam Still smarting @vidya83 One Time Pigeon @AletiPaleti Shhhhh @akannampilly Could not because of legal requirement. Utter and totalmpain. @RamCNN Just spent whole day most probably sending money to wrong guy in Mumbai.Sending money to India. Normal bank: "Just send it to us." ICICI: "On amavasya night send it to HSBC, who will s… is the government falling for the false narrative that the economy is slowing down? #FalseNarrative why you arrested greatest wealth creator Chidambaram. Lies. @krishashok Thank you ( with suspicion)One good Archer and everyone else just sitting around giving dialogue. England or Pandavas? @ksmkkbookscom Best wishes. (wait this is a day in which you wish best wishes right? Not like good Friday or something?)Why is the photo taken in front of school notebook wrapping paper? morning. What are the updates? Massive fried chicken craving these days. My mid-life crisis is very weird so far. @rockyandmayur (oh my god you guys)Tremendous. culture??? Interesting concept well worth exploring. an enjoyable show. Will watch again.
@OneChilledBeer IF YOU STOPPED WASTING TIME COUNTING HS AND DOING SOME GDP ACTIVITIES YOU CAN HAVE KERALA MODEL ECONOMY BUT NO @Retributions @dhume Chrystians. New circular was sent out last week Rohit.Bhaingan Pakoda @dhume Sadanand if Out of India Theory is false how did you reach US? Tell the truth.overprepare. Under-write. believe this course is compulsary at IIMB. @Podaaaanga Yes also horror.Same Jackson died as he knew this was coming
Retweeted by Yes my G @CrazedDiamond But we don't prefer enough to actually pay for good platforms. Sad I think. @basabp GIVE SOME SHARES IN NIIT YAAR @RamrajviP Yes. Everything is good in moderation. But opinion is cheap to mass produce and publish in bad faith. @SaqibReports Oh damn yeahWhat type of walker are you? 🚶 🏃
Retweeted by Yes my GMacron with Mitron @RamrajviP Yep. I personally want opinion to die. Let us hope.Just think... The horror. @RamrajviP Yes. I think there are revenue problems looming there also. But even then the problem of reporting remai… you soldier on do you what you can isn't it? All the best to all media fellows. @bhalomanush HOW DARE YOU I MEAN WOW @SaurabhJoshi @KabirTaneja I am always torn between great love for fellow journo types, and utter disgust for the t… again Indian national media is crazy when you think about it. It is simultaneously over-served (not enough adve… I think 'media is collapsing' is a secondary problem. The bigger problem IMO is that news gathering is coll…