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Bombay Fever is out now: #COYG. Send email for collaborations: Instagram: Sidin MSc+PhD @ Birkbeck

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@curiousgawker Always broThe relentless drudgery and inevitable unfairness of life. @mobeenraza @TheCurrentPK That is not me @anjali28 Highest quality.If life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be like “What!?” would like to join. @abhic4ever @Retributions Looks EXACTLY like DP. Bloody.Indian cricket expert @sidin shares his thoughts on tomorrow's big match. #PakvsInd #CWC19 #Pakistan #India
Retweeted by Member of WhaleAs Rumi said: “Start meesic.” Indian freedom fighter was the best speaker? Bose.Maserati can i get a big mac employee: sir, this is a Burger King me: sorry can i get a big mac, your majesty
Retweeted by Member of WhaleOh that reminds me. Have to pay car tax tomorrow. you love someone let them go to England for World Cup and then suddenly during rain stoppage appear in front of… @kushanmitra But it will get more votes than AK Antony.Kudos to everyone involved in this. choice. The man has the charisma of a gastric ulcer and the leadership qualities of a jackfruit. @sambit_dash @adityadash_bbsr Have followed for a long time. @ishaantharoor @Punladhi Wrong both of you. Paris St Germain. So obvious.
@petersagal ComedyCemetery ThatLookedExpensive CatastrophicFailure WhatCouldGoWrong Nononoyes ThatHappened @krtgrphr Then it’s not a clever headline. It is a waste of your time.Yeah but how many meat eaters do you know who are heavy and red? @ishaantharoor Ishaan when you’re watching the entire team play, I think picking just one player and talking about Parris ain’t germane.Sad @enthahotness Better to use terms like ‘Ravs’ or ‘MastMast’.Q: Friends, Hi which Delhi streetfood is the best at journalism? Ans: Pankaj Kachori. @SheelMajumdar @bongopondit Possibly sisnister. But also possible that brand is spending simultaneously on direct mail and online ads. @bongopondit (I would still be like super suspicious of Facebook.) @bongopondit But they don’t know you bought one. Which means that part of your behaviour remains private? Good thing no?This is also 100% how Mustafi operates. some strong food opinions coming up... @vprashanth I don’t know man. My expectations from that guy are quite low. @vprashanth Sure. But then don’t expect them to win much.What a fantastic question/perspective. @firasd My subjective view is that he should find something else to do.As my editor put it, quite beautifully: Anger has it place, and it also has its time. This feels like one such time…
Retweeted by Member of Whale @rameshsrivats 100% this means Modi will get KohinoorThe dude just wants to travel, read books and chill in life. Let him free Congress. Let him go. Find someone who ac… @TweetinderKaul ThanksBroToronto Raptors seems nice people. Will support henceforth. @TweetinderKaul Which book bro?Amitav Ghosh's new novel, Gun Island, explores illegal migration and displacement, two of the most fraught and urge…
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@nadiaoxford @The_Katbot So guys I’ve been trying Planescape:Torment on the iPad as per Bloodgod demands. And it is very weird…They. Me
Retweeted by Member of Whale @ScrollsNInk @bhalomanush Crazy!#INDvNZ Reporter: There is too much water...doesn't look good Shastri: Yes, I had told Jadeja to mix less water…
Retweeted by Member of WhaleSame. song very nice. But why does she ask for change in the second line? Seems very strange.I’m not really keen on the Honours system, but nobody deserves it more than Michael Palin
Retweeted by Member of Whale @Ronan_Howard_ @bromleyfc Hey Ronan, please check DM. @rsborar Wait. What. Which book? Thanks man. @geetanjalic @GauravVaz Wait whatTwo of my least favourite foods: steak and lobster. Like what the hell is the hype guys? Yuck. @anantha It has been decades no?Just read an article about someone who lost a priceless ancient vase. Found it very under well Ming. @prashantmaroli He he @sandeepnanu Yes quite possibly.Superb people say Indian men are not romantic… want to set up an Indo-China economic summit where world renowned experts can come together and aggressively disc… @KabirTaneja Pipe down boyFinally after decades Bollywood starts casting people who can act… @KabirTaneja Mined your language Taneja. @KabirTaneja Frack you Kabir @KabirTaneja Oil be surprised if this does not escalate into something far more crude. @Chikisarkar A book of bad jokes. Think about it.
@kamla GulpWho called it Chandrayaan-II and not ‘Moon Moon Send’? have either passed in one history course or failed like anything. Online grade system os broken.For the @NewYorker, I wrote a review-essay about "My Seditious Heart," a fat new collection of Arundhati Roy's non-…
Retweeted by Member of WhaleWow horrific @Sathnam Jump @vams21 You are a duplicate state wait for 70 years minimum.RT if you remember when Indian media lost its shit because Karishma Kapoor sang Sexy Sexy Sexy and they made a vers… the inevitable Civil Wars break out Kerala is going to make a lot of money as the only people in India who can… they had time after all that terrorist to run a quiz? Virat Kohli asking crowd to pre-emptively applaud Australians. He knew they were going to beat Pakistan.100% Shahjahan said “Send chicks please...” and Aurangzeb was like “Chickpeas? Cool!” and Shahjahan was like “Noooo… Zuckerberg has consistency when it comes to his position on privacy. ate a croissant for the first time. Not bad.I may be completely wrong here. But all this plus the email from Vinai and Raul after the Europa League final reall… month after holes in a key database used in GDP estimation were first exposed, the controversy around #India's GD…
Retweeted by Member of WhaleIf you can’t make superb puns then don’t. Please don’t be jealous of people who can.Really nice of Pant to fly over on shorts notice. Hope Dhawan’s injury is… brief. @Magazine_ET on Sunday, I looked at the data on language in India, including second and third languages
Retweeted by Member of Whale @thehappyn00dle @curiousgawker Strong agreement. @TianChengWen Fascinating perspective. @KabirTaneja Oh I see @prasadghagare @ngtweets1969 Oh nice @nihang Punjabi music is damn good ya. @ngtweets1969 FascinateA usage in Malayalam that I find quite fascinating is ‘Yuva Turki’ which means ‘Young Turk’. A rebellious youth typ… gets the sense UP Police is a little problematic?Coka Coka Coka Coka Coka @pranesh Yup. But again the impact maybe be external to the recommendation engine. The recommendation engine, then,… @pranesh While all this maybe true, the effects may not have to be symmetric no?
@krtgrphr @Gunmaster_G9 Wow. @suhel @maxdavinci Also five figure handle @sidin
Retweeted by Member of WhaleJust went for a swim. Really refreshing. #NoFilter