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@D0cCupCake @Lady_Arsenic_ That isn’t available in my area of FL @ActaBunniFooFoo 🖕🏻So easy a 7 year old can read it. @Siefe
Retweeted by SIEFEI mean... that shirt tho 👀 @SarahIsabellaXx 🤷🏻‍♂️ @Lady_Arsenic_ Same. @Friskkmkay You rock and we much have a drink, again, soon. ❤️ @Friskkmkay Like, forget that adults game and make content - their doing this to CHILDREN, who are isolated in thei… @PapaKraven It really does show people’s true colors. @Jim_Boyo Lol I was about to say.... “Yo you don’t need the console anymore?!” 😂 @Jim_Boyo You want me buy a digital console?And yes, I used to have one, but have it away to a member of my community that was having a really tough time. Pe… wanna buy a Nintendo Switch, and Animal Crossing, but they’re sold out EVERYWHERE due to people price gouging the…
@Rondeau04 mean.... The Office while drinking The Office 👌🏼 a year this month has been. @CatchMeStreamin Yo, IKEA comes in CLUTCH for stream studios. 👌🏼 @Kross You need day and evening wear for sure.I’m at a point where I spend 20 min, each day, on what look I’m going to have for the living room. @BaronCorbinWWE Not bad. Ford vs Ferrari and One Upon a Time in Hollywood are a MUST too.
I know this isn’t real but damn lol @Sluggishturnip1 @ChaoticD1sorder SAMEI just had to remind myself it’s Saturday..... @Almondzmbduck 👊Well damn. Mixer was lit today.It’s been a while @WatchMixer Let’s see if this still works 😀🔴LIVE NOW SHIT
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WELL SHIT @PL0SI0N @themandalorian FANTASTIC SHOWThis is the way. #themandalorian @themandalorian @SteelSeries I think I found my new peripheral fav.Learn the ways of the force.
Retweeted by SIEFE @SteelSeries Hug me🔴LIVE Internet social distancing the ways of the force.
@JoricGaming @CallofDuty Pretty much lol @Legendaryladman My toilet seat isn’t a pussy. @jacquicollins_ @PlayVALORANT Congrats! 🍾Thank you so much for the raids @The_Poolshark & @Darkness429 ! You have some amazing communities!It ACTUALLY boggles my MIND why @CallofDuty doesn’t limit vehicles to a fuel amount. Letting people run others ove…🔴LIVE
So our 90 day trial, of 2020, is almost up. Honestly, I think I’m gonna stick with 2019. ....or see what 2021 looks like. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by SIEFE @Adiofreak @Kross Not gonna lie... I sort of want to try AC. @Kross @Adiofreak You play video games? @Adiofreak For sure! @JERICHO @Razer That’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥Thank for the host @Adiofreak !🔴LIVE NOW our 90 day trial, of 2020, is almost up. Honestly, I think I’m gonna stick with 2019. ....or see what 2021 looks like. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @SchittsCreek @OriginalFunko 🔥
@Play4Alex2020 Which is why is always good to stop and change a flat tire. Than to drive on it, for months, while i… @Play4Alex2020 More reason for others to stay home, so that heros, like you (yes if you’re out there you’re a hero.… @Braddock512 😂😂Can you IMAGINE if we had all this happen in the 80’s?! 13 TV stations “Yo girl, fax me a selfie” ..... @MilanKLee I’m such an outdoorsman. This is all new to me. @Kriseman Will you please talk sense to the rest of FL please. 👊 @SKEEHP 🤪Mood ⬇️🤯
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@ScottyTidwell @GovRonDeSantis It’s absolutely ABSURD what he’s doing. He’d rather drag a car, on a flat tire, unt… @The_Poolshark That’s awesome man!Yo..............🤯 @Faucius That’s a clean color. Reminds me of my White Walkers @valleygrrrlx I play every day 🤷🏻‍♂️🔴LIVE
This is a REALLY good time for a new SOCOM game... game skills. Day 6 of quarantine: @AmbitiousMixer We suck too, trust me - @iluvtacos0822 🔥
@BackdraftLIVE SOA IS FANTASTIC @shepthelep96 GREAT SHOWYo @The_Poolshark thanks for the host today! Very kind of you!🔴LIVE🤪
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I’m just gonna eat carbs, alone, until this is all over. 🤷🏻‍♂️Y’all are taking this toilet paper thing too far....
Retweeted by SIEFE🔴LIVE NOW Video games mean... #Warzone
Retweeted by SIEFEI mean... #Warzone
Y’all are taking this toilet paper thing too far.... while I don't drink @GFuelEnergy much anymore, I wasn't going to let this special edition @DOOM box get away! Lo…
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@DrLupo @KEEMSTAR🔴LIVE #Warzone“Target has now been marked Excommunicado” #Warzone
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@PhilRanta @FacebookGaming @oculus Dude I want one SO BAD. @alex_frostwolf We call it the “Chase Face”. *Trademark Pending @alex_frostwolf Chase said “Ditto” @UncleFings @BrokenVixen_ 🍾 @TinyTinaGaming 👊I was “social distancing” before it was cool. 😎