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Hitting things with an ax since 1982. I'll probably troll you.

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Happy to see a bunch of the old Skål folks carrying on trialing. GG @FellowshipYolo #ESO @RumTheElf Whatever you do your going to need bass too. @jedi43 Stealing hubcaps isn't on my list @thewayfarerx One of my favorites. Also happy birthday! @thewayfarerx oh yes @zerena_hoofs nuuuuuuuuuu @RumTheElf I can't vote because of that @jedi43 you do usually look like you're getting ready to go steal some fine art or rob a bank or something SeemsGoodI've spent the last couple days learning about laws regarding Health, Disability Income and Long Term Care insuranc… @Scarybooster1 Hahaha @Scarybooster1 You must be one of like 7 total Ducati fans 😉
@porkchophawaii @zerena_hoofs @porkchophawaii @zerena_hoofs get out @zerena_hoofs that's everything I tweet
@zerena_hoofs lolwas taking notes just now and typed "one or moar" Clearly I've used the webbernets too much
Retweeted by Sig 🏴‍☠️ @grilledcheese28 @mastodonmusic @thebandGHOST @grilledcheese28 @mastodonmusic @thebandGHOST as always🙃 @UrQuan778 @K2theSwift @shimmervids @GinaLBruno I tried watching it. Couldn't get into it @K2theSwift @UrQuan778 @shimmervids @GinaLBruno yah Queen Latifah I knew, the guy in Vancouver tho...? @zerena_hoofs @UrQuan778 @shimmervids @GinaLBruno @K2theSwift and I apparently saw some actor at the Vancouver aquarium but I hav… @UrQuan778 @shimmervids @GinaLBruno I've seen famous people. Does that count? loltry to recruit them into my army here's our boy, cranky because he is starting to shed class today. So many notes @Magnisimo68 its full of californians D: seriously tho, good! @Magnisimo68 whazaaaaa @Magnisimo68 hi. hello @Scarybooster1 Rodney Carrington cover band?
@wokinglunges we'll see about that. I'll be dealing with the public in Los Angeles @azraelkrieg @jedi43 have typed "beneficiary" more times today than I have the rest of my life combined, I think @Ventain @vbarreirojr @Scarybooster1 @Oakstout whatever came with the xbox at the time, I don't even remember @Scarybooster1 @Oakstout I did that exact thing. I think I fired up Forza ONCE @Howler360x gotten into specializations yet? @Howler360x love that game @SigynX1 The Brown Truck of Happiness!I fucking hate the term "yeet"
Retweeted by Sig 🏴‍☠️ @Ventain every morning, yes @zerena_hoofs I've felt that
@Ehefkae one of many reasons ohio needs a hard resetthe word "Bureau" looks weird @zerena_hoofs @K2theSwift they look nice but I wouldn't wear them myself. I'd break my ankles!Daedra as Cats: a thread
Retweeted by Sig 🏴‍☠️The common stinkhorn fungus. Its latin name (Phallus impudicus) means 'shameless penis'. (Photo: Konnie Robertson)
Retweeted by Sig 🏴‍☠️Been taking an online class for a license I am applying for, and I keep seeing steam pop up that many people on my… @Casual_Ranger @faerie_sarah @CaptainDumac If Titty Emporer was a thing I'd be tempted to start playing again
@That_Girl_Jesss How could you say noA pair of bald eagle eggs in a nest at Big Bear Lake are expected to hatch any minute now, and the public is invite…
Retweeted by Sig 🏴‍☠️ @jedi43 @azraelkrieg That's fucking weird @individualchic @jedi43 First? @Casual_Ranger @Ninja_614 @individualchic Damn cops @Ninja_614 @individualchic Four of them I've never
@azraelkrieg People still play that? @K2theSwift Is there like a lizard specific app we need to sign him up for? @BlossomingSun @K2theSwift Mr Lizardman in all his glory!This is going to be fun!
Retweeted by Sig 🏴‍☠️This video is no where near as good as it needed to be. Fucking guards @Odin_Omen @NeonDanTV was @KerbalSpaceP and rarely but yeah twatter I never want to see my time line in anything other than chronological order, knock that shit offThis guy here...
@iammaredhead SameOoo @flangdoodle @itslizziego Ah I see. Good kidYou have to have a license for a scooter? @itslizziego I misread your original tweet I think lol @Diedo_Burglar Spiders are fine. It's the sharks I don't wantAnd that's a big ol screw in my tire @itslizziego @Diedo_Burglar Why me
@Ninja_614 You son of a bitch"When neighbors start talking, good things happen." 🏡
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Retweeted by Sig 🏴‍☠️These cakes are something else by tattoo artist Ben Cullen. Too good to eat. 😮 #bencullen #cake
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Just... wow. Wow.
Retweeted by Sig 🏴‍☠️ @porkchophawaii @zerena_hoofs Boat and a ho confirmed @K2theSwift @zerena_hoofs Hint: twerent me @porkchophawaii @zerena_hoofs Look this boat tho. You can see under it. Maybe the hos are hiding. @SlashLurk @ElloaWendy I am also freaking out but not because you wore pants @jedi43 Fancy shoe day of course @ElloaWendy @SlashLurk Like a once a year kind of thing? Yep @SigynX1 Cole Haan or some suchGot them fancy shoes on today @zerena_hoofs I've seen lots of boats recently. Not many hos tho.
Would or have you bought a car with out test driving it. If you have I'd love to know what it was and why you didn't test drive.
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