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Sig 🧂 @Sigtric Seattle, WA

I like cheese.

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Ol' Todd says a lot of things @Spartacusxp RDR2 is awesome @DRaGoN_KoBRa I have fake money in GTAV too @DRaGoN_KoBRa gtfoy tho @endgameviable In 2025 it will no longer be windows. Skyrim OS will launch. Start button will be replaced with a sw…'s some "it just works" jokes in there somewhere. @jazsquirrel That'd be a great way to finish completely ruining bethesdas reputation @Valomir Look up water brash @ConnorBarr95 slow down on the frequency of practice a bit and give your fingers a chance to heal. I know it seems…
@BaleyBlue @Inklings_Gaming My overfull inventory due to my unwillingness to get ESO+ again makes it impossible for me to play… @Forcebalance While I do not wish you to get deaded, that is a nice forest. @zerena_hoofs We have the best justice system money can buyPretty sure all that smoke the past couple weeks has given me a minor sinus infection @I_am_Poppy1 Thief! @WickedWolf17 Which DA @I_am_Poppy1 Is it any good? @I_am_Poppy1 The super deluxe remastered reissued redux special master gold game of the century edition ? @Ker_mudgen It is definitely in a much better place, from what little I've played since wastelanders came outWhat's everyone been playing this weekend? I tried Spellbreak last night and I really like it.😂 Those are some bad ass onions.
Retweeted by Sig 🧂 @Namaslays holy fuck @Valomir Here's the shorts if you want one time I was at the second show ever to hear this song. @Valomir in studio, on the first album it was just him and a bassist IIRC, he wrote and played the guitars, bass, d… @Valomir but anyway, leading up to the album and past it leading to the tour, they did this series of video shorts… @Valomir The Cardinal has since been promoted to Papa (all the 3 guys before went by Papa Emeritus 1, 2, 3) It's all ridiculous and amazing @Valomir before the last album, Sister Imperator (who seems to call the shots in the 'Church') had all 3 of the ant… @Valomir lol yeah someone just kept looping it, So they "change singers" every album. It's really just the same g… @Valomir I can explain if you'd like lol @DaveMills79 @jedi43 what you did there has been seen by me @pinklatex @RangerErnsy jesus fucking christ @Valomir let us not forget the tricycle @jedi43 git gud @Valomir They will do this then turn around and do this @Valomir Ghost is basically the 'rock is evil' ideal + metal + scooby doo. It's pretty great. @Valomir and bring a kazoo to a song about zombies. @Valomir The fact they can write a song about the devil and make it sound like a baptist church song, has me. did I not know about this? @Valomir I'm one of the biggest Ghost nerds on the planet lol @Valomir I got all the tunes man @Valomir we got that too @Valomir Do you need to pray? @Valomir She is Canadian so it ought to be like a lullaby for you, I think. @Valomir No. Here's some wind down for you. @Valomir Floor rabbit hole on youtube. @Valomir Here. @Valomir @yepnopeok @YouTube Annette was way too pop for me, but funny enough I liked her better than Tarja @Valomir @yepnopeok @YouTube incoming Floorgasm @Valomir @yepnopeok @YouTube It was Tarja first and then Anette and people will fight me over this but Floor is vastly superior @Valomir @yepnopeok @YouTube Floor has been with them since 2012-2013 ish @Valomir @yepnopeok @YouTube I love the vocal coach reacts videos from various of these coaches. This one is one of… @jedi43 @thewayfarerx Why would I want to put vegemite in my mouth? @jedi43 @thewayfarerx why would you ruin food with vegemite?
Hello Seattle skyline! We've missed you! Thanks to the rain, the air quality is now GOOD for almost all of Washingt…
Retweeted by Sig 🧂 @taself46 @TESOnline my inventory is one of my biggest barriers of reentry, to play again.... this is nice @TESOnline @EmphaticGamer khajiit jail is no good @RadoGamers Turns out it is a type of Rove beetle called a Devil's Coach Horse @glitter_girl25 I ran the heater in the truck even @jedi43 they taste better with mustard than ketchup @cozifan besides being texans? XD @shimmervids turns out it is a cousin to what nightmares are made out of. This one is harmless comparatively @glitter_girl25 Got absolutely drenched in cold rain today and it was glorious
This kind of makes me laugh. We Arizona natives: lightning? Rains coming, let's go outside! @PaganRites SOT was the series that made me actually want to read and write. Damn @itslizziego I have about six of those for every 1 tweet I have actually pushed through. @Inklings_Gaming used to be long enough 2b my blanket but not anymore, not its overStandard Version
Retweeted by Sig 🧂 @iammaredhead Was my beetle frand not enough? Here's Mando. @HinterlandGames @zimmrin @zerena_hoofs Yes
@BaleyBlue @Menniss_Madoran Bacon cheeseburgers? Sold! @BaleyBlue @Menniss_Madoran Although hockey is my favorite kind of sportsball @Atomsk_KN Wiffle Hut! @BaleyBlue @Menniss_Madoran I don't care for Maple syrup all that much and I find poutine abhorrent... @Valomir Looks like 300 mil as of this past June @BaleyBlue @Menniss_Madoran I don't own enough denim for this @PaganRites I dunno... Right now I have more hope for Santa being real. @BaleyBlue @Menniss_Madoran Does this mean I have to start using the finger counter method of measuring things ? @Valomir They have raised much more than that and it's six years late from it's original planned release date @Valomir I have no faith it'll ever launch at this point. @Menniss_Madoran @BaleyBlue WashingtonThings I've looked forward to in my more youthful/less wise days that I don't think I'll see in my lifetime: Alien… @BaleyBlue @Menniss_Madoran Apparently I need more flannel for the local uniform tooI used to think I was fairly decent with meming but I have no clue what half of you people are on about about 75% of the time. @Valomir I mean we don't really have moss naturally were I am from but yeah, the bug. Lol @iammaredhead There you go. Also it's not the real Rove beetle so it's safe. @flangdoodle Heheh @flangdoodle @iammaredhead That was up in Snohomish countyThe fuck is this @zerena_hoofs Yasss. I just wish we got moreHaven't spent a whole lot of time out in the world since covid started engaging with any new people, until I starte… @itslizziego it seems like mostly a bunch of middle management types playing at CEO, so yeah. lol @itslizziego linkedin, seemed like a good concept back in 07 or whatever but it's just weird. lol @UrQuan778 that makes sense. thanksThis young boy made Iron man’s suit with Cartons🔥 It will cost you nothing to RT this creativity
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