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Si Hodges @SiHodges79 Behind you!

Doctor Who photos and artwork with a side order of occasional facts and gibberish. Keen author of typos.

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@TheCyberdevil Keff obvs. @davadsteel @claytonhickman War on the streets of Glasgow...
Retweeted by Si Hodges @TheCyberdevil @zoesfeatherboa @SiHunt1234 @whovianer Isn't it for parts of episodes one and two? The UNIT HQ scenes mainly IIRC.
@CFarnesbarnes @TheCyberdevil Here's the post. Who - Season 5 in colour! 🌈 92 original colour photos, 42 of them from The Abominable Snowmen! And I swear…
Retweeted by Si Hodges @LIZSevenNine @The66Ramblers I should hope so. He's one of the admins 🤣
@aquatics64 @LeeBinding Slimy Kaled blob. at the shiny.
Retweeted by Si Hodges @_jonathanpicard @LeeBinding That is one bangin' TARDIS! @danmcdaid @CJLightowler Neat whisky. With a small, untouched, jug of water next to it. The scent of High Karate pervading the room. @KevTheRev1986 @lordgamermon @josh_snares Yep, just gone up on HMV and Amazon.Look at the shiny. But based on family history and lifestyle I would be surprised to make it...
In my new podcast about the Pilot episode of Doctor Who I talk about where I think that the howlround sequence used…
Retweeted by Si HodgesCelebrate #DoctorWhoDay with a Black Archive! Retweet this to go in a draw to win a Black…
Retweeted by Si Hodges @claytonhickman your public is missing you. @Chris_MG (I was employing sarcasm, irony and hyperbole in reference to one of the worst-kept secrets in Who histor… KLAXON! #DoctorWhoDay @Eddie_from_TDTV DID THEY KEEP IT SO SECRET?!?! @DavadSteel @trevorbaxendale @senrab_nala The new 4th Doctor boxes are comprised of two four-parters rather than th… @TheRikMoran @BritBox_UK I believe the UK digital rights to the 21st century series are tied up with iPlayer for a long while yet.Hapy #DoctorWhoDay! Here is CE 'Bunny' Webber who, despite never getting a single credit on the show, came up with… @Andydrewz Here's a copy printed in the old TW magazine and reprinted in one of the yearbooks. Hope it's of use. @jasonrhd @TheBearded_Jake They're only animating episode three according to the description. One presumes it will… @TheBearded_Jake The product description says it's animated. So it seems that one has permanently vanished into a private vault... @StuartHumphryes I think there's only so long the wind can be said to blow in the right direction before even BBC S… @DavadSteel The Cyberdevil sign has been lit. Will isn't an animation fan so not worth setting his messenger vibration ago-go.Looks like someone might have pressed a button too early...
@spankybackpack @paulxdesign 😮👉 @spankybackpack @paulxdesign Too soon? @paulxdesign They don't call him Two-Up Turner for nothing. @dimwittedly It's a typical Baker/Martin script that has a hundred brilliant ideas that they are incapable of fitti…
Retweeted by Si HodgesSOON.
@HjRobins This, of course, is "Jan Putrid". @MrKenShabby He's seen your Dahl tweets and been taking notes. @iamryanaplin Yeah, Royal Mail has really dropped the ball here. I've only seen a couple of reports of subs copies… @IcarFaem @josh_snares Son of the Dragon is great. Half of 100 is superb, the other half less so. And I'm afraid…
@josh_snares Natural History of Fear The Harvest The Juggernauts Terror Firma Live 34 Night Thoughts The Kingmaker… @OldRoberts953 I would welcome something petite and silver in a blue body-stocking.
@danmcdaid @DeborahMcDaid Sing the funkypigeon dot com song back. @DavadSteel I'm going to tell my kids he's my dad.Happy #InternationalMensDay2020 @senrab_nala @jonnymorris1973 @DWMtweets Boo for the lack of "FAITH IN THE FUTURE". @CFarnesbarnes Don't mention post to DWM subscribers!
@OldRoberts953 Changing external fashions have a major effect on sales. The whole lads' mag industry has vanished… @OldRoberts953 That's an odd graphic. Spectator would fall into the news and current affairs bar so I'm sure it's… @StephenCVGraham That looks like every Little Britain character rolled into one. @TobyHadoke It's not this one is it, Toby?
@TobyHadoke Oh how sad. He scared the living daylights out of me as the Lord of the Nazgûl in the Radio 4 Lord of t…
Retweeted by Si Hodges @InflatableDalek @Madeley Happy birthday! I hope you achieve everything you want to do/do bugger all* today. *delete as applicable
@TygerWhoCame2T Under the Nixon administration US scientists made huge advances in cancer treatments. Strange how… bookazine available NOW at Panini Store - get in there quick, they're liable to sell out fast! (ships to UK…
Retweeted by Si Hodges @danmcdaid Blade Runner - The Final Cut @InflatableDalek That's a touch unfair on the poor fella. He's a better actor than dozens who had greater success…
@wearecultonline It Waters still sitting on the filmed footage?Here's a spot of Sunday afternoon #DoctorWho photo repair. This evocative shot from Death to the Daleks was on the…
Retweeted by Si Hodges @wearecultonline It's unrelentingly grim. Throw in Geldof not generating any sympathy (my reaction was to leave hi… @MediaSig The smaller shot in my first tweet is that very photo (albeit copped). @mumoss Insect MovementHere's a spot of Sunday afternoon #DoctorWho photo repair. This evocative shot from Death to the Daleks was on the… @TheCyberdevil #JustSaying you remember that the only reason you've kept your eyes closed for so long is so that you can play a wind-up on…
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TFW you remember that the only reason you've kept your eyes closed for so long is so that you can play a wind-up on… @OldRoberts953 @DoctorWhoNovels @claytonhickman There's no connection to Who. The prop was one that Pinewood had used regularly for several years. @NothingLane @TheCyberdevil @DWMtweets Exactly. My grandmother's close had one bumper delivery for the whole of a… @fitgeek_uk @Prof_Quiteamess The Daleks invade Earth again with the intention of destroying reality. Dr Who avoids… @danmcdaid But books are for borks, right?
@DavadSteel Master finds out the Doctor is the biological template for the Time Lords so in a fit of revenge blows up Galli… @PaulJobbo @claytonhickman Then came the first scene on Ravalox... @cooraysmith Any idea when "Nightmare on Elm Street" Day is so you can avoid those too?
@sugarraybuzzard @prkirkley "And that was Dr Beeching with 'The Development of the Major Railway Trunk Routes'. Ch… @IcarFaem I think RTD admitted it was an error. He didn't realise elect was only used pre-inauguration. @TheCyberdevil If you include Britbox that would make a complete visual run all the way up to the end of the Seeds of Death. @WindUpGeek1 @IcarFaem @claytonhickman
@OscarGrouchos @claytonhickman He was in a couple but most clearly visible in a couple of photos from Survival. @IcarFaem @claytonhickman @claytonhickman You talk as if you don't have a folder of "useful photos" subdivided into sections permanently open? @claytonhickman Love a good umbrella theme, me. @claytonhickman "It will have an overall linking storyline - an umbrella theme if you will." @The66Ramblers Same brand of hair dye?
2020 @StephenCVGraham
@ThePrydonian I can't believe they haven't spotted the giant Mechanoid behind them! @OldRoberts953 What a mess...
@jonnymorris1973 @gossjam Penge has more potholes surely?
@The66Ramblers @HChallands There used to be 7-Elevens in the south of the country about thirty years ago. They did… @MrsSteveMOBrien @spankybackpack On the day MEGLOS Part Four was broadcast, Joe Biden was scored 80 by the American…
Retweeted by Si Hodges @Emily_Rosina More blueness appreciation! #HelloSweetie