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Stuart Langridge @sil Birmingham, UK

Web consultant and custom developer. Opinionated. Believer in the web. A misanthropic Father Christmas. Thou look’st like antichrist, in that lewd hat. He/him.

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@moreati interestingly, the REPL knows it's cyclic: >>> a [[...]] (I didn't know it was that clever!) so maybe so… @mahemoff agreed. None of the reasons in apply (and nor does malvertising, which I missed o… @HotroofKarl So was I. (Well, I was technically out of my seat and knees deep in stuff I owned.) But glory nevertheless arrived. :)
@bloodearnest @davegullo the last conf I was at had a nice "hand in your lanyard so we can reuse it" bin on the way out, which ev… have conducted an extremely extensive search of all my coats and I have found Three (3) lanyards and passes from… one of you thieves had stolen my headphones? I can't find them anywhere @stevefaulkner @brucel I don't even know what half the things I said even are :) @brucel What is the panel's view on adding aria described by attributes to a React web component acting as a <selec… @ParadiseBham Ah, Centenary Way opens by the end of the year? Great stuff, that's only a couple of weeks away. Looking forward to that.
@lmorchard the universe is telling you to write this game, so that I can play it :) @ParadiseBham the timeline at suggests that Q4 2019 will see Chamberlain Square reopen and… program should follow the "Law of Least Astonishment". What is this law? It is simply that the program should alw…
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge"But how will I know when I have received Enlightenment?" asked the novice. "Your program will run correctly," replied the Master.
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge
@NickColley And suddenly the arguer was enlightened. @NickColley The mark of an unconventional proposal is that it makes people reconsider something they'd never seen a… @anatudor Happy End. That is actually terribly clever as a name, isn't it? @NickColley What? This is like asking whether you cook spaghetti before or after you've eaten it :)Can anyone point us in the right direction for some expert help please? @nmeans @harrymarr @krider2010 @tsunamino
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge @holleymckend @kroovv Having just been cure woundsed back to life, I appreciate this brother approach and clearly B… @NickColley twine, or inform 7? Could be interesting, either way, to see what you come up with
@troutgirl Enchiladas! on a Sunday, yay! Although I think there might be some beef enchiladas with my name on them shortly in a break. @poshaughnessy just turn off JS on that site, it's way easier :)
@hankchizljaw Cool :) videos I've enjoyed recently for a sense of what's doable with blender now are cgmatter (… @hankchizljaw You might find Blender interesting, too? They've recently put out a new version which does a whole bu… @EdwinJDavies @MegaSlippers I suspect @Malarkey cares. :-) @IsaacReidGuest isn't that the canal in Birmingham? @froodie And there it is. @holleymckend Yeah. I read it on recommendation from a friend, and I texted them a bit into the first half saying,… @holleymckend I haven't seen the film, but I read the book and... it's possible that they just deserve one another,… @brucel I always liked the Grauniad's apology on this point
I'm doing free logos for open-source projects and nonprofits! Send me a DM within the next 48 hours if you're inter…
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge @froodie As it should :-)Well, if I was wondering how many Irish people I follow, one good way to find out is to wait for the evening the To… is marvellousness. @anatudor <Stuart immediately rolls it out to production>oh good, it's All My Apps Do A Notification To Try To Convince Me To Buy The Premium Version Friday @hankchizljaw evening I got a bunch of static about my jumper. Now hear this. If it's cold, and you have a jumper which has…
@brucel @jesslynnrose Literally says "misanthropic Father Christmas" in my bio, which is YOUR faultTrying out the @GoodIntentBar and it seems really nice. Good work. New pub, in the Great Western Arcade, good price… @alastc It's @marialangridge you need to convince, not me :)Resharing my original tweet. Looking to build a list of women with skills across *open / the commons* happy to spe…
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge @mahemoff @joelanman @ravavyr I like that idea, although I fear that sort of library in case it isn't up to date wi… @marktnoonan @mattpointblank Well, separately, one approach to avoid that is to publish an actual email address rat… to avoid asking for the email address twice, while also avoiding users typoing their email address: show them t… don't know how many times this needs to be said before it sinks in, but: companies of the world, you do not need… @MegaSlippers @badvoltage hand on heart, I'd never heard of them at all!
@jesslynnrose @edent We met in your house :) @edent Nope, at least not as far as I know. The alt attribute on images ended up being shown at the top of a menu,… friends! New project/research going on for a pro bono thing I’m working on: If you’re disabled/have a disabi…
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge
DevRelCon London is next month. In or curious about #devrel, #community, #docs, #DX, but can't afford ticket? You c…
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge @benbrignell @hankchizljaw ah, understood; thank you! @benbrignell @hankchizljaw That sounds interesting. Can you say what the business model is? That is: how do I know…
@thetrueMissB Tea, first. Oceans of tea required... @thetrueMissB now: at home, waiting for a delivery pizza, and alarmingly intoxicated :) @thetrueMissB And now the answer is 1a) in the quadrangle 1b) debating buying a pizza 2) my dancing skills are sadl…
@thetrueMissB Dancing skills :) I am currently deep in conversation about relationships and work... in Kongs. Which… @grahambinns Occasionally addressed as Mick E MausI was sk00led by @thetrueMissB that "bop" is a word that mere mortals don't know, so hopefully it's clear from context @tunkypig I'm not sure there's an emoji for pointing at my eyes and then pointing at your eyes repeatedly, but if t… bar has, in the last hour before closing down (!), rolled out Pulp, Radiohead, and David Bowie. It is possible… @0lzi Again, gotta occasionally click on a link in the email :) @CassidyJames Occasionally I need to click on a link in the email :)The autocomplete thing for WiFi sign in forms has started remembering as my email address, whi… enjoying playing Unforeseen Incidents with my daughter. It's good to see a point-and-click game with dec…
ah, mystery solved, it is the music from, although it continuing to play in the background… got any idea what this bit of music is, or why my phone has randomly just started playing it every couple of… little project I've been working on which adds a keyframed animation toolbar to Figma, inspired by Blender's, s…
@dohbee No, and no, respectively @TaraLester Yes, yes it is! Now being subjected to bloody Brimful of Asha, so presumably I did something terrible in a previous lifeThe music was so good. And then, all of a sudden, a crater.This is not even remotely an adventure for my hat, which at one point went to Australia without me and sent me pict… my revenge by having the DJ play Dancing In The Moonlight, which I like. Let this be a lesson to all hat thieves out I'm drinking with a Hat Thief. I put a stop to that pdq, you were doing well, posh Snobs, and then Mambo No. 5 and the fall began.You utterly can't go wrong with everyone in the pub singing Gold at top volume @anatudor Ah, it's animating the mask, gotcha. That's a pretty powerful effect, then. Neat! Not sure it needs the f… @anatudor ooh that grid/squares fading effect is posh, I like that :-) @anatudor @kreator did he show up? :) @brucel @swordcello I have carefully recorded the genesis of the idea in the commit message so it is not lost to history :)am debating changing my perennial "this is the new thing I want from CSS" desire from "font-size: fit-container" to…
HooooooooooooooooooooomeHomeward bound. 🛩️Not content with pretending to be a fake fact checking service, now the @Conservatives have made a website pretendi…
Retweeted by Stuart LangridgeHoly shit. They've doctored this video of @JessPhillips to make it look like it's from today, talking about the n…
Retweeted by Stuart LangridgeMan, those Chrome people get EVERYWHERE nice @gotocph people collected feedback on my talk. Useful notes from a few people who wanted only practical ex… @StickyWilliams It's not clear exactly what triggers the stop :)
Tonight's Danish discovery is a dice game where you all repeatedly roll and anyone who gets a six gets a present...… you, @gotocph crowd, for attending my talk and listening. If you're looking for the slides, they're at, it's @FryRsquared at @GOTOcph! Currently talking about AI and algorithms. I didn't see her in my talk this aft… @orangeaurochs I endorse this suggestion! @orangeaurochs No English for me :)Lotsa love for @brucel's @gotocph talk now appearing on the big screen, which is nice @orangeaurochs Heathen! Persecute, kill the unbeliever! (This may just be because I don't think they're particularly nice, mind)I am tragically missing @brucel's How To Make Loveliness talk at @gotocph in order to watch @lornajane talking abou…'s Sunday's #sundayroastclub! This time, the Button Factory. Featuring... well, rain. And less bread sauce than o…
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