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Stuart Langridge @sil Birmingham, UK

Web consultant and custom developer. Opinionated. Believer in the web. A misanthropic Father Christmas. Thou look’st like antichrist, in that lewd hat. He/him.

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@stshank It's been gone a little while -- I noticed because I've tried to use it a few times in the last month or s… would like this not to happen. But there's no way I'd take the other side of that bet, right now. @briankardell @ericwbailey @HTTPArchive well, in the absence of it actually being a thing, sorttable.js works fine… @briankardell @ericwbailey @HTTPArchive Sortable tables got defined in a spec, didn't they? Hixie did it, among oth… on, @BhamCityCouncil, allow outdoor seating for these restaurants around Hurst St. And then do Bennett's Hill… of the Bill
@BenDelarre @aerotwist @slightlylate @HenriHelvetica @swyx @preactjs It's an inverted pyramid. At the bottom point…
@H_Hylobates @chesari4 @shady_cactus Excellent! This is exactly the sort of thing that the transcript search is for…
@orangeaurochs ah, that does make a difference, although it's still masterful trolling -- merely by someone else! @marxjohnson @popey @peterpotton @adamzerny ooh, interesting. I wonder how the Sevenoaks people are making it work?… is neat (via @popey): on-demand buses. Phone or order by app and the bus picks up from a bus stop and drops el… @orangeaurochs masterful trolling abilities! @ivanka It's a sunny day, and it's Friday. Make sure the windows are open and put on Wouldn't It Be Nice by the Bea… @theredhead210 I'm glad you like it! That's exactly the sort of thing it's for :)
@mhall119 *I* am not confused by the words :) 52% of people might have been, though @dngreengas yeah -- different vibe in a country with geography rather than history :) If I drove for four hours fro… @shuckle I read the article assuming that that's literally what it meant, based on the headline: that people were b… @cwiiis @briankardell that albums thing is really sweet though :) @cwiiis @briankardell that's policy, though -- the goal is to provide building blocks that people can use to put to… @cwiiis @briankardell yeah, I'm not wholly disagreeing with you -- I liked the page transitions stuff, and I like H… @jed_reynolds I've been in pubs like thatnow hear this: a holiday elsewhere in the UK is not a "staycation"! @cwiiis @briankardell <portal>! :-) @jasonw ɛksələnt ˈɑːn.sə @dotwaffle obscure beer trivia meets obscure 80s computer trivia :)(only wrong answers accepted)what even is a "micro IPA"? @WalterStephanie @shiftconf_co Today I learned: ease is the default transition and it is not the same as ease-in-ou… @MajorDamo this is excellent news :-)
@mjg59 this feels like a story tailor-made for you, this this morning I dropped a piece of toast on the kitchen floor, and that is also the BBC's fault, somehow Groovy Gorilla! My new Ubuntu animal illustration inspired by Ubuntu release 20.10 -
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge @sylvia_ritter I've just seen your groovy gorilla artwork and it's AMAZING, as ever :-)
@MegaSlippers dude you will be my age before it gets that long :-) @MegaSlippers @MegaSlippers your Ace of Base place was pretty good! I recommend it back to you :) @FarPixel now you have to go to prison for one hundred years @mairin but they're good people and they care! you can see just how much they care about you, M√°ir√≠n! @TaraLester it's *shorter*, which is so so much better! and my attempts to do it myself have thankfully been confin… @lloydi there's a whole theory of psychology in this, I'm sure of itjust seen the terrible news about the explosions in Beirut. @SaraSoueidan I was glad to see you and yours were unsc… @WooTube oh, there are a zillion (good) online tutorials; I'm a basic user because I haven't had the need to learn,… @stuartbates awh hell nah. Actually, the front of it wasn't TOO bad because I could see that and therefore hack at…'ve had a haircut! Haircu-u-u-ut. @thetrueMissB Tragic loss to the field of hair comedy that I'm sure it doubtless is :) @thetrueMissB I am tempted! But I feel that in addition to avoiding barbers who are determined to make my hair fash… @mattpointblank yup, loads of pics there, so that's handy, cheers :) @mattpointblank aha ok! I'll have a look, cheers :) @mattpointblank really? I can't see anything COVIDish on their website, which is pure dead terrible and pops up a g… got any recommendations for a Birmingham city centre barbers who are being sensible about covid and aren't g… @froodie (also, sorry for passing on the infection!) @smashingmag yup, I use Brave as the browser. @froodie it had not occurred to me until right now this second how a neutral observer from the planet Zanussi might… @froodie well, yes. But it's no more a banger than it was yesterday when it wasn't playing constantly in my head :)today's earworm is, apparently, Screamager by Therapy. I have no idea why my brain has decided on a song from 26 ye… @iainfarrell @craigmod and I can see your argument -- in truth, I'd just leave my razor plugged in all the time exc… @iainfarrell @craigmod I think it's not that it's irritating to charge a phone every day (my watch has hands :)) as… @iainfarrell @craigmod With the greatest of respect, that's bullshit :) Well, that's unfair: in a lifesaving applic… @iainfarrell @craigmod How often do you have to charge it? This is also a feature :) @adambsilver @stringy Yup, entirely agree. And I rather like <portal> as a concept to keep control over how that pa…
@MajorDamo (not that the Chinese government is better, by any stretch of the imagination. But on technology overrea… @MajorDamo 'zactly, yup @edent you've got an amusing BSODs archive, I think? This one's nice :) is where the government of China declares TikTok a national asset and says it can't be sold to companies tied to the American regime
@davegullo agreed on it being complex! I've concluded that anything which can do all that has to be hard, whether i…, neat, Ubuntu is a corporate silver sponsor of Blender. I didn't know that; nice one, Blender's important. Disc…
@matthewrevell I changed to a different cable and it seems to have fixed it (@MariusQuabeck will tell you that he h…
@itsDanBull the big question is whether you went back the following day and this place was not there at all and eve… is a great piece on history and the importance of @webkit, highly related to my @igalia chats on ecosystem hea…
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge @JoeRessington @OnlyConnectQuiz No, no it isn't.
@Aquarion I do believe that the hero of that particular story was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was heAlways wondered what KISS looked like without the makeup. Why Mr Simmons, you're ravishing!
@mjg59 wtf? is it... an ARG or something? @dennis_noodle should be it, I think? @JoeRessington two dread enemies! I deal with both in exactly the same way: avoid all situations in which I might be affected by them @ahayzen That's not help, it's a loan. If I'm lucky then things will return to "normal" later, hooray, at which poi… suspect a whole bunch of people who follow me are, like me, directors of UK single-person limited companies, and… you a LTD Co Director excluded from Coronovirus support? Particularly looking for input from people who were fo…
Retweeted by Stuart LangridgeIt’s weird that a bunch of people opposed removing statues because they thought it was ‘destroying history’ but whe…
Retweeted by Stuart Langridge
@fwiddowson @BarristerSecret this seems disturbingly accurateWhile this whole "I have a joke" thing is a bit stupid, it's good to see more puns in the world, and I'm strangely…
Tweetdeck seems to be broken. That's not idealWhat if Microsoft create a CSS property called xbox-shadow? Then my way to comment it out won't work any more. Clea… @lfleming221 @CriticalRole @LauraBaileyVO @VoiceOfOBrien @CritRoleStats it is, and my web host has still not fixed…
@zachleat an Obama 2008 sign? @Cshearer41 44/7 exactly! Hang on, that's not right @stephenrwalli I like how in the middle of the piece there are two Mr Johnsons and the text makes no effort to diff… @theredhead210 @CriticalRole @LauraBaileyVO @VoiceOfOBrien @CritRoleStats Is it saying the certificate is bad? I'm…
@philhawksworth and how many fingers on those cold dead hands, eh? QED @sophiegibson ah, thank you! Not my field, but it's impressive that for people who do use it extensively that they… @dergal @sophiegibson @riseatseven Can I ask what GTM is? I feel like I ought to know and I don't... @dacresni @nskorpen I think you're in nearly the same place, too :) @nskorpen the website has RSS too so you can follow new comics, which is how everything should beI've seen this (very good) comic about a zillion times on twitter but wasn't sure where it came from. It's a little… @joelanman @figmadesign you can drag an SVG into the editor window and it imports. I don't know about PDF, though.… @fwiddowson I'm branching out!This is a good writeup, covering not only that Uber's employees are entitled to the legal benefits of employees but…
@malchata People are complaining that CSS isn't Turing-complete and thinking that that's somehow relevant to anythi…