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(a few more I still have to think about but I haven't forgotten I promise) @Spichka @tungolum @lackingceremony @atax1a @shagdalen @shagdalen Sorry I’ve been doing shit.Chag Pesach sameach. Communism will win. @hoosteen sry my guyOnce they let me outside again I’m gonna spend so much moneyKevin Cole has gone mad with power, we’re like six songs deep into this cowbell set. @carnackithe Fuck now I want a toaster strudel @birdstare @FstewartT FST def didn’t overlap w Keegan, this is def someone I never met
@FstewartT I would naively expect that Marxist economists should be arguing not that (Kai Ryssdal voice) the number… @trs How close are you to the tipping point of your job being more “answering messages” than “programming computers” @FstewartT sob @FstewartT Is Tyler a graduate student or an organizing comradeDADDY NEEDS HIS MEDICINE closing: look. if you don’t pay me to make videos about video games, i can’t afford to make videos about video g…
Retweeted by EvanHELLO! i have a patreon: one huge, monthly, hour-long, meticulous, unconventional video review of a game i love. i…
Retweeted by Evan"Resilience" is when it's your fault that people take advantage of you, and "grit" is when, actually, you like it.
Retweeted by Evan @FstewartT I actually can’t remember dick, I just have powerful sense-memories sometimes. @FstewartT I just have the phrase “Proustian Madeline” stuck in my head this week, it’ll pass @FstewartT Fuck, put that in the “Evan’s Proustian Madelines” listWill I also watch Rugrats Passover? TBD!Am I hosting a seder this year? Sadly no. Am I going to eat matzah brei every day for the foreseeable future? Yes.… @femalehysteria lolsob at “dumb sectarian intel” @davidlubell seems unfairI have forgotten everything I knew four weeks ago about chess @cyndisision If you want to come by our place I can lend it by flinging it to you through the doorWill catch up tomorrow, dear friends :) @0x00B1 ! @femalehysteria goodcouple more still to figure out @0x00B1 @femalehysteria (alt.) @femalehysteria @birdstare @snoopsheep @carnackithe you get two for some reason @sg_the_bee @queenofdykes666 @weinventyou @cyndisision
@reverenddollarsHey fuckers you know you want to know which book you are. (Sometime this evening when I have time.)
Retweeted by Evan @femalehysteria Must have ideal booksona @femalehysteria lol ok (I wanna be invisible cities tho)Hey fuckers you know you want to know which book you are. (Sometime this evening when I have time.) @femalehysteria Oh fuck this is a good memelogged into the ol' EMR and my chart now says I'm overdue for a pap smear. (I do not have a cervix.) @cyndisision :|dreamt about an elaborate card game you play with a bunch of people that slowly reveals who among you has coronavir…
Retweeted by Evan @FstewartT it's not hard and he's bad at his job @FstewartT You don’t even need to pay an accountant all of the time you just need to send them your receipts and statements and stuff.beyond the tech industry, american corporate culture is OBSESSED with numbers and data and does not care about anyt…
Retweeted by Evan @davidlubell WildI read this Mishima story about a couple committing suicide extremely erotically and I think I'm broken forever nowI hate the cheering. The cheering needs to stop. Be quiet. Do not make noise. Be quiet. For fuck's sake. Shut up shut up shut up. @davidlubell I need to but I keep notMy dark secret is that I suckI mostly take it out on strangers online but it's not like that's _healthy_OK I can say after ~30 days of more or less quarantining myself that the main thing I'm experiencing is: my temper… @on3ness What’s wrong w his legsgood fuckin hair thoSaint-Just: fascist avant la lettre or reasonable young man? I don't know, dude. create a saintjust_ebooks account @sxeli_ Hardly nobody has coherent or consistent politics, I certainly don’t claim to. @FstewartT anyway I support potato @FstewartT Always embarrassing myself by not seeing polls in my mobile app. @FstewartT Cheese and noodle @cyndisision 😬 @request_healing I don’t have the heart. May find someone else’s online one to join. I’m also going to contrive a w… @request_healing I’m quite sad about canceling my seder… @FstewartT Not in America I thinkAt some point I’m going to just have to listen to someone singing “The White Cliffs of Dover” on a loopThis hurts my heart. I never caught his name but i sure recognize him. Thomas sold me a lot of tacos when I worked…
@JoryBowers I certainly don’t know anything about this medium so I just said something. My go to suggestion for “wh… @sophillazilla I suppose in this case “planned” is a euphemism for “on purpose” rather than “by accident” @sophillazilla I’d say 90 minutes shouldn’t qualify as “planned” @JoryBowers bird @justinetlai Uhhh these are sick @FstewartT U do u~ but uh I guess do u modulated by Graham I think I’m not allowed more grey furniture @FstewartT Well I’m partial to grey. There’s also some staid but homey shades of dark green. Light-to-medium colored wood. @ibogost Wasn’t 2001 when they were coming up with great ideas like the self-destructing DVD @ibogost Brilliant way of guaranteeing nobody ever knows what Quibi is @FstewartT Bread good for u @femalehysteria “Racist meditation guy” sounds like a whole situation @FstewartT Don’t think that follows @FstewartT I was going to go in October timed to the Hamp 50th but uh I’m not making any arrangements for anything… @FstewartT I’ll file this in my brain pan @FstewartT Here’s hoping. What time of year is this, maybe good east coast trip timing?
@ibogost Where do I enrollour world's digital infrastructure - banks, climate models, and most of gov tech run on cobol and fortran. As som…
Retweeted by EvanHot takes about Cobol are overlooking the fact that this is sustainable software - sure, there is a developer short…
Retweeted by EvanWe will not be providing locksmith service for evictions until further notice
Retweeted by Evan @plume__ I’m glad that’s helping! If it ever stops doing the trick let’s figure out how to steal from Peter Thiel’s… @FstewartT Your mom has never sounded like a person with whom it is possible to win fights, allowing for the possib… @FstewartT Hmm I guess that’s fairWhen Georges-Jacques Danton was my age he had done an entire french revolution basically