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my advice is simple: hate everyone! • psn:retrokiddscottie

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@TheKontEmpress ima just keep to myself and let folks figure out how THEY gone survive bc..... a mess @TheKontEmpress LMFAOOOOO! omggggggggg????? what is going on???that’s why you always go black what do yall propose? @lyricjjackson at least they cute ch @lyricjjackson mdkdkdkdkskskskdd chhhh they want them to be baby tommy & ghost huh?that’s so odd #PowerBook2 having sissies @lyricjjackson say less @lyricjjackson lmfaoooooo i hope he survive 🥺wait monet’s police boo...... #PowerGhost @Themaven7 maaaannn like no othera butterfinger blizzard from sonic tate nasty ass at the funeral. #PowerGhostriq’s white friend is a messjdjdjdkkdkdkdkddkmonet don’t know anything about the st patricks??? #PowerGhosti want some ice creamthem kids be bad as hell the counselors fucking chwhy would tasha say that’s who killed *****???? she could’ve told them that’s their job to figure out #PowerGhost
@calvindewayne_ you get it!!! @calvindewayne_ 🥺🥰🥰 but seriously. i have a whole vamp shtick for a music image 😫s&m, my power. @calvindewayne_ you wanna be me so badjust lost ch earned 9.1 million streams from 4.9 million listeners yesterday (Jan. 22), and over 11.8 million streams…
Retweeted by I be inna crib like a mf
Retweeted by @RigoFenty disgustingMy dad just emailed a baby picture of me and it reminded me of a picture of my daughter.
Retweeted by @sugarigem like she really dipped it in juice @sxylk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @MarkOfThaaBeast chhhhhhhTake Ya Home (Bow Wow) 🔥 #TheNeptunesRenaissanceThread
Retweeted by @Ariana26Nut you know they do @kashDAI im so tired of ppli should’ve got popeyes instead of this mcdonalds. and they forgot my damn nuggets smh know her piss be BROWN! already half of the most wins in a season IT she’s a grandmother 💜
Retweeted by @bkhall_09 chhhhhhhhh just a mess @PrettyAssSyd ughhhhh now THATS going to be a moment. bless that man @bkhall_09 yo.....😭 @PrettyAssSyd lmfaoooooooo so cute @dwaynefighter it be the same top40 90’s r&b hitsChile. People ONLY listen to R&B music and wanna have an opinion about shit they don't know. It's annoying.
Retweeted by dmdkdkdkdkskskkskskskskKsksksksksks man😭😭😭 @PrettyAssSyd her little brother had his baby @featuringezra i love her so much!!! ugh! and ch, she be doubting haself!! like cmon girlanother baby for rih to claim as hers😂 this one really gone be hers 😂😂😂omggggggggggg symone (=) ,, all that matters for me at this point @UsedFleetEnema_ a urban hit“Once COVID is over” starting to sound a lot like “when Rihanna releases a new album”
Retweeted by you don’t make it riiiiiiiii rriiiiiiii riiiiiiilikeeeeejekskkskskskskskssk’s sad like texts from my exes when they want another chance!🌚 YOU, TLC—YOU WANNA CREEP NSHIT!get sum money ho! tell me why you stresssseeeeddd can agree the TRACKLIST is bad but the songs are strong when ‘loveeeeeee song’ & her top3 lead exist’s an IOP type of afternoon. @_b0y_meetsboy @_b0y_meetsboy music fucking period @fentysslut im sure he aint down with that shit😭LMFAOOOO her father know that? me & tee having water suns & the same risingVery very
Retweeted by i hate when yall shit on black ppl’s contributes to “pop” music and make it seem like only black r&b is worthy of praise. so annoyingMe: manifesting a spot in the new @rihanna @SavageXFenty show for a full-circle moment.
Retweeted by @Heauxno1currr it’s funny😂 my rising😂 placements getting back at you for something that happened 4 years ago
Retweeted by the gain🤯 Monthly Listeners 🎧 #19 (-1) Rihanna — 42,032,920 [+244,853]
Retweeted by @rd77___ says a LOTit got a grammy, good enuff! @islandrihu legendary✍🏼 rih being the only black woman in the top10 gotta give it to nippy sorry😫😫😫 nippy SANGGGGGGGGGG @jasonsproblems 😂😂😂😂😂😂thank goodness i thought this was dark phoenix dndjdjjsxm going to hell @calvindewayne_ im having a spliff and listening to them then deciding gotta play out these janet & nippy vs songs. Girl (Gwen Stefani) 🔥 #TheNeptunesRenaissanceThread
Retweeted by @calvindewayne_ lmfaooooo sameeee