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CompLit and German Studies at UM.

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@robertcaruso @nobmbmwsoulbro you have never heard of unionized adjuncts? @LigeiasGarden @robertcaruso I have some bad news about Rome for youthread appears to attract mostly folks who haven't read Nietzsche. @galllexi @Joshua_Z_Miller nietzsche hated germans, nationalism, and anti-semitism, but sure, go off. @SimoneKolysh Really need to add the year...Who do they think they are, a university?
@Arrgee99 @RadioFreeTom Unionized lecturers do, and they have benefits etc. everybody please unionize. @EricaJong The 50 countries with the lowest death tolls are all run by men. But since they’re majority non-white, nobody cares. @woah_buddy @AcademicChatter Their salary @MollyJongFast That’s a pretty severe misunderstanding of Catholicism. @candaceshaw @FinishFlash1 @Ad_Inifinitum Needs reality winner @FairyTalesEtc It‘s one of those lacunae in English. Like doch. @FairyTalesEtc „Motley“ brought me up shortWaiting for Bernie‘s op-Ed on how to win back the wealthy suburbs. @jmwink_ I wasn’t, and I can’t remember a single person of my acquaintance who wasn’t disgusted and horrified by it… @KevinMKruse It is fabulous. @KamilPagla @FMiroshnichenko @philosophybites The „gymnastics“ were „outdoor transmission is rare, as per science.“ @jasonintrator @FMiroshnichenko @philosophybites For lolz and lack of soul @Ditzy_horse @jjhultz @SenMastriano awful. This fucking country.
@emma_c_williams @ConceptualJames Wherever the grifting is richest.It is a terrible story. But the framing is dishonest and it will serve to halt such releases, after ~80 people have… piece insinuates that a man released as part of the covid release program who is accused of raping three women… @GeorgeHunter_DN @DougTribou @detroitnews Fascinating response. @GeorgeHunter_DN @DougTribou @detroitnews i certainly understand why you'd want to conclude so. It's a better story… @PeterMonnerjahn @nathanoseroff @ajbirdbrain @jasonintrator @philosophybites does a fine job @GeorgeHunter_DN @DougTribou @detroitnews on a 90 day sentence; which suggests to me that this has next to nothing… @KempoJesse there's "so you want to talk about race?" by @IjeomaOluo @jasonintrator @profmarylewis You can also save it was an image, paste in your sig in photoshop any send that. @jasonintrator tools>sign @jasonintrator you can sign it electronically via adobe's signature process; i've never had one of those rejected. @DougTribou @GeorgeHunter_DN @detroitnews This is terrible. But the article says of the rapist that "he'd been serv… @jasonintrator @ajbirdbrain @philosophybites Yup. It’s not a reviewer‘s job to regurgitate a shitty book‘s shoddy a… @ajbirdbrain @jasonintrator @philosophybites Yes that is clear and obvious to anybody, what’s it got to do with the… @ConceptualJames Because there is no murder in America other than in cities making gingerly cuts to bloated cop budgets. @EmCeecee44 @ConceptualJames Same, but unironically. Few terrorist attacks not committed by raging misogynists. @KatyaSedgwick @ConceptualJames „That changed the intellectual landscape forever“ is the rare achievement part. @ConceptualJames James cannot fathom people retracting their embarrassing mistakes, seeing that his entire career c… @jasonintrator It’s all that liberalism. Nigel would paraphrase: „it turns out the Jews are to blame.“ not, of cour… @jasonintrator I object to the shoddy thinking, minimal research, and deep misunderstanding of the basic tenets of… @nathanoseroff @ajbirdbrain @jasonintrator @philosophybites They have not and they can. Nigel is at best a credulous nincompoop. @LDBurnett @neontaster It’s a point of honor now to not know, and pleasing to mock those who do. @paddingtonlopez @neontaster Dude said something exceedingly stupid. It’d be so easy to just own up, grin sheepishl…’t seen Hölderlin quoted in the New York Times before.
@MichaelEzra @jasonintrator @philosophybites Ok boomer @jasonintrator @philosophybites i laughed out loud at "[i]t turns out that postmodernism is to blame" and stopped reading.New! 🚨🔥 @Politicultura is joined on Burn It All Down this week by @sszy and returning guest @silkiestmaria to talk…
Retweeted by SilkeMariaWeineckas if there could be anything better! my favorite corner of the world of sports! thanks to @Politicultura and every… @ChristinaToms to clear up any confusion can now reveal @TrumpRulzz @SidneyPowell1 and for all the ways to spell 'district' wrong! @eparpillee a good omen @EmmaJanePettit thank him for his service @DougTribou @sszy and because i'm shameless and this would make an excellent present for all the sports and detroit… @jasonintrator really tells you all you need to know, amiriteThat was a truly enjoyable conversation with Doug and @MorningEdition — can’t wait to hear it air! @JakeWojtowicz No, point me to the finest ones! @JakeWojtowicz more soccer nostalgia @MediocreDave @lastpositivist How are economists at 53%? @DougTribou Thank you for your service, Doug!
@Shanfaraa of course it is. @Desiderus @edburmila @KevinMKruse Not in her quote. I suggest we wait and see. Every politician incl her knows it’… @Shanfaraa Case fatality rate. As opposed to infection fatality rate (IFR). An ifr of 2 would be huge. @cen271 @jasonintrator Public servants are also expected not to break the law, and Whitmer‘s power to replace them… @Shanfaraa So CFR? @Shanfaraa cfr? ifr? of hospitalizations? @Desiderus @edburmila @KevinMKruse it says change. i think devil is in the details as usual. would wait to see what the actual plan is. @DannaAgmon @ykomska I had forgotten gabi was coming today and had not pre-cleaned and i was so mortified the dog and i fled the premises. @zeszut @LindaofNote @KarenAttiah As one of my colleagues said, I wanna get paid for who I am not for what I do! @zeszut @LindaofNote @KarenAttiah You get the gift of herd immunity @cen271 @jasonintrator I don’t think that‘s right—unlikely they would have prosecuted but he was bound by law. Whic… @Lenny_Zoo @SZ Ja, die Rechte ist fragil, ich weiß. Schwacher Magen, schwacher Geist. @Desiderus @edburmila @KevinMKruse That‘s not what the clip says. And im actually fine with means-testing social se… @edburmila @KevinMKruse Raising taxes and the ss cap isn’t austeritythis is a beautiful compilation. and it makes me miss soccer. @Lenny_Zoo @SZ ist kostenlos, Du Hansel. @jw_lockhart or a testament to the fact that most of our students have not set foot into the library. but yes, our library is a marvel. @SoiledGolem @HorseBonesy @guardianopinion @BernieSanders that 'no' cracked me up. @Nick__Lawless @guardianopinion @BernieSanders this was a 'this is a lazy bad analysis' comment, but i'm glad you'r… @jasonintrator @_austrian how often does history have to tell you not to trust austrians, jason? @LordMudkip73 @guardianopinion @BernieSanders no pushback from me on any of that. but bernie's piece is still lazy… @HorseBonesy @guardianopinion @BernieSanders the majority of the country does vote, and you cannot win someone 'bac… @mabdinur85 @ggreenwald but they're not being flanked. republicans are openly war-mongering, as they always have. d… @Lenny_Zoo @SZ man könnte ja zuhören, gell?Ciao Diego. #RIPMaradona
Retweeted by SilkeMariaWeineck @guardianopinion @BernieSanders what is this working class you speak of? it's apparently not Black and not low-inco… argentino Diego Maradona morreu nesta quarta-feira (25)
Retweeted by SilkeMariaWeineck @mabdinur85 @ggreenwald @nytimesbooks Bertelsmann, you mean.My Desmazières Library of Babel prints arrived and they are spectacular. @DaltonHooks @nycsouthpaw Tax cuts! Have been the only Republican policy for decdes @DaltonHooks @nycsouthpaw *projected surplus @joelockhart @AJentleson Seriously? Imagine if he’d spend that lucky dotcom money on actually helping people. @KelseyUtne Leeze @Lukefitz2 @jasonintrator Georgia and Arizona have Republican governors. They too, oddly, held the line. @jasonintrator Whitmer had the power to simply replace them. He’s a sensible man who didn’t wa t to go to prison. T… @Ivonne24 @DistrictOfChamp @JennaEllisEsq Just a flesh wound @ykomska We pre-clean so they won’t stare at us in barely disguised contempt when they arrive. @ykomska The sky before dusk, they said when they invented it.