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justin fargo-p @silly702 santa monica & la brea

@asiavstheworld | player for @LAGuerrillas | 2018 WORLD CHAMP | BIZ: | AGENT: | @DRINKCTRL @BATTLEBEAVERC - CODE "SILLY"

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Retweeted by justin fargo-p @Attach @SibDMDL @Staaandy who's candice? @ShelbyMcGoun happy birthday!Anyone need one for the cup? Sub 2200pp
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @MJCheen Us? @Renegade_Joey 100%Hey CDL peeps, If you know someone who excels at Motion Graphics, tag them ⬇️ Looking to grow our teams…
Retweeted by justin fargo-pbump 👇🏻 @BrianSaintt my bad lol @Braden_Abyss We’ve played them 0 times this year. @phOHBEa @DrinkCTRL Silly for sureThat fresh bag feeling 🤩
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@AstralSkye @PaulEhx_ its a zero two controller unculturedYou vs. The guy she tells you not to worry about
Retweeted by justin fargo-pHow it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @Riviction_ @SenpaiKoala The draw is just to be able to purchase themThis was not the cakewalk @Assault was expecting... ICYMI, check out our Teammate Trivia with the World Championsh…
Retweeted by justin fargo-pwinner- @BlockyFTW contact @king_bigcoop for your prize! @yungxbars Emma? @yungxbars yeah u rich @bandlez @yungxbars Damn bro you grew up in the slums @teskiy9 Happy birthday!!King!! @cubanocrisis @JordansJurassic @SilveySaurusRex @TyIerSux @SpaghettiBoy71O LMAO @NullTruth @madisynxyz October 20th!! @madisynxyz @NullTruth It’s at the best venue in Vegas too. No brainer!! @NullTruth @madisynxyz y'all should just pull up to the vegas show lames @Methodz we Stan @GODRX @peachyy99 Congrats!!! @bandlez soon i hope!! @ItzzBlizzardd @Jepsii YES @MUSTDIEmusic overcookedit's actually crazy seeing fests/shows being actually back. I feel like covid was actually like 4 years instead of 1ish~ @nappyisCRACKED i tweeted about this recently... people in vegas everyday like "oh yeah i'm moving can't keep my pu… @fantabtw king @StogeP @Jepsii yessir!!I think we all need @Jepsii luck 🤝😪 one stream LORD tho I personally like the MW one better I will rock you proudly on the 74u @silly702 #CDL2021
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @ELECTRICK00LAID My king!! @Deadfrost99 King!!Raid ✅ Express ✅ Standoff ✅ Which vintage Black Ops map do you want in Cold War next?
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@Noysii @Assault @MJCheen @Diamondcon_ SexyVilla!!! the improvement @silly702
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @scared2fartt NeedAsia down bad
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @Noysii is mine on thereMe when I play val with Asia supporter packs just dropped. Make sure to use my creator code SILLY in the store! #CodPartner chosen for this tmmrw!NEW #CDL2021 Team Supporter Pack is LIVE in the Cold War and #Warzone store. You want Donk's signature on your 74…
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @DrippyWZ_ @KcEli262626 💀💀💀 @KcEli262626 @DrippyWZ_ not at all, i just knew the anger stemmed from something. go let one loose my man @KcEli262626 @DrippyWZ_ hold up bro... look at your following i am not letting you slide here 😭😭😭😭 @KcEli262626 @DrippyWZ_ you got mad because i said his show picks are crazy... seek help @DrippyWZ_ @KcEli262626 mfs with 0 followers always angry 🤠 @AsiaVsTheWorld nerd @TVMV724 handmade on a mouse @SpooksCODM yes @jloller7 wow the music caught my eye, good choice sexyon this day i lay you to rest sure to buy the lag pack with my new and improved signatures, send pics 🥰😍😛😝😜🤪 @Starry417 fireSheesh
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @Jeeiro @Decemate Wow man some crazy picks here @desamandes RESTOCK THE STORE OR WE RIOTwho is funnier
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @TVMV724 @Decemate @Methodz creature @TVMV724 @Decemate @Methodz Methlive :-) @thefacefaceface @LeviInLimbo You see this @dougliebe ? Come back let’s run some pockets @steaxth @LeviInLimbo I made the second one :/ @Cmeckz @LeviInLimbo It wasn’t even a layup!!! It was a hook shot under the hoop smh I got setup @Tran @AsiaVsTheWorld Ok deal 🥺 @hollow412 Bananas are easily in the bottom tier @Tran Me???? 10000009% :-) starting after I eat, going to be a short-ish one so get into queue before stream pls xoxo… @driskly @nBostonn @SaintFranki @AsiaVsTheWorld Nah were limited to 125 in one area and they’re gonna make us move… @nBostonn @driskly @SaintFranki @AsiaVsTheWorld We’re currently deciding what family members to cut because we’re over LMFAOOO @driskly @SaintFranki @AsiaVsTheWorld I love you though @driskly @SaintFranki @AsiaVsTheWorld -420% @SpEcIaLiStJoKeR @AsiaVsTheWorld what is there to understand bro @RAWR_Form @AsiaVsTheWorld Damn I wish your sister had this mindset 😣🤒 @AsiaVsTheWorld Let’s put it off another year
OH MY GOD actually such a NASTY shot
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @Pineaqples LORDWanna catch 'em all? We're teaming up with our own gym leader @Clayster and giving away 36 Pokémon card packs. Wi…
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @Nob0d sexy @Assault hello fellow anime aviTo: Mom From: The Squad Thank you for everything you do. #LightsOut | #HappyMothersDay
Retweeted by justin fargo-p @iihateyoualex @LAGuerrillas @Payytt @LAGuerrillas You like that? @ItsLauraBearr Lmaooo who is letting you win 😣 @Parasite @LAGuerrillas ???? Wtf @WickedChaos21 wtf @FragOute @AsiaVsTheWorld @MJCheen @GravesFPS @Joe_Fries Oh it will be @xCaptainEO @Joe_Fries @GravesFPS @AsiaVsTheWorld @MJCheen Need that @Joe_Fries @GravesFPS @AsiaVsTheWorld @MJCheen pls