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Sav @sillyg00sesav she/her 17 MINOR blm

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i’ve been in orchestra for 9 years and didn’t know it was called a violoncello @weeniehutmenu it’s bc virgo libra and pisces are important in ur chart so virgo- analytical pisces- emotional bitch libra- people pleaser @weeniehutmenu HAHSHABSHSHsubmitted 3 more college applications now i can tweet in peace
@gayassswag i cannot disclose this information @tatertothotbtch me bestie @tonkennn u do look nice in red! @parrspective @goooeydisk @ashhhhhhole @underupreciated @pepperonicowboi @bootycollins_2 @drivingmemadi
@ktwms2 BRB GOING TO LIKE THEM ALL @gayassswag YAYAYAYAYthese just SMELL like a dance competition
Retweeted by Sav @gayassswag i’ll try tect me
@weeniehutmenu YEPPO W
@omqaudrey ye @tara_haas3 murder on my mind @cattpace @gayassswag MY GIRL HURT ME @jehshsfrigate that’s so kind of u @mentholnewport hi @michell20839857 i’m begging @goodjokecenter I LOVE THIS SONG @Catherinegc14 pleaseSONGS RECS PLS preferably with the vibe of i cant handle change by roar but anything goes i need new music!!! @gayassswag @weeniehutmenu HAHSHAHA @jack_r0420 dibs @weeniehutmenu i’ve had enough @mooreeffoc_ @carlyraejepsii I LOVE THIS SONG @weeniehutmenu vouch this did happen @lilnimrita god this is such a good tweet @onlyfronds @ me next time🙄🙄y’all ever hear a bitch vent n realize she the problem
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@NBAthiccboy the perosn who made the edit just didn’t realize it was charles manson in a robe @NBAthiccboy no it’s supposed to be Jesus in this context bc this was an edit made for trump saying that God was wi… @SukiTemporarily @sh3riffw00dy same @butter4374 @lilnimrita HAHAHAHhow do i kindly tell him he knelt down to charles manson in a robe @butter4374 LMFAOOO @butter4374 u don’t have to live in the middle of nowhere to follow your dreams @BenCHOPP i wish i was a cat @gayassswag @weeniehutmenu HAHAHAHA @femaleredhead HSHAHA @onlyfronds HAHHHAHHFBAJHBFJHBAJ @weeniehutmenu delete this @weeniehutmenu shitting my pants, literally @axystation @whorebhaviour @whipmesmellyman @callmeghostie @jarenclee @hubert03361374 @bookofpedro @wotthefawk took a nap and slept thru my class dont listen to cat @drivingmemadi THISBIS SO FUCKING FUNNY MADI HAHSHAHSHsometimes mean people on the internet just need a friend
Retweeted by Sav @bootycollins_2 omg i’m so proud of u @tatertothotbtch BROOOO HAPPY BDAYcat says gm and to take a nap later bc u deserve it @neonlasagna the bricks? @abby0mal YYAYYY @viciouslysyd im so in love w u the smile is bc of u:'))) @lilnimrita THANK U NIMMM @BrainSewell i could never @rempittime im so so glad to have u @bbycoldbrew AYYYY THANK UU @butter4374 YES YUH YES @w0kkyslush HAHAH @michaeldhegge YUPPPP @hollywoodherbbb u need to assemble 6 others to accomplush it @gayassswag YUHYUHYUHYUH @epicnimrita HAHHHA I LOVE U SO MUCH MOREAYO 1K CHECK @epicnimrita fuck i can change just give me time @pepperonicowboi IM IN LOVE W U @BenCHOPP stop im blushin @liv_laugh_lovee gn sweet angel wishin u the sweetest of dreams @HaakenP ok cmeregoodnight homies, sending forehead kisses @toefurchris1 YAY @IcedCorgi i think i owe u some thanks then @weeniehutmenu HAHAHAH @weeniehutmenu i cant say how i truly feel bc im a minor @BenCHOPP no one was supposed to notice my face in this @weeniehutmenu no @eightykt @HaakenP im so sorry @emwtherims LMFAOOO @dvrynnn not ur first time cuz youve made my day before and ur fucking greater @gayassswag im so honored @dvrynnn DJ it’s past midnight so now you’ve made my day tmr @ashhhhhhole is this what it feels like @TookedUp gn ketamine kyleGn homies
Retweeted by Savhow the hell am i almost at 1k @lambojjj HAHAH @bigbodiedavery AVERYYY @BenCHOPP MY FIRST TIME BEING CALLED HOT GIRL TWITTER OMF @moiraturtle02 okay perfect i’m so excited @aaliyah_dont @burritoz4lyfe @drivingmemadi oh no i love edgar allan poe! i just found it funny that they wrote a w… @JasperElectric im so happy to have u here and i hope i dont make u regret it @neonlasagna THANK U I LOVE U @zamythi the snow was so sexy @tatertothotbtch i love u SO MUCH @underupreciated the fact that im in love with my friendok seriously tho guys thank u sm for all the love on this youve given me enough validation to last the entire year @astartes_ @richhomiejq yes he is @astartes_ @richhomiejq pls im so sorry he is very handsome @caththesoso @burritoz4lyfe @drivingmemadi CATE IM LAUGHING SO HARD @burritoz4lyfe @drivingmemadi okay edgar allan poe