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A woman of loveliness and dignity | Journalist @HuffPostUK | Susan Boyle once called me a "lovely guy" and who are you to argue with her? | He/him

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Eeeeeh fan. One fan. Get a life. EXCLUSIVE. Honestly, man. A life! in London will no longer be working with @BoyzMagazine following their support of anti-LGBT+ hate group LGB A…
Retweeted by Danielwow, gross. @BoyzMagazine, distributed through plenty of London’s queer venues, are actively supporting this transp…
Retweeted by Daniel @BoyzMagazine This is a mess.
Obsessed with the real life friendship and style of Beverley Callard and Anne Kirkbride #imacelebrity
Retweeted by Danieli see what the timeline is saying and what i am asking u is - in what timeline, dimension or universe do we not nee…
Retweeted by Daniel @LauraAdlington Hiya Laura! You are so lovely 💫2020.avi
Retweeted by Daniel @AndrewGauld I really like it! It’s fun!the real genius of 'Monti' here is their uncanny ability to fit a letter into an envelope without folding it
Retweeted by Danielmake em eat it, chels
Retweeted by Daniel @NicoleMorleyPet Thank you 💗 I am having a much better day I'm happy to say @KamilleXX STUN.Margaret Thatcher in hell watching series 4 of The Crown
Retweeted by DanielI would say these voices are, by far, the most silenced of all. Because it's a catchy story-arch isn't it? Scary…
Retweeted by DanielThere is no balance. There are zero trans columnists at any UK paper. I can think of two or three leading cis journ…
Retweeted by DanielIf you think transphobes in the UK press are being silenced, you are stuffing your ears with torn up newspaper. 20…
Retweeted by DanielGod if the meerkats are moving out my mam is gonna be gutted. @LiamLambrini Ugh Liam I'm sorry 💕 what a pain in the arse.Suzanne Moore has published FOUR articles about #trans people in a national daily paper this year. That is more t…
Retweeted by DanielHey so... I just got an email from Netflix and this is, sadly, not true. Season three is still filming, apparently… (and chrissy, earlier in the year) shared these moments from their lives bc they don't want miscarriages to b…
Retweeted by Daniel#MargaretThatcher in private audience with the #Queen
Retweeted by Danielthe world: WHERE IS THE ALBUM lorde:
Retweeted by DanielWhat tories think a bully looks like:
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Also hiya I just wanna say thanks to the people who messaged me after I had a bit of a WOBBLE earlier, I really do… they get all the celebs don’t they? First that celebrity singing contest in China now Naked Attraction. @MirrorTV How chipper do you look when you’re literally taking the bins out you waste of fucking space?I just want. To have. A nice life.I didn't want any of this, you know what I mean? @LaurenHarries 💖I've literally lost the ability to think more than a few days into the future and that was all well and good at the… brain is crumbling to dust I can barely get a jar open anymore I'm so unfit. What are we going to do?? What are we going to do??????????What a waste of time. Criminal.Fucking sick of the lot of it, in all honesty! There is absolutely no end in sight. I am young for about 10 more mi… am absolutely miserable today!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely fucking miserable.i love her and i want her to succeed at everything in life
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Retweeted by DanielHow ever clearly a group is a hate group, even if they fucking say it out loud, there'll still be people denying it…
Retweeted by Danielme and the girls summoning a @rinasawayama best new artist Grammy nom today
Retweeted by DanielMarina is so angry on Man's World I love it. @KRihanoff @bbcstrictly @ZoeTheBall 🤩(Clunk but I interviewed Adele Roberts in July and she said they should do Whamageddon during Pride season with You… did not know Whamageddon was a charity thing!! I am quite into it now tbh. @HRFMichael I wholeheartedly agree. There isn't even a Muppets "collection" which I think is outrageous. @chris_mandle There was a Lover live concert on Disney+ as well, weird. @jones_1_L ☺️☺️☺️ @jenlouisey_ I know, same. What a depressing thought that I'm not Disney's priority anymore haha.I do think it's interesting how much of Disney+'s marketing is kind of hooked on all of the shiny new stuff they've… could find three people called jo or joe, but not a single non-whote person...
Retweeted by Daniel @iamheatherh It's true of Hear'Say and it's true of life.Can you believe Elton John said Hear'Say were the "ugliest band in pop"? What an absolute horror tbh.Without Leenie? I don't fucking think so.Absolutely not. to the annual Don’t Look At Prue’s Twitter Feed Day! #GBBO
Retweeted by DanielI see Corona is really putting the work in before it puts its feet up for a Christmas break... x
Retweeted by Daniel @_ElizabethMay @oneofthosefacesSo @BorisJohnson did people not “deserve” Eid and Diwali??
Retweeted by DanielLike remember in the early 2000s when everyone was saying "yer but no but" and "am I bovvered?" calling me the only… do you know what people making their Mrs Brown's Boys gags – just don't watch it!! It's on at like 11 o'clock on…
@smibkr Good for you!!!!!!!!oh HELL yeah @TIME 💜🙌🏿
Retweeted by DanielComing out of a national lockdown and heading straight into Tier 3
Retweeted by DanielEverything is built on racism
Retweeted by DanielVanity Brooklyn Nights No Way Mix (2012)
Retweeted by DanielLOOKING FOR: WOC or non-binary POC writers, who don't live in Manchester or London, for writing opportunities, Does…
Retweeted by Daniel @auralerb I seem to remember one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Minnie spent ages making cookies for him S… @auralerb Aw I just do, he's an ungrateful narcissist who makes every social occasion about do you report a tweet you've been tagged in
Retweeted by DanielMickey Mouse, easy. I finally started We Are Who We Are and it’s basically this spread out over eight hour-long episodes (enjoyi…
Retweeted by Daniel☠️☠️☠️
Retweeted by DanielThe evolution of Lady Gaga
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Anyway I finally started We Are Who We Are and it’s basically this spread out over eight hour-long episodes (enjoyi… to tiers but now the tiers mean totally different things, good good
Retweeted by DanielI can’t believe I’m gonna be on lockdown for my 30th birthday, having already done my 29th on lockdown earlier in t… is a period this country needed leadership and what we got was a load of self-interested people encouraging ev… just want to make it perfectly clear, I detest this government. The whole ghoulish lot make me want to be sick.Why don’t we as a nation just decide to postpone Christmas 2020 for six months?!? We can make it a quirky British t… @wjleonard Oh it’s not mentioned in there but apparently lockdown lifted over Christmas then in place again till Easter. @wjleonard what, a third wave triggered by people’s need to absent-mindedly watch Mrs Brown’s Boys in the same room?!??Fucking Easter are you joking me?Beautiful girls: Sean Kingston: I will kill myself
Retweeted by Daniel McDonald is listed in the Jane And Friends credits as “star and executive producer”, iconic.absolutely obsessed with the last picture of cilla black
Retweeted by Danielarlene phillips emotional whiplash response to ed sheeran’s britannia high audition spins me every time
Retweeted by Daniel @ladyhaja 😍 hahaha thank you
@ladyhaja I LOVE all regional accents tbf I’m right with youChat shit get banged is back and I am HERE FOR IT. Missing from headline: the guy called one of the women a “black…
Retweeted by DanielOMG just found out we can get 2048 on the TV, started playing it and I’ve literally been on it an hour without real… loved this from @kelechnekoff. She had made me think a lot about the word “nice” it’s uses and how’s its wea…
Retweeted by Danielnot sure that releasing us from lockdown to go out and kill our relatives is really in the spirit of christmas tbh
Retweeted by DanielI’m sorry but you can keep your John Lewis Christmas ad, I’m all about John Travolta doing the twist dressed as San…